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Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary 1960-2010

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December 22 - 28, 2010 | 50c

Vol. 50, No. 52














Forward Times Special C Section Edition TSU Tigers’...Journey to SWAC Victory! Wash Allen’s

Happy Feet Dance Holiday Extravaganza Remains a Houston Tradition

The annual Wash Allen s Happy Feet Dance Holiday Extravaganza was held on Friday, December 17, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. at the illustrious Omni Hotel in the Houston Galleria area. Wash Allen has been presenting his Happy Feet Dance parties for over four decades; from its beginning in Detroit, Michigan and has been going on in Houston for as long as Wash has been here. This year s annual Wash Allen s Happy Feet Dance was sponsored by Excel E Care Home Health, Frenchy s Chicken, KCOH Radio, Forward Times, Amazing Smiles, NFA TAX HELP, Houston Community College Southeast, Rolling Out Magazine and Waverly R. Nolley & Associates. For over twenty years, Attorney Waverly Nolley has been a proud sponsor of the Happy Feet Dance and expressed, I am pleased to sponsor the Happy Feet Dance that has been a Houston tradition for over 35+ years. It gives me an opportunity to meet Wash s fans directly and over these years my business has grown because of my affiliation with Wash Allen and the Happy Feet Dance , says Attorney Nolley. See Photos on LifeStyle 1B

Judy Foston, Foston International and Wash Allen, KCOH, Hostess and Host of the Annual Happy Feet Dance, held recently at the Omni Hotel - Houston

Coleman and McClendon Receive Honorary Degrees from TSU

cratic barriers. He also helped secure an increase of $161.5 million for at-risk child care services and joint authored legislation that created the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) in Texas, which makes low-cost health insurance available to more than 400,00 children from working families.

State Representatives Garnet Coleman and Ruth Jones McClendon received honorary degrees from Texas Southern University during the 2010 Winter Commencement Ceremonies held December 11th. State Representative Coleman has served the people of District 147 in the Texas House of Representatives continuously since 1991. He is currently the Senior ranking member of the Public Health Committee as well as the Chairman of the County Affairs Committee. Representative Coleman also serves as a member of the Select Committee on Federal Economic Stabilization Funding, which is charged with ensuring that the state maximize its share of funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Coleman has also joint-authored legislation to simplify access to children’s Medicaid for more than 600,000 children in Texas who were eligible for the program but were not enrolled because of bureau-

Garnet Coleman receives honorary degree

President Barack H. Obama: Leading America Forward in 2011 By Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. NNPA Columnist

These are both the best of times and the worst of times for the global economy.

Barack and Michelle Obama

The responsible leadership mantle of the United States of America under the leadership of President

Barack H. Obama at the end of the first two years of the Obama Administration has been remarkable and historically noteworthy. President Obama continues to emerge from the captivity of narrow partisan politics domestically and the stiff geopolitical intrigue of internationally diplomacy to the world stage of leadership. African Americans, at least most of us, are proud of President Obama’s track record thus far, especially given the set of crisis circumstances that he inherited from former President George W. Bush. But, in truth, the majority of all Americans are slowly beginning to witness the effectiveness of President Obama’s style and substance of presidential leadership. President Obama transcends race, political partisanship, and global prejudice. No, he is not a perfect president, but he is perfecting what it means to be a president who has a respect and genuine concern for all the people across America and throughout the world. In the field of education where I work now, one of the most important issues is the question of assessment - that is how to do an effective see Obama on 4A

State Representative Ruth Jones McClendon has served as a member of the Texas House of Representatives for the past 11 see Coleman on 4A

CHRISTMAS SPIRIT FOR THE WEEK Christians should not let themselves get caught up or distracted by the passing distractions and temptations of the world around us. What's truly important in our lives is God, and it's on God that we should keep our focus! Merry Christmas


HOUSTON Forward Times December 22 - 28, 2010 l

Off the Press

It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength. We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the treads of that tapestry are equal in value no matter their color. Maya Angelou

Christmas, Kwanzaa and Chanukkah: Holiday Diversity

Habari Gani begins the greeting. It is Swahili for “what’s happening.” During Kwanzaa, the seven days between December 26 and January 1, the response reflects the particular day of Kwanzaa. On December 26, the response is Umoja, which means Unity. On December 29, the response is Ujamaa, which is cooperative economics. On the last day of Kwanzaa, January 1, the response is Imani which means Faith. We are all indebted to Mualana Ron Karenga for his development of the Kwanzaa concept in 1969, and for the millions of people who celebrate African history and heritage. As a Christian, I worship and am mindful of the birth of the Christ Child and the fact that somehow, as a greeting, Happy Holidays has swallowed Merry Christmas. The Happy Holidays greeting is intended to be inclusive, intended to encompass Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukkah, the Winter Solstice, and just about everything else. It is intended, by some, to indicate that we are sensitive to everybody’s needs, holidays and religious diversity. Still, I think we lose just a little bit of something when we decide to group everything into “the holidays.” We lose the majesty of the Christ Child’s birth, a day that most of our nation celebrates. Three in four of all Americans are self-identified Christians. Should we swallow the uniqueness of the season and the celebration, miracle, and renewal that it implies? Our Jewish brothers and sisters also celebrate holy times in Chanukkah. This celebration of lights, of rededication, has special meaning that should not be reduced to just another holiday. Those of us who are not Jewish may not need to celebrate Channukah, but we should be aware, mindful, and commemorative. Religious diversity means knowing about and acknowledging each other’s holy moments. We lose some of that with the generic Happy Holidays. Kwanzaa is a celebration unto itself. Karenga developed the holiday and its celebration in the late 1960s to affirm the

African American vision and values. The seven principles, umoja (unity), kujichagulia (self-determination), ujima (collective work and responsibility), ujamaa (cooperative economics), nia (purpose), kuumba (creativity) and imani (faith) are all principles that represent the foundation of community growth and development, and a celebration of family and culture. Millions have taken the principles and used them as a way to affirm strength and resilience in the African American community. I am especially mindful of the principle of ujamaa, cooperative economics, as it undergirds much of the work that I do. So when somebody says habari gani to you on December 29, please respond with ujamaa. Kwanzaa does not substitute or supplant Christmas. It is an entirely different reality. It is an end year celebration of family, faith and community, a celebration of life. A forty plus year tradition is a rich and rewarding way to bring us all together. We should have enough room in our collective consciousness to allow for multiple year-end celebrations. Chrsitmas, Kwanzaa, and Chanukkah each commemorate different facets of American life. And then there is the winter solstice, the changing of the seasons, the shortest day of the year, and yet, too a celebration. Yes, we need to have enough room to celebrate all these things in their distinctness. To swallow them all up in a Happy Holidays greeting is a politically correct way of both lumping us all together and ignoring the richness of our differences and how our differences add to the ways we live and celebrate our lives. By Julianne Malveaux NNPA Columnist

Julianne Malveaux is President of Bennett College for Women. Her most recent book, Surviving and Thriving: 365 Facts in Black Economic History is available at

Happy Kwanzaa! Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary 1960-2010

Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary 1960-2010

Karen Carter Richards - Publisher/Managing Editor/CEO Henrietta Smith-Wilson - GM/Adv. Dir./Special Events Editor Judy Foston - Public Relations/Foston International Joyce Jenkins - Production Layout Jacqueline Robinson - Creative Director Yolande Lezine - Staff Writer Patsy Hunter - Circulation Manager/Receptionist Ray Branch - Photographer Hiram Dotson - Lithographer Ealier M. Gordon - Lithographer Asst. Ervin Jackson - Pressman Monroe Wilson - Distributor John Nichols - Distributor Carl Morris - Distributor



By Karen Carter Richards Forward Times CEO/Publisher

Are Government Programs Becoming An Endangered Species? After former United States President Bill Clinton took a political beating at the polls in the midterm elections in 1994, he moved to the political center, and embraced historic welfare reform and other policies in opposition to the core of the Democratic Party base. Now, as we enter 2011, there’s a question about whether President Barack Obama will pull a Bill Clinton move and step away from his

wonder how long politicians in Washington can pretend that if we don’t get federal program spending under control that the consequences will be devasting for present and future generations of Americans. Take a look at these facts: Social Security pays out more than $700 billion a year. With 70 million baby boomers at or approaching retirement, the government is confronting a

liberal base in support of social programs, to the political center, with a reform agenda that gets him re-elected in 2012. Many officials in Washington already see what’s coming. Social Security, Medicare and health care reform are the last frontier in the fight for balanced budgets, social-program reform and securing the long term financial health of America. The problem with this perspective is that the social safety net is critical to millions of seniors and future generations of Americans. These Americans are those that live in poverty and are disproportionately persons of color. However, one has to

painful reality. Under current projections, in just 27 years, Social Security won’t have enough money coming in to pay out benefits to everyone who’s eligible. In the final analysis, Congress may argue over how to reform the system, but there’s no debating that we’re running out of time and money. The Social Security issue is separate from the debate over government-backed health care to cover more Americans, or the rising costs of Medicare/Medicaid and prescription drugs. These are the very real issues that President Obama and the GOP-led Congress will need to act on during the next two years if we are going to make it!

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HOUSTON Forward Times December 22 - 28, 2010 l


City Talk with Tony by tony morris forward times Photojournalist

The City of Houston, Texas is going where it has not been in a long time — financial hard times. The City of Houston has a budget shortfall that seems to be getting wider by the week. It has become apparent that the financial reports that were delivered for the last year and a half have not been telling the full story of the financial health of the city. I have attended several State of the City addresses presented by past and present Mayors, and never was there an indication that the there was a malignant tumor growing in the anatomy of the City’s body. It is becoming abundantly clear that the City is in serious trouble trying to balance this year’s budget, with fee increases to the tune of over $15 million, and as Mayor Annise Parker stated at the last press conference, there is still a gap in the budget. The citizens of Houston are to think that these fees are not tax increases levied by a City Council that has very little idea of how these fees will impact the average citizens of Houston in these hard economic times. The country is having economic problems; however, the voters overwhelmingly voted out that representative who wanted to raise taxes and fees for services provided by the Federal Government. The City Government should learn by this example and start living within its means. Our elected official was elected to protect the people from undue harm that an uncaring governing body can do to its citizens. Mayor Annise Parker has decided that it is time to correct the entire Pension Compensation Program that is managed by outsourced management organizations. The Mayor is starting with the Fireman’s Pension Compensation Plan because she says that it is out of control and is “GOLD PLATED.” Firefighters from past decades have languished because past administrations neglected to provide them with an adequate pension program, as well as to pay compensation. The Fire Fighters Union has fought for years to right the wrongs for their constituents and rank and file. It took the death of several firefighters before City Council de-

mayor Annise Parker cided that something had to be done. Whatever the state of the Firefighters Pension, it was duly voted upon by City Council and now this City Council is considering reversing what was legally negotiated. The City of Houston’s contribution to the Pension fund is 29% and the Mayor stated that in two years it will go to 45% of compensation. Mayor Annise Parker says that at the current rate it could bankrupt the City and is unsustainable. How she will convince the Union to give up hard fought gains is only conjecture at this point. The City of Houston has three Pension Programs that are administered independently. The Houston Police Officers’ Pension System (HPOPS) and the Houston Municipal Employees Pension System (HMEPS) will be next to undergo the microscope and knife by the Mayor and City Council. When the Mayor was elected, she cut the retirement compensation for retired employees that have already been retired after working for the City of Houston for 25-30 years. Some of these employees have come to City Council to complain about the hardship that cuts have placed on them and some have considered going back to work. This story is only the surface of what is in store for the future of the City of Houston’s’ financial future. However, there is good news! Emerson Electronics is moving to Houston along with 600-1000 jobs in the field of Engineering. Stay tuned for future updates. For comments

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), a senior member of the House Judiciary, Homeland Security, and Foreign Affairs Committees, held a briefing today on Capitol Hill titled: “Criminal Justice Issues Impacting States and Innovative Solutions,” featuring California’s Attorney General-Elect Kamala Harris as the keynote speaker. “Attorney General-Elect Kamala Harris is the first AfricanAmerican woman and the first woman of South Asian descent elected to the office of Attorney General in the State of California, and it is with great joy and pride that we welcomed her to Congress as we learned more about her service to our communities and what she will do as Attorney General of California,” commented Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. “I am honored that she was with us, and look forward to working with her and the State of California on issues of the judiciary. Attorney General-Elect Harris is an accomplished and dynamic individual, and I, along with Speaker Pelosi, the California Democratic Congressional Delegation, the Congressional Black Caucus and the House Judiciary Committee, are excited for the future looks promising to all.” Harris attended Howard University, America’s oldest historically black university, and then the University of California, Hastings College of the Law. She served with the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office. In 1998, Harris was named managing attorney of the Career Criminal Unit of the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office. In that capacity, she prosecuted three serial felony offenders. She then served as the head of the San Francisco City Attorney’s Division on Families and Children. In December 2003, Harris was elected as the first woman District Attorney in San Francisco’s history, and as the first African-American woman and South Asian American woman in California to hold the office. She was overwhelmingly re-elected to a second term in November 2007. During the 2010 General Election, Harris was elected Attorney General of the State of California. Harris spoke on a range of issues including alternative sentencing and incarceration rates, state laws impacting foreclosure prevention, and combating bullying to ensure school safety. Joining Congresswoman Jackson Lee at the briefing were Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the California Democratic Congressional Delegation, the Congressional Black Caucus, Washington D.C. Councilman, Michael Brown, and Executive Director of the Sentencing Project Marc Mauer.

Mathis’ Mind By Judge Greg Mathis NNPA Columnist


In the 1980s, America’s neighborhoods became more diverse as whites, blacks and other ethnic groups began to live in close proximity to one another. It was as if the ideals of the Civil Rights movement were finally coming to life. 20 or so years later, things have changed…and not for the better. As far as integration goes, this country has taken a step backward. Analysis of the most recent Census data tells us that segregation is alive and well. In fact, most people, regardless of their ethnic group, live in neighborhoods that are overwhelmingly made up of people who look just like them. Blacks are the most segregated minority group in this country; more than 60percent live in majority black neighborhoods while only 48percent of Hispanics and 45-percent of Asians live in monolithic communities. The average white American lives in neighborhood that is 74-percent white. This isn’t the segregation of the 1960s, though some of the deep seeded feelings and policies that created that system still affect us all today. Rather, many Americans tend to self-segregate. It’s not as if blacks are falling over themselves to live in all white communities. Our natural tendency to ‘stick with our own’, however, has its drawbacks. When racial groups are separated; that division creates an unfamiliarity with the beliefs and culture of others. This lack of knowledge creates an environment where stereotypes and racial and ethnic bias thrive. Additionally, segregated neighborhoods lead to separate but wholly unequal services. For example, in communities where the majority of the residents are minorities, there is less funding available for schools. As a result, our children receive substandard instruction. Indeed, middle class black children living in majority black neighborhoods are less prepared for college than lower income white children living in majority white communities. Anyone who lives in – or has visited - Milwaukee, New Jersey, Detroit, Chicago and New York will not be surprised that these cities lead the nation in segregation. The mayor’s of these metropolitan areas should form a task force and work together, along with the federal government, to address the divisions that segregation creates. From purposefully creating diverse, mixed-income neighborhoods to developing a school finance system that equally funds each child, there are numerous steps cities can take to lessen the negative impacts of racial segregation.

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HOUSTON Forward Times December 22 - 28, 2010 l


It Was Like This

years, representing District 120 in San Antonio. McClendon is Chairman of the House Committee on Rules and Resolutions. Additionally, she holds a coveted seat on the powerful House Appropriations Committee which writes the $160 billion budget for the state of Texas. She serves on the Education Subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee and is Chair of Budget and Oversight for the Pension and Investments Committee in the Texas House of Representatives. Representative McClendon has authored, sponsored, co-sponsored and passed nearly 150 bills, excluding resolutions, during her tenure in the Texas House. About Texas Southern University Texas Southern University was founded in 1927 and became a state institution in 1947. Texas Southern possesses an impressive array of undergraduate and graduate programs, a diverse faculty, more than 80 student organizations, and an alumni network comprised of educators, entrepreneurs, public servants, lawyers, pilots, artists, and more, many of whom are change agents on the local, national and international stage. Nestled upon a sprawling 150-acre campus, Texas Southern has served as a cornerstone for developing the greatest potential in leaders from various socioeconomic, cultural, and racial backgrounds. Texas Southern is located in the heart of the city, giving its students and faculty easy access to the Museum District, neighbor-

On Greater Houston’s Darkside Investigation Into Incident at 9802 Forum Park

Ruth Jones McClendon receives degree. ing educational institutions, the Texas Medical Center, downtown Houston, two major airports and all of the city’s major freeways. More than 9,000 students, along with nearly 1,500 faculty and staff comprise the University’s community making it one of the nation’s largest Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

OBAMA FROM FRONT job of assessing the short term and long term impact of the educational process for the student, the institution, and the society at large. Political assessments are not any less important and crucial to determine. Public opinion polls and national media pundits on the left and the right often missed the most important political assessment of all: “Is our quality of life better off today as we begin 2011 with a stronger potential for future improvement than was the case at the beginning of 2009 in the aftermath of the inauguration of President Barack Obama?” This is not about a blame game of putting all the responsibility somehow unfairly on former President George Bush. Even President Bush himself, in his recently released book, takes full credit for his administration’s failures and successes, as all presidents should do. Now, we hear that the Presidential Race of 2012 has already started. Although, President Barack Obama, has two more years to serve in his first term of office, there are already too many who have inaccurately put the epithet of failure on his political grave. I see it differently. The economy is gradually coming back and regaining strength. The economic stimulus package worked

for the nation’s major banks and for General Motors. The recent passage by the U.S. Congress of the Bush Tax Cuts was only possible by the compromise engineered by the leadership of President Obama. The U.S. Congress vote to finally repeal the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for the U.S. military again only happened because of pressure to get this done before the end of 2010 from President Obama. The historic 25-year struggle to settle the matter of the just grievances of African American farmers was another important milestone of the Obama Administration. Of course, one the biggest political and legislative achievements was the passage of Health Care Reform over the opposition of powerful economic and political forces that did not want to extend health care coverage to more Americans, in particularly to Blacks and Latinos, as well as others who languished in poverty without access to health care. However, if there is one area that we have not made enough progress in, it is in the area of education reform. This should be a priority issue for 2011. Too many of our children are failing at failing schools throughout the United States, in both urban and rural school districts. In general, the U.S. ranks too low internationally in the field of secondary education as well as in higher education. The “educational crisis” in America is just as crucial and determinative as was the past “financial crisis.” Ope n En ro l lm en t i s Nove mb er 15t h to De c emb e r 31st. I call upon President Barack H. Obama “to use your good office and good leadership to summon the best minds, institutions, organizations, and funding sources to meet with parents, education leaders, students, administrators, legislators, business leaders, and others to implement a comprehensive education reform plan as the highest priority for 2011.” “Backward never, forward ever!” Let’s support and help President Barack Obama to continue to push forward for freedom, justice, equality, Even if you are perfectly happy with your Medicare Plan, peace, and empowerment of Open Enrollment is the time to compare what you have to all.

all the choices available for next year. Maybe you can save money, get better coverage, or both. And don’t forget to check out all the new benefits coming soon from the new healthcare law. Most people with Medicare will get free cancer screenings, wellness check-ups and a 50% discount on brand name prescription drugs if you enter the donut hole.

Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr is Senior Advisor to the Black Alliance for Educational Options and President of Education Online Services Corporation.

Houston police are investigating an incident in which a HPD officer fatally shot an armed suspect and arrested a second suspect at 9802 Forum Park about 1:40 a.m. today. The armed suspect, an adult female, was shot one time and pronounced dead at the scene. The other suspect, Jamarkus Jerome Page (b/m, DOB: 6-25-92) was taken into custody at the scene. He is charged with evading arrest on foot in Harris County Criminal Court #13. The officer who discharged his weapon, D. Hoang, was not injured. Officer Hoang, assigned to the Westside Patrol Division, was sworn in as an officer in June 2002. HPD Homicide Division Sergeant K. Tolls and Officer M. Coleman reported:A male and female suspect robbed a male victim at gunpoint near his residence in southwest Houston. The victim was robbed of his wallet, laptop, and cell phone. After he observed the suspects’ vehicle turn into the Mills Apartment complex at 9802 Forum Park, the victim contacted police from a payphone at a nearby service station. Officers obtained suspect and vehicle descriptions and proceeded to the last possible location of the suspects (9802 Forum Park). The victim identified the suspects and suspects’ vehicle in the parking lot of the apartment complex. Officer Hoang approached the parked vehicle and observed both a male and female inside the vehicle. As the officer attempted to detain the suspects, the male (Page) immediately ran from the vehicle and attempted to jump over the wooden perimeter fence inside the complex. The female suspect ran from the vehicle carrying a large caliber, semi-automatic pistol in her hand. The female suspect ignored Officer Hoang’s repeated verbal commands to stop and drop the weapon. The female suspect then immediately turned and pointed the gun directly at pursuing Officer Hoang. At that time, the officer, fearing for his safety, fired one shot at the female suspect, striking her. The female suspect was pronounced dead at the scene by HFD paramedics. The suspects’ vehicle was determined to be stolen. Also, several stolen items were recovered inside the vehicle utilized by the suspects. The investigation is active and ongoing.

Suspects Charged in Incident at 5100 Westheimer Charges have been filed against two suspects, one of whom was wounded by Houston police officers during an incident at 5100 Westheimer about 2:30 a.m. on Sunday (Dec. 12). One suspect, Thenhan Tran Huynh (A/m, DOB: 7-1-82), is charged with discharge of a firearm in Harris County Criminal Court #5. Huynh suffered at least one gunshot wound and was transported to Ben Taub General Hospital for treatment of non lifethreatening injuries. The other suspect, Christopher S. Jones (w/m, DOB: 7-22-85), is charged with felony evading arrest in a motor vehicle in the 338th State District Court. Two HPD officers who discharged weapons in the incident, M. Campbell and R. Gibson, were not injured. Officer Campbell is assigned to the Tactical Operations Command and was sworn in as an officer in August 1999. Officer Gibson, assigned to the Southeast Patrol Division, was sworn in as an officer in September 2007. HPD Homicide Division Sergeant A. Semmelrock and Senior Police Officer C.P. Abbey reported: Two HPD officers were walking back to their vehicles after working an extra job when they heard a gunshot. Seconds later, the officers heard several more gunshots coming from the 50005100 block of Westheimer. The officers got into their vehicles in an attempt to gather more information as to whether someone had been shot. When the officers reached the intersection of Westheimer at the 610 West Loop, they saw a vehicle stopped at the red light and the passenger (Thenhan Huynh) holding a pistol out the window. Huynh then pulled the pistol back into the vehicle. The uniformed officers approached the vehicle and identified themselves as officers. When Huynh reached down as if to retrieve the pistol, the officers discharged their weapons. At that time, the driver (Christopher Jones) drove off at a high rate of speed eastbound on Westheimer. A short time later, an HPD officer in a marked patrol car saw the suspects’ vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed and stopped the vehicle in the 2700 block of Travis. Huynh was found shot in the passenger side of the vehicle and paramedics were called. Jones was taken into custody without further incident.

Investigation into Fatal Shooting at 5400 Caplin

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Houston police are investigating the fatal shooting of a man at 5400 Caplin about 8 a.m. last Friday (Dec. 10). The victim, Jony Josue Benitez-Lopez, 26, of Houston, suffered a gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at the scene. HPD Homicide Division Sergeant J.C. Padilla and Senior Police Officer R.L. Bolton reported: A citizen driving in the 5400 block of Caplin saw what appeared to be a body lying in the grass just off the roadway and called police. Responding officers found Mr. Lopez dead from a gunshot wound. Further investigation led police to a second crime scene located at 2200 Harwell. There, investigators found items inside a Ford Explorer belonging to Mr. Lopez. There is no known motive for the shooting.

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HOUSTON Forward Times December 22 - 28, 2010 l

cure the safety of the most vulnerable of our society, our elderly who have already contributed to society in their younger days, and deserve respect and protection from the criminal element who seek out elderly folks as their targets. No longer should the elderly only be thought about during

nately, there are those who were born to parents or a parent who are only parents by virtue of being biologically endowed to bring unsuspecting, innocent babies into their midst to be turned into murderous machines. Programs should be developed to inform our elderly about the Health Care Fraud, Counterfeit Prescription Drugs, Funeral and Cemetery Fraud, Fraudulent ‘AntiAging’ Products, Telemarketing Fraud, Internet Fraud, Investment Schemes, and Reverse Mortgage scams. Since our problems with foreclosures are still present and accountable for, I’m going to give our elderly some food for thought when thinking about obtaining a “Reverse Mortgage.” Do not respond to advertisements. Be suspicious of anyone

the election process when you need their votes; their public safety should be priority one after the election. Lip service to the elder is not a stepping stone to their welfare and well-being. Our elderly are often lonely, and they seldom see their younger relatives who are mostly just waiting for their older kin folks to die, to see if they have any money or properties coming to them. Elderly folks growing up during the 1930s and 1940s are most likely to be very trusting due to their strict upbringing, and their “honesty is the best policy” philosophy. Unfortu-

claiming that you can own your own home with nothing down. Do not sign any documents that you do not understand. Do not accept payment from individuals for a home you did not purchase. Seek out your own reverse mortgage counselor. If you are, or suspect you are, a victim of this type of fraud, call HUD’S hotline at 1-800-347-3735. My mother is 84 years young, and I will hurt somebody about my mother. We, who are entrusted with public safety as a living, should al-


Violent Crimes against the Elderly is Increasing Our most vulnerable citizens are under attack, and often times robbed, and murdered by a new generation of “parent challenged individuals” — the children of people who bring children into this world solely to receive an increase in state welfare monies. Our elderly are often the victims of criminals who view our elders as easy targets because of their diminished abilities due to the aging process preventing them from being physically strong enough to defend themselves in a losing battle against evil and stronger predators. During the fifties, sixties, and seventies, this generation was taught to respect their elders, and somewhere down the line, this current new generation of parents lost focus, or had no desire to teach their children about morality and respect for those who have come before us. Every day there is news about a purse snatching incident involving some tiny, defenseless, elderly woman whose bones are already in a brittle state. The young are stalking the weak, fragile, and most trusting segments of our generation, and when I’m elected Constable to the office of Harris County Constable, Precinct 7, I will form a special task force of Reserve and Regular deputies to protect the elderly in Precinct 7 by introducing new and creative methods and controls to se-

ways implement sound programs that work to protect our senior citizens; lip service in my world is not an option. Merry Christmas to all of our elderly folks who set the standards for decency, religion, and morality. PET PEEVE OF THE WEEK: Men who are so possessive in a non-loving relationship caused by their own insecurities, who will even murder their own children to get emotional revenge on their spouse, and who have gotten fed up with the arguments and embarrassment in public, and finally had the nerve to take out a restraining order and filed for divorce to become finally happy in their lives. Some men simply take the joy out of living for some women. EDITOR’S NOTE: H.B. (Rickey) Spivey, Jr., LCC has received numerous awards for his commitment to public safety, and devotion to his community from elective officials such as Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee, Senator Rodney Ellis, former Harris County Judge Robert Eckels, former Executive Director Kim Oggs of Crime Stoppers of Houston, former Mayor Lee P. Brown, State Representative Garnet Coleman, former U.S. Secretary of Education, and former Superintendent of Schools Rod Paige. Former Captain Spivey served as an Administrator for Constable A. B. Chambers, and will run for HARRIS COUNTY CONSTABLE, PRECINCT 7’S OFFICE IN 2012…. * * * * * * * * * * The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the various authors in this newspaper do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of the Houston Forward Times or official policies of the Houston Forward Times.

State Capital Highlights Two state representatives move to Republican Party

AUSTIN — Two Democratic state representatives, Allan Ritter of Nederland and Aaron Pena of Edinburg, last week announced they had joined the Republican Party. The addition of their seats gave the Republicans 100 seats — a two-thirds “supermajority” in the 150-seat Texas Allan Ritter House. This creates for the GOP a procedural benefit in the upcoming legislative session that convenes Jan. 11. A Republican supermajority can overcome Democratic efforts to block bills from coming to the House floor for debate. Ritter said his decision to go Republican reflects the values of his conservative East Texas district. Pena, whose 10-year voting record in the House shows conservative tendencies on many issues, said he switched because he believes his district, which includes part of Hidalgo County, will fare better if he serves as a Republican. Perry, Abbott, laud judge’s ruling U.S. District Judge Henry E. Hudson’s recent ruling in Virginia that the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate violates the U.S. Constitution appears to sit well with two of Texas’ top state executives. In separate statements issued Dec. 13, Gov. Rick Perry and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott praised Judge Hudson’s ruling. Perry and Abbott said they regard the Judge Henry Hudson act, signed into law by President Obama in August, as infringing on the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, because it requires citizens to purchase health insurance. Perry criticized what he referred to as the act’s “one-sizefits-all approach to dealing with health care,” and Abbott said, “No public policy goal — no matter how important or well-intentioned — can be allowed to trample the protections and rights guaranteed by our Constitution.” Texas is part of a 20-state coalition against the federal health care law. The coalition includes Florida, South Carolina, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Washington, Colorado, Michigan, Utah, Alabama, South Dakota, Idaho, Indiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Alaska. Rebate to reach more Texans Texas Comptroller Susan Combs on Dec. 15 announced her office is adding more money to the upcoming “Energy Star” appliance mail-in rebate program to allow more Texans to take advantage of rebates. An additional $8.5 million is being added to the initial $10 million. The Susan Combs money comes through the federal stimulus program.

Dr. Garth Graham, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Minority Health in the Office of Minority Health at HHS, administers the seasonal flu vaccine to Tom Joyner.

“If I’m the hardest working man in radio,

I can’t miss any time from work or with my loved ones. I bet you can’t either.

That’s why I got my flu vaccine, and I urge you to get yours.” —Tom Joyner

Protect yourself and those around you

Get a flu vaccine 


HOUSTON Forward Times

December 22 - 28, 2010

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E nt A R me th IC oll 15 st. ED nr er 31 M n E emb ber pe ov m O N ce is De to

December 22 - 28, 2010



t AR en h IC rollmr 15t 1st ED En be er 3 M pen ovem mb O s N ece i D to

HOUSTON Forward Times


Judy Foston, Foston International and Wash Allen, KCOH

Happy Feet dancers take to the dance floor.

Lovely couple enjoying the Happy Feet Dance Anytime Swing Group performed precision dance moves!

Wash Allen acknowledges major sponsors, Waverly Nolley and Percy Cruezot Wash Allen interviews James McDaniel

RaShandra Adams and Ernestine Dixon

(L-R) Gary Patterson, Raymond Patterson, Patterson Industries and Wash Allen Albert Richards & Vickie Foston Candels

(L-R) Judy Foston, Deavra Daughtery, Sandra Norman and Karen Carter Richards

More pictures on Entertainment - 2B


HOUSTON Forward Times December 22 - 28, 2010

Entertainment News by Guy Bouldin

Morgan Freeman Latest Victim of Death Hoax

Morgan Freeman is not dead, despite a sudden flurry of tweets to the contrary.

Morgan Freeman

The whole thing started with one Thursday afternoon post to Twitter, which claimed the Oscar-winning actor had suddenly died, with CNN supposedly breaking the news. Turns out it was just some guy playing a joke that went viral.

“How did the rumor begin?” asks. “Blame it on @originalcjizzle, a guy with nearly 1,500 followers who is fond of calling people ‘jive turkeys.’ Just before 5 p.m. ET, @originalcjizzle tweeted: RT @CNN: Breaking News: actor Morgan Freeman has passed away in his Burbank home<< wow legendary actor #RIPmorganfreeman.” C. Jizzle’s post feigned CNN’s authority; anyone can perform a manual retweet regardless of its veracity. “This is a common way to begin a hoax on the social network,” Slate writes. “Nobody fact-checks anything on Twitter, so faking a CNN retweet is a good way to get your fake death notice to go viral.”

Keith Washington Responds to Aretha Privacy Controversy

On Friday, Keith Washington, the Detroit singer and radio show host, found himself in a firestorm that resulted from his conversation with an ailing Aretha Franklin being broadcast over the internet. Washington, via Interactive One, the online component of Radio One, the company that owns the Detroit radio station that he works for, is speaking out to defend himself against accusations that he violated Aretha’s privacy by putting video of his conversation with her online Keith Washington “Aretha Franklin has been a dear friend and colleague for over 20 years. We’ve toured together, prayed together, and laughed together. For the past six weeks, I have been hosting Kisses After Dark on Kiss 105.9 in Detroit. In addition to being heard on the radio, a big part of the job is social networking and live video streaming. When I am not talking on the air I am working the phones with listeners and friends. The live video stream is on during my entire radio show. On November 8, while on a break from the on-air broadcast, I called Aretha Franklin because it had just come to my attention she had to cancel her tour plans for the next six months due to health issues. Since Aretha’s been sick, I’ve been heartsick. Our conversation was captured on the live video stream as are others but I was not aware her end of the conversation was audible to the microphone. At no time was our conversation aired or broadcast on the radio – like many blogs and even reputable news organizations have claimed. It is regrettable that anybody would characterize this as unethical when she is a dear friend. All I can say is that I’ve been talking about Aretha to my fans for years and me sharing my feelings about her with my audience was nothing unusual for me. I love her and her family dearly. I am troubled by how the video has been received – not for myself, but for any pain it caused my friend. I would never consciously do anything to hurt her or invade Aretha Franklin’s privacy. Both Radio One and I regret any distress this has caused to Aretha Franklin, her family or the public.”

Tiger Woods’ Ex has a New Man

Tiger Woods’ ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, might have a new man in her life. According to British newspaper, The Sun, she’s involved with a 35-year-old South African she met while at a college in

“I think I should be getting more. I’m not greedy like people say. It’s need, not greed. I wish they would leave Howard alone and I wish they would leave me alone for working with him.” Florida where they both are studying. “There’s been kissing and cuddling but I don’t know if it’s gone further,” a source told The Sun. According to the National Enquirer, the Swedish ex-model was “shocked” when the “hunky student” kissed her while walking back to her car in the school parking lot. The mother of two allegedly is starting to look forward to expanding her family, but Tiger supElin and Tiger Woods in posedly isn’t taking the news very better days! well. “He was blindsided when Elin dropped the bombshell that she expects to marry again and start a new life with more children – telling Tiger, ‘but it won’t be with YOU!’” an insider revealed. Woods and Nordegren officially divorced in August, nine months after the golfer’s 2009 Thanksgiving day car accident that exposed his indiscretions. Nordegren reportedly received $110 million and joint custody of couple’s two children in the divorce settlement.

Don King: Wife Dies in Fla; Ammo in Carry-On Luggage Promoter Don King greets a friend in the crowd after the memorial service for his wife, Henrietta, at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church in Cleveland Saturday, Dec. 11, 2010. *Security officials found ammunition in the carry-on luggage of boxing promoter Don King as he headed out of Cleveland after attending his wife’s funeral, an airport spokeswoman said Monday. Rob Winnick, a

models of regular blacks who started on the street and rose above it, even if Don had to run numbers,” he said to a crowd smiling and nodding in agreement. “Selling numbers was our version of Merrill Lynch, a way to break out.” Sharpton said when he first met King in the 1970s, he thought the man dream’s were “hallucinogenic,” but when he met Henrietta at the family home in Windsor, he understood where the inspiration came from. “Don became a giant. She was his solid foundation,” he said. The couple have three children and four grandchildren. The Late Michael Jackson’s estate executors have launched a legal battle against one of his mother’s closest friends and business partners. They have sent a “cease and desist” letter to Canadian entrepreneur Howard Mann, demanding that he stops exploiting King of Pop’s image for profit. “His day is coming. We will be taking the appropriate legal action against him,” the Daily Express quoted estate attorney Howard Weitzman as saying.

spokesman for King’s production company, said Henrietta King died of stomach cancer Thursday night (Dec. 2) in Boca Raton. She was 87.

The move to ban Mann, 38, from peddling Jackson memorabilia through his Vintage Pop company has enraged the singer’s mother Katherine, who formed a partnership with him earlier this year.

The couple was married for more Don and Henrietta King than 50 years and had three children. Henrietta King had been battling the disease since 2006. Winnick said King and his family was by her side when she passed away at Hospice at the Sea in Boca Raton.

He is helping to promote her lavish coffee table book ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’, which features previously unseen family photos, as well as a pop star’s calendar.

According to CNN, the carry-on bag incident took place at Cleveland’s Hopkins International Airport Sunday night, said spokeswoman Jackie Mayo. ”He was stopped at a security checkpoint and ammunition was found in his carry-on luggage,” she said. The ammunition was confiscated and King was allowed to continue to his flight, Mayo said. No charges were filed. The Transportation Security Administration also confirmed the incident, without identifying the passenger. Meanwhile, hundreds of people gathered at Cleveland’s Mt. Olivet Institutional Baptist Church on Saturday (Dec. 11) for Henrietta King’s memorial service. “She was my rock, my well of wisdom, my best friend,” Henrietta’s niece Jean King-Battle told the crowd, which included the Rev. Al Sharpton, Edward Gillespie, former counselor to President George W. Bush; former heavyweight boxer Michael Dokes; and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson. “She’s gone home,” said Don King, as he stood before his wife’s coffin. “She guided me like Moses guided the children of Israel. She was by my side in everything we did, even when our house was blown up on 147th Street and when I went to prison. She was there.” Sharpton delivered a eulogy, praising the Kings for donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to many causes, usually anonymously. He also said he didn’t trust people who lead a squeaky-clean life. “You don’t hide from your past, you rise above it,” he said. “I hang out with people who have been knocked down, dragged through the mud and got up again. These are people who have been through it all and survived it. I don’t trust people who’ve had it too good.” Sharpton, no stranger to controversy himself, said the Kings worked their way up from poverty to power, from the “streets to the suites.” “They became

Mann even managed to get the book mentioned on Oprah Winfrey’s chatshow and Katherine, 80, who has sole custody of Michael’s three children, insists she needs extra income to bolster her personal monthly cash allowance of 5,120 pounds from the estate. The estate pays almost 50,000 pounds a month to cover all expenses at Katherine and husband Joe’s family home in the Los Angeles suburb of Encino. This covers a housekeeper, two nannies and private tuition fees for Prince Michael, 13, Paris, 12, and Prince Michael II, known as Blanket, eight. But Katherine told the Los Angeles Times in an interview: “I think I should be getting more. I’m not greedy like people say. It’s need, not greed. I wish they would leave Howard alone and I wish they would leave me alone for working with him.” The Jackson family matriarch said she believed executors John Branca and John McClain are doing “a very good job” managing her son’s multi-million dollar estate. But her decision to support Mann, whom she describes as a “very good and honourable friend”, is already causing a rift between her and the estate. A source close to Katherine said: “With Howard, she is promoting a book and calendar that contain photos she owns. She is furious that the estate is trying to thwart her efforts to earn money by targeting Howard. “She has been told independently that no one can legally stop her selling material that belongs to her,” the source added. (ANI)

Wash Allen’s Happy Feet Dance Continued from LIFESTYLE, 1B

(L-R) Jewel Simpson, Robbie Randle Jenkins, Karen Carter Richards & Bernita Jenkins Barnes

Happy Feet Guest enjoy casino tables provided by Flashing Lights, Casino Parties and Events Happy Feet Dancers burned up the dance floor!

Happy Feet dancing couples enjoy the music.

Miss Gussie (Middle), Wash Allen Pecan Praline Candy, and friends.

(L-R) Adrian Woodard, Ra’Kisha Stewart and Jacqueline Robinson


HOUSTON Forward Times December 22 - 28, 2010

Society Fabulous at Happy Feet

Chelsea Blanco

Tis the season to be fabulous! And fabulous it was, as Wash Allen’s Happy Feet Holiday Extravaganza shined, shined, shined! This event was held at the luxurious Omni Hotel, hidden off Woodway. I had the honor to attend this annual event for the first time Friday night, while a right hip injury prevented me from dancing the night away, I was able to take in the sights from my table. There was an assortment of activities offered throughout the night. First, and foremost, there was a feast fit for a king. A self serving buffet offered copious amounts of carved roast beef, eggrolls, assorted finger sandwiches; chicken fingers, crab dip, nachos and cheese, fruits, and an assortment of sweets, including Wash Allen’s World Famous Pecan Praline Candy. (Sidenote- Why do we stack so much food on our plates, only to pick over it and throw it away? Go figure.) There were casino tables featured by Flashing Lights, on the outside of the ballroom, with all proceeds going to the Julius and Lenora “Doll” Carter Foundation Scholarship Fund - thank you Wash, this means so much to us here at the Forward Times. Next, entertainment was plentiful, as we heard solos from my favorite singer, Chelsea Blanco, as she bellowed her rendition of Etta James’ AT LAST. We also had the pleasure of hearing national recording vocalist, and Prince protégé - Tamar as she sang an original from new CD. A comedian by the name of Ezra Washington, was actually pretty funny! There was a dance troupe featured called the Anytime Swing Dance Group, something I hadn’t seen before, they performed various dances to precision steps. Also, featured were the band trio, Pure Class, and a steel band group, that performed several popular tunes that keep the crowd on their feet.

Tamar Davis

My hat goes off to Judy Foston, of Foston International, who organized, orchestrated, and planned this entire extravaganza, down to the crab meat dip, you did it girl, fabulously I may add. By the way, do you plan weddings? Mine will be the wedding of the century!! And Judy, you know why! HAHA. Such a petite supplicated woman with such a big powerful brain and imagination, all I can say is WOW! Now what can I say about Wash. Wash Allen looked like a million dollar bill. All suited up in a black tuxedo, hair meticulous and a voice that soothes the soul. Wash has a secret potion he is keeping all to himself, as he looks better and better every time I see him. Betta watch me Wash, I’ll get cha!!

Comedian Ezra Washington

Faces among the party goers included Mr. and Mrs. Percy Creuzot, Attorney Waverly Nolley, Dr. Jim and Sandy Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo McDonald, Wash’s son and wife Micheal and Brenda McCall, Vickie Candelo and Sandra Norman, two of Judy Foston’s beautiful sisters, Harold Dutton, Constance Charles and Richard Chappell seemed to dance the night away, and looking good doing so, and speaking of looking good, Valecia Weeks, with Ladies Workout Express, should have one hundred new members by the time this goes to press, because there were plenty ladies there that should go ahead and get that membership, Hey, I’m just saying. This by far was one of the nicest Christmas parties I have attended in quite some time, now how many New Year’s Eve Parties will I be covering. Call me at 713-526-4727, for immediate consideration. Whispers in the Wind - (A Little Dirt for the Day) He is walking around town all tall and good looking. The most charming man you will ever meet. Makes good money, don’t mind spending his cash on you. So you ask, Hazel, what is the problem, is he married? No worse, he is on the down low. He is playing on both sides of the fence. There is nothing wrong with a man being gay, if that is his flavor, but don’t be trying to play with the girls too, that’s just plain nasty!!!!!!!! Fabulously yours,

Member of Anytime Swingers


Constance Charles and Richard Chappellers

Wash Allen

Tammara and Ricardo McDonald and Gloria and Jerome Hudson

Happy Feet Dance

Valecia Weeks

Dr. Jim and Sandy Anderson and Wash Allen

Judy Foston


HOUSTON Forward Times

December 22 - 28, 2010

State Championship Recap By Yolande Y. Lezine Sports Editor Senior running back Dustin Garrison rushed for 124 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Pearland Oilers to a 28-24 victory over the #1 ranked Euless Trinity Trojans in front of a crowd of 43,321 in the Class 5A, Division I State Championship at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Pearland, who finished 16-0, defeated the state and nation’s No. 1-ranked team in dramatic fashion, to capture their first ever State Championship crown. The Oilers secured the victory with six seconds remaining when Dustin Garrison broke up a fourthdown pass intended for the Trojans Brandon Carter inside the 5-yard line. It was a fitting end for Pearland, whose motto has been “plus one”, which means to make one more play. “Plus one has gotten us here, “ running back Dustin Garrison said, who was named the game’s Offensive MVP. “That extra play, just that one little play that we need to get the victory and that plus one today was on that defensive stop that we needed to get the victory.” Playing the role of the underdogs as they have all season, Pearland showed plenty of poise in the spotlight against bigger, faster Trinity (15-1). Garrison, the Touchdown Club of Houston’s offensive player of the year, produced 163 of total offense for the Oilers in the game. Pearland, who led 14-10 at halftime, increased their lead midway in the third quarter as they used a trick play called “Dead Man”. The play is designed for everyone to remain still except the center, quarterback and the playmaker. Quarterback Trey Anderson hit receiver Sam Ukwuachu on a 54-yard pass to take a 21-10 lead. Anderson has been the leader of the team throughout the season. “Trey Anderson went and got it done tonight, just like we have asked of him,” Pearland head coach Tony Heath said. “He makes it look easy sometimes.

He just keeps his composure and he is a really reliable quarterback. In other State Championship action the Aledo Bearcats defeated the LaMarque Cougars 69-34 in the Class 4A Division II championship game at Cowboys Stadium. The Bearcats was led by junior running back Johnathan Gray who rushed for 320 yards and scored 8 touchdowns. His 8 touchdowns marked his 58th score of the season, which broke the previous record of 57 set by Kenneth Hall of Sugar Land in 1953. It as also the 119th of Gray’s career, which still has a season left.

Pearland Oilers Players Celebrate Class 5A, Division I State Championship

LaMarque, 11-4, who was making their 10th appearance in the state championship game, was led by the junior-duo of quarterback Emanuell Williams and running back Tim Wright. Williams passed for 230 yards, but threw three interceptions in the game. He also rushed for 75 yards and 1 touchdown. Wright carried the football 21 times for 201 yards and scored three touchdowns.

Emanuell Williams - LaMarque Cougars

The Carthage Bulldogs captured their third straight title with a 47-22 win over the Coldspring Trojans in front of a crowd of 12,370 fans at Cowboys Stadium in the Class 3A, Division II State Championship game. Carthage, 14-2, who led 30-22 at halftime, scored on big pass plays throughout the second-half. Quarterback Anthony Morgan, who was named the game’s Most Valuable Offensive Player, had 389 yards passing and six touchdown passes. He didn’t throw an interception and was not sacked. The Bulldogs have won three state championships, all in the past three season’s. This was Coldspring’s second trip to the state championship game. Southlakde Carroll defeated the Trojans 48-0 in the 1992 3A state championship.

Steve Orisakwe - Pearland Dawson

High School Scorecard By Yolande Y. Lezine Sports Editor

State Championship Leaders

Anthony Morgan . . . . . . .Carthage . . . . . . .389 yards passing, 6 TD vs. Coldspring Johnathan Gray . . . . . . . .Aledo . . . . . . . . . .320 yards rushing, 8 TD vs. LaMarque Emanuell Williams . . . . .LaMarque . . . . . .230 yards passing, 1 TD vs. Aledo Matthew Bishop . . . . . . .Aledo . . . . . . . . . .210 yards passing, 2 TD vs. LaMarque Trey Anderson . . . . . . . . .Pearland . . . . . . . .202 yards passing, 1 TD vs. Euless Trinity Tim Wright . . . . . . . . . . .LaMarque . . . . . .201 yards rushing, 3 TD vs. Aledo Jalen Claiborne . . . . . . . .Carthage . . . . . . .164 yards receiving, 3 TD vs. Coldspring Sherman Gilbert . . . . . . .Coldspring . . . . . .163 yards rushing, 1 TD vs. Carthage Tevin Williams . . . . . . . .Euless Trinity . . .139 yards rushing, 1 TD vs. Pearland Michael Mann . . . . . . . . .Aledo . . . . . . . . . .132 yards receiving, 2 TD vs. LaMarque Dustin Garrison . . . . . . . .Pearland . . . . . . . .124 yards rushing, 3 TD vs. Euless Trinity Alfred Scott . . . . . . . . . . .Coldspring . . . . . .96 yards passing, 1 TD vs. Carthage Tim Oliver . . . . . . . . . . . .LaMarque . . . . . .93 yards receiving vs. Aledo

Yates Head Coach, Greg Wise

Winston Shepard defends Damyeon Dotson

Findlay Prep Breaks Yates Record In Route

when Arizona Wildcats signee Nick Johnson jumped up, and reached high over the rim and threw down a one-handed slam dunk to score the game’s first points.

By Yolande Y. Lezine

Findlay Prep took care of the basketball, shot well, and kept the Lions under 100 points. The guard combination of Johnson, Myck Kabongo(Texas), Kevin Kaspar and Nigel Williams-Goss(St. John’s) helped the Pilots keep their turnover total to 17, which was much fewer than most Yates opponents.

Sports Editor Findlay Prep guard Nick Johnson led a contingent of five players in double-figures in a 95-69 victory over the Yates Lions in a nationally televised high school basketball game at Texas Southern University’s Health and Physical Education Arena. The loss was Yates first since December 20, 2008, when they lost to the Elsik Rams 78-76 in the Houston ISD Tournament. An eager but anxious crowd saw the Lions 66-game winning streak come to an end. It also gave the Lions their first loss of the season, leaving them with an 8-1 record. Findlay College Prep, 15-1, a national high school basketball powerhouse from Henderson, Nevada, came in with the talent, speed and skill to test the Lions. The Pilots, who won the national title in 2008-2009 and captured the ESPN RISE National High School Invitational each of the last two years, featured a roster that included three Division I signees and several underclassmen who are Division I prospects. You knew that Yates would be in for a long evening

Johnson led all scorers with 26 points. Amir Garrett added 20 points and 10 rebounds for Findlay Prep. Kabongo, Nigel Williams-Goss, and Kevin Kaspar scored 18, 13, and 12 points each. Kabongo also added 10 assists and 6 rebounds against the Lions. Yates, who only returned four players from their 2009-10 national championship team, had trouble executing coach Greg Wise’s trapping, pressure defense against the Pilots talented guards. “You could tell on several occasions that somebody was in the wrong spot,” Lions head coach Greg Wise said. “When that happens with any team , they’re going to be able to finish and score points.” Junior Damyeon Dotson led the Lions with 16 points. Shai Fields, Clyde Santee, and Darrion Martin added 10, 9, and 9 points respectively.

Forward Times All-High School Football Playoff Team By Yolande Y. Lezine Sports Editor

Offensive Team QB . . .Jordan Are’ . . . . . . . . . .Senior QB . . .Bralon Addison . . . . . . .Junior QB . . .Trey Anderson . . . . . . .Senior QB . . .Emanuell Williams . . . .Junior RB . . .Dustin Garrison . . . . . .Senior RB . . .Donovann Young . . . . .Senior RB . . .Daniel Lasco . . . . . . . . .Senior RB . . .K.C. Niemchi . . . . . . . .Senior WR . . .Sam Ukwuachu . . . . . .Senior WR . . .Randall Weeks . . . . . . .Senior WR . . .Jafus Gaines . . . . . . . . .Senior Ath. . . .Quandre Diggs . . . . . . .Senior Ath. . . .C.J. McElroy . . . . . . . .Senior OL . . .Sedrick Flowers . . . . . .Senior OL . . .Garrett Greenlea . . . . . .Senior OL . . .Wayne Blount . . . . . . . .Junior

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .Alief Taylor . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hightower . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Pearland . . . . . . . . . . . . . .LaMarque . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Pearland . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Katy . . . . . . . . . . . . . .The Woodland . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Cinco Ranch . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Pearland . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Pearland Dawson . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Chavez . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Angleton . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Clear Creek . . . . . . . . . . . . . .North Shore . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Klein Collins . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Wheatley

Defensive Team DB. . . . Sheroid Evans . . . . . . .Senior . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Fort Bend Dulles DB. . . . Leroy Scott . . . . . . . . .Senior . . . . . . . . . . . . . .South Houston DB. . . . Howard Matthews . . . .Senior . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Clear Springs DB. . . . Charles Jackson . . . . . .Senior . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Klein Collins LB . . . . Ken Butler . . . . . . . . . .Junior . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .LaMarque LB . . . . Steve Orisakwe . . . . . .Senior . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Pearland Dawson LB . . . . Donnie Baggs . . . . . . .Senior . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Clear Springs LB . . . . Grant Clifton . . . . . . .Senior . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Katy DE . . . . Ben Goodman . . . . . . .Senior . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Westbrook DE . . . . Nathan Hughes . . . . . .Senior . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Klein Oak DE . . . . Desmond Jackson . . . .Senior . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Westfield DB. . . . Miketavius Jones . . . . .Senior . . . . . . . . . . . . . .North Shore DB. . . . Ryan Santos . . . . . . . . .Senior . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Klein Collins DE . . . . Derrick Matthews . . . .Senior . . . . . . . . . . . . . .North Shore


Tony Heath Pearland Oilers Darrell Jordan LaMarque Cougars

Top Juniors to watch for 2011:

QB Emanuell Williams-LaMarque, RB Tim Wright-LaMarque, QB Garry KimblePearland Dawson, DB Pat Coleman-Pearland Dawson, QB Matt Davis-Klein Forest, RB Trey Williams-Dekaney, RB Justin White-Memorial, QB Fred Nixon-Willis, WR Jaevon Richardson-Baytown Lee, WR Jermaine Jackson-Furr.

HOUSTON Forward Times

December 22 - 28, 2010

Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans Game

Defensive Player of the Game


Offensive Player of the Game

#31 Bernard Pollard

#8 Matt Schaub

Collegiate Notebook

*Texas A&M-Corpus Christi forward Demond Watt was named the Southland Conference men’s basketball player of the week. Watt led all players with 17 points, 9 rebounds and 3 By Yolande Y. Lezine Sports Editor blocks in a career-high 41 minutes to lead the Islanders to a 81-78 overtime win over the Houston Cougars. *Porsche Landry scored 18 of her team-high 21 points in the second half to help lead the *The University of Houston Cougars football team honored 17 seniors and its award winUniversity of Houston Lady Cougars to a 79-70 victory over No. 21 Nebraska. The Cougars ners at the 2010 banquet at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Junior receiver Patrick improved to 7-1 this season, marking only the sixth time in program history Houston has Edwards was named the Andre Ware Offensive Most Valuable Player. The Wilson Whitley Defensive Most Valuable Player went to junior linebacker Marcus McGraw. The Spewon seven of its first eight contests. *Cougars head coach Todd Buchanan has recorded the second-best start for a first-year cial Teams MVP award went to Wesley Scourten. The Committed Cougar Award went to senior offensive lineman Isaiah Thompson and the President’s Academic Excellence Award coach. *Danielle Adams scored 24 points and grabbed 12 rebounds to lead No. 7 Texas A&M to was given to John McIntyre. a 79-50 victory over Rutgers in the Maggie Dixon Classic. Sydney Carter added 18 points *Texas A&M head football coach Mike Sherman, who guided the Aggies to a share of the Big 12 South title, is among nine finalist for the 2010 Paul “Bear” Bryant National Coach and Tyra White had 17 points. *Former Westside High School and Aggies guard Sydney Colson set a Maggie Dixon Clas- of the Year Award, which will be presented January 18, 2011 in Houston, Texas. TCU coach Gary Patterson is also a finalist, along with Auburn’s Gene Chizik, Chip Kellysic team record with nine assists. *Houston junior Porsche Landry was named the Conference USA Women’s Basketball Oregon, Chris Ault-Nevada, Bret Bielema-Wisconsin, Mark Dantonio-Michigan State, Jim Player of the Week, while Rice’s Jessica Kuster received the Freshman of the Wee honors. Harbaugh-Stanford and Arkansas’s Bobby Petrino.

Baylor Quarterback Robert Griffin II

Hall of Famers meet a midcourt prior to Baylor/Tennessee game.

Hall Of Fame Legends Draw Record Crowd For Baylor-Tennessee Game By Yolande Y. Lezine Sports Editor

didn’t match their intensity the way we needed to.” Baylor led from start to finish in the game. Excitement was in the air and it carried over in the arena. Fans lined up more than three hours before tipoff, excited about the matchup; however they were lured by free Kim Mulkey bobbleheads.

Baylor, Illinois Headed To Texas Bowl by Yolande Y. Lezine Sports Editor

“We saw the crowds that they brought for the NCAA Basketball regional, and we feel confident about Baylor’s appeal in Houston,” Texas Bowl Executive Director Heather Houston said. “It’s their first bowl trip since 1994, and we know their fans are really excited about coming.”

The crowd gave Summitt a standing ovation during pregame warmups and they did the same for Baylor head coach Kim Mulkey when she appeared.

It was a game for the ages as women’s basketball icons Pat Summitt of Tennessee and Kim Mulkey of Baylor faced each other for the first-time this season in front of a sell- “I have so much respect for Pat Summitt,” out crowd of 10,569 at the Ferrell Center Baylor head coach Kim Mulkey said. “I respect her as a player, coach, and just for in Waco, Texas. everything that she’s done for the game of Sophomore All-American Brittney Griner women’s basketball.” led the way for the Lady Bears with 21 points, 7 rebounds and nine blocks to lead “Everyone respects her for what she’s done for the game and that was evident by the Baylor to a 65-54 victory. ovation.” Griner swatted balls like flies throughout the game, recording six of her game-high The Lady Bears led the entire way. With nine blocked shots. She now has 275 ca- Griner blocking shots and altering others, reer blocks which ranks No. 3 on the Big the Lady Vols missed their first eight shots 12’s all-time list. Texas Tech’s Cisti Green- of the game and their last eight of the first half. walt in No. 2 with 300. closed the first half with an 11-0 Teammate Brooklyn Pope also swatted Baylor run. The Bears led by at least seven four more shots and freshman point guard points theLady rest of the way. Odyssey Sims led Baylor with a seasonhigh 24 points. Former Cibolo Steele and Tennessee freshpoint guard Meighan Simmons scored “They were just too tough for us,” Ten- man 22 points for the Lady Vols. nessee head coach Pat Summitt said. “We

Although Baylor, 7-5, lost its final three games while being outscored 150-82, the Bears are expected to be a strong draw in Houston. Baylor fans proved that last spring when they showed up in large fashion during the men’s basketball team’s strong showing at the NCAA Regionals in Houston.

“Getting to host a Texas team is really important to us,” Houston stated. “There are so many Baylor alumni in Houston. They’ve been calling us for two weeks straight. They’ve shown a lot of energy for this game.”

Martez Wilson, Illoinois Back during the Big 12 Football Media Days this past summer, Baylor University head football coach Art Briles let it be known that the success of the Bears football program would rest on the talent and leadership of it’s star quarterback Robert Griffin III. And now several months later after following the lead of Griffin, the Baylor Bears will play the Illinois Fighting Illini, in the Texas Bowl on Wednesday, December 29th, at 5:00 p.m. at Reliant Stadium. This will mark the first bowl game for Baylor since the 1994 Alamo Bowl.

Baylor head coach Art Briles, who previously held the same position at the University of Houston, welcomed the opportunity to bring his Bears back to town. “It’s definitely a benefit for Baylor and mostly for our players and families and for our fans,” Coach Briles said. “It’s going to be a wonderful atmosphere for our players, coaches, staff and fans to be in such a great city.”


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Holman Street Baptist Church Christmas Fellowship at the Power Center


Pastor Manson and Zelda Johnson

Future Taste of Soul

The Meditations

Taste of Soul

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Psychedelic Soul Sista’s

The Richards Family The Divine Nine

GY - God’s Youth

Trio D


HOUSTON Forward Times December 22 - 28, 2010

Health Ulysses W. Watkins, Jr., M.D. “Health Notes”

HOLIDAY OVERINDULGENCE Foods have to be digested before being absorbed by the intestines, but alcohol does not. It is absorbed from the stomach and small intestines and passed into the blood. The alcohol is absorbed rapidly when it first reaches the stomach, but as more alcohol is taken the rate of absorption is slowed down. If there is food in the stomach, the passage of alcohol into the intestines is reduced. The type and quantity of alcoholic beverages consumed over a given length of time also influences the rate of absorption. From one hour to several hours are required for the alcohol to pass from the digestive system into the blood. During this time some of the alcohol is lost through elimination by sweat, urine and breath. Other portions of the alcohol are lost through oxidation in tissues. Alcohol is a depressant to the central nervous system; it reduces the activities of the brain. There is a reduction of attention, complacency toward critical attitudes, minimum of discretion and control, and distortion of judgment. Alcohol slows down the responses of eyes, hands and feet. It interferes with muscular coordination and hinders skillful movements. Delayed reaction time results. (Reaction time is the interval between the brain receiving a signal and responding to the signal.) The person who has not had any alcohol requires about one-fifth of a second to respond to a signal. After a person consumes three and a half glasses of whiskey, his reaction time one-hour later is 34 percent slower than it was before taking the alcohol. When the concentration of alcohol in the blood reaches .50 percent and death may follow. The concentration of alcohol in the

blood produces a variety of dramatic effects due to the action of alcohol on the brain. Very low blood-alcohol levels results in a state of mind sedation and relaxation. Slightly higher bloodalcohol levels produce aggressiveness and extreme activity such as talking too much. The aggressive and over active behavior results from depression of the brain centers which normally restrain this behavior. When the bloodalcohol levels are higher levels, there is confusion, disorientation and stupor. Alcohol causes an increased flow of digestive juices in the stomach. This may be due to the fact that alcohol starts a chemical action as it passes through the walls of the stomach. The small blood vessels in the skin expand with the consumption of alcohol. This expansion permits larger quantities of blood to flow close to the skin surface. Body heat may be lost. In cold weather, this loss can be dangerous. Excessive use of alcohol can cause nutritional deficiencies. Alcohol does not contain mineral elements, protein, and vitamins A, C, or D. Cirrhosis of the liver may result from too much alcohol. When large amounts of alcohol have been taken, there may be a definite disturbance in body chemistry which causes a hangover. A severe thirst, headache, and fatigue are the usual signs of a hangover. Disturbance of liver functions and the impurities found in alcohol may cause the headache. Dehydration produced by shifting water within body cells to extracellular areas may bring about the thirst. The fatigue may be due to loss of sleep, nutritional deficiencies, tensions, and poor body hygiene.

Eat Healthy for the Holidays!

Health and Fitness For The Busy Woman By Valecia Weeks, CPT, LMT

THE EPIDERMIS AND MASSAGE THERAPY Valecia Weeks is the owner of Ladies Workout Express-Pearland, a ladies’ only fitness club located in the Pearland Seafood cernter. She is certified as a Personal Trainer with NESTA and is also a Licensed Massage Therapist through the state of Texas. EPIDERMIS or ”skin” is defined as the “outer, protective, nonvascular layer of the skin of vertebrates”. Having no skin would be like having no fingernails to protect our nail beds. Because we are only given one outer layer of skin in our life time, we must do whatever we can to protect and take care of it. Ladies, our skin is the largest sensory organ of the body and because it is the outermost organ of our body, it comes in contact with everything around us. This leaves us very susceptible to germs, illness, and diseases. Massaging our epidermis can give us healthy, vibrant skin! Improved elasticity of the skin can take years off… leaving us looking and feeling great! Now, what diva does not want to hold on to that youthful look a little longer? Additional Benefits of Massage to the Skin: Replenishes the moisture in the skin so that the skin feels softer

and ready for maintenance, proper steps must be taken to maintain what’s been started. Facial skin is what others see first about us. Taking just 10 minutes daily to perform a skincare routine will help achieve your goal of looking great. Remember that first impression is a lasting impression. Four easy steps can help you keep that facial epidermis vibrant and beautiful. Massage your face with a gentle cleanser, one that’s not too drying, to remove products and oil (3 minutes) Next, massage with a fragrance-free moisturizer. Even if you have oily skin, you should use a moisturizer that is oil free (2 minutes)

Assists in getting waste products out of skin (natural detoxification)

Gently massage an anti-aging cream, such as retinoid, about 3 times a week and use a pea size amount under the eyes about once or twice a week to help those dark spots disappear. Use your ring finger when applying creams under the eye, as this is your weakest finger and will aid in preventing stretching the under-eye skin, and causing “bags under the eye”. (3 minutes)

Helps to reduce tension in the skin, therefore, helping to prevent us from wrinkling as quickly

Finally hydrate your skin by massaging a final application of your moisturizer after your anti-aging cream. This helps prevent the skin from flaking. (2 minutes)

Dilates surface capillaries so that our skin color and tone are a little more even.

Really, that’s it! Ten minutes of devoted attention is all your face needs before bed. If you follow these steps every evening, and a.m., a quick rinse with face wash and a light SPF sun protector will get you out the door and on your way to a gorgeous glow.

Helps scars to be less noticeable by reducing scar tissue

Overall, massage for the epidermis, or “skin” as it is commonly called, is very beneficial in several ways. Try it…you’ll like it! Once you’ve gone in for your massage and have the skin primed

Op en Enr ollm ent is N ove m ber 15t h to D ec em be r 31s t .

Even if you are perfectly happy with your Medicare Plan, Open Enrollment is the time to compare what you have to all the choices available for next year. Maybe you can save money, get better coverage, or both. And don’t forget to check out all the new benefits coming soon from the new healthcare law. Most people with Medicare will get free cancer screenings, wellness check-ups and a 50% discount on brand name prescription drugs if you enter the donut hole.

Visit us online to review your plan at Call to get help from a trained Medicare representative or learn where you can get help locally at 1-800MEDICARE (TTY 1-877-486-2048).

Check your mail for the 2011 Medicare & You handbook to review available Medicare plans.

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