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Welcome to Future Scholars We are an international English Language Academy based in Ireland. We offer an exciting, enriching and dynamic approach to learning the English language by stimulating all of the student’s senses and developing the student’s skills. This is achieved through English language lessons and outdoor activities. Unlike other programmes we are involved in every stage of the process. Our team of highly qualified educators meet students prior to their journey, accompany them throughout their stay and engage in follow up reviews after the trip.

Philosophy “The purpose of education is not to fill the minds of students with facts is to teach them to think.” At Future Scholars we focus on students ‘learning how to learn’. We employ a modern approach, recognising that each child has their own unique learning style. Learning styles are broken down into three primary groups; visual learners, auditory learners and hands-on learners. We allow all learners to learn in whichever way best suits their needs and skills. We firmly believe that improving self-belief and self-confidence are crucial factors in learning and aim to develop these alongside other lessons.

What makes us different? At Future Scholars, lessons are not solely classroom based, as Educators accompany all students during all excursions and daily activities, allowing learning to take place in a more organic way. This results in a constant flow of information between teacher and student, so that learning takes place consistently throughout each day. We are involved at every stage of the process. Pre-trip, our teachers meet students prior to embarking. During the trip our teachers and support staff accompany the students throughout their stay and post trip conduct reviews and listen to any feedback. Our teachers familiarity with Chinese culture ensures students are comfortable in their surroundings and we have a fluent Cantonese/Mandarin speaker on hand at all times. Future Scholars past students are guaranteed an opportunity to return the following year, regardless of our placement demands.

Programme At Future Scholars our programmes are specifically designed to match each student’s individual needs. We combine English lessons and physical activity to enhance and enrich the learning process. Our lesson plans focus on the communication of language, grammar, listening skills and personal development. In particular, we focus on our students learning every-day English - this allows them to learn about concepts they have already grasped in their own language.

Approach • • • •

Scaffold student’s level of learning and extend learning through close, family environments, classroom lessons and daily activities Constructive Learning Theory is at the core of our approach, students construct their own knowledge with the assistance of teachers and support staff Visual, audio and active stimuli allow for a fully immersive learning experience Our Educators conduct weekly assessments to monitor the progress of each individual child

Activities • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Horse-riding Cooking Speech & Drama Dance Arts & Crafts Music Storytelling Sporting activities e.g. swimming, tennis, football Computer skills Excursions Science space camp Yoga Golf

What we provide • Luxury accommodation at Fota Island 5 Star Resort • Safe and friendly environment • Nutritious, organic food • All learning essentials e.g. book resources, stationery etc.

Your Campus - Fota Island 5 Star Resort

• • • • • •

Experienced teachers and assistants Low Pupil/Teacher ratio (1:5) Fun-filled activities Learning through play Valuable English language skills 24 hour supervision & security

T: +353 21 239 6267


11 Eden Court, Castle Road, Blackrock, Cork, Ireland


Future Scholars Image Brochure  
Future Scholars Image Brochure  

We are an international English Language Academy based in Ireland. We offer an exciting, enriching and dynamic approach to learning the Engl...