Ambrosia Magazine #13

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Olive Oil m agaz i ne



ast year, 2021, was a great year for the Greek olive oil as it excelled in New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOCC Olive Oil Competition), which is considered one of the leading international competitions in this category. Greek olive oils received a total of 99 awards, out of which are 45 gold and 54 silver. It should also be noted that the success rate in this year's competition was 60%, since out of the 165 products that participated, 99 were awarded. Last, but not least, 29 of the 99 awards were for organic olive oils. The competition evaluates olive oils form

all around the world, and it is considered one of the most inclusive reviews on the field, followed by food service professionals everywhere. In 2021 alone, 1159 olive oil brands from 28 countries took part in the competition. • The awarded olive oils come from 18 different Greek varieties, each one with its own, unique taste: Koroneiki (52), Manaki (7), Olympia (6), Kolovi (5), Makri (5), Lianelia (5), Athinolia (3), Megaritiki (3), Chalkidiki (3), Kolireiki (2), Tsounati (2), Nemoutiana (1), Agriniou (1), Amfissis (1), Lianolia Pargas (1), Thiako (1), Galani of Chalkidiki (1).