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Kavourmas / Thrace

Patiti / Thrace

Pastourma / Macedonia

Kavourmas has a secial flavor so it’s a meze for connoisseurs. It is served cold or hot.

It is best served uncooked to enjoy its complex, rich flavor and its smoked, woody aroma.

Pastourma, which must not be confused with Pastrami, is widely used in cooking. The best is made from fillet steak

Kavourmas, meaning “sautéed meat” is a traditional cold cut from Northern Greece –Thrace in particular– and the way it is produced in cylindrical sticks, makes it look like a salami. It consists of meat pieces (usually pork, cow, beef and buffalo) salted overnight and cooked slowly for 4-5 hours in its own fat. Olive oil, pepper and spices are added to the meat’s distinct flavor.

Zamboni / Naxos

One of the most renowned cold cuts in the region, Zamboni from Naxos consists of pork flank which is cured in salt for about 3-6 months (depending on the size of the flank) and is flavored with garlic, allspice, cinnamon, cloves and other herbs and spices. The end product tastes like the Italian prosciutto but more spicy and salty. In the past, Zamboni was usually made at Carnival and eaten all the way up to Christmas.

In Naxos, the slaughter of pigs for Zamboni takes place only in November –the north wind helps the meat dry perfectly.

Patiti is a spicy, smoked cold cut from the region of Thrace in Northern Greece. Its name derives from the ages-old process of pressing the meat (patito) to dry it faster and then smoking it in the fireplace. It is made from beef and pork meat mixed with various spices and is smoked naturally. Patiti may look like Mortadella, but has a unique, pronounced woody taste.

Pastourma comes from Armenian cuisine but it is widely enjoyed by Greeks. It made its way to Greece through the migration of Greeks who once resided in Constantinople and Asia Minor. Pastourma, was once made of camel meat (and still is in some rare cases), but nowadays it is mostly made from different cuts of beef.

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