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à la grecque As the examples of Greek entrepreneurs hitting it big in the international F&B scene are multiplying, success stories such as the one of Greco-French brothers Pierre-Julien and Grégory Chantzios are not the exception but the norm.


hen brothers Pierre-Julien and Grégory Chantzios decided to take advantage of the fact that their Greek family had olive groves in the mountains of the Peloponnese and launched in 2010 their extra virgin olive oil under the brand name Kalios, little did they know that they would embark on a journey that would lead them to the kitchens of Michelin-starred chefs (Michel Roux***, Daniel Boulud**, Thierry Marx**, Nicolas Sale**) and renowned delis (La Grande Epicerie, Lafayette Gourmet, Maison Plisson, etc.) and, finally, to their own Greek restaurant, Yaya. Raised near Toulouse by a Greek father and a French mother, Pierre-Julien and Grégory grew up between the two European countries and have never truly forgotten their heritage. So, in January 2010, after the olive harvest in their groves in Southern Greece, the two brothers went to Paris on a scooter armed with prod-

uct samples. Without any appointment, they knocked on the doors of famous restaurants and chefs and managed, in just two months, to place on the market 30 5lt bottles of olive oil, 12 2kg jars of table olives and 18 jars of olive paste. Word of mouth worked wonders and soon their Kalios range included more gourmet offerings, all from small, exceptional producers. Today, more than 80 high-end restaurants are using their products! But their journey didn’t end there. In June 2017, the brothers launched together with their friend and acclaimed chef, Juan Arbelaez, Yaya (the Greek word for grandmother), a restaurant specializing in modern Greek cuisine with a French and international twist. “The aim is to offer consumers a modernized Greek cuisine with the most famous specialties adapted to European palates, such as a less garlicky tzatziki, a pita bread with a little less olive oil, a Greek yogurt restyled... Today, when at a restaurant, we really want to have

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