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Stefan Ruiz, La Paz, Bolivia (left) and Rachel Papo, Waiting for Hand Grenade Practice, Southern Israel (top). Both from 20x200 For more information on these initiatives, see

exists that does not know how to access work, and is intimidated by galleries and pricing. Coaker has already developed a strong roster of photographers whose work she will be offering in editions. Three different images will be offered each week (300 8 x 10in at £35; 30 20 x 24in at £350; three 40 x 48in at £3500); the site launches in April. Emily Graham and Anna Stevens conceived of Contact Editions as a way of bringing the 20x200 model to the UK. But they intend to emphasise the work of photography students and recent graduates (though they will include the work of the occasional more established photographer). It launches mid-May, in time for the degree shows, and will offer an edition of 100 11 x 14in prints for £30 each on a fortnightly schedule. Photogaleria is a 10-year-old virtual gallery that is opening a physical gallery in Barcelona in April, and features

both classic and contemporary work by Spanish photographers. While the prices and sizes of the Photocoleccion and Serie Limitada editions vary, the gallery offers a popular 13 x 18cm Photoregalo edition of 1000 prints at Eur75. There are notable differences between these projects: 20x200’s editions may exist in parallel to an artist’s other editions. The jumpgallery prints and the Troika Editions are closed editions, never to be editioned again. The editioning of Photogaleria prints vary by artist. But the common purpose of all of these projects is to make photography available, and to allow those new to collecting to begin with ease. “People sometimes can’t believe that the work can be so good because it’s so inexpensive,” says Bekman. “But it was very clear to me from the start that I could do something that was affordable.” Leo Hsu 23

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Issue 25: Soil

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