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Dreaming of dry nights Lorna Miles takes a closer look at why wetting the bed may seem the safer choice for some children in care


neglectful or where there has been domestic violence, there can be all kinds of fears associated with the bedroom and/or bedtime. They may have been sent to and even locked in their room for long periods of time with no option other than wetting the bed when they needed to go to the toilet. Wetting the bed may be far more preferable than risking leaving the safety of their room and walking into a domestic violence situation or being punished for disturbing ...

“The smell of urine on sheets may have become reassuring”

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aving put into action some of the excellent suggestions to help children overcome bedwetting which featured in the Winter 2010 edition of Foster Families Magazine, many of you may be enjoying a much reduced laundry pile. However, some of you may be wondering if your foster child will ever become dry at night, as despite your best efforts the problem still persists. The problem may be fear For children who have been living in an environment which is chaotic, abusive and

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When they need you the most... Rita Mistry tells how she supported a young lad through prison

said yes and wondered what we had let ourselves in for. Asim* arrived later that day with just a few bags, and he seemed to settle down very quickly and was very polite. He continued travelling to his school quite a distance away as he was doing so well there. Unusual behaviour After three days in the placement Asim came home very late in the early hours of the morning. He was

very agitated and when I asked him what was the matter he said he had been mugged. I was surprised at this as he had nothing of any value on him - no money, no mobile, only a travel card. Anyway, he went to bed and I recorded this. The arrest Some months later I had a phone call from the police saying they ...

“I’ve never felt so emotional, seeing him handcuffed”

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y husband, Dinesh, and I were waiting to go to panel at a Local Authority (LA) when we had a phone call from placements asking if we could consider looking after a 15 year old boy whose placement had broken down. They said they were desperate for a placement for him as there was nowhere for him to go. We

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