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Fall 2011  

The Plexian     Foster Walker’s Official Welcome Newsletter

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Don’t for get to co mp Safety C ourse on lete the Residence H alls   O pen:     Blackboa rd! New  Students:  Monday,  September  12,  2011  @  9  am     Returning  Students:  Friday,  September  16,  2011  @  9  

New or Transfer Student?? Join us Monday September 12, 2011 at 8:00 PM in the Foster Walker lobby for our welcome meeting, awesome snacks and a chance to meet the coolest peeps on campus!

Did you  know?   Plex  is  named  in  honor  of  Mrs.  Helen   Foster  Walker  and  her  husband,   George  B.  Walker,  who  made  a  gift  of   more  than  $1.3  million  to  help   finance  the  construction  of  Plex!  

Want to be on an IM team?? We are looking for players for all teams! Contact Ben Eisenberg for details!

Plex is the new home to

Saturday Sept  17th:  Chips  +  Salsa  +  FUN!       (West  Basement  Lounge)   Sunday,  Sept  18th:  Andy’s  Ice  Cream              With  special  performances  by:   Significant Others Acapella Performing Graffiti Dancers Performing

Monday, Sept  19th:              7:30:  Plex  Big  Bite  Nite  (Munchies)   With  special  performances  by:   Fusion Refresh

Looking to get involved in Foster Walker?!?! Join Hall Government! Sept. 25 and Sept. 26 candidate information sessions @ 8 PM West Basement Lounge! Sept. 2 9 applications due by 12 noon October 3 @ 8 pm Meet the candidates munchies in the West Basement Lounge October 5 Hall government election day11-1pm and 5-7 pm

Gender Open Housing! House 2 Floor 8

Wondering whom  your  CA  is?     Foster-­‐Walker  East   Floor   1st     2nd     2nd   3rd     3rd     4th     4th     Foster-­‐Walker  West   Floor   1st   2nd     2nd     3rd   3rd   4th     4th     Seabury  

    Name   Peter  Karalis   Tori  Romba   Mike  H ernandez   Dor  Srebernik   Sarah  Davidson   Julia  Anaya   Govi  Govindaraju       Name   Catherine  Tyson   Ken  Park   Lauren  Masterson   Hsiao-­‐Tieh  Hsu   Will  Kim   Jack  Qian   Ben  Eisenberg     Mar  y  Sol  Esparza  

                Room#   If  you  live  in…   Email       7107   5100s,  7100s,  8101   6202   6200s,  7200s   8202   5200s,  8200s   5302   5300s,  6300s>   7302   7300s,  8300s   6402   6400s,  7400s   8402   5400s,  8400s               Room#   If  you  live  in…   Email   3108   1100s,  2100s,  3100s   2202   2200s,  3200s   4202   1200s,  4200s   1302   1300s,  2300s   3302   3300s,  4300s   2402   2400's,  3400s   4402   1400s,  4400s   J212   All  Seabury  Residents    

When you arrive to campus, you will get to know your CA better, but for now here is what our staff have to say: new aking     m   o t   rd laying forwa  you,  p ing  to   h I  look   it w   ,  go ries memo ating  meals n  the   e  i   , g s sport es  and  livin ther!   c g la o ll  t e fun  p ding  a l i u b   same -­‐Ken  

n the   ome   I'm  thrilled  to  get  involved  i o  welc  will  be  a   t   it a     ake m   w   Plex  community  and x-­‐this I  can't s  to  Ple f   t n e s!   nd rie id f   ew s n tons  of   re ar  o   gful  ye community! in n a e   d m n -­‐Peter   a   ies

I'm looking  forward  to  hearing  your   ideas  for  programs  this  year  and   working  with  the  other  CA's  to  m ake   those  ideas  happen.  Please   don't   hesitate  to  share  your  thought s!  -­‐Mike  

ilit possib -­‐Tori

Plexians ar e  the  best  p art   of  Plex  and  I  can't  wait  to   meet  you  a ll!   -­‐Ben  

Welcome Plex  2011-­‐2012!  I  am   looking  forward  to  spending  a   plexcellent  year  with  all  of  you!  J   -­‐Hsiao-­‐Tieh  

other b  or  any   lu c r   e c c o te.   n  up  a  s it  to  ope n  domina I  can't  wa ation  that  Plex  ca aniz club/org

! I  will  be  a  senior   or  this  building  as  well f e   av h   I e   ov l   he t re   e  (relatively)   I  hope  you  all  will  sha y  last  year  as  a  carefre m f   o t   os m   he t e   ak m this  year  and  hope  to   all  of  you!   -­‐Govi   so  by  getting  to  know   undergrad  and  will  do  

Safe Travels  and   see  you  soon,       Plex  Staff  2011  


Plex is opening up a new soccer club called "Plex FC" which will train year-round during weekends. The club's aim is to win the ISA World Cup during spring quarter. Any resident interested in playing for the club email CA Dor: to join.

Looking for dining hours on campus? Click here to find out!

Foster Walker Welcome Newsletter  

1st edition, 2011