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“Extroversion and innovation, the pillars for economic growth”


t is common knowledge that the last eight years have been particularly difficult for the Greek economy, affecting both citizens as well as the entire business world. Despite that, the Greek Food & Drink Industry continues to strive for the recovery of the economy and remains a main pillar of the Greek industry, currently representing 25 percent of the processing sector, with a turnover of more than €14.2 billion. The Food & Drink Industry also represents 4

percent of the country’s total GDP, with increasing exports reaching €4.5 billion. It is interesting to mention that even during the crisis, exports of the F&B industry continued to increase year after year. Within a strongly competitive environment –on both national and international level– the Greek Food & Drink Industry contributes to the strengthening of the country’s positive image all over the world, by offering unique branded products of excellent quality, safe and innovative, at the best possible price, respecting the environmental sustainability. The Federation of Hellenic Food Industries

Within a strongly competitive environment, the Greek F&B Industry contributes to the country’s positive image in the world

believes that to achieve the return to a sustainable growth we should focus on the improvement of Competitiveness & Extroversion, the promotion of Research & Innovation and the attraction of new Investments. Given the economic crisis, it is important, today more than ever, to improve Greek competitiveness and support the superiority of the modern Greek agricultural production. The Greek Food & Drink

30% of greek

gross value added is represented by the Food & Drink industry

360,000 people

are currently employed in the Greek Food & Beverage sector

Industry is making a major effort towards this direction by investing even more in innovation, thus producing competitive products and leading famous Greek traditional products to new markets abroad, while having a positive effect on the Greek economy in general. Our sector is committed to innovation and the following of worldwide trends, adapting and continuously improving in order to respond to new consumer needs and their satisfaction, providing top quality, healthy and sustainable food options for everybody. Evangelos Kaloussis Chairman of the Federation of Hellenic Food Industries (SEVT)

SEVT - ID The TheFederation FederationofofHellenic Hellenic Food FoodIndustries Industries(SEVT) (SEVT)

The Federation of Hellenic Food Industries (SEVT), is the official body representing the interests of the Food and Drink Industries at national and European level. SEVT has as members not only food and drink companies but also branch associations.

Ambrosia Magazine issue #6  

Fine food & drinks of Greece February 2018

Ambrosia Magazine issue #6  

Fine food & drinks of Greece February 2018