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Letters & emails On all matters relating to motoring and the Chelmsford Group, this newsletter or your experiences in preparing for or taking your test are most welcome. Why did I do the IAM course – well a member of my family passed their IAM test and I felt the gauntlet had been thrown down! It seemed to take a long time as either I, or my observer Dr Clifford kept spending time abroad working for various charities. I must admit that Clifford taught me many new aspects of safe driving techniques and I would like to express my sincere thanks to him and Scott for their time and encouragement. During my test I was driving through a hamlet near my home which has a 30 mph limit but after passing the village green and through into non residential country lane I started to accelerate only to see the national speed limit sign round the next bend! I kept quiet but at the end of the test the examiner asked if I had anything to say – I came clean but feel I should have acknowledged it at the time. This summer I drove a Ford Transit full of Humanitarian Aid, with UK Aid which is based in Felsted, out to Chernihiv in Ukraine (40 miles due East of Chernobyl) where the motorways had signs for “U” turns. Luckily they were not busy, but you had to watch out for the odd horse and cart. It was a round journey of 3400 miles and I am sure my training helped keep me safe. I know they are always looking for drivers so if any of you are interested, have a look at their website for further details. http:// Would I recommend the course – certainly. Graham Whicker ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Preparing for and taking the IAM Test Last summer, my son Simon took my 16 year old grandson to Earls Colne, and enrolled him in the IAM Young Driver Scheme. The instructor there told them about the IAM Skills for Life Programme, and Simon suggested that he and I should join. Our idea was that improving our driving skills would be useful, not just for ourselves; but that it may in some way also help our grandsons. Having driven cars for well over 50 years, I had always regarded my self, as we all do I suppose , as a “good” driver, with no need to change any of my driving habits. My first drive did not, however, impress Scott. Continued on page 21

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Issue 104

Forward Vision 104 February14  

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