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Embrace the Journey Live in the moment By Adena Tufts

I recently returned from Italy. While on the way to Italy I read this book by Juliette Bush entitled,‘I’m 30, I’m Single and I don’t care!’In the beginning of the book Juliette wrote me a personal message encouraging me to enjoy the journey. God has so many amazing things for us to accomplish but sometimes we rush the season constantly focusing on the next goal. In the beginning of the year, God gave me a theme to focus on. This year my theme is relationships. While taking a travel nursing assignment in Ohio, my relationship with my mother grew. I visited loved ones I hadn’t seen in years. I had to ask myself, ‘How can I grow in relationships with others if I don’t slow down, spend quality time with people and live in the moment?’ We must give ourselves permission to stop and smell the roses. Life is to be lived and enjoyed. God covers us. He’s writing our stories. The blessings are sure to shock us, we just have to allow God time to work. Please stop rushing your season. Embrace the journey. Learn to enjoy life daily. Express gratitude for the ups and downs in life. As I prepared for a travel nursing assignment in Norfolk, Virginia; I feared that I had made the wrong decision by taking this job. But during my drive, God reassured me that He was walking with me. He went before me and made people available to advise me during my stay there. Faith is believing and knowing that the promises that were spoken to you will occur. Last year, I informed my friends about my selection for involuntarily separation from the military. They encouraged me saying, “Don’t worry God is with you,” and “He’ll supply all your needs.” I became accustomed to the predictability of life as an active duty Soldier. I understand that God is with me regardless of my military service status. He supplies all my needs, He is writing my life story but I must allow Him to be the author. Life brings ups and downs, just keep holding God’s hand through the process. He has your back. He won’t let you fall, glorify Him with your life. Be grateful and enjoy the ride.

Dear Ambitious Person, Slow down, enjoy the journey. Embrace where you are, embrace the lessons you are learning. Don’t always look toward the next goal, take time to relish the now. I promise you will accomplish your goals because it’s in your nature. Your hard work will be rewarded, but take time to appreciate where God has you. I dare you to live in the moment. Write down nuggets you picked up while traveling the road of life. Tell God how thankful you are to be in this place. Once you have taken time to marvel in the greatness of the journey, prepare for the next step and move forward. But always take time to live, embrace and enjoy the moment. Sincerely, Fellow Ambitious Person

The Federal Hiring Freeze, Now What? By: Dannielle Ramos Rash On January 23, 2017, President Trump’s executive order temporarily suspended the hiring of federal employees. This freeze was enforced for 90 days to give the Office of Management time to develop a long-term plan in order to decrease the size of the federal workforce. This federal hiring freeze should have ceased on or about April 21st. Now that the hiring freeze has ended, job seekers should be updating their federal resumes in preparation for changes within the federal workforce. The following are a few tips that will assist you in landing a new federal position. UPDATE YOUR USAJOBS PROFILE: Revisit your USAJOBS account to update it with your most recent federal resume and application documents. Be sure to include performance evaluations, a job description for your current position, transcripts for all recent education and any new certifications. TIME TO BRAG & TOOT YOUR HORN: Apply key accomplishments from your performance evaluations to update your federal resume. To land your federal application in the “referred” or “best qualified” pile, strengthen your resume with a few accomplishments from your most recent positions held. Be sure to brag about yourself and how your knowledge, skills and abilities have benefitted your current organization. CIVILIAN VERSUS FEDERAL RESUME: You can’t follow the same rules for civilian resumes as you do for federal resumes. The federal government requires a lot of information not typical to the private sector. For example, job announcements may call for you to provide exact number of hours worked per week at previous jobs, and the name and phone number of your most recent supervisor’ and salary. When in doubt utilize the resume builder so you will incorporate all the information federal agencies require, and tailor it to specific positions. QUALIFICATIONS: The federal government hires job seekers with every level of experience and education. A few occupations require a bachelor’s or graduate degree such as an attorney or an engineer. However, many positions require no education or experience to begin, such as a clerk typist. There are many

jobs with every level of education and experience to include PHDs with established careers and even high school students with no experience. HIRING MORE BORDER PATROL OFFICERS: The federal government is seeking to hire an additional 5,000 new customs and border protection agents. This will assist with making good on a promise President Trump made to round up and deport illegal immigrants and to build and patrol a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. If interested go to usajobs. gov and do a search for border patrol agent or go to the Customs Border Protection website at https:// www.cbp.gov/careers BEFORE YOU CLICK SUBMIT: Make sure your federal resume and application is complete before you click on that submit button! If after reading this you are still unsure what to include in your federal resume. Take advantage of the Resume Builder available on USAJOBS. It will walk you through step by step to ensure not to leave out important information for your federal application. Dannielle Ramos Rash is an Army Veteran and Founder of First Class Resumes & Career Services. She is a Certified Federal Career Coach, Federal Job Search Trainer, Certified Professional Resume Writer and member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches as well as Career Directors International. Dannielle provides dynamic resumes & career documents for job seekers around the globe. Visit her website at http://www.first-classresumes.com/ FACEBOOK: https://www. facebook.com/firstclassresumes/, she can be reached at support@first-classresumes.com.

By Lila Holley As I celebrate Mother’s Day today, I reflect back to the other week when we had the wonderful pleasure of celebrating my daughter’s academic accomplishments. She is #1 in her 8th Grade class and has earned straight A’s all year long. She is valedictorian of her class! We are so very proud of her. And as we celebrated her, I had to take a step back and reflect on the lessons I have been able to learn from her as she traveled on this journey. 1. Be very clear about your goals. I remember the conversation we had as the school year began. She had finished the 7th grade in the top 5 of her class and attended a creative writing college course over the Summer. She went into the school year wanting to really challenge herself, really push herself since this would be her last year in middle school. So, she set her goal to become #1 in her class and she was on her way. 2. Motivate Yourself from Within. For those of you who know my daughter, you know she is a special child – very driven. She self-published her first book at ten years old! She once told me that it never entered her mind that this was something that she could not do. Her motivation has always come from within and it’s so inspiring to watch her move in her confidence to succeed. 3. Make a Plan and Execute It! My daughter was introduced to vision boards in 2014. If you don’t know, a vision board is a visual depiction of goals and dreams you wish to accomplish for yourself. On her first vision board, she put ‘start my writing career,’ she was 10 years old! Needless to say, she self-published

her first book at 10 years old! She had a dream that she turned into a goal when she created the plan in writing, then she executed it. She used this same technique to become #1 in her class. Dream > Goal > Plan > Execute > SUCCESS! 4. Stay Focused on Your Goal. Between the dream and the goal accomplished is Discipline and Consistency. I love watching my daughter’s creative process – this little girl is a beast! The amount of discipline displayed as she works to accomplish her goals is ridiculous. She works weekends, she puts off watching television, she sets a stringent schedule for herself and most importantly – she sticks to it. 5. Celebrate Yourself! As you can imagine, as her parents we are so very proud of our daughter and her accomplishments. If you are a high achiever, or have high achieving children the best gift you can give them and yourself is enjoy the journey! Always find time to celebrate your accomplishments from the small ones to the gigantic ones and all those in between. You deserve it and owe it to yourself. Lila Holley is a retired US Army Chief Warrant Officer Four, award-winning author of three books that reached #1 on several Amazon best-seller lists. In her book ‘Battle Buddy: Maneuvering the Battlefield of Transitioning from the Military’ Lila chronicles her own struggles with depression during her transition process in hopes of helping Military Members and Veterans through the emotional process of transitioning from military life to civilian life. Lila is also the Visionary Author behind ‘Camouflaged Sisters: Revealing Struggles of the Black Woman’s Military Experience’ and ‘Camouflaged Sisters: Silent No More’ where she partnered with other courageous Female Service Members and Veterans to share their stories of success in the military despite facing challenges along their journey. Contact Lila at csinfo@camouflagedsisters.com or at her website http://camouflagedsisters.com.

Readers corner There are so many incredible books written by military women. The Readers Corner is to highlight those books and the amazing authors behind them. Support these authors.

Our online community, The Sisterhood, values the stories of military women and women Veterans as we kick off our Book of the Month club! We are excited to honor Veteran Fanny Minnitt’s ‘Just Have Faith’ as our Book of the Month selection. Purchase this book and join us for a virtual Q & A and Book Reading with the Author in JULY 2017. For details follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CamouflagedSistersLLC/. Learn more about The Sisterhood at http://camouflagedsisters.com/ and join us at www.facebook.com/ groups/TheSisterhoodbyCS/. Hear from the Author: Question: What was the inspiration behind your book? Fanny: The inspiration behind ‘Just Have Faith,’ was given to me by the Holy Spirit. Years ago, I started to write a book called ‘Do You Really Want to Be an Entrepreneur?’ My hope and desire was to finish this book in 2012. My goal was to launch it December 15, 2012 and then life happened. Within my heart and soul, I continued to hope that one day I would complete the book, ‘Do You Really Want to Be an Entrepreneur.’ Years later, we moved to Cedar Hill, Texas and after settling down, I pulled out my manuscript and began reading it. Something strange happened to me. I stopped reading and instantly lost interest in writing my book. It was my dream to write this business book. Suddenly the words Have Faith, Have Faith entered my mind, and I could see these words very clear. I had a dream that night and an unforgettable event happened that gave me the name and inspiration to write ‘Just Have Faith.’ Question: List 3 things you want Readers to take away from your book? Fanny: The three things that I want readers to take away from my book is: 1. You won’t always have the answers and life is not always going to be fair: To be honest, some of the twists and turns that life takes us through will not make sense at all. Still, through it all, trust in God. Trust His Word and just have faith. 2. Study the Word of God, so when you encounter trials and obstacles in your life, you will have a solid foundation to stand on (even when you waver). When you waver, repent and get up! And keep it movin’! God created you and He loves you. 3. What should you do when you cannot see what you hope for? Waiting on a healing, debt cancellation, change? The answer to this question is that you must continue to have faith in God.

Question: What lesson did you learn by writing this book? Fanny: By writing this book my soul was HEALED. Each chapter in my life, including those chapters that I did not share, helped me to begin a spiritual journey seeking after the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Peace comes with seeking after God’s character. Oh, how I desire that everyone on planet Earth may someday experience the peace that comes with just having faith in God. More about the book Just Have Faith by Fanny Minnitt A BOOK ABOUT FAITH When You Cannot See What You Hope For A BOOK ABOUT HOPE To Surmount YOUR Hurdles In Life JUST HAVE FAITH WILL... Propel YOU Forward In Your Faith email: fanny.minnitt@gmail.com contact number: 254-371-8927 fb: fanny minnitt instagram: fanny minnitt you tube: fanny minnitt


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What About the Children, Children's Hom• Cathy A Grant Independent Beauty Consultant 254-371-6481 cell 254-501-3244 home Ladyc_66442@yahoo.com www.marykay.com/cgran


God First, Family Second, Career Third.

Our Mission is to feed the mind, body & soul. Marate village is found in Mbale district in Eastern Uganda, about 300km from Kampala, the

capital city. Most families live in mud grass thatched houses on the side of the mountain.

Natural disaster struck thls village in 2010 when a mudslide covered the entire village leaving

over 60 children homeless and even orphaned. WATCCH was established to provide a home

and hope for these children. We currently provide care for 16 children, but there are many more that need help and a home. In order to remain in the Mbale District, we have to show the

government officials that we are permanent and will be here for a long time. We need donors

and sponsors to help us build ·our Own Building·. We have multiple opportunities for donors to get involved, they can donate, fund-raise on their own, or participate in one of our

fundraising events. Our current campaign is "Be A Hero·. We are implementing a Six Degrees Pay it Forward movement to inspire people around the world to get involved and encourage

others. Donors can achieve Hero status by Donating, Sharing the campaign and Asking Six

people to do the same. People of all ages, from all over the world have joined hands to launch this movement. Support - Share - Challenge. Our Goal is to Effect Change & Impact Lives!

Together, as a society, we can change the world!

� .:I Find us on

-, a II Facebook


\\\ 1\l ., \I A T C C I-I .O -l {G WATCCH@GMAIL.COM ___ e CC r ___________


�\-\S[SICANDYBou,� 600 Indian Trail Suite 107 Harker Hts TX 76548


OPEN: TUESDAY- SATURDAY 11 AM - 6 PM CLOSED SUNDAY & MONDAY 254-681-1772 www.facebook.com/ OenisesNewCreationsLLC

Life is a Beach! By: Michelle Spencer

Living on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico I can get to breathtaking beaches in a matter of minutes and for some, just hours. One of my most favorite places to chill is near a body of water; a lake, a pond, a river, a swimming pool, preferably is of course a beach, but even a cheap $20 water fountain can shift my mood. Researchers call this “blue space” much like how “green space” is for our sacred and yet disappearing urban parks. This blue space has a significant impact on our health and wellbeing, you really do not have to be a Ph.D. to hypothesize or conclude its effect, but for the record you can watch ole Goldie fish swim back and forth in an Rincon (Domes Beach), Puerto Rico 2017 aquarium and just THAT blue space can decrease your heart rate, blood pressure and improve overall stress level. Don’t believe me, go here to read the study. In the interim, if you cannot find flowing or even slow trickling water anywhere to get your chill on… look up…look skyward! And if the BIG beautiful blue sky is playing hide and seek with massive grey clouds, no worries…Reeeach for it! I mean Streeeeetch yourself. •Stretch your body; stretch those limbs of yours by simply reaching your arms up, over and then slowly bending your knees to touch your toes and you have created an incredible movement that would release an energetic and hormonal response that will produce a glorious smile inside your body. Our bodies crave movement; a shimmy or a shake will do. Start with 5-10 minutes. •And turn off the noise of technology--detox it; put that phone down, curtail the email, switch the TV off and tune into your inner message center of your heart space. Call it Prayer, Meditation, Time out…Chillax and BE STILL! Start with 5-10 minutes during a busy work day and definitely 30 minutes before bed. •Optimize your system with some high octane fuel; use whole foods rich in vitamins and minerals and lean protein. If it comes in a box, buyer beware of the processed unpronounceable ingredients. And always hydrate with plenty of refreshing water. This Spring, find some blue space, walk on some green space, march on it if you will and make some quality space for you to nourish the red space of your heart and soul. We need you healthy, alert and alive. We need you to show up BIG in the world to shine your Light, your sacred WORK. For without it WE certainly are dead in the water (economically, politically, socially, spiritually, etc.) Know what I’m sayin’? Please do not live as it’s all a Bi**ch and then we die… Choose…Move…Groove… Life

is a Beach!

Contributor: LTC Michele Spencer, Author: B.A.G.H.D.A.D Yoga: A Shift in Consciousness Fear to Love~ War to Peace

7 Steps to Become the Game Changer of Your Life by Marsha S. Martin “The Game Changer”

In life, there comes a point in time when you are faced with a crossroad. At this crossroads, some decisions must be made. The choices you make are not ordinary in any way. They aren’t fleeting like what you should wear, or if you should have chicken over beef for lunch. These decisions are major and will affect your life forever. The decisions I am speaking of are the ones that will cause a shift in your life. A shift so dynamic that it only leaves you with one or two roads to venture down. Before you, lies the road of VICTORY. This road leads to freedom and boldness. This is the road you long to travel down. However, right next to it, is the road of UNCERTAINTY. This road encompasses all of your fears. It dibbles and dabbles in all of your regrets and mistakes from your past. It welcomes you when you look down it, and mocks you when you turn to VICTORY. These two roads symbolize a mindset you must choose to take on. If this is you, if you find yourself standing at a crossroads where what you desire and what you fear is boldly staring you in the face just waiting for you to make a decision. Then the 7 Steps to Become A Game Changer is just for you. What do I mean by ‘Game Changer’ you ask? It’s someone who has determined that failure is not an option. It is one who is distinguished, pushing to achieve every vast vision they have set for themselves. I am here to tell you, that person is you. Choose to be the Game Changer of your life and your situation(s) will turn around. With the seven steps listed below, becoming the Game Changer of Your Life, will begin to be easy for you. Choose to change your mindset today.

7 Steps to Become the Game Changer: 1. See yourself beyond where you are – Your current circumstances are not the end of your story. 2. Stand to make a change in your life – Be bold about what you want, go after more! 3. Stop allowing your past to control your now – The past is behind you, focus on today and your future. 4. Step boldly into what/where you see yourself becoming/going – Walk through any open door of opportunity. Take that leap! 5. Speak life – Command the Word of God over your life. 6. Surround yourself with the right people – Positive people are a must! 7. Stay plugged into your spiritual outlet – Talk to God daily. These 7 steps allow you to look past your current circumstances and help you to realize that your current story isn’t your last story. Your current story doesn’t define you. You are so much more than what you’ve been through. Marsha S. Martin, known as ‘The Game Changer’, is an empowerment speaker, consultant, proud Veteran of the US Army and founder of Second Chance. Her ultimate goal at this point in her life is to propel individuals to become, ‘The Game Changers of their lives.’ You can connect with Marsha on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at imarshasmartin.

By: Jas Boothe Forward by Lila Holley Nonprofit organizations work hard at the grassroot level to fill the gap in communities. They work tirelessly to meet the needs of those in neighborhoods across the globe. They miraculously pull together limited resources to feed the hungry, heal the wounded, clothe the naked and house the homeless. They continue to work often going unnoticed and without thanks. These organizations know this journey all too well – first as women serving in uniform and now as women who have founded and are operating nonprofit organizations. The incredible stories about the work these Military Women and Women Veterans is sure both amaze you and inspire you.

Final Salute Inc. Founder Jas Boothe Major Jas Boothe is a Chicago native, disabled Army Veteran, cancer survivor, entrepreneur and author who gave over 16 years of service to this great nation. She is the President and Founder of Final Salute Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides homeless women Veterans with safe and suitable housing. Final Salute Inc. is the only nonprofit in the DC Metro area that specifically supports the unique housing needs of homeless female Veterans and their children - there are currently 55,000 homeless female Veterans nationwide. Jas’ story is incredible, she founded Final Salute Inc. after her life was torn apart by Hurricane Katrina, homelessness and cancer in 2005. Jas was a single mother in the Army Reserves who was headed to Iraq. Due to her efforts and tireless advocacy, Final Salute Inc. has supported 2000 women Veterans and children and provided over 12,000 days of housing since 2011. Here are a few of the awards and recognitions Jas has received for her leadership and community impact: Oprah Winfrey and Toyota Standing Ovation, People Magazine Hero Among Us, CNN Hero, America Red Cross Tiffany Circle - Distinguished Woman Warrior Award, Redbook Magazine - We Learn From Her, Department of Defense Spirit of Hope Award, American Veteran’s Center - Lillian K. Keil Award for Women’s Contributions to the Military, Unstoppable Mom - Live with Kelly and Michael, All You Magazine - Be Inspired, YWCA Woman of Distinction, Marie Claire Magazine - America’s Forgotten Heroes and the list goes on!

Boothe holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Mississippi Valley State University and dual Masters of Arts in Human Resource Management and Management and Leadership from Webster University. Jas is the mother of two wonderful boys, Brandon (currently serving in the United States Air Force) and Jammel Jr., and wife of Marine Combat Veteran, Jammel R. Boothe Sr. Learn more about the work Final Salute Inc. is doing to help women Veterans and their families: 1. What are the primary services your organization offers and who do you primarily serve? The mission of Final Salute Inc is to provide homeless women Veterans and their children with safe and suitable housing. We also provide emergency financial assistance to prevent homelessness and our annual Stand Up event provides transitioning military women and women Veterans with professional clothing. 2. Do you collaborate with other organizations in your area to provide additional services to your community? (Give example of how you worked together) We have partner organizations that provide financial assistance and counseling to teach women Veterans in our housing program how to prepare a budget and live on a fixed income. We also partner with the Women’s Memorial to host our annual Stand-Up event.

3. What difficulties have you faced since starting your nonprofit and how were you able to overcome them? (list up to 3) • •

Start the conversation. No one was talking about homeless women Veterans, it was a silent epidemic. I had to start a conversation on an issue that no one had heard of. Funding challenges. Asking for funding for the same silent epidemic that people didn’t know existed was a challenge. The biggest issue was the lack of supportive services on a national basis for women Veterans. Unfortunately, we had to turn some of the women in need away because we could not help them due to lack of funds. Perseverance. Every day we have to dig in deep and do the best we can, because the lives of the women and children we serve depend on us. We are their voice. We have been able to gain media attention for our cause and that has helped to spread the word in a huge way and allowed communities to start movements in their own backyards. Also as a Soldier, we are taught to never accept defeat.

4. What word of advice would you give someone who desires to start their own nonprofit organization. (list 3 – 5 tips, lessons learned on your journey). • • •

Look at your non-profit as a business. Learn to do more with less. Understand that you do not have ‘regular’ business hours.

5. We know that fundraising events are how most nonprofits raise funds throughout the year. Do you host any major events regularly/annually? What are they? The biggest event that we put on is Ms. Veteran America, which honors the woman beyond the uniform. Hundreds of women Veterans and military women compete each year to earn the title of Ms. Veteran America. The winner then becomes the Ambassador for Final Salute Inc. for a year and travels the country to raise awareness to the rising number of homeless women Veterans and their children. The Ms. Veteran America competition highlights more than the strength, courage, and sacrifice of our nation’s military women, but also reminds us that these women are Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Wives. Ms. Veteran America is also a role model, teaching and empowering young women and girls to support, inspire and lift-up one another. 6. What is one of the proudest moments you experienced since starting your nonprofit? My proudest moment was when we got our first transitional home and moved my Sisters-in-Arms into the home. They were homeless no more!

7. How do you see your nonprofit growing in the next 3-5 years? People always ask me where do I want to be down the road and the answer is out of business. We are raising awareness so resources can be developed and the root causes of homelessness can be cured. We did not get into this business to be a temporary band-aid on a national problem. We do not want any Veterans homeless! Unfortunately, there is currently a need and until we as a nation can support all of our Veterans equally, we will have to support them. 8. What do you want people to remember most about your organization? What legacy are you building with Final Salute?

You don’t need a cape to be someone’s hero. Connect with Jas Boothe to support Final Salute Inc. at: Web: www.finalsaluteinc.org and http://www.msveteranamerica.org/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FinalSaluteInc/ and https://www.facebook.com/ MsVeteranAmericaWBU/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinalSaluteInc and https://twitter.com/MSVETAMERICA

Intimacy Church By: Founder Senaah Railey 1. What are the primary services your organization offers and who do you primarily serve? - Intimacy Church serves the community of Lubbock through Sunday service which brings spiritual health. We also give food to the hungry every Sunday afternoon. We have a shelter for women and children that offers a clothing closet, daycare 007236services and parenting classes. We also offer the women employment services to include online tools available throughout the week and information on entrepreneurship and personal development. 2. Do you collaborate with other organizations in your area to provide additional services to your community? (Give example of how you worked together) - Yes, Intimacy Church works with an outreach called Hope Community of Shalom to provide clothes and food. Churches around the city take turns providing the meal offered every Sunday afternoon. 3. What difficulties have you faced since starting your nonprofit and how were you able to overcome them? (list up to 3) - Our greatest challenge has been finding dedicated volunteers. It’s been a battle finding people committed to use their time to help those in need. This is something that is needed throughout the year. - We are constantly in need of donations. We are continually looking for donations to assist us with providing food and clothing to those in need year-round. - We overcome these obstacles by constantly educating the city about the resources we need to offer the services that we do. We fill a great need in our city so we hand out flyers, advertise online, as well as take part in community events to let the city know that we are here to help. 4. What word of advice would you give someone who desires to start their own nonprofit organization. (list 3 – 5 tips, lessons learned on your journey) - Start! If you wait for the “right” feeling or the “right” time you may miss the opportunity to positively effect this world. Take just one step at a time and eventually you’ll be running your own non-profit. - Have money set aside. I have learned through starting the church and children’s program that “things” will always come up. Set aside as much as you can for things expected and unexpected. - Don’t wait for an applause. Conducting a nonprofit means an investment of time, money, peace, and resources. I personally keep a cue in front of me to remind myself that the work I do is for the betterment of this city, and nothing more. 5. We know that fundraising events are how most nonprofits raise funds throughout the year. Do you host any major events regularly/annually? What are they? - May 5th, 12th, 19th we are having our church anniversary featuring Devon Franklin on May 5th – which will be a time of celebration and empowerment! - September 29th - October 1st we will be having a women’s conference called “Just as You Are” with spoken word, worship, question and answer panel, and much more

6. What is one of the proudest moments you experienced since starting your nonprofit? - My husband and I are seeing our members start their own business, follow their dreams, and mend broken relationship in their family. We are blessed as we see our members change their legacy. 7. How do you see your nonprofit growing in the next 3-5 years? - In the next 5 years, our goal is to have a functioning outreach center and academy where we will offer education with both parenting classes as well as a school for children during the day. We believe that God wants us to be whole in every area of our life so are looking forward to teaching spiritual health, financial health, as well as physical health. 8. What do you want people to remember most about your organization? What legacy are you building with (organization name)? -Intimacy Church is an organization that wants to change the meaning of family in a community. We seek to help adults realize their potential and how to tap into it. We want children to learn that education is more than a task but a lifestyle. And we want families to know that love exists beyond the pages of the bible into their homes, families, and legacy. Our goal is to speak and live the truth of God and to show God’s love to all who will hear it. Bio: Senaah Railey, is Co- Pastor of Intimacy Church, Co- Founder of Raising Little Geniuses, Co- Owner of TGIT- Through God I Thrive Academy, Veteran, Mother, and author. She served 6 years in the Air Force and since then has been on a journey of empowerment. Senaah believes every person on this Earth can positively impact this world, and she helps people tear down their barriers to get closer to their success. Whether it’s through a blog, social media post, or service her goal is to infuse the power of God’s love into everything she does. Senaah is currently studying Psychology and Social Behavior at Texas Tech University and will be graduating Spring 2018. Connect with Senaah and learn more about Intimacy at www.intimacychurch.org, www.goodgirlissues.com, www.senaahr. worpress.com Facebook : Senaah Railey, Intimacy Church, Raising Little Geniuses , TGIT Academy Twitter: @intimacychurch@Senaahr Instagram: Intimacy Church, S3naah

By: Founder Michelle Poitier 1. When did you establish your non-profit and do you have subchapters located across the United States? Healing Women Healing Nations (NEFL) was established August 3rd, 2015. There are no subchapters located across the US at this time. 2. What made you decide to create your non-profit? The often overlooked and unmet needs that are unique to female Veterans burdened me. My personal experiences and challenges I encountered as I dealt with symptoms of undiagnosed PTSD/MST and the stigma attached to speaking out and seeking help. I soon found myself homeless and fighting suicidal ideations as I battled PTSD. Healing Women Healing Nations identified the following distinct market segments: • OIE/OEF female Veterans • Transitioning service members • Veterans of which 48% have dependents less than 18 years of age • 43% have legal custody of dependents and 39% were living with their dependents • Those that are in crisis/survival mode • Those suffering from low self-esteem Studies show that women who have experienced trauma in the military, abuse post military or post military mental health issues are identified as high risk for homelessness. Additionally, women Veterans have reported barriers to finding employment. 29% reported lack of training, 15% reported they are actively seeking employment and 22% reported difficulty paying bills. Unemployment among women Veterans impacts so many other areas of their lives as shown by these statistics: • 16% reported barriers to finding adequate housing • 22% with children reported difficulty obtaining adequate childcare • 3% reported difficulty leaving an abusing relationship

Healing Women Healing Nations was created to fill the gap and meet the needs of women Veterans who find themselves fighting through such challenges. 3. What difficulties have you endured since starting your non-profit? My main point of frustration was due to obtaining a property that was to house homeless female Veterans with children then working with the organization that owned the property to oversee the rehab process to make the property viable, only to have the organization that owned the property return it to the college that originally gifted it to them. 4. What fundraising events do you hold throughout the year? Feb 18th - Zumba-Thon Fundraiser March 25th - Learning to Love Me 1 Day Event: this event will help women to understand the importance of how self-care can increase their self-esteem, self-image and sense of self value. May 21st – Zumba-Thon Fundraiser (collaboration with Metamorphosis Women’s Encounter Inc.) June 24th - Beautiful Flower “Beauty on a Budget” (collaboration with Metamorphosis Women’s Encounter Inc.) 5. What are the primary services you offer and services do you have to defer out to other organizations? a. HWHN current primary service is community outreach by educating the community on the immediate needs of female Veterans, engaging the community and female Veteran population and educating them on the resources available to them by providing workshops with topics such as PTSD/Mental Wellness, One-to-One Counseling (Peer Support) b. HWHN in collaboration with the EWC Schell-Sweet CRC outsources the following services: • Social Service (DCF/FSS) • Community Education (GED Prep/Technical Support Services) • Wellness – Magnolia Project (female related) • Youth Development – Teen Leaders of America • Parenting Services – Circle of Serenity Parenting, • Legal (Three River Legal Services)

6. What word of advice would you give Veterans that are currently in transition to alleviate the burdens faced after transition? Our military training had us focused on completing the mission, often ignoring any personal concerns we may have encountered along the way. Because of this mindset instilled in us during our military careers, many may choose to isolate themselves as not to be a burden to their loved ones. Do not think that your loved don’t understand you and attempt to deal with the burdens alone – you do not have to face challenges alone. 7. What is one of the proudest moments that occurred since opening your non-profit? Being nominated and selected to attend Michelle Obama’s State of Women Initiative in Washington D.C. in June 2016 for the work I’m doing in my community. 8. Where do you see your non-profit a year from now? With a transitional shelter that will house homeless female Veterans for up to 2 years. We will be providing them with wrap around services (on and off site) to assist them with transitioning back into the community while providing a safe haven for them and their children.

Connect with Michelle to learn more and to see how you can help her in her efforts to serve women Veterans. Michelle Poitier is a 13-year US Navy Veteran, mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, author, inspirational speaker and advocate. She advocates for survivors of domestic & sexual abuse, homelessness among female Veterans, and those battling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She has become the agent of change she wanted to see by establishing Healing Women Healing Nations of Jacksonville Inc. in August 2015. The nonprofit’s motto is to Engage the community, Educate women and women Veterans with children on their benefits and resources and Empower them to persevere through their trials to accomplish their dreams. The ultimate purpose is to provide safe, stable housing to these women and their children to help them rebuild their lives. Healing Women Healing Nations Inc. NEFL info@hwhnfl.org or 904.370.3549 For donations: http://www.hwhnfl.org Connect with me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hwhnfl46/ Michelle Speaks: www.michellepoitier.com (Podcast coming May 2017) ( www.180radionow.com)

Armed Forces Natural Hair Expo By: Founder Luvina Sabree 1. What are the primary services your organization offers and who do you primarily serve? Armed Forces Natural Hair & Health Expo (AFNHHE) is a 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to supporting the growth and awareness of natural hair and optimal health. We cater to military, government officials, their families and civilians living in the vicinity of the military installations. Our mission is to educate, inform, and support everyone who has natural (coily, kinky, wavy or curly) hair as well as those transitioning to their natural hair or those interested in learning about natural hair care and healthy living. 2. Do you collaborate with other organizations in your area to provide additional services to your community? We volunteer with foster parents and educate them about natural hair care. Every year at our expo, we collect nonperishable food and donate it to our local food care center. 3. What word of advice would you give someone who desires to start their own nonprofit organization. -Serve your community every chance that you can and in any way that you can to make our world a better place. -Live your life to fullest -Be the change that you want to see in this world. 4. We know that fundraising events are how most nonprofits raise funds throughout the year. Do you host any major events regularly/annually? What are they? Yes, we host the Armed Forces Natural Hair and Health Expo every year. 5. What is one of the proudest moments you experienced since starting your nonprofit? When a mom brings her daughter to the expo or our monthly classes and they feel proud about who they are naturally.

6. How do you see your nonprofit growing in the next 3-5 years? Taking the expo across the country to different military installations. 7. What do you want people to remember most about your organization? What legacy are you building with the Armed Forces Natural Hair and Health Expo? I want people to remember that they are beautiful the way that God created them and their hair is beautiful the way that it naturally comes from their head. If I can instill this in a mother and they pass it down to their daughters, then my legacy is fulfilled!

Connect with Luvina Sabree to see how you can help her in her mission to spread the message of loving our natural hair and to learn more about the expo. Luvina is wife to a fellow retired Army veteran; mother of six; Army veteran; registered nurse; maker of soap, bath, body and hair products; organizer of the Killeen’s Happy 2 B Nappy (H2BN) Hair Group; and owner of Killeen area’s first full service organic restaurant, So Natural Organic Restaurant & Market which was featured on Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network. Luvina has been holding Natural Hair Day (NHD) monthly meetings for 10 years to unite sisters from all walks of life to embrace their natural hair that God created them with. She teaches the members how to properly maintain their natural hair and how to make natural products for their hair and body. In 2011, Luvina took the natural hair meetings to an entirely different level with the launch of the Armed Forces Natural Hair & Health Expo which offers NHD on a larger scale. Learn more at www.afnhhe.com and www.sonaturalmarket.com https://www.facebook.com/ArmedForcesNaturalAndHairHealthExpo/

Metamorphosis Women’s Encounter Inc. By: Founder Monique Rogers 1. What are the primary services your organization offers and who do you primarily serve? Metamorphosis Women’s Encounter Inc. was founded in 2010 to serve women who are ready to enhance their confidence, over obstacles, and desire to embrace transformation mind, body, and spirit. Our primary services are workshops designed for these purposes. We are located in Jacksonville, FL. We are also open to traveling to partner with other organization to impact the lives of women to reach their full potential. Our primary services are designed to inspire hope in action for women who have endured adversity in relationships, overcoming abuse, and embracing the authentic self. 2. Do you collaborate with other organizations in your area to provide additional services to your community? Absolutely! Collaborating with other organizations is golden and the key to creating the change we desire to witness. We have partnered with several organizations such as Hubbard House, Pace Center for Girls, Community Connections, and Retreaded to name a few. One of my favorite collaborations was with Retreaded. Metamorphosis provided makeovers (hair, makeup, and outfits) to the two ladies who completed the Retreaded program. These two women are conquers for overcoming drug addiction. Metamorphosis transformed the outer to match the inner change for a total makeover experience. 3. What difficulties have you faced since starting your nonprofit and how were you able to overcome them? Starting a business is hard work. However, dedication and an “I won’t quit attitude” is essential to succeed. Since starting our nonprofit the difficulties we’ve faced are getting funding, consistent support, and staying abreast with all the waves of social media to keep our name on the forefront. We continue to push forward through the obstacles by collaborating, offering relevant workshops, and focusing on only one of the social media outlets as a source to connect and build new opportunities. 4. What word of advice would you give someone who desires to start their own nonprofit organization. Being in the business of caring for others is extremely rewarding especially when you believe you’re on the right path to purpose. However in your moments of passion for your cause please remember these tips: • Being willing to work hard and long hours to accomplish your goals. • Keep your eye on the cause and not others. Remember why you started in the first place by keeping the purpose on the forefront of your mind.

• Don’t expect family and friends to support you, focus on your target audience. • Find methods to de-stress because business matters etc. will become overwhelming at times. • Get a mentor who can assist you properly in your field. Learn what you don’t know that you need to know. 5. We know that fundraising events are how most nonprofits raise funds throughout the year. Do you host any major events regularly/annually? What are they? Yes, this is true fundraising events are essential to our success as a nonprofit. Yes, we host an annual event every year - Zumba fundraisers! Zumbathons are the best for raising funds because many women love to dance, they are high energy and fun, burn up to 1000 calories (benefits for the donors), awesome for networking, and these types of fundraisers are the easiest to hosts. If you haven’t hosted a Zumba fundraiser try it, you’ll enjoy it. Also, what makes the Zumba fundraiser a hit is having a variety of Zumba instructors offering a mix of dance flavor. 6. What is one of the proudest moments you experienced since starting your nonprofit? I have had several moments to be proud of, early into starting the nonprofit, I was super excited to receive the 501(c) 3 status from the IRS. I had heard this was a difficult and lengthy process however my experience was quite the opposite. Aside from this, my most proud moment was our first event “Be the CEO Woman of Your Life”. We had an amazing panel, several vendors, great turnout, and the feedback was lasting. This event was the heart of what Metamorphosis is all about, overcoming the obstacles and excelling despite the challenges because you have activated the power within you. Once we have overcome, now we can reach back and pay it forward. 7. How do you see your nonprofit growing in the next 3-5 years? In the next 3-5 years, I see our nonprofit in our own brick and mortar, functioning as a full-service transformation center. If we continue to put dedication to the metal we will reach our goals one day at a time by following the plan set forth, the business plan. We will continue to transform the lives of women in our programs thus our communities in which they live in. 8. What do you want people to remember most about your organization? What legacy are you building with Metamorphosis Women’s Encounter Inc.? I want people to remember #IamaMetamorphosis which is to be transformed mind, body, and spirit by embracing the power within to overcome obstacles, build confidence, and develop in the sense of self. We will be remembered for our cause, willingness to support, and do it all with integrity and in truth. I will leave a legacy of inspiring hope in action and training other leaders to keep the mission moving forward well after I’m gone.

Connect with Monique Rogers, Founder of Metamorphosis Women’s Encounter to learn more and to see how you can help her transform the lives of women. Monique J. Rogers is a makeover advisor, wife, and mother among many hats exchanged from day to day. Monique served 7years in the US Navy where she met her husband Donny Q. Rogers. Together they have four purpose driven children and reside in Jacksonville, FL. Monique conquered the effects of a traumatic childhood, created a better version of herself and discovered her own personal guide to transformation. She founded Metamorphosis Women’s Encounter (MWE) with a mission to empower women. She pays it forward with the many events she hosts in her community. This young lady has truly morphed into a beautiful butterfly and wants to promote a positive outlook with everyone she encounters. Like us: www.facebook.com/mwegroup Visit: www.mweinc.org 904-701-3393

What About The Children Children’s Home-WATCCH By: Founder DeCarmen Mitnaul 1.What are the primary services your organization offers and who do you primarily serve? Our organization is a disaster relief organization. It services children in Uganda, Africa who have lost their families due to landslides and mudslides. 2. Do you collaborate with other organizations in your area to provide additional services to your community? We have worked with other organizations in a collaborative effort to raise funds for our individual causes. We have also worked with other organizations in Uganda in a collaborative effort to address certain social issues. 3. What difficulties have you faced since starting your nonprofit and how were you able to overcome them? • Most difficult thing is fundraising, we really had to come up with a financial strategy. We struggled a long time until last year breaking the 10,000 a year barrier. • Donor Retention - meaning getting donors to donate more than once. Just this past year we had to really engage our donors and even ask our donors to be monthly givers. • Volunteers - Volunteers are very important especially is starting up a non-profit. It is very hard for just the board members to do all the work. We will be increasing our volunteers this year. 4. What word of advice would you give someone who desires to start their own nonprofit organization? Make sure that you are passionate about your cause. Starting a non-profit is generally a life time commitment. You want to make sure that you are ready to dedicate your life to a cause. Starting a non-profit is just like starting a business it takes time, effort and commitment. It will not be an easy journey but rewarding if you stick with it. 5. We know that fundraising events are how most nonprofits raise funds throughout the year. Do you host any major events regularly/annually? What are they? Our Board is made of millennials and old school members. So, the millennials use today’s technology like Facebook, Instagram, GoFundMe, Crowdrise and Email marketing. Our Old School board members like to do BBQ, Spaghetti dinners, and Soup sales. We usually, do three virtual events and three live events. 6. What is one of the proudest moments you experienced since starting your nonprofit? The proudest moment is taking another child off the street saving them from starvation and destitute. We started off with 13 children and by the end of May 2017 we will be sponsoring 27 children. 7. How do you see your nonprofit growing in the next 3-5 years? Our goal is to purchase our own land and build a home big enough for 60 children. We also want to purchase land for farming to help the community. The children are not the only ones effected by mudslides but the community as well. Many of the people live in mud thatched houses and are poor. They don’t have enough to feed their families and many have lost everything in the natural disasters.

8. What do you want people to remember most about your organization? What legacy are you building with WATCCH? What they should remember most is that “We are not changing children’s lives but we are helping them to build a future.” Without our help, many of these children would be dead and the others left to survive on the street. We are providing them with food, shelter and education to help them to become productive Ugandan citizens. Connect with DeCarmen Mitnaul to see how you can help her in her effort to build a brighter future for children in Uganda. DeCarmen Mitnaul is the spouse of an active duty Air Force member. With her board members, she started WATCCH.INC in 2011 after a Mission Trip to Uganda, Africa. They saw that there was a need in Bududa for disaster relief when they witnessed over 75 children who had lost parents and families in mudslides in 2011 when mudslides covered whole towns. To this day over 300 people are missing, believed to be buried alive. Since our initial there have been three more mudslides disasters. Our goal is to take in the children who have lost parents due to mudslides and offer relief to the community. Visit our website to learn more and to donate to our cause www.watcch.org. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhatAboutTheChildrenChildrensHome/ Instagram: @watcch2011 Twitter: @WATCCH.INC email: watcch@gmail.com Phone: 254 383 6436

Coal 2 Diamond By: Founder Laurasha Lovett 1. What are the primary services your organization offers and who do you primarily serve? - Coal 2 Diamond (C2D) is a charitable, advocating, and educational based company. We serve women who have survived sexual assault by providing them with spa treatments, yoga sessions and mediation time. Our goal is to help them relieve stress while adjusting to their new normal. 2. Do you collaborate with other organizations in your area to provide additional services to your community? - We primarily collaborate with multiple rape organizations to provide the services to the women they serve. 3. What difficulties have you faced since starting your nonprofit and how were you able to overcome them? - Some of the difficulties that we have faced are obtaining grants and continuous support from people. We have overcome these challenges by educating and being visible to our supporters. 4. What word of advice would you give someone who desires to start their own nonprofit organization. - The first tip I would give is to do your research to see if your nonprofit is fixing a problem. - The second tip is to pick your board members strategically. - The third tip is to be consistent and patient on your journey. 5. We know that fundraising events are how most nonprofits raise funds throughout the year. Do you host any major events regularly/annually? What are they? - Coal 2 Diamond holds two annual events: • 5k Walk/Run in April • Art/Fashion Show in September Also throughout the year we will be partnering with companies and offering products through our affiliation program. 6. What is one of the proudest moments you experienced since starting your nonprofit? - Our biggest moment we have experienced since we have started is the love and joy from donating the spa treatments to the women we serve. We have been told that no one has ever done this for them before. Seeing the smiles really touched our hearts 7. How do you see your nonprofit growing in the next 3-5 years? - I see our nonprofit growing to be known by all the East Coast rape centers. 8. What do you want people to remember most about your organization? What legacy are you building with Coal 2 Diamond? - We would like for people to remember that people do have hearts and care about the well-being of others. The legacy Coal 2 Diamond is building is for people who have experienced trauma to gain their trust back in the world. We want them to know that there is life after trauma. The last thing we want our legacy to be known for is stopping one rape at a time and changing the view of rape culture.

Connect with Laurasha to learn more and see how you can assist her in her efforts to serve women: Laurasha Lovett is a mother of four, devoted wife, entrepreneur, student and proud Veteran of the US Marine Corps. She is the founder and CEO of Coal2Diamond a company that offers coaching for healing and transforming one’s life following trauma. With over 12 years of experience in leadership and mentorship, Laurasha encourages and supports women who have experienced sexual abuse and assault. Contact Laurasha at info@laurashalovett.com Website: www.c2dteal.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/laurashalovett.coal2diamond/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurashalovett.coal2diamond/ Phone: 864-525-5892

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Forward March- Memorial Day 2017  

Forward March magazine - the magazine for military women written by military women! Covering topics important to us.

Forward March- Memorial Day 2017  

Forward March magazine - the magazine for military women written by military women! Covering topics important to us.