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Your Group Needs You

Since numbers of new associates has picked up a bit from the depths of the recession, we are currently looking to train another 4 observers. Anybody interested, please contact Scott Bannister

Group External Events Plans are already a foot, if not several feet, to arrange a session on the skid pan for the Autumn. Date not yet fixed. We are also looking to have two Driver Experience Days at Dunton. One in the Spring and the other in the Autumn – again no date fixed as we go to press. To register your interest in either/both, contact Scott Bannister The skid pan session is not done in your own car (you’ll doubtless be pleased to hear) and is an excellent preparation for the Winter. Quite apart from the educational aspect, it’s really good fun. The Driver Experience Days at Ford’s test track at Dunton are a chance to push your own car just a little further than you normally do on public roads and you will end up with a much better understanding of what your car does and does not do at the end of it. Once again, it will put a smile on your face. As we go to press, I’m trying to organise an articulated lorry for us all to have a go at – nice to know what it’s like driving one of those beasts. As to cost – the skid pan will cost you £40 which is well under half what you would pay if you tried to go it alone, and Dunton will cost you £10 – which all goes to Essex Air Ambulance.

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Issue 104

Forward Vision 104 February14  

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