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Have Facebook?

Have Facebook account? Then all you have to do is go to the page “Fostering Threads Project” and send a message to the admin staff to become a member.

Don’t have Facebook? And want Facebook, email admin on fosteringthreads@gmail .com and they will assist you in setting up an account and assist with security settings.

Don’t have Facebook and don’t want Facebook? Your St. Lukes worker has access to the page and can look for you.

An opportunity for carers to share clothes and information for young people living in Out Of

What makes us different? •

Carers and people working in the area of Out of Home Care are the only people who will have access to this page. (to the best of our ability)

Please read the Page Rules before sharing any information on the site.

Descriptions of items on the Facebook page. •

Please make it clear what size clothes that are offered.

A description of male or female, boy or girl apparel.

How to contact you i.e.: private message, email or phone.

Please do information sharing in private messages not on the Facebook page.

What we are trying to achieve. Fostering Threads is an opportunity to share unwanted clothes for young people living in Out of Home Care. The page is also an opportunity to share information regarding young people living in Out of Home Care. E.g. free internet places or affordable clothing sites or businesses.

What we offer. -

Free clothing




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