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3.2 An innovative vision of health fos‟ health programme promotes the fundamental right to health. Using a human rights approach which

contrasts with the „market approach‟, where „health‟ as a marketable product is a commodity like cars, computers or any other consumable. fos‟ starting point is people‟s needs , which are best expressed by progressive social movements. fos does not provide medical care but analyses health from the people‟s perspective, from the „demand‟ side as opposed to the „supply‟ of care.

More specifically, fos seeks to improve access to a qualitative system of social protection in health. fos does this by following wherever possible the local, national, regional and international trends towards universal coverage through health insurance. This means: 

To support and promote community initiatives and/or public health insurance systems;

Health promotion and claiming the right to quality health care and adequate social protection. Priorities are identified according to the analysis of the social determinants of health;

Access to affordable and good quality medicines, enabled by civil society;

Support for primary health care services for excluded communities. This option is especially applicable in partner countries where health insurance systems are not developed. These services should be organized from the community and connect with a public health system.

22 Principles of the health programmes: 

Use universal access as a mobilizing concept;

Start by analysing the exclusion of large groups in society;

Analyse the social determinants of health. This can inspire the identification of priorities and how causes are addressed;

Assume the responsibility of state and government to ensure access to health care;

Believe that fragmented health systems lead to wastage of scarce resources and reaffirm social inequality;

Advocate for the community as agents of their own health;

Promote an institutional and community culture that takes „gender‟ into account;

Examine opportunities to be incorporated into existing processes or to reorient these;

Use the opportunities to have an impact at national level through targeted interventions, strategic processes and lobbying;

Use the power of national and international alliances.

Evaluation of fos health programmes

Defending the right to health for all  

FOS Brochure

Defending the right to health for all  

FOS Brochure