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Independent Support for Foster Carers subject to Allegations or Complaints for just £52 annually. Prottect You urselves s, Your Family y and your Fo ostering g Registrration. For more e details s and to o apply y online e visitt or call 01730 231603

A safer caring Christmas and New Year Fostering Support Ltd share their top tips for avoiding allegations

In order to avoid the potential pitfalls we have a few tips…….

Do plan ahead: Fostering can be unpredictable at the best of times, but with 1000 things to do before Christmas Day stress levels can rocket when your little ones won’t go to bed or your bigger one has lost his bus fare and needs picking up …..again! Do take time to talk: Often we at Fostering Support find complaints

and allegations are borne out of misunderstanding and miscommunication. I remember once staying up all night with a young woman in my care, making mince pies. While the rest of the house slept we talked and rolled pastry, filled pies and dusted icing until all the fears of the forthcoming days were spoken out. Do remember families: Birth families, Extended families and Foster families – what’s changed for them this year? What might they be thinking and feeling? Do keep handy the number for Out of Hours Support and do clarify before offices close what your Fostering Service team expect you to do if there is an emergency over the Christmas period. Don’t forget alcohol consumption: A glass of wine at Christmas may mean a well earned treat to you, but for your vulnerable ones it may spell

potential for Domestic Violence or Abuse. Don’t agree to give alcohol to the children as a one off treat no matter how persuasive the arguments. It’s most likely against your Fostering Services Policy and may very well be against the law. Don’t be upset if the gifts you queued for hours outside Hamleys to buy are discarded in favour of something entirely unsuitable delivered late by a family member……its only Christmas after all! Wishing all readers a peaceful, safer caring Christmas and a very Happy New Year from Debra Gibbs Director Fostering Support Ltd and the Team Oh and Do remember to apply for Independent Support Annual Subscription (just £52) BEFORE you have an allegation, NOT DURING or your application may not be accepted.

“Apply for ISAS before you have an allegation”

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or those who celebrate, Christmas can be a fantastic, magical, memorable time for children. But it can also prompt thoughts of loneliness and abandonment for those in the looked after system. For foster carers, Christmas can also be a joyous time, but here at Fostering Support Ltd we know only too well that the emotion of separation, contact and expectation of happy families at Christmas can often lead to false allegations.

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