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CHELMSFORD ADVANCED MOTORISTS LIBRARY LIST DVDs Drive Smarter, Essential know-how for your driving career (2 copies) By Gem Motoring Assist Roadcraft, The Police Driver’s Course on Advanced Driving By The Police Foundation

PC CD-ROMs The Interactive Highway Code HMSO/ Interactive Driving Systems Hazard Perception Test


BOOKS Roadcraft Human Aspects of Police Driving The Tyre Digest (2 copies)

TSO Scottish Police College Michelin

Driving Abroad

Robert Davies

The Official Highway Code Rev. 2007 Edition


The Official Guide to Accompanying L-Drivers


Sideways to Victory

Roger Clark

The Myway Code

Ian Vince/Dan Kieran

Paul Ripley’s Expert Driving

Daily Telegraph

The Inner Game of Tennis

W Timothy Gallwey

Mind Driving

Stephen Haley

Older Drivers – Safe or Unsafe? Traffic– Why we drive the way we do Boreham, A History of the Racing Circuit

IAM Tom Vanderbilt Bryan Jones & John Frankland

CDs Awake, Driver Reviver


Advanced Road Craft

Bespoke Driving Training

The Driving Test – Your Licence to Drive

IAM/Safety on the Move

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Chelmsford Advanced Motorists

Issue 104

Forward Vision 104 February14  

Newsletter of Chelmsford Advanced Motorists