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Autumn 2011

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No one to turn to

What happens when your social worker makes an allegation against you? Read Sue’s story to find out*


’d moved from an independent fostering agency (IFA) with good references to foster for a local authority (LA). When the lovely teenager, Ria*, I was fostering had good reason to make a complaint against her social worker (SW), I supported her and reported the SW. Big mistake The SW’s manager didn’t accurately

Record everything!

record the events of the complaint made separately by Sue’s advice: “Don’t let this happen to you. Ria and myself. She instead Record all incidents and conversations with informed me that due to the social workers and take a third party with you seriousness of the information I when attending meetings where your views may had given to her, it would have differ from the agency for which you foster.” to be a ‘formal complaint’. were raised. Rather, the placement My support worker relocated on a temporary basis to a different team. manager had informed me, ‘We are My manager and new support worker very satisfied with your fostering achievements’. didn’t ensure the complaint was Pushing Ria out on her own responded to within the time frame The next thing to happen was or even inform me that there was a that despite not being agreed in time frame. Ria’s review with her Independent Untrue comments on my review Reviewing Officer (IRO), the SW The SW we had complained about wrote untrue comments on my annual sent Ria an application for supported lodgings and then asked her sister to review, stating she had problems encourage her to complete the form. with me from the beginning of the When I raised my concerns to the placement - even though in my sixSW’s manager in the September ... month review no issues or problems *Names changed to protect identity

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