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Palmie Gastronomy's knowhow translates into original recipes and quality products its burgeoning clientele. As a result, all this experience and know-how translates into original recipes and ground-breaking ideas that make Palmie gastronomy’s products stand out. The approval and loyalty of Palmie’s clients is the biggest proof that its philosophy and whole way of operating have helped the brand gain many fans, while also making its own way forward in the Greek gastronomy sector. As far as Palmie gastronomy is concerned, quality is not just a word; the company implements strict quality checks on all supply and production processes, making sure that each and every client receives the very best service and products to suit their needs.

Dr ALEXIA KOUTROULIA The woman behind the brand For Dr Alexia Koutroulia, General Manager of Palmie bistro Group, company values are at the top of her priorities: hygiene & safety, respect, unparalleled service, entertainment & effectiveness. She has dreamed Palmie gastronomy to be the solution for every entrepreneur & chef in restaurants, hotels, & caterings, and, at the same time, the healthy solution at store shelves for women that don't have time to cook, in Greece or abroad. Dr Alexia Koutroulia with her brother Christos have taken over the family business, which was founded in 1966 by Mr George Koutroulias. Her love for good, quality food is something that she applies to the entirety of Palmie bistro Group. For her ‘’success is a journey, not a destination.’’

A comprehensive product range The company’s product range is ever changing and constantly expanding with new, original offerings that are sure to meet the requirements of each client/business. It includes ready-made Greek meals (traditional moussaka, vegetable moussaka, pastitsio, cabbage rolls or imam bayildi, a baked dish of vegetables, especially aubergines), burgers and poultry, hot sauces and dressings, all of them freshly frozen. Palmie gastronomy products meet the specific needs of every foodservice business, be it catering unit or restaurant or hotel chain, while providing high value solutions for each and every customer. The company makes sure to fulfill every client requirement while, at the same time, giving them the chance to enjoy the same top-tier quality and flavor the Palmie name is famous for. n

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Ambrosia #7  
Ambrosia #7