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Fish Farming ma ga z i n e

Fish farming in Greece Greece is the main country producer in the Mediterranean with a share of about 48% of the world production.


arine fish farming is the most important type of aquaculture production in Greece with over 30 years of experience. Mariculture experienced rapid growth in Greece during the 1980s using floating cages. In 1985 there were 12 licensed farms, producing annually approximately 100 tons of fish. Three decades later, the production had increased by 1,000 percent, with more than 300 farms producing more than 100,000 tons. Currently, there are 63 companies operating 366 farms throughout Greece. The majority of those companies are family-owned businesses and small or medium-sized enterprises. However, there are a few large vertically-integrated companies also producing juveniles and feed. In 2016, the industry confirmed once again its export orientation. The country’s total production showed a slight decrease compared

to the previous year reaching 105,000 tons, while the average prices ranged slightly lower than in 2015 due to the fall in the price of sea bream. A milestone in 2016 was the establishment of the Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization (HAPO) representing almost 80 percent of the volume and value of Greek sea bass and bream production. Marine fish farming in Greece provides approximately 12,000 jobs (scientific, technical staff, workers) mainly in remote and isolated areas. In several cases, it is the major employer, and the wealth of the local society strongly depends on its activities. An additional 5,000 jobs exist in the value chain and peripheral activities. Within the aquaculture sector, marine finfish and mussels account for 85 percent of the direct labour employment, with 7 percent in the freshwater and 8 percent in the lagoon aquaculture activities.

Greek production at a glance In 2016, exports of sea bass and bream are estimated at 82,000 tons

In 2015, aquaculture production reached 134,065 tons with a value of 628.3 million euros

78% of Greek production is exported In 2017, sea bream and bass production is expected to reach 110,000 tons

63% of all seafood harvested in Greece comes from aquaculture & 37% from capture fisheries



Ambrosia Magazine issue #6  

Fine food & drinks of Greece February 2018

Ambrosia Magazine issue #6  

Fine food & drinks of Greece February 2018