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Issue 2 I’m honored to introduce to you the second issue of Fotoblur Magazine. The images you are about to enjoy have been submitted and selected by members of the web-based photo community Fotoblur ( For this issue’s featured photographer we have the distinct pleasure of presenting the work of Thailand based photogapher, Tom Hoops (page 24). We are pleased to have a number of returning photographers from our inaugural issue which includes Alper Çukur, Tim Corbeel, Thomas Holt-

koetter, Anna Hurtig, Bror Johansson, and Caitlin Worthington. In total, we have 31 amazing photographers presenting a total of 41 images for your viewing pleasure. If your images are unique and you would like to submit them to our next issue please visit us on the web at for more details. - Lance Ramoth

Fotoblur Magazine Issue 2, Summer 2009 Š 2009 Fotoblur Magazine ISSN# 1944-0006 EDITOR & PUBLISHER: Lance Ramoth E-MAIL: WEB: Images published in Fotoblur Magazine are the sole property of the contributing photographers and are copyrighted material. No image may be reproduced without the express written permission of its owner. Visit us online at

Contents Thomas Holtkoetter Chris Dame Michael Schlegel Koni Streva Jennifer Short Matt Angiono Alper Çukur John Prosek Claudio Solera Byong-Ho Kim Kaveh Hosseini Jennifer Short Olivia Locher Alper Çukur Robert Kruh Nicolas Evariste Caitlin Worthington Claudio Solera David Teter Featured Photographer: Tom Hoops Anna Hurtig Catalin Baican Jody Miller Thomas Holtkoetter Chris Dame Rebecca Pendel Klaus-Peter Kubik Steve Damascus Tim Corbeel Bart Aldrich Nicolas Evariste Bror Johansson Michael Vincent Manalo Wilfred Berthelsen Thomas Cristofoletti Michael Risenhoover Andrei Baciu

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CHRIS DAME - Statues Series No. 3




KONI STREVA - Feathered Elegance

JENNIFER SHORT - Melody of Shapes



MATT ANGIONO - Golden Aspen Canopy

ALPER ÇUKUR - Future Flowers II



JOHN PROSEK - Thinking of the Race




BYONG-HO KIM - Dune Study

KAVEH HOSSEINI - Father and Son



JENNIFER SHORT - Oversaturated

OLIVIA LOCHER - Mint Julep Masque



ALPER ÇUKUR - Endless Dream

ROBERT KRUH - Night Driving



NICOLAS EVARISTE - Behind the Mirror





DAVID TETER - Walking Towards the Golden Gate


Featured photographer

TOM HOOPS For me it’s all about the subject. If I shoot a strong subject the rest just falls into place. Composition and lighting simply enhance the subject. - TOM HOOPS

Tom Hoops discovered photography somewhat by accident. Initially an aspiring painter, Tom took photos of people in the streets for artistic inspiration. Photography eventually took front and center in his artistic endeavors and is now his main passion. The series of photos presented here are of Martin Anger, an aspiring model/actor from Austria. These photos were taking in Bangkok Thailand and Ko Samet, a small island outside of Bangkok. More of Tom Hoops’ work can be viewed at and Tom is available for commisioned photography assignments and prints of his work are available for purchase by request. Contact Tom Hoops via email at


Featured Photographer: TOM HOOPS




Featured Photographer: TOM HOOPS

Featured Photographer: TOM HOOPS



Featured Photographer: TOM HOOPS

Featured Photographer: TOM HOOPS



ANNA HURTIG - It’s All Gone

CATALIN BAICAN - Black Sea Rocks and the Moon




THOMAS HOLTKOETTER - Vertical Stripes are Slenderising



CHRIS DAME - Rope and Gauze Series 01

REBECCA PENDEL - Giselle Ballet



KLAUS-PETER KUBIK - Columns & Lines




TIM CORBEEL - Last Passenger

BART ALDRICH - At the Garden Gate















ANDREI BACIU - Breaking News

Contributors Bart Aldrich Matt Angiono Matt Angiono is an award-winning landscape/nature photographer with a true passion for finding that “epic light,” created only by the perfect combination of natural elements. His unique artistic vision, powered by his eye for detail, has led him to create hundreds of breathtaking images of Colorado and the surrounding Southwest. Andrei Baciu I live in Romania and I am a 25-year old literature teacher. Fascinated by the power with which the photographical art bears the testimony that the world is “good from the viewpoint of its purpose, beatiful as making, complex from the perspective of its existence and spiritual through its very materiality”. (Horia Bernea) Catalin Baican Wilfred Berthelsen Tim Corbeel I was born in the late seventies and currently living in Lochristi, Belgium. Ever since I was a child, I have been running around with a camera, but it wasn’t until the beginning of 2007, that I started getting more serious about photography. While finding my way in the world of photography I am exploring its different areas. Currently, most of my attention is spent doing night photography. During my night time ‘adventures’ I try to create images with a peaceful/serene atmosphere. In summertime I also like making macros of the small creatures, who fly and crawl around us. Thomas Cristofoletti I’m an italian art director and amateur photographer based in Madrid, Spain. Alper Çukur Steve Damascus I live and work in Chicago, Illinois. My photography is a reflection of my city and my travels. I look for details and the unusual that might otherwise be missed. I look to Minor

White and Edward Weston for inspiration and strive for a purity of vision, keeping post production manipulation to a minimum. Chris Dame I have been a fine art photographer for over twenty years. I have shown here in the U.S. and abroad. For the past few years i have been working on developing a fine art studio style and I am always interested in working with new people. With a background in dance photography and design, I am bringing my unique talents to the studio nude. Nicolas Evariste I was born in 1985 and live in Normandy (France). I started photography in 2006 and quickly adopted the black and white square photographs. I’m also graphic & web designer. Thomas Holtkoetter I’m a 42 years old architect from Aachen, Germany. Photography has been my passion for 25 years, first analog and then digital since 2004. Kaveh Hosseini I was born in 1982. I’m doing photography to reflect the “reflections” I get in my mind. Anna Hurtig Bror Johansson Im a passionate amateur photographer and member of a photo club. I used to take part in photo competitions. Byong-Ho (Brad) Kim Born in Kaesung, South Korea, in 1946. Resident of Los Angeles County, California, since 1983. As a boy, I loved fine arts and studied painting for a number of years, showing my works in exhibitions. Although becoming an artist was my dream, I ended up majoring in business and economics at university, and lived the life of a corporate employee. Retiring from my corporate career in 1997, my passion for the fine arts came back. I became serious in photography and learned the basics of photography at New York Institute of Photography. Then I started the journey to become a photo artist, studying the works of master photographers at public libraries and museums. My ultimate goal is to reach the hearts of the viewers.

Robert Kruh Klaus-Peter Kubik Age: 53; Preferences: Landscape, macro, architecture. Olivia Locher I’m 18 years old and live in Johnstown Pennsylvania. Michael Vincent Manalo I love life. I want to remember every emotion that I’ve felt, the feelings that I’ve experienced, and the faces that I’ve seen. I would like to share these to the world too. That is what drew me to photography, unlike any other style of art, the photos that a photographer takes captures a moment which hopefully will forever be remembered. However, if I can’t find the perfect place or the perfect spot or if my subconscious tries to convey a much more deeper feeling, I try to create that world through digital art. Jody Miller I’ve been making photographs since the age of 9, when my parents gave me my first box Brownie 620 film camera. My interest began in earnest in my late teens and the neverending pursuit of “the light” continues to this day. I am attempting to present the idealized visions that I see “in my mind’s eye.” I love making photographs and will continue to do so for the rest of my days. Rebecca Pendel Rebecca resides in Farrell, Pennsylvania, where she lives with her twin sister, Ramona. She makes a living as a custodian for a local school district and spends most of her time using toy cameras and photographing children. Rebecca also volunteers her time mentoring kids in and around her neighborhood. Her admiration for those children has given her the opportunity to photograph them in their everyday life and allowed her to pursue a dream in portrait photography. While not formally trained in the field of photography, Rebecca took the advice and help from friends and turned it into a passion. While recently purchasing a Nikon Coolpix, she mainly uses plastic toy cameras such as a Holga and Diana and also utilizes different Polaroid models, and other various vintage cameras, in her spare time. Medium format is her first love and the opportunity to shoot film to record a moment, a thought, a dream, frozen in time, has given her a place in this wonderful field.

John Prosek My father started me on my photographic journey 40 years ago as he took shots of Boy Scouts and family vacations. I was amazed at the Sears and Roebuck SLR with a 50 mm lens. Since then I did school news paper and photo staff in high school but over time I drifted away from behind the lens. A few years back, 2006 or so I jumped back in and i have devoured everything digital and Photoshop. Michael Risenhoover When I see something that makes me smile, I know there is a photo there. It is these things that I photograph. Michael Schlegel In my photography I search for calm, rest, beauty and I’m trying to survey a sense of awe. A selection of my series “Frozen Life” is presented and sold at Gallery Wanted Paris ( schlegel). Jennifer Short I have been seriously interested in photography for three years. Claudio Solera I started in 1978 with a Pentax K1000, what a glorious camera! I dont have preferred themes. I take pictures of any subject promises me some feeling when I review it and I always try to take the chance of improving. Koni Streva Photography allows me to feel what I see touch and be touched. David Teter I’m a photographer based outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. My primary interest is capturing the cultural landscape of the American Southwest. Caitlin Worthington Caitlin Worthington, 19 years old. I love learning new things about photography and showing people the beauty I see in the people I photograph.