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WHEN HIGH QUALITY IS DELICIOUS For the connoisseurs from all over the world, we present the unique Potou Melan Premium EVOO, PDO Kalamata, with health claim certification. This balanced and awarded EVOO is so rich in phenols as it is needed to create healthy, delicious dishes. Two centuries of history of respect, passion, love for tradition and innovation for the best!

NATURAL UNREFINED SEA SALT XIROS With dedication to quality and respect to their customers, Xiros produces natural sea salt and fleur de sel of premium quality and taste, rich in minerals and trace elements for a healthy and delicious meal. The sea salt Xiros hasn’t undergone any treatment and is produced using traditional methods from the Messolonghi salt-pans in the region’s shallow lagoon, which is protected by the Ramsar Convention and is included in the Natura 2000 protected areas network.



Epiros Organic Feta PDO won the Gold Award in the Feta cheese category in this year’s World Cheese Awards, while it also received the highest score among all Greek cheeses participating in the competition! Epiros Organic Feta PDO is exclusively produced from 100% Greek organic sheep and goat milk, under strict hygienic conditions and high quality standards.

Extra-virgin, organic, gold-colored, smooth-tasting olive oil, with an intense fruity aroma and an intriguing aftertaste. Comprised of a mix between the Adramitiani and Kolovi varieties, both unique to the island of Lesvos, Greece, EVOO Mitira is a highly nutritional, yet sophisticated and complex complement to fish, tarts, cold cuts and salads of all sorts.

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