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AFIL Mobility actions

Mobility actions contribute in connecting available knowledge & cooperation mechanisms among the stakeholders involved in CE regions. In particular, they have been fundamental to build the basis for future cooperation. During the project period AFIL organized and participated to three mobility actions aimed at fostering the process of mutual learning activities among partners. These actions were extremely successful, and they helped to: ◆ Enhance contents and network within the KACE system; ◆ Exchange best practice among institutions within and external to the 3DCENTRAL network; ◆ Activate the connection between synergic partners in different regions

Regions involved 5

Targeted stakeholders and partners 15

Expected impact: 2 Large enterprises, 4 SMEs – 6 Higher education and research, 2 Technological parks, 2 Business support Organization, 1 Regional public authority

European Regional Development Fund


Success Story amLAB

SUCCESS STORY By implementing 3DCentral project Pannon Business Network gained knowledge about smart factory solutions, smart services&additive manufacturing. Based on this experience and thanks to the 3DCentral network PBN managed to open his own spin-off tech transfer company with the name amLab.

THE TECHNOLOGY LABORATORY FOR ADDED VALUE MANUFACTURING AM-Lab is a tech-transfer spin-off which is based on more than one decade of business-development experiences. The service center is specialized for the application and presentation of most recent manufacturing technologies. The team consists of multidisciplinary professionals with economic-, engineering-, technological- and medical background.

SERVICE PORTFOLIO OF amLAB. Digitization Training to SMEs

Smart Production Development Assistance

Smart Product Development Assistance

Technology-automation education to manufacturing SMSs

How to integrate smart sensors into production systems

How to integrate smart elements into final products

Orientation Training to students

Own Smart Product Development

Distribution of Digital Production Devices

Technology-automation education to pupils and students

Research-and-Development for own, patented application

Customization, Sales and Services of Smart Production Devices

European Regional Development Fund


Mobile Knowledge Management on the shopfloor

HANDS-FREE KNOWLEDGE DOCUMENTATION, ACCESSIBLE ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE EVOASSIST is a mobile knowledge management system for smart glasses and tablets which allows experts to document knowledge as an image or video directly while working and to rapidly create visual instructions. EVOASSIST enables experienced employees to document their knowledge directly at work, whereby valuable expertise is retained. Providing language-independent, inutitive instructions reduces time spent on repairs and training, at the same increasing efficiency in service, maintenance and production. EFFICIENTLY DOCUMENT KNOWLEDGE Documenting knowledge Experienced employees easily document their work steps with smart glasses or a tablet while performing their usual tasks. Editing knowledge Image-based instructions and training videos can be created on-site and can be supplemented with notes and comments. Allocating knowledge The EVOASSIST Content Management System allows rapid and flexible allocation of documented knowledge to specific contexts such as products or plants. EFFICIENTLY APPLY KNOWLEDGE Retrieving content Easily find content in the system by scanning, for example, QR codes or by manual search using smart glasses or tablets. Displaying content All context-relevant information is supplied in the form of instructions, annotated photos and videos. Assessing content The usefulness of content can easily be rated and is prioritised in the next search.