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Sumadhab Das shares authentic Indian recipes in our new ‘Something Spicy’ page Meet the chef: Tips from Sum: You can alter the quantities to suit your taste, so there is lots of scope for adding more of the flavours you like and less of the flavours you don’t!

Sumadhab Das, originally from Calcutta, India, moved to the UK six years ago, bringing with him tasty dishes from home. A professional engineer, Sumadhab’s passion is cooking. These authentic Indian recipes from Bengal will get your taste buds going. Best served with rice, these make wonderful meals that can

be enjoyed when entertaining with friends or relaxed evenings together at family meal times. Look out for more recipes from Sumadhab (better known as Sum) in future issues. In the meantime, find out more in our cookery page online: Email to let him know what you thought!

Picture 1: Ingredients; Picture 2: The coriander paste; Picture 3: Ready to eat

Something Spicy

Tips from Sum: Find a local Indian spice shop where you can buy all the spices for your curries for much less than supermarket prices!

Find the Coriander Fish Curry recipe in our full version. Download it from

Fast breads from around the world Chris Graham shares some tasty bread recipes from Italy, Middle East and India that are easy to bake

Chris’s Top Tip: I use half wholemeal flour and half white flour because this combination is the best of both! The wholemeal makes it good for your digestive tract, whereas the white keeps the texture light and fluffy.

Naan bread

All these delicious recipes can be found in our full version.

Meet the Chef

Chris Graham is a qualified nurse and teacher of cookery, nutrition, life skills and parenting. She now lectures in food safety and gives time to counselling and mentoring.

Download it from: Challah

Cinnamon Swirl with pear and cloves

Loaves, pizza and tear ‘n’ share

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