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It's the wettest winter for years and goodness, don't you feel sorry for the residents of the Somerset Levels, some of whom have been cut off by the floods for weeks now? Heavy (or even light) rain seems to bring out the worst in some drivers - no reduction in their speed, far too close to the vehicle in front and above all, no lights! Even if they know where the switch is, it seems to be far too difficult actually to use it. Don't you just love it when there's a line of cars coming towards you and there's one without lights which has "disappeared"? This isn't just me on my soapbox again, it is a serious problem and in many cases it's also unlawful. And, oh yes, to add to the general fun of driving in wet weather, have you noticed that owners of black and darkcoloured vehicles are among the worst offenders? All present company is excepted of course as Advanced Drivers do it with headlights on. Sadly, we seem to be losing our traffic police because of budget cuts but with each KSI* collision costing in excess of a million pounds, I can't help thinking that somewhere along the line we have got our priorities wrong. Susan Sweetland *Killed or Seriously Injured

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Chelmsford Advanced Motorists

Issue 104

Forward Vision 104 February14  

Newsletter of Chelmsford Advanced Motorists

Forward Vision 104 February14  

Newsletter of Chelmsford Advanced Motorists