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1 an overall experience, to enjoy a culinary trip. In a Greek restaurant, the watchword is sharing! You just have to seat around a big table, order a huge amount of food and alcohol: meze, main dishes, deserts, ouzo, tsipouro, Greek wines, and to share it with people –just like in Greece. After that, you realize that you did not just go to a restaurant; you had a real culinary experience. This is what we try to do everyday at Yaya”, explain Pierre-Julien and Grégory. Do you believe that Greek restaurants such as Yaya, have helped develop a growing interest in Greek food? For sure! Greece is the favourite destination of the French. After every holiday in our country of origin, people come back saying Greek food is delicious! The Greek influence offered by restaurants in Paris, London or New York is more than in “vogue” today. Thanks to the new image of Greek food, far from the clichés of traditional Greek taverns, people are starting to love it. What made you market your own, branded olive oil? What does the international clientele think of Greek products? Olive oil is in our blood, but, to be honest, we never thought that one day we would become olive oil producers. In 2009, after a journey of

several months through the US, we wanted to return to our roots. We decided to create Kalios, a contraction of the words Kalamata and ilios (sun), to trade our family olive oil. Today Kalios has established itself as a must-have brand in Greek grocery stores and has convinced more than 100 Michelin-starred chefs to use it. In the beginning, Greek food was not so famous, but today people and chefs buy our Greek products everyday! For sure, they have developed a good image of Greek food and products. How would you describe the Yaya menu? Yaya is a matter of heart, but also a story of taste. On the plates, we offer the recipes of our yaya Eleni, subtly revisited by chef Juan Arbelaez who has brought his touch of modernity and his know-how to these full of history dishes. In addition, Yaya makes a point to honor quality products. Everything is homemade and sourced with care. The menu embraces the seasons to offer only fresh, tasty and well-chosen products. The whole Yaya concept makes it easier for the client, because here we put everything on the table and people share. What 's the most popular dish in your menu? Our specialty is our homemade Greek pita bread, which won the Fooding 2018 award. What does the future hold for you? At the end of the year, we intend to open a new Yaya restaurant in Paris: Yaya Secrétan, in a new dynamic district of Paris. We are still keeping our new Greek specialty a secret –better to have a few surprises in store.

1 Blue and white accents bring out the Greek reference.

2 Simplicity, and comfort are key at Yaya restaurant.

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