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From fish to citrus fruit to local pastries, the Region of North Aegean is full with unique and exceptional produce. Fish and aquaculture

Traditional pastries

The importance of fish and aquaculture for the Region of the North Aegean far exceeds the economic significance of the industry. In fact, it is inextricably linked to the culture of the islands creating an intangible added value in a range of local products and services. At the same time, maintaining fishing activity is a vital prerequisite for the survival of the small islands, such as Fournoi and Ai Stratis, not to mention the direct contribution of fish and aquaculture products to exports as they are the second in value export category of agricultural products after fruit and vegetables for the country. Notably, there exist 26 aquaculture units in the North Aegean, broken down as follows: 17 in the Chios prefecture, 8 in the Lesvos prefecture and 1 in Samos.

In each and every island, there are notable units, either individual businesses or cooperatives, which produce local pastries in various forms: spoon sweets, jams, confectionary, baked goods. Apart from pastries from the island of Chios, which are rather famous, of particular interest are certain rare spoon sweets, such as rose from Ikaria, chestnut and walnut. In addition, some baked or fried pastries, such as “diples”, “finikia” and pies of various types made from local ingredients like honey, nuts and flour, are also quite delicious.

Citrus fruit from Chios

1 Aquaculture is a major in value export category.

2 Chios is the main citrus farming center in N. Aegean.

Citrus farming in the region of Kampos, in Chios, is more than a simple agricultural activity; it is linked with the culture and history of the land. Kampos is a fertile plain south of the city of Chios, overgrown with citrus orchards. Kampos has many underground waters, but also the most fertile soil in all the island. It is full of estates and summer residences of the old aristocratic families of Chios. Originally, silk was grown in Kampos and later citrus trees that became a basic source of income and wealth for Chios and its merchants. Nowadays, approximately 200 orchards remain in the area.

Cereal from Lemnos Cereal production together with viticulture is the most important agri-sector in Lemnos. Specifically, approximately 10,000 decares of various types of durum wheat are cultivated on the island. The local wheat variety named “Lemnos” is of exceptional and delivers excellent quality flour, which produces outstanding local products, such as “flomaria”, “aftoudia” and “macarones”. In addition, 90,000 decares of barley and oats, mainly for the production of animal feed, are also farmed on the island. A small part of this production is used to make barley rusks of top-tier quality. n

Special thanks to the Region of North Aegean, the Greek Exporters Association (SEVE), the New Wines of Greece, the Chios Mastiha Growers Association, the North Aegean Apiary Center & Dr Joseph A. Bizelis, Professor in the Department of Animal Breeding and Husbandry at the Agricultural University of Athens


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