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THE GREEK STANDARDS From shelf to table, pre-cooked gyros is building reputation as a premium, delicious product, like the one sold in grill shops.


he mass, industrial production of Greek gyros got to a brisk start around the year 2000. It was then, for the first time, that companies, dedicated to the specific production of gyros and souvlaki in order to supply the foodservice sector, began to appear. Slowly but surely, consumption turned from casual to an almost everyday routine, and people have started treating gyros as a basic dietary habit. Nowadays, the production of gyros is a standardized process that ensures consistently top

Greek know how guarantees that pre-grilled gyros is simply the best it can be tier quality, food safety and a succulent and flavorsome end product. As with the actual gyros production process, the meat used for pregrilled gyros is first filleted by special filleting devices with knives placed at a fixed distance, then marinated with fresh spices and natural flavorings to preserve their freshness and flavor (this procedure is automated and ensures that the meat will remain in the marinade for an ideal period of time), stacked in a spit in a conical shape, and grilled. Finally, it is cut again in extra thin slices and frozen. All production stages use robotic technology to ensure the best and safest results. No thawing is needed to enjoy pre-grilled gyros –only to warm it in the oven or the grill. “Extensive research and

sensory tests have been conducted in order to maintain the high quality standards of pregrilled gyros and offer a freshly cut, juicy and ready to eat product within just a few minutes,” clarifies Ms Moumtzidou. “In order to achieve that, gyros is cut in extra thin pieces to preserve the right humidity as well as authentic flavor. In fact, the thickness of each piece is of particular importance and that is why industry players use robotic technology –to minimize all kinds of risks.”

A matter of quality Ms Loukia Sofianou, Marketing Manager at Belle Meat, a brand specializing in the processing of meat products, concurs that maintaining strict standards in the production of gyros is key to ensure a consistent product, just like the one obtained from a grill house. Those standards include “top tier ingredients, as well as the right cut and packaging, not to mention the right freezing process.” Continuous technological developments – in automated production lines, in particular, as well as in laboratory analyses, in the use of environmentally friendly materials, and in traceability and distribution production software applications– have enhanced the safety of meat products, and especially pre-grilled gyros. In addition, Greek know how guarantees that the pre-grilled gyros in a store, a restaurant or a plate retains the authentic gyros flavor and is simply the best is can be.

1 The gyros meat is cut in extra thin slices and frozen.

2 Top tier ingredients are key to ensuring a consistent product.

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