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Different Dairy Sources Have Different Effects on Bone Health, Studies Say Various dairy intake may have varying effectiveness on

bone health according to medical experts indicating


results of recent research from the Institute for Aging Research. (IFAR) Milk and yogurt were identified by researchers studying dairy sources as being helpful in improving bone mineral density in hip bones but the spine’s vertebral bones were not affected. On the other hand, researchers have found that cream has been associated with causing lower bone density. Data from the research study suggest that not all dairy sources are similarly beneficial in bolstering bone health. This study was published in the journal Archives of Osteoporosis by Hebrew Seniorlife which is an

affiliate of Harvard Medical School and where IFAR is located.

Dairy products have been known to provide several essential nutrients that are beneficial to bone health; such is the case with milk and yogurt which has been found to be associated with improving bone density with only two and one-half to three servings a day for an extended period of time. On the other hand, dairy foods consisting of cream, such as food like ice cream, are primarily composed of fat and sugar and thus, provided little nutritional benefit. The researchers also agree that further study is needed with cheese products especially with regards to how bone health is affected by the high concentrations of fat and salt in its contents. Furthermore, the study did not consider the varying differences in how individual dairy products in fracture risk and prevention which also requires more investigation.

The IFAR researchers determined that nutritional composition varied among dairy foods and even differed significantly from one another in terms of content as well as benefits provided after being compared to health values such as bone mineral density. Low-fat milk and yogurt products tended to provide more nutritional benefits for middle-aged men and women. Milk and yogurt have also been found to increase intake of protein, calcium, and vitamin D compared to cream products while limiting intake of saturated fats.

This research is part of a growing field of research that seeks to find correlations in nutrition and bone health. Previous studies have determined that dairy products provide various health benefits which have been associated with improving bone health. Major public health threats like osteoporosis are even believed to be preventable with proper and balanced nutrition as a result of this area of study and other research similar to it. To





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Different Dairy Sources Have Different Effects on Bone Health, Studies Say