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Blues Festival Guide 2011

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FEATURED FESTIVALS ...................................... 5 Helping the Blues Grow Insights by Bill Wax ................................ 50 Touching Bass... The Roots of the Fruits by Bobby Pickett .......... 52 KBA Blues Society of the Year by Bonnie Tallman ........................ 56 Living Legend: James Cotton by Eric Wrisley ............................... 58 Commemorating the Trail by John Bird & Dagney Ernest ............... 62 Tales from The Road by Carl Gustafson ........................................ 66 LRBC: View from Two by Diana Shonk & Nancy Edwards .............. 70 Blues Radio compiled by Irene Weaver ........................................... 72 Vinyl to Vinyl by John “Blueshammer” Hammer ............................... 74 Blues Art by Dane Tilghman ........................................................... 76 Plan your Blues Festival Calendar ........................................... 80 Blues Societies – Join One! compiled by Irene Weaver ................. 86 What’s Cookin’ by Big Bill Morganfield ......................................... 89

Dear Bluesers, The Blues Festival Guide is happy to bear witness that the Blues is indeed alive and growing. At the International Blues Challenge (IBC) in Memphis this past winter, Bill Wax, of SiriusXM radio and president of the Blues Foundation, inspired me with his speech at the Keeping the Blues Alive luncheon about the growth of Blues (we’ve included an excerpt of his speech herein). ”We don’t need to keep the Blues alive – it has survived for close to 100 years!” says Bill. “The Blues will live no matter what we do, but we should nurture and shepherd this great music to the next generation.” We lost some of our legends this past year, yet, as we see many young bands coming up, we are assured that the Blues will continue to grow and flourish. At the 2011 IBC there were 29 acts and 90 musicians in the Youth Showcase alone; that doesn’t even include the many young adult musicians that flocked to Memphis to perform during that week, or all of the young artists performing in the upcoming Blues festivals listed on the following pages. The next generation is stepping up! 2011 also celebrates Robert Johnson’s 100th birthday. As a seminal influence of the Blues genre, Johnson planted fertile seeds for many generations to gather and sow, helping to sprout a plethora of styles, passions and expressions. You just have to glance at the vast listings of festivals, Blues societies, radio DJ’s, and artists featured in our Guide to have tangible proof that the Blues community is being nurtured. Now in our 9th year, we are proof-in-print, (as well as digital), that there is a bounty of Blues for you to enjoy, and that Blues just keeps on growing. See you at the festivals! Kaati – Publisher

  Festivals are listed here in alphabetical order with their page number. on the following pages they appear in date order, so you can easily make your plans.

ameriserv Flood city Music Festival ..........30 Barnful of Blues Festival ...........................31 Bear creek Blues Fest ...............................15 Bentonia Blues Festival .............................53 Big Rib Bbq & Blues Festival .....................20 Big sky Blues Festival ...............................34 Billtown Blues Festival ..............................13 Blue Ridge Blues & Bbq Festival ................24 Blues at The Beach ...................................41 Blues By The Bay ......................................39 Blues From The Top ..................................14 Blues on The River ...................................43 Blues on The Fox .....................................59 Blues, views and Bbq Festival ..................43 Blue star Blues Festival .............................31 Boston’s Red/White & Blues Fest ..............17 Briggs Farm Blues Festival ........................19 Bronze, Blues ‘n Brews ............................35 Bukka White Blues Festival .......................46 calgary int’l Blues Festival ........................27 california Worldfest .................................23 chenango Blues Fest .................................35 coloma Blues live ....................................10 columbia Blues Festival ............................49 crescent city Blues and Bbq Festival .........48 crossroads Blues & heritage Festival ..........6 Dam Blues Fest .........................................32 Daytona Blues Festival .............................47 Doheny Blues Festival .................................9 Dupont clifford Brown Jazz Festival ..........33 Dusk Til Dawn Blues Festival .....................38 Festival Beauport en Blues ........................25 Georgia Bluesfest .....................................45 Grassroots Blues Festival ..........................21 Gr. eldorado BBQ/Brews/Blues Fest .........17 hayward/Russell-city Blues Festival .........22 heritage Music Blues Fest .........................34 highway sixty-one Blues Festival .............11 hot springs Blues Festival .........................37 howlin’ Wolf Memorial Blues Festival .......38 Kalamazoo Blues Festival .........................19 King Biscuit Blues Festival .........................46 Kitchener Blues Festival ............................28 Klamath Blues Festival .............................26

long Beach Bayou/Mardi Gras Fest ..........16 Magic city Blues Festival .........................79 Mammoth Fest of Beers/Bluesapalooza ....30 Marsh Grass Music Festival .........................8 Michael arnone’s crawfish Fest ................10 Ms Gulf coast Blues/heritage Fest ............41 Monterey Bay Blues Festival .....................12 north atlantic Blues Festival .....................24 northern california Blues Festival .............27 old Town Blues & Jazz Festival .................44 Paoli Blues Fest ........................................44 Pennsylvania Blues Festival ......................29 Pittsburgh Blues Festival ...........................25 Rhythm and Roots Festival .......................39 Riverfront Blues Festival ...........................33 Rowan Blues & Jazz Festival .....................49 Russian River Jazz & Blues Festival ...........42 safeway Waterfront Blues Fest .................18 santa cruz Blues Festival ............................7 shannon Blues Fest ...................................8 silver city Blues Festival .............................7 simi valley cajun & Blues Festival ..............9 snowy Range Music Festival .....................40 south Bend Blues & Ribs Fest ....................12 spirit of Kansas Blues Festival ..................16 stepping stones Blues Festival ..................15 summertime Blues Festival .......................36 suntrust Big lick Blues Fest .......................45 Tall city Blues Fest ....................................26 T-Bone Walker Blues Fest .........................14 Tremblant Blues Festival ...........................21 Telluride Blues & Brews Festival ................42 Thunder Bay Blues Festival .......................20 Trinidaddio Blues Fest ...............................37 virginia Blues & Jazz Festival ...................13 Watseka Theatre Blues, BBQ & arts Fest ........................................11 Waukesha Blues Fest ................................32 White Mountain Boogie & Blues Festival ............................36 Willamette valley Blues & Brews Festival .............................29 Wine Brews and Blues Festival ...................6 Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival ............23

The publisher, the venues, the promoters and the musicians are not responsible for any changes or cancellation of events.

Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews mixes up some Gumbo with his trombone and trumpet, and his band, Orleans Avenue, on the 2010 Portland Waterfront Blues Festival main stage. Photo by Marilyn Stringer

so call BeFoRe you Go & have a Bluesy TiMe! Blues Festival Guide 2011


May 7

Crossroads Blues & Heritage Festival

Rosedale, MS

May 21

Wine Brews And Blues Festival

Escondido, CA


Blues Festival Guide 2011

May 27 - 29

Silver City Blues Festival

Silver City, NM

May 28 + 29

Santa Cruz Blues Festival

Aptos, CA

Blues Festival Guide 2011


May 29

June 3 + 4


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Marsh Grass Music Festival

Corolla, NC

Shannon Blues Fest

Jackson, TN

May 21 + 22

May 28 + 29

Doheny Blues Festival

Dana Point, CA

Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Music Festival

Simi Valley, CA

Blues Festival Guide 2011


June 3 - 5

June 4


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Michael Arnone’s Crawfish Fest

Coloma Blues Live

Augusta, NJ

Lotus, CA

June 4

June 4 + 5

Watseka Theatre Blues, BBQ & Arts Fest

Watseka, IL

Highway Sixty-One Blues Festival

Leland, MS

Blues Festival Guide 2011


June 11

June 24 - 26


Blues Festival Guide 2011

South Bend Blues & Ribs Fest

Monterey Bay Blues Festival

South Bend, IN

Seaside, CA

June 110- 3- 12

June 12

Virginia & Jazz Festival Orangeville, Hot Springs, VA Orangeville BluesBlues & Jazz Festival ON, Canada

Billtown Blues Festival

Hughesville, PA

Blues Festival Guide 2011


June 17 + 18

T-Bone Walker Blues Fest

June 24 - 26

Blues From The Top


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Linden, TX

Winter Park, CO

June 25

June 25

Bear Creek Blues Fest

Steppingstone’s Got The Blues Festival

Slater, MO

Havre de Grace, MD

Blues Festival Guide 2011


June 25 + 26

Long Beach Bayou & Blues Festival

July 4


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Spirit Of Kansas Blues Festival

Long Beach, CA

Topeka, KS

June 24 + 25

Great Eldorado BBQ, Brews & Blues Festival

Reno, NV

July 1 - 4 Boston’s On The Beach Red, White And Blues Festival Delray Beach, FL

Blues Festival Guide 2011


July 1 - 4


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Safeway Waterfront Blues Fest

Portland, OR

July 7 - 9

Kalamazoo Blues Festival

Kalamazoo, MI

July 8 - 9

Briggs Farm Blues Festival

Nescopeck, PA

Blues Festival Guide 2011


July 8 - 10

Thunder Bay Blues Festival

July 8 - 11


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Big Rib BBQ & Blues Festival

Thunder Bay, ON, CAN

Rochester, NY

July 8 - 17

July 9

Tremblant Blues Festival

Grassroots Blues Festival

Mount Tremblant, QC, CAN

Duck Hill, MS

Blues Festival Guide 2011


July 9

July 9-18


Hayward/Russel - City Blues Festival

Mt. Tremblant Int’l Blues Festival

Blues Festival Guide 2011

Hayward, CA

Mt. Tremblant, QC, Canada

July 14 - 17

California Worldfest

Grass Valley, CA

July 15 - 17

Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival

Winthrop, WA

Blues Festival Guide 2011


July 16

Blue Ridge Blues & BBQ Festival

Roanoke, VA

North Atlantic Blues Festival

Rockland, ME

July 16 + 17


Blues Festival Guide 2011

July 21 - 23

July 22 - 24

Festival Beauport en Blues

Pittsburgh Blues Festival

Quebec City, QC, CAN

Pittsburgh, PA

Blues Festival Guide 2011


July 23

Klamath Blues Festival

July 29 - 31


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Tall City Blues Fest

Klamath Falls, OR

Midland, TX

Aug. 1 - 7

Calgary International Blues Festival

Calgary, AB, CAN

Aug. 5 + 6

Northern California Blues Festival

Auburn, CA

Blues Festival Guide 2011


Aug. 4 - 7


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Kitchener Blues Festival

Kitchener, ON, CAN

July 30 + 31

Pennsylvania Blues Festival

Blue Mountain – Palmerton, PA

Aug. 5 + 6

Willamette Valley Blues & Brews Festival

Springfield, OR

Blues Festival Guide 2011


Aug. 5 - 7

Aug. 5 - 7


Flood City Music Festival

Mammoth Fest of Beers & Bluesapalooza

Blues Festival Guide 2011

Johnstown, PA

Mammoth Lakes, CA

Aug. 6

Barnful Of Blues Festival

New Boston, NH

Aug. 6

Blue Star Blues Festival

Littleton, CO

Blues Festival Guide 2011


Aug. 6

Aug. 12 + 13


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Dam Blues Fest

Waukesha Blues Fest

Damariscotta, ME

Delafield, WI

Aug. 5 - 7

Riverfront Blues Festival

Wilmington, DE

Blues Festival Guide 2011


Aug. 6 + 7

Aug. 12 - 14


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Big Sky Blues Festival

Heritage Music Blues Fest

Noxon, MT

Wheeling, WV

Aug. 13

Aug. 19 + 20

Bronze, Blues & Brews

Joseph, OR

Chenango Blues Fest

Norwich, NY

Blues Festival Guide 2011


Aug. 19 - 21

Aug. 26 - 28


White Mountain Boogie N’ Blues Festival

Summertime Blues Festival

Blues Festival Guide 2011

Thornton, NH

Nanaimo, BC, CAN

Aug. 27

Sept. 1 - 3

Trinidaddio Blues Fest

Hot Springs Blues Festival

Trinidad, CO

Hot Springs, AR

Blues Festival Guide 2011


Sept. 2

Howlin’ Wolf Memorial Blues Festival

West Point, MS

Dusk Til Dawn Blues Festival

Rentiesville, OK

Sept. 2 - 4


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Sept. 2 - 4

Rhythm And Roots Festival

Sept. 3 + 4

Blues By The Bay

Charlestown, RI

Eureka, CA

Blues Festival Guide 2011


Sept. 2 - 4


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Snowy Range Music Festival

Laramie, WY

Sept. 10

Sept. 10 + 11

MS Gulf Coast Blues & Heritage Fest

Blues At The Beach Festival

Pascagoula, MS

Virginia Beach, VA

Blues Festival Guide 2011


Sept. 16 - 18

Telluride Blues & Brews Festival

Telluride, CO

Sept. 24 + 25

Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival

Guerneville, CA


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Sept. 23 - 25

Blues On The River

Sept. 24 + 25

Blues, Views and BBQ Festival

Montreal, QC, CAN

Westport, CT

Blues Festival Guide 2011


Sept. 29 - Oct. 1

Oct. 1


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Old Town Blues & Jazz Festival

Paoli Blues Fest

Rock Hill, SC

Paoli, PA

Oct. 1

Oct. 1 + 2

SunTrust Big Lick Blues Fest

Roanoke, VA

Georgia Bluesfest

Jefferson, GA

Blues Festival Guide 2011


Oct. 6 - 8

King Biscuit Blues Festival

Helena, AR

Oct. 14 + 15

Bukka White Blues Festival

Aberdeen, MS


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Oct. 7 - 9

Daytona Blues Festival

Daytona Beach, FL

Blues Festival Guide 2011


Oct. 15 - 17


Crescent City Blues And BBQ Festival

Blues Festival Guide 2011

New Orleans, LA

Oct. 15

Rowan Blues & Jazz Festival

Salisbury, NC

Oct. 22

Columbia Blues Festival

Columbia, SC

Blues Festival Guide 2011


Helping the Blues Grow:

Bill Wax and B.B. King at the Blues Music Awards Photo by Ÿ Joseph A. Rosen


Note: This article provides only excerpts and bullet points from Bill Wax’s inspiring speech at the Blues Foundation’s KBA Luncheon in Memphis, TN, Feb 2011.

In 2000 I was hired by a startup company called XM Satellite Radio, which I had never heard of at the time, but I have developed and programmed B.B. King’s Bluesville ever since. I never thought there would be such a thing as a national blues station, and yet here I am as its Program Director and we have over two million listeners per week. Besides the joy of making this station work, I would have to say the highlight of my time at Sirius/XM has been producing 40 onehour shows with B.B. King. I work with all aspects of the business: musicians, promoters, record companies, producers, and booking agents, as well as hearing from listeners and fans across the United States and Canada. I absolutely believe we have a marvelous opportunity to continue to grow and support the blues. We need to try and share our thoughts and ideas about this great music and the business around it. ARTISTS: • There are more outlets to get your music played like over-the-air radio, Satellite and Internet stations • Record and release a single download. If it gets good response, then release another one in a couple of months or so. Then, over a period of a year or two, your tunes will have gotten attention. Put them all on a CD, perhaps with some unreleased new material or great live sides, and release • New digital streams can produce revenue for airplay. Please checkout right away • Tour behind your new CD release within six months • Educate your audience when you play others’ material • Get onto social networks. They are a great marketing tool and a source of help for your career. Have friends on your list get you information on how to get hired by their communities and promote you in their town • Look outside the immediate blues world for musicians in other genres to showcase your music with • Communicate with Blues Societies in towns you want to play


Blues Festival Guide 2011

• Look into local Blues in the Schools programs. Develop one and/ or work with local Blues Societies • Book House Concerts • Manage a functioning website with a clear schedule and how to order your CDs If you can’t do these things, then get a business manager and/or agent. It is your career – take charge of it. JOURNALISTS/WRITERS/BLUES SOCIETIES/MAGAZINES: • Write and publish both positive and negative reviews RADIO & INTERNET PROGRAMMERS: • Find local music worthy of supporting and playing • Play a new disc or song multiple times before moving on to another new disc. It takes an audience about six listens before they respond to new music • Be open to new artists, approaches and styles • Be open to playing singles and not wait on a whole disc • Volunteer programmers: prepare your shows • Contact those who are doing national shows when you have a band or musician in your area who you think is deserving of wider attention and air play. It only nurtures the whole scene when acts can gain wider recognition – it motivates other local players to work harder to make their music better and it solidifies your role as part of the chain of folks who help musicians grow and succeed Our fans are the best in the world. I do believe there is an abundance of good to great players around the world. We don’t need to keep the blues alive – it has survived for close to 100 years. The blues will live no matter what we do, but we should nurture and shepherd this great music to the next generation. We need to keep the blues growing. I am willing do to what I can to help – I challenge all of you to also pitch in. Bill Wax is the Program Director for Sirius/XM radio’s B.B. King’s Bluesville and current President of the Blues Foundation.

Blues Festival Guide 2011


Touching Bass... The Root of the Fruits “Blues are the roots and the other musics are the fruits.” If this quote by Willie Dixon, the father of blues bass, is true, then blues bass is one of the roots of all the fruits of music. The author wailing on his 5-string bass Photo by Marilyn Stringer

By Bobby Pickett Blues bass began on the piano, tuba, guitar, banjo, a washtub, or whatever instrument was available to take on the melodic-rolling background in the foundation of a blues song. In looking at blues bass we have to take a look at both the instruments and players that forged the path to the present. In the 1920s, on the first blues recordings, various instruments would play a bass line -- that spot was finally, and mercifully, taken over by the upright bass. The double bass in its acoustic form, however, would often be overshadowed by the other instruments. Lloyd Loar worked for Gibson in the 1920s, and designed the first electric double bass. The bass used an electro-static pickup, but hearing it was difficult. In the early ‘30s, Paul Tutmarc built a more practical bass in terms of size. The first one came with a pickup and was the size of a cello, but was too heavy, so the design was changed to that of a guitar. In the mid ‘30s, established companies like Lyon & Healy, Rickenbacker, and Gibson began selling basses that, although less bulkier than the standard double bass, were still tall, unfretted and upright. Around 1940, L.D. Heater Music Co. in Portland, OR, began distributing basses manufactured by Paul Tutmarc. It was a fretted instrument that was no longer to be played upright. This prototype for Leo Fender’s later development of the Fender Bass launched the high-energy rhythm section. The ante had been upped. Now, the bass and drums kicked a more definite and higher-volume


Blues Festival Guide 2011

version of the blues. The electric bass upright bass and drums became the driving force behind the Chicago blues style. Very little is known about the first blues bassmen on early records by Mamie Smith, Ma Rainey, Blind Lemon Jefferson, etc. but Country blues singer and guitarist, Memphis Minnie, greatly influenced what would later become known as Chicago-style blues. Minnie was also the first to record with what came to be known as the classic 1950s blues combo: electric guitar, piano, bass and drums. Willie Brown, one of Minnie’s first musical partners, accompanies her on either guitar or upright bass on many of her recordings. Bill Settles and Ransom Knowling were also two of earlier known blues bassists. Knowling, known as “King of the Slap Bass,” seems to have garnered the most notoriety, and recorded with Otis Spann and Sonny Boy Williamson. A product of the New Orleans music scene of the ‘20s and ‘30s, he also played tuba and violin. Ernest “Big” Crawford was a main link in the history of blues bass. He and his slap- Paul Tutmarc holding an early electric style upright playing found bass Photo Courtesy Pickett Archives

Blues Festival Guide 2011


its way onto the recordings of Memphis Slim, Little Walter, Big Bill Broonzy and eventually Muddy Waters. Crawford filled out Muddy’s studio band with Little Walter on harp and Jimmy Rogers on guitar. Muddy’s band later added a man who would create blues history as a bassist, and songwriter -- Willie Dixon. Willie Dixon began playing bass on an oil can, a handle and one string as a child, and forged the path that would lead Bob Stroger, Muddy Waters band him to Chicago and the writing alumni and multiple award winning of over 500 compositions to bassist Photo by Marilyn Stringer be recorded by many artists. Willie, of course, played on many of these recordings, including: “Hoochie Coochie Man,” “Little Red Rooster,” and “Spoonful.” A new website created by Alex Dixon, a descendant of Mr. Dixon, contains bio, pictures and videos of Willie actually playing. I highly recommend you visit I’ve only touched the boundaries of blues bass and its history here. We seemed to end in Chicago with the personalities mentioned, but bass blues history is heard in all types of blues, from Chicago to Memphis Blues, Delta Blues, Kansas City Blues, Texas Blues, West Coast Blues, Swing Blues, Jump Blues -- and it goes on. As Blues history continues to be written, we will leave you with a continuation of Willie Dixon’s quote: “It’s better keeping the roots alive, Scot Sutherland of the Tommy Castro band, because it means better playing the upright bass fruit from now on.” Photo by Steve Spoulos

Bobby Pickett is a high-energy, bass guitarist and singer, who has played with artists such as Big Joe Turner, Bo Diddley, Etta James, Greg Allman, Detective (on Led Zeppelin’s label) and currently, Cafe R&B. Bobby plays Yamaha basses and SWR Amplifiers.

Bass guitar of Carlton Armstrong who plays with the Ronnie Baker Brooks band Photo by Carlton Armstrong


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Blues Festival Guide 2011


Each year the Blues Festival Guide Congratulates the recipient of the keeping the blues alive award for best blues society

KBA Recipient



Blues Foundation’s Blues Society of the Year

BILLTOWN BLUES ASSOCIATION By Bonnie Tallman Once upon a time, 22 years ago, six blues aficionados met in Williamsport, PA. Igniting this conversation was the convergence of three separate blues-related activities creating talk about town. One: A local bar was actively providing performance opportunities for touring blues bands and area startups. Two: A local independent record shop was maintaining a stellar inventory of blues vinyl. Three: A local blues fan-turned-DJ bought two hours of radio air time each week to play the blues on commercial radio. Each function supported the other. The six decided: “Let’s share this with the community and have a blues festival!” $300 was offered as seed money and the first Billtown Blues Festival occurred in June 1990. What

was expected to be a deficit ended up to be a profit thanks to the artists who offered reduced fees and many community contributors. It was then decided to form a blues society and use the first festival profits (less than $100) as seed money. Since then, the organization has produced several events each year ranging from 21 outdoor festivals to intimate songwriting showcases and everything in between. Instrumental to the successful birth of the Billtown Blues Festival, and the organization itself, was the Blues Foundation in Memphis. A couple years prior to that first “Billtown” meeting, two of the original six members attended what was then called the W.C. Handy Awards. Workshops were given on how to start a blues festival, how to start a blues society, and how to get blues on the radio. Information gathered from these workshops provided a blueprint and valuable connections with experienced blues industry people around the country. As a result, the Billtown Blues Association was immediately part of a national blues family all focused on the same mission – “Keeping the blues alive.”

BBA Officers and Board members L-R (Bottom row): Bill Wilson; (Middle:) Dave Krempasky, Cathy Calvert, Lori Butler, Tom Butler, Bernie Strosser; (Top): Bonnie Tallman, Dave Thompson, Bill Van Campen, Charlie Lockard (not pictured are Pete Davenport and Gayle Whitsell) Photo by Tom Butler


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Blues Festival Guide 2011


Living Legend: James Cotton

James Cotton performing at the Chicago Blues Festival Photo by Marilyn Stringer

By Eric Wrisley James Cotton was up for a Grammy Award again this year, recognizing his recent album, Giant, in the Best Traditional Blues Album category. This is only the latest highpoint in a life and career filled with such excitement. While Cotton is often thought of as Muddy Waters’ harmonica player, that’s only scratching the surface. Born to a sharecropping family in Tunica, MS on July 1, 1935, Cotton was given a harmonica as a gift, which the youngster took to naturally. It was after his parents passed, that an uncle took the nine-year-old Cotton to meet his idol, Sonny Boy Williamson, the voice of KFFA’s King Biscuit Hour radio program. Alongside Williamson, Cotton honed his harp skills and developed his larger-than-life sound. At 15, Cotton took the reins of Williamson’s band for a short stint before joining Howlin’

James Cotton and Kim Wilson trading licks during Amanda’s 2010 Rollercoaster Harmonica Blowout at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix, AZ Photo by Marilyn Stringer


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Wolf’s touring band. By 17 he was an accomplished and roadtested player, living in West Memphis, playing regular gigs and co-hosting a local radio show. In Memphis, Cotton came to the attention of Sam Phillips and recorded four singles for the iconic Sun Records, including “Cotton Crop Blues.” In 1954, Cotton’s luck took a turn for the better when Muddy Waters came through town without his harmonica player, Junior Wells. In need of a harp player, and having heard Cotton’s record, Waters sought out the young Cotton and asked him to join him for his set that night. After the show, Waters asked him to join the tour and accompany him back to Chicago. He had to make a fast decision, but it wasn’t an easy one. “I weighed it out all night, if I should go,” Cotton says, “He asked me on Friday, and I was ready to go that Sunday.” Though he was enjoying his success in Memphis, “I wanted the chance to play with a big band.” The unexpected opportunity turned into a twelve-year partnership with Waters on the road and eventually in the studio. In the mid1950s, Little Walter was Chess Records’ choice to accompany Waters

James Cotton at the Chicago Blues Festival Photo by Marilyn Stringer

on recordings, but by the late ‘50s, Cotton was alternating with Little Walter in the studio, and it’s Cotton’s harp on a number of Waters’ classic Chess recordings, including “Got My Mojo Working” and “She’s 19 Years Old.” In 1966, Cotton was ready to fly on his own and subsequently recorded albums and sides for the Vanguard, Verve, and Prestige labels. During the 1960s and 1970s, Cotton toured extensively, embraced by fans of the blues and rock ’n roll alike because of his powerful style and dynamic stage presence. Throughout the 1970s, ‘80s, and into the ‘90s, Cotton kept up an unyielding touring schedule while continuing to record solo albums on the Buddha, Capitol and Alligator labels. He returned to Muddy Waters’ band for several recordings, including the 1977 Grammy-winning Hard Again. On his own, Cotton garnered Grammy nominations in 1984 and 1987, and won the best Traditional Blues Album Grammy for Deep in the Blues in 1996. After a six-year hiatus from recording, Cotton released Giant in 2010. The album includes blues classics along with new tunes delivered by a tight four-piece backing band. There is, of course, plenty of Cotton’s signature harp sound, not as energetic as it once was, but no less powerful. Following a bout with throat cancer, Cotton no longer sings, but as the mournful instrumental “Blues for Koko” closes out the album, he proves once again that sometimes you don’t need words to sing the blues. At 75, James Cotton has a long and storied career to look back on. He’s worked with some of the most influential figures in the blues, partnered with non-blues acts, and been credited with helping to define the modern harmonica sound. As for that latest Grammy nomination, he didn’t get the win. That honor went to fellow Muddy Waters alums Pinetop Perkins and Willie “Big Eyes” Smith. Still, he says, “I was happy that some of my friends won it, so I’m excited for them.” When I asked him about the highlights of his life and career, he acknowledged the obvious with a laugh, “The job with Muddy was pretty exciting. But I never thought I’d get this far. I never dreamed of doing this all my life.” Eric Wrisley is a freelance writer from Akron, Ohio - the Jewel of the Midwest. He is a regular contributor to Blueswax, and his fiction and humor have appeared in McSweeney’s, 3AM Magazine, and Smokelong Quarterly, among other places. He can be contacted at James Cotton backstage at the Doheny Blues Festival 2001 Photo by Mary Ann Haskell

Blues Festival Guide 2011



Blues Festival Guide 2011

Blues Festival Guide 2011


Commemorating the Trail of a Blues Lover’s Journey

Paul Benjamin thanks the crowd at the 2009 North Atlantic Blues Festival Photo by Dusty Scott

By Dagney ernest and John Bird There’s no question that Mississippi is the birthplace of the American blues, and its Mississippi Blues Trail network of highway markers is an ongoing effort to commemorate the genre greats who came from the magnolia state. The trail, which currently has around 100 markers, has begun to sprinkle markers in places outside of Mississippi that are also part of that state’s musical heritage. In the summer of 2010, one of these markers was erected in downtown Rockland, Maine. Paul Benjamin, co-founder and co-producer of the North Atlantic Blues Festival and past president of the Blues Foundation, said he is still amazed about this marker. Everything related to the blues music scene in Rockland can be traced to Benjamin. In fact, over the last two decades he has played an increasingly prominent role in promoting blues music across America. A Maine native, Paul’s love of blues music began during his growing up years in Rumford. “I’ve never been a musician myself but from an early age I loved listening to all kinds of popular music on the radio; the blues just stood out from the rest for me,” he said. “I loved the rhythms, the lyrics, everything about the blues.” In 1978, Benjamin was a bouncer at the long-gone Golden Spike club, a favorite hangout of bikers. A rock band scheduled to play, canceled its gig and a Boston promoter offered to send Mississippi-born, Chicago-based Eddie Shaw and his band, the Wolf Gang. The decision could easily have gone the other way. Maine was even less diverse then than it is now, and Shaw’s band was a five-piece outfit of black guys from Chicago. By the end of the night, they had completely won over the tough crowd.


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“We got along so well, we booked the band again and I started going down to Boston to see Shaw. I then started booking him at different places,” said Benjamin. Shaw, meanwhile, began spreading the word about Rockland to fellow Chicago musicians and they began adding a trek up the coast of Maine around tour dates in Boston and Montreal. The first Rockland blues festival, not yet solidified as the North Atlantic Blues Festival, took place in the Trade Winds Motor Inn parking lot. “My first blues club was at the Trade Winds, every one of the blues artists who have come through has stayed at the Trade Winds, and in 1990, we had the first festival in the parking lot,” said Benjamin. By 1993, Paul’s blues extravaganza was outgrowing the Trade Winds venue. The festival moved to Rockland’s Harbor Park and thus was born the North Atlantic Blues Festival. To turn the event into a major blues festival, Paul teamed with an experienced booking agent and Jamie Isaacson, a blues piano player from Wayne, ME. Paul and Jamie soon determined they could book the acts without an agent; they remain co-producers to the present day. Paul books blues performers throughout the year at other venues. A few years ago, Paul began devoting all his time to promoting the blues. In addition to booking acts for the blues festival weekend and throughout the year in Rockland, Paul travels around the country for the same cause. Paul has been formally honored for his promotion of blues music. He has served on the Blues Foundation board, including three years as its president. In 2002, Paul and his blues festival co-producer Jamie Isaacson received the Blues Foundation’s

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Blues Festival Guide 2011

Keeping the Blues Alive Award, a highly coveted prize that annually singles out non-musicians for their supportive roles. In April 2010, because of Paul’s efforts and reputation, Rockland was selected for inclusion in the Blues Trail network of highway markers. There are currently 101 of these markers across the nation, 96 of them in the aforementioned Mississippi; Rockland is just the sixth recipient outside Mississippi. The marker itself is a handsome blue sign with historical information, embedded photos and a GPS beacon. Benjamin said when he was introduced to the blues 32 years ago, he had no idea where it would take him and the Rockland community. It has been quite a ride so far. The Mississippi Blues Trail marker was unveiled on July 8, 2010 in a fitting location – adjacent to the Trade Winds parking lot, the site where the first North Atlantic Blues Festival was held. For a B.B. King-narrated video and complete information on the Mississippi Blues Trail, visit

The Mississippi Blues Trail marker that graces Rockland, Maine Photo by Ÿ Joseph A. Rosen

The story contains excerpts by Dagney Ernest, editor for Rockland, Maines’ VillageSoup Art/Entertainment, and writer John Bird, a retired, independent school educator and leader and nationally recognized consultant to nonprofit organizations.

Paul Benjamin awards Denise LaSalle her plaque announcing her nomination into the Hall of Fame, Jan 2011 Photo by Ÿ Joseph A. Rosen

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By carl Gustafson

Above: The author, ready to roll on the Blinddog bus Photo by Talon Gustafson

Rt: Carl Weathersby Photo by Charome Kaocharoen


In the midst of the ski crowd who sipped hot toddies in the lounge, planted spread-legged on the stage, slumped Miss Blues. Arms hanging limply, she stared cross-eyed at a cigarette hanging from her lip. Her evening gown and pumps were encrusted with snow, now melting in a puddle as the giant fireplace thawed her out. Earlier, Miss Blues had emerged from her Miss Blues performing what she does best Photo courtesy of Miss Blues room with her sequined hat sharing sparkles with her glittering jewelry. I took her arm and ventured out onto the snowpack that separated her room from the ski lodge, where translucent icicles hung and snowdrifts climbed to meet them. She sunk up to her kneecaps. Now this hefty Texas Shouter can bellow like a bull, and lesser reverberations have caused avalanches in the Tetons, which stood above us with icy cliffs glistening under a close winter moon. I pushed and pulled to no avail. “Do me like you do when you butt-bump me up the bus steps,” she ordered. Her knees could no longer support her sufficiently enough to climb, so she would lift one leg to the first step and I would turn my back and squat down under her. I’d then place my hands on my knees, elevate my butt under one of her big cheeks and bump her up the three steps, one side of her at a time, while she giggled and cursed. So there we struggled, butt-bumping one stuck leg after the other until forty yards became an enduring nightmare – Miss Blues barking orders and threatening a heart attack with me below suffering the unpredictable life of a blues man.

Leading a band is like herding cats. If musicians could obey orders they’d be soldiers or clerks instead of rapscallions. I get a sense of relief once I’ve herded them unto the bus. When the wheels roll, the stories flow. This bohemian lifestyle spawns zany tales. Bobby Rush held us spellbound once describing an actual occurrence of a blues man who walked into a bar with his girlfriend’s severed head, handing it to the bartender with whom she’d had an affair, saying, “You want her? You got her!”

I’ve watched the menacing Carl Weathersby casually inject his belly with insulin while the rest of us held our bellies in laughter as he chuckled his discourse using a Howlin’ Wolf voice. Many stories musicians tell can’t be repeated in print but they’d be funny to a deaf person just observing reactions, as when Sherman Robertson fell to the bus floor, fists pounding and legs kicking in laughter while Kenny Neal demonstrated a love technique with unexpected theatrics. Miss Blues related how she beat a heckler with the steel stiletto heel of one of her pumps, knocking him cold. Thinking he was dead, she left town looking over her shoulder for police. Years later, a man pulled his hair back to reveal a nasty scar and confessed. She was relieved to no longer be a murderer. Gino Matteo once described how his girlfriend chose to arrange herself in a position above him during the thralls of passion. She wore only a T-shirt with Bobby Rush’s face smiling life-size on the front. She was well endowed, which produced oscillation under the T-shirt, and given the aroused state of said endowment, caused horns to protrude on the bobbing head of Bobby Rush who grinned down at Gino. That’s as delicately as I dare write it. Billy Branch shared an endearing story of how Kenny Neal was his ornery self again after battling a near-fatal liver disease, which had turned him into a sweet, kind and considerate man, “so he could get into heaven.” When the stories end, everyone goes to bed and the road becomes a gauntlet for the equally tired driver. In my band, Blinddog Smokin’, we have tried every band member as a driver and I alone survive. The others have jumped curbs almost flattening a blind guy, a seeing-eye dog and a hydrant, dragged a dumpster down an alley, smashed a lawyer’s Mercedes, leveled flashing barriers, hit enough deer to feed a Third World country, forced a police car up on a lawn, ran cars into snow drifts, and spun 360 degrees on black ice. It’s imprudent to give a muddled musician the wheel

In the studio with Donny Markowitz, Academy award winning songwriter and producer, Carl Gustafson, Billy Branch, Gino Matteo, Carl Weathersby and Mo Beeks Photo by Charome Kaocharoen

Bobby Rush and Carl Gustafson Photo by Charome Kaocharoen

of a 24-ton-vehicle. I once awoke to find our guitarist driving in Nebraska while playing the guitar with both hands and steering with one knee. One late night, as I soldiered on at the wheel, I saw deer when there were no deer, then monsters and ghosts. Sounds crazy unless you’ve been to that state of hallucination. With lives in my hands, I shook my head in spasms. The Chicago songbird, Zora Young, saw my sleep deprivation and sat by me. This sensual blues singer suddenly burst out, “I’ve been working on the railroad, all the live long day.” An hour Chicago songbird, Zora Young later we rolled into port Photo by Marilyn Stringer with Zora still warbling. yes, there’s more than one way to herd cats. Carl Gustafson has led the band Blinddog Smokin’ for two decades, is the author of “Ain’t Just Blues, It’s Showtime,” available at www., is a columnist for Elmore Magazine, and directs the Snowy Range Music Festival in Laramie, WY every Labor Day weekend. The Blinddog Bus is known for touring troupes of blues stars who climb aboard every summer for festivals around the country.

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Blues Festival Guide 2011

Blues Festival Guide 2011


The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise

View from Two Boogie Woogie piano extravaganza with Eden Brent, Steve Willis, Kelly Hunt, Leon Blue, Rev. Billy C. Wirtz, Commander Cody and Marcia Ball Photo by Marilyn Stringer

“It’s a beautiful feeling being out on the high seas,” exclaims Diana Shonk. “I was a virgin cruiser on The Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise to the Caribbean in January 2011, a guest of one of the musicians, Cheryl Renee. Cheryl played in the piano bar at night, along with Mitch Woods, Dave Keyes and Eden Brent – the late night jam hot spot. It was amazing how big the ship was. We were 2,100 strong and the crew was over a thousand. The crew took care of us like we were royalty. We traveled 2,383 nautical miles from Florida to St. John’s in Antigua/Barbuda, to Cruz Bay on St. John, Virgin Islands, to a private island called Half Moon Cay in the Bermuda Islands. Each day we received a schedule of the day’s events from music to cooking classes with Janiva Magness and Taj Mahal, plus lovely gifts like an insulated, monogrammed LRBC bag, magazines, Mardi Gras beads, chocolates and more. The darlings of this cruise were Trampled Under Foot with

the family team of Nick, Kris and Danielle Schnebelen. Nick sang with a gruff, rootsy feel while playing left-handed slide on his National Steele and drums at the same time. Danielle made a splash with her beautiful singing and bass playing (also left handed). Of note, Rick Estrin, with his guitarist Kid Andersen, put on energetic shows with Kid dancing, jumping and even rolling on the floor with feet up in the air, while playing his guitar. A few groups organized their costumes for theme nights. Winners of the ‘Gimme Back My Wig’ parade were The Gold Diggers: Seven blonde-wigged gals with little gold shovels and their ‘rich man.’ The Mardi Gras night, parade and outfits rivaled the real thing – a display of color and frivolity. If you want to immerse yourself in live blues music and a nostalgic feeling of the glamour of the high seas, spend a week aboard the LRBC – this is an investment in your future happiness. I, for one, will never forget it.” “The October 2010 cruise was my fifth,” says Nancy Edwards, “It never gets old.” “In fact, in many ways it gets better because there are so many returnees that it becomes like a family reunion – if you could only pick your family. Speaking of family, when I do speak to them around the holidays, we tell each other the highlights of our year, and year after year, the LRBC is always at the very top of my list.

“Gimme Back My Wig” costume winners, The Gold Diggers Photo by Marilyn Stringer

Mike Morgan, Coco Montoya and Jimmy Thackery sharing the fun Photo by Marilyn Stringer

The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise sails the Pacific Ocean in October and the Atlantic, in January. Here are two views from those prospective decks.

By Diana shonk & nancy edwards


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Compared with many cruisers, I’m still a newbie. The pride with which other cruisers speak about how many years they have been cruising (12+) is truly amazing. The world, the economy, the environment etc. has all changed, but the LRBC is still and always a guaranteed great time – some would say it’s ‘timeless.’ I say it is more like ‘time stands still’, because for one week I’m young again, the music I love is everywhere, everybody is happy, everybody is your friend, there is no closing time, and the food ain’t too shabby either. Could heaven possibly be any better? Seeing top Blues artists performing, jamming and having fun too, is such a special opportunity. On top of that you get to meet them, get an autograph, get a picture and mingle with them on-board. Seriously, I’ve shopped with Irma Thomas, stood next to Marcia Ball in the buffet line, had dinner with Sue Foley, had cocktails with John Nemeth and went through Customs with B’nois King. If you’re a musician, the Pro-Am jams might put you on stage with Randy Oxford or Tommy Castro, for sure you’ll pick up some tips and ideas from the pros, or maybe land a gig or a spot on the roster of an international touring band – it’s been known to happen. Oh yeah, on three of the days, the ship does actually dock at beautiful, exotic Ports-of-Call. The shore excursions are great, but I’m always happiest when I’m home with my family on-board the LRBC. If you have a ‘bucket list,’ going on the LRBC must be on it. In fact, a blues fan needs nothing else than this on their list.” Diana Shonk is Editor and Publisher of The Blues Audience newsletter, New England’s only Blues publication serving the N.E. Blues community for 20 years. Nancy Edwards has been with the Blues Festival Guide since its inception and originated the Blues Festival e-Guide. She lives in Florida with Gordon Bulcock, who evolved into the E-guide editor two years ago. Nancy is now into real estate investments.

Rick Estrin’s guitarist, Kid Andersen, high kicking the blues Photo by Marilyn Stringer

Blues Festival Guide 2011


compiled by irene Weaver heRe is a lisT oF soMe oF ouR FavoRiTe Blues RaDio shoWs artists: Send them your latest releases for airplay. Promoters: Send them your event info and they will help get the word out. Fans: Tune in and enjoy!

iNTERNET Blues with Russell Thurs. 7pm – 9pm DJ Russell Luzio PO Box 7847 La Verne, CA 91750 909/465-8567 (office) Kansas city online Radio (KcoR) Sat. 2pm CST “The BluzNdaBlood Show” DJ “BluzNdaBlood Dave” Harrison PO Box 21612 Roanoke, VA 24018 540/632-BLUZ (office) KlBc Wed. 3pm – 5pm “The Blues Highway” DJ Pat Graham 4901 East Carson St. Long Beach, CA 90808 562/938-4800 (on air) Planet Pootwaddle 24/7 “Rooted in the Blues, Pootwaddle is 420 Baby Boomer Paradise for people who like ALL kinds of music!” DJ Michael Sheehy and Dr. Richard Knibbler Los Angeles, CA 90064


310/473-9871 (office)

SYNDiCATED “house of Blues Radio hour” Days/Times: Various DJ Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) 3361 20th St. San Francisco, CA 94110 415/970-8020 (office)

CALiFORNiA san FRancisco KPOO 89.5 FM Wed. 9am – Noon “Wednesday Blues with Noel” DJ Noel Hayes 1109 Hillside Blvd. South San Francisco, CA 94080 415/516-1896 (office) 415/346-5376 (on air)

DiSTRiCT OF COLUMBiA WashinGTon WPFW 89.3 FM Sat. 11am – Noon “The Bama Hour” DJ Chris DeProperty 2390 Champlain St. NW Washington, D.C. 20009 202/588-0999 (office) 202/588-0893 (on air) 202/588-0561 (fax)

FLORiDA MelBouRne WFIT 89.5 FM Tues. 7pm – 10pm “Blues With A Twist” DJ Jeanne Kelly

Blues Festival Guide 2011

150 West University Blvd. Melbourne, FL 32901 800-403-9431 Streaming online at

HAWAii honolulu KTUH 90.3 FM Thurs. 9 am – Noon HST “Somethin’ Blue” DJ Steve Stoddard 2345 Ala Wai Blvd. #814 Honolulu, HI 96815 808/926-1783 (office) 808/956-7261 (on air)

iLLiNOiS Quincy WQCY 103.9 FM Sun. 9am – Noon + A Blues Tune Every Hour! “Blues Till Noon + A Blues Tune Every Hour” DJ Jerry D 329 Main St. Quincy, IL 62305 217/228-2800 (office) sPRinGFielD WQNA 88.3 FM Mon. 4pm – 7pm “Blues Power!” DJ Michael G 2201 Toronto Rd. Springfield, IL 62712 217/529-0312 (on air)

LOUiSiANA neW oRleans WWOZ 90.7 FM Wed. 2pm – 4pm “Sittin’ at the Crossroads” DJ Big D

1008 N. Peters New Orleans, LA 70116 504/568-1238 (office) 504/568-1234 (on air)

MiCHiGAN Bay ciTy, saGinaW, MiDlanD, The ThuMB, FlinT WUCX 90.1 FM Mon. 1pm – 3pm “The Eclectic Chair” DJ Trish Lewis PO Box 25 Bay City, MI 48707-0025

MiNNESOTA oWaTonna KOWZ 1170 AM Also streaming online! Sun. 10pm – 11pm “Hammered by the Blues” John “Blueshammer” Hammer 510 West McKinley Owatonna, MN 55060 507/451-5554 blueshammer@

MiSSOURi coluMBia KOPN 89.5 FM Sat. 8pm – 11pm “Blues on Broadway Show” DJ Chris Puyear 5201 E. Woodson Harris Rd. Columbia, MO 65201 573/874-1139 (office) 573/874-5676 (on air) Streaming live

NORTH DAKOTA GRanD FoRKs KQHT 96.1 FM Sun. 10am – 1pm “The Riverside Blues Show” DJ Kevin Hendrickson 505 University Ave. Grand Forks, ND 58203 701/746-1417 (office) 701/772-9696 (on air) 701/746-1410 (fax) kevinhendrickson@clearchannel. com

OHiO younGsToWn WNCD 93.3 FM / WKBN 570 AM Sun. 7pm – 9pm / Sat. 10pm – 12am “Tangled Up in Blues” DJ Cornel Bogdan 7461 South Ave. Boardman, OH 44425 330/729-2512 (office) 330/371-4663 (on air) 330/965-8277 (fax)

TENNESEE KnoXville WDVX 89.9 FM / 102.9 FM Fri. 9pm – 3am “Johnny Mack’s Friday Night Blues Attack!” DJ Johnny Mack 301 S. Gay St. Knoxville, TN 37902 865/544-1029 (office) 865/494-2020 (on air)

TEXAS housTon KPFT 90.1 FM Sun. 2pm – 4pm “Howlin’ the Blues” DJ The Blues Hound 2719 22nd Ave. North Texas City, TX 77590 409/948-8663 (office) 713/526-5738 (on air)

WASHiNGTON sPoKane KKZX 98.9 FM Sun. 7pm – 10pm “Blowtorch Blues” DJ Ted Todd and Brion Foster PO Box 9216 Spokane, WA 99209 509/241-KKZX (on air)

support your local blues station by tuning in and enjoying some bluesy tunes

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Vinyl to Vinyl What goes around comes around... By John “Blueshammer” hammer At the tender age of nine, when someone said, ‘What goes around comes around,’ I thought they were just talking about records. I was soon in seventh heaven because my folks now trusted me with their three-speed Voice of Music phonograph – quite a step up from my Roy Rogers one. Now, I had a pretty impressive collection for a kid – serendipity played a greater role than design in that. One day I was playing kick-the-can down the alley when I came upon a kid who was tossing old 78s like clay pigeons and trying to nail ‘em mid-flight with his sling shot. I knew this was no way to treat records, so I chased around to catch as many as I could before they hit the gravel parking lot. The kid soon got bored and told me I could

A collage of vinyl records and compact discs from the author’s extensive collection Photo by John “Blueshammer” Hammer


Blues Festival Guide 2011

Vintage Columbia Graphophone Courtesy “Blueshammer” archives

have the rest of the box. Wow, an instant record collection that wasn’t nursery rhymes or sing-alongs. This found treasure featured some of the most popular music of the 1940s including Billie Holiday’s “Good Mornin’ Heartache,” and Louis Armstrong’s “St. Louis Blues,” and started me down the path of music collecting. As I aged, and technology marched forward, I eagerly embraced anything that would make my music portable. A battery powered turntable got strapped to the floor of my first car. It was good for parking, (if you know what I mean), but not practical while driving around. We don’t even want to discuss what it was doing to our favorite albums. The needle dancing the groove soon wrecked my precious LPs. The epiphany was the eight-track tape. We viewed them as indestructible and road bump resistant. One of mine that got

The author as a young boy with his Roy Rogers record player Courtesy “Blueshammer” archives

The author seemingly juggles a vinyl record, a cassette tape, an eight-track tape and an Ipod Courtesy John “Blueshammer” Hammer

Vinyl record on the Okeh label featuring the 1941 hit, “Goin’ To Chicago Blues,” by Count Basie with Jimmy Rushing on vocals Courtesy “Blueshammer” archives

endless play was The Allman Brothers’ Live at the Fillmore East. But we had issues. They were extremely prone to wear and tear, not to mention annoying sound quality. We were introduced to the audio recording terms ‘wow’ and ‘flutter.’ When the player ate the tape you generally exclaimed, ‘wow,’ as your eyelids fluttered in disbelief. No problem; the wizards of technology came up with the cassette tape. I was thrilled. Now I could put together compilations of just the good tunes from all that vinyl I already owned. When the tape machine ate the tape, half the time you could salvage your creation by just manually winding it back on the spindles. However we still had wear and tear. As the tape would stretch, your favorite music began to sound like your ears were strapped to one of those old vibrating exercise machines. Progress – Compact discs and the digital age seemed the best thing ever. Obviously more indestructible than tapes, cds were easy to load and players could hold 500 songs. Now we’re talking. Read by laser light, we figured there would be no surface degradation. But then the realities started creeping in. Lasers can cut through steel. I’ve seen it on the Discovery Channel. We also found out that they were just about as fragile as our beloved records. Scratching can render

them unplayable, but still appropriate for a shiny wind chime. The answer to our prayers: the MP3 player. You’ve got 33 hours of music in an iPod Shuffle the size of a postage stamp on steroids. This was way cool. I had one for awhile. Sadly, I believe it got dropped into a bowl of Chex Mix and was devoured in a late night munchie attack. Then there was the issue that music on a memory device is not really owned – It’s just borrowed until the device crashes, losing it all. Here’s the ‘what goes around, comes around’ thing. In our quest for perfection, we found digital sound was limited and less full sounding than analog used in vinyl recordings. Hmm... back to the future. It was time to dust off the collection. Artists love the retro vibe of the album and sound quality of the record, with some releasing new vinyl for the first time. JJ Grey & Mofro’s 2010 The Choice Cuts was released as vinyl only, and Gregg Allman’s 2011 Low Country Blues is a hot seller. Call it nostalgia, call it the quest for the best in sound reproduction; vinyl seems the choice of audiophiles and it ain’t going away. Well, at least until the next big thing ends up under your Christmas Tree. John “Blueshammer” Hammer is a writer, photographer, promoter, producer and radio host based in Minnesota. He also publishes Blue Monday Monthly. His weekly radio show, Hammered By The Blues is broadcast on KOWZ 1170am. Both magazine and radio show are available at www. Contact John at:

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All Photo/Art Credits: Dane Tilghman

Contemporary artist Dane Tilghman’s images are inspired by African Americans in and out of daily life, Jazz and Blues entertainment, and the world of sports. He’s constantly taking his artwork towards new dimensions - from realism to his own interpretations of surrealism, impressionism and primitive elongation. “Using paint and pencil I create full color narratives celebrating the common moments of humanity, chronicled thru nostalgic black and white photography,” says Tilghman. The blues definitely moves Dane. His vibrant, musically inspired paintings include those of artists such as Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Buddy Guy, Sleepy John Estes, Luther Allison, John Lee Hooker and B.B. King among many other visuals that seemingly come to life. While he often displays his Jazz/Blues Music Series at festivals, Dane has also been the official billboard and t-shirt artist for events such as the Poconos Blues Festival, among others, and he painted the official commemorative poster art for the January 2010 Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise. A professional artist for over 20 years, and one of the premier painters of African American art, Dane says he paints because he must: it’s in his bones. As the saying goes, “It’s in there and it’s got to come out.” He’s exhibited his varied works throughout the United States at art and music festivals, galleries, trade shows, convention centers and sports arenas and received numerous awards including the Medal of Honor in Graphics from the American Artists Professional League. His mural commission paintings


Blues Festival Guide 2011

“Patchwork Blues” “Patchwork Blues”

are readily visible at several professional sports stadiums throughout the country. Private collectors of Tilghman’s art include the likes of Nelson Mandela, Bill Cosby, and the estate of Ossie Davis.

“Reverend Gary Davis”

Dane’s creative philosophy is to bring his interpretative views of life on canvas to an audience. His unique style clearly defines his mastery of the craft and we are grateful for his intuitiveness. You can see more of Dane’s art at “The Man”

“Blues for a Friend”

Blues Festival Guide 2011



Blues Festival Guide 2011

Aug 11 - 14

Magic City Blues Festival

Billings, MT

Blues Festival Guide 2011


FESTIVAL CALENDAR • Grab a pen and circle the festivals you want to attend this season. Information believed to be correct but not guaranteed. Call before you go!

MAY Sun, May 1 Topanga Blues Fest Topanga Canyon, CA, U.S. 714-209-7347 Thurs, May 5 Blues Music Awards Memphis, TN, U.S. 901-527-2583 Thurs-Sun, May 5-8 Robert Johnson Cent’l Concert Greenwood, MS, U.S. 662-453-9197 Fri-Sat, May 6-7 Bayou n’ Brooklyn Brooklyn, NY, U.S. 718-395 3214 Fri-Sat, May 6-7 Market Street Fest Columbus, MS, U.S. Fri-Sun, May 6-8 Gator by the Bay San Diego, CA, U.S. 619-234-8612 Fri-Sun, May 6-8 Simply TX Blues Fest San Angelo, TX, U.S. 325-656-3366 Fri-Sat, May 6-21 Juneau Jazz Fest Juneau, AK, U.S. 907-463-3378 Sat, May 7 Baton Rouge Blues Fest Baton Rouge, LA, U.S. 225-383-068 Sat, May 7 Cairns Blues Fest Cairns, Queensland, Australia 0459 220 723 Sat, May 7 Carolina Blues Fest Greensboro, NC, U.S. Sat, May 7 Crossroads Blues & Heritage Rosedale, MS, U.S. 662-402-6251 Sat, May 7 Simply TX Blues Fest San Angelo, TX, U.S. 325-656-3366 Sat-Fri, May 7-13 EUROPAfest Bucharest, Romania +40 740 759 566


Fri-Sat, May 13-14 UnTapped Blues & Brews Fest Kennewick, WA, U.S. 509-737-7661 Sat, May 14 24th Spring Blues Fest Ecaussinnes, Hainaut, Belgium +3267794708 Sat, May 14 White Lake Blues Fest Whitehall, MI, U.S. Sun, May 15 Real Blues Fest/Orange Cnty Santa Ana, CA, U.S. Thurs, May 19 Big Nite of Blues-Spring Okoboji, IA, U.S. 712-332-7029 Thurs-Sun, May 19-22 BluesBaltica Eutin Eutin, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany +49 45271066 Sat, May 21 Blind Willie McTell Blues Fest Thomson, GA, U.S. 706-541-9828 Sat, May 21 Bourbon Street Blues Fest Califon, NJ, U.S. Sat, May 21 KS City BBQ Wine & Blues Temecula, CA, U.S. 951-240-5177 Sat, May 21 Spyglass Ridge Winery’s Bluesfest Sunbury, PA, U.S. 570-286-9911 Sat, May 21 Wine, Brews & Blues Fest Escondido, CA, U.S. 800-249-2024 Sat-Sun, May 21-22 Chesapeake Bay Blues Fest Annapolis, MD, U.S. 410-257-7413 Sat-Sun, May 21-22 Doheny Blues Fest Dana Point, CA, U.S. 949-362-3366 Sat-Sun, May 21-22 Hill Country Harmonica Waterford, MS, U.S.

Blues Festival Guide 2011

Sat-Sun, May 21-22 May I Have The Blues Fest Oakland, CA, U.S. 510-836-2227 Tues-Sat, May 24-28 Blues Harmonica Jam Camp Clarksdale, MS, U.S. Thurs-Sun, May 26-29 Blues On Broadbeach Broadbeach, Queensland, AUS 07 5539 8416 Thurs-Mon, May 26-June 12 Kerrville Folk Fest Kerrville, TX, U.S. 830 257-3600 Fri-Sat, May 27-28 Blues Rules Crissier Fest Lausanne, Switzerland + 41 21 631 99 99 Fri-Sun, May 27-29 Bayou & Boogie Fest Rehobeth, MA, U.S. 401-965-0849 Fri-Sun, May 27-29 Silver City Blues Fest Silver City, NM, U.S. 575-538-2505 Fri-Mon, May 27-30 Hebden Bridge Blues Fest Hebden Bridge, W. Yorkshire, U.K. 01422844716 Sat, May 28 Duvel Blues Puurs, Antwerpen, Belgium +32493176213 Sat, May 28 MS Roots in Blues Jackson, MS, U.S. 601-982-7514 Sat-Sun, May 28-29 Chautauqua Hills Blues Fest Sedan, KS, U.S. 620-725-3834 Sat-Sun, May 28-29 Edmond Jazz/Blues/Green Fest Edmond, OK, U.S. 405-341-3321 Sat-Sun, May 28-29 Santa Cruz Blues Fest Aptos, CA, U.S. 831-479-9814 Sat-Sun, May 28-29 Simi Valley Cajun & Blues Simi Valley, CA, U.S. 818 907-1600

Sun, May 29 Blues Between The Bridges Lexington, KY, U.S. 859 271-1293 Sun, May 29 Blues, Brews,BBQ Honesdale, PA, U.S. 570 729-7989 Sun, May 29 Liberty Centre Blues/BBQ North Liberty, IA, U.S. 319-626-5726 Sun, May 29 Marsh Grass Music Fest Corolla, NC, U.S. 252-453-9040 Sun, May 29 Southern Soul Family Day Jackson, MS, U.S. 601-462-9676

JUNE Thurs-Sat, June 2-4 Jackson Blues Fest Jackson, ‘MI, U.S. 517-962-5939 Thurs-Sat, June 2-4 Rhythm, Blues/All That Jazz Lewisburg, West VA, U.S. 304-645-7917 Thurs-Sun, June 2-5 Eureka Springs Blues Weekend Eureka Springs, AR, U.S. 479-253-7377 Thurs-Sun, June 2-5 Rory Gallegher Int’l Tribute Fest Ballyshannon, Donegal, Ireland 00353 86 8772325 Thurs-Sun, June 2-5 Warren Haynes Mtn Jam Hunter, NY, U.S. 888-512-7469 Fri-Sat, June 3-4 Shannon Street Blues/Heritage Jackson, TN, U.S. 731-427-7573 Fri-Sun, June 3-5 Alleyfest Longview, TX, U.S. 903-237-4000 Fri-Sun, June 3-5 KKUP 91.5 Blues Marathon San Jose, CA, U.S. 408-260-2999

Fri-Sun, June 3-5 Michael Arnone’s Crawfish Fest Auga, NJ, U.S. 225-612-9746 Fri-Sun, June 3-5 Mijas Blues Fest Mijas, Malaga, Spain Fri- Sun, June 3-5 Pender Harbour BluesFest Pender Harbour, BC, CAN 604-741-1186 Fri-Sun, June 3-5 Powell River Blues Fest Powell River, BC, CAN 604-485-0342 Fri-Sun, June 3-5 Smokin’ In Steele BBQ/Blues Owatonna, MN, U.S. 507-279-4015 Fri-Sun, June 3-5 Waterfront Blues Toronto, ON, CAN 416-423-2224 Sat, June 4 Blues, Brews and BBQ Fest Simpsonville, SC, U.S. 864-688-2436 Sat, June 4 Coloma Blues Live Lotus, CA, U.S. 530-295-3496 Sat, June 4 Freedom Creek Fest Aliceville, AL, U.S. 205-752-6263 Sat, June 4 Highway 61 Blues Fest Leland, MS, U.S. 662-347-4223 Sat, June 4 Rhythm & Blues by Brook Plainfield, NJ, U.S. 908-527-4900 Sat, June 4 Watseka Blues Fest Watseka, IL, U.S. 815-993-2880 Sat-Sun, June 4-5 Highway 61 Blues Fest Leland, MS, U.S. 1-800-467-3582 Thurs-Sat, June 9-12 Cajun/Zydeco Fest Presto, CT, U.S. 888-794-7944

Thurs-Mon, June 9-20 KOOL FM Barrie Jazz/Blues Barrie-Innisfil, ON, CAN 1-800-668-9100 Fri- Sat, June 10-11 BB King Homecoming Indianola, MS, U.S. 662-887-4454 Fri-Sat, June 10-11 Canton Blues Fest Canton, OH, U.S. 330 458-2091 Fri-Sat, June 10-11 Gladstone SummerTime Fest Gladstone, MO, U.S. 816-436-4523 Fri-Sat, June 10-11 Greeley Blues Jam Fest Greeley, CO, U.S. 800-449-3866 Fri-Sat, June 10-11 Historic Cocoa Village’s BBQ & Blues Cocoa, FL, U.S. 321-631-9075 Fri-Sat, June 10-11 Mendo Acoustic Blues Workshop Mendocino, CA, U.S. 707-895-3738

Fri-Sat, June 10-11 River & Brews Blues Fest Red River, NM, U.S. 575 754-2366 ext 1 Fri-Sun, June 10-12 Chicago Blues Fest Chicago, IL, U.S. 312-744-3315 Fri-Sun, June 10-12 TX Folklife Fest San Antonio, TX, U.S. 210-458-2224 Fri-Sun, June 10-12 VA Blues/Jazz Fest Hot Springs, CA, U.S. 540-839-5018 Fri-Sun, June 10-12 Thirsty Ear Fest Santa Fe, NM, U.S. Fri-Sun, June 10-12 Tinner Hill Blues Fest Falls Church, VA, U.S. 703 241-4109 Sat, June 11 Blues/Jazz Fest Sylvania, OH, U.S. 419-242-5000 x 212 Sat, June 11 Boogie ‘N Blues Fest Pomfret, CT, U.S. 860-974-0415

Sat, June 11 S. Bend Blues/Ribs Fest South Bend, IN, U.S. 574 299-4765 Sat, June 11 State Street Stroll Media, PA US Sat-Sat, June 11-18 W.C. Handy Blues/Bbq Henderson, KY, U.S. 1-800-648-3128 Sun, June 12 Billtown Blues Fest Hughesville, PA 570-584-4480 Sun, June 12 Ojai Wine Fest Ojai, CA, U.S. 1-800-648-4881 Thurs-Sun, June 16-19 BBQ Ribfest Fort Wayne, IN, U.S. Fri-Sat, June 17-18 Blues on the Fox Aurora, IL, U.S. 630-896-6666 Fri-Sat, June 17-18 Ham Bone Blues Jam Rochester, MN, U.S. 507-292-5985

Fri-Sat, June 17-18 Honesdale Roots & Rhythm Honesdale, PA, U.S. 570-253-5492 Fri-Sat, June 17-18 Parkville Jazz/ Blues River Jam Parkville, MO, U.S. 816-880-9026 Fri-Sat, June 17-18 T Bone Walker Blues Fest Linden, TX, U.S. 903-756-7774 Fri-Sun, June 17-19 Crawdad Fest Red Bluff, CA, U.S. 530-352-4222 Fri-Sun, June 17-19 Gahanna Creekside Blues/Jazz Gahanna, OH, U.S. 877-743-3139 Fri-Sun, June 17-19 Live Oak Music Fest Santa Barbara, CA, U.S. 805-781-3030 Fri-Sun, June 17-19 Maine Blues Fest Naples, Maine, U.S.

Sat, June 18 Bentonia Blues Fest Bentonia, MS U.S. 800-381-0662 Sat, June 18 Blues, Grooves & Spirits Greensburg, IN, U.S. 859 271-1293 Sat, June 18 Blues on the Beach Caseville, MI, U.S. 989-856-2500 Sat, June 18 Robb Bower’s Julian Blues Bash Julian, CA, U.S. 619-282-5430 Sat, June 18 Silver Spring Blues Fest Silver Spring, MD, U.S. Sat-Sun, June 18-19 Hudson Blues, Brews/BBQ Hudson, OH, U.S. 886-241-7881 Sat-Sun, June 18-19 New England Jazz/Blues Fest Middlebury, CT, U.S. 860-307-2909 Sun-Sat, June 19-25 Darwin Blues Fest Northern Territory, Darwin, Australia 0488 520 230

Blues Festival Guide 2011


Thurs-Sat, June 23-25 Boundary Water Blues Fest Grand Rapids, MN, U.S. 218 365-2440 Thurs-Sat, June 23-25 Torrita Blues Fest Torrita di Siena, SI, Italy 0577687572 Fri-Sat, June 24-25 Amboy Bike Fest Amboy, WA, U.S. 360-772-2200 Fri-Sat, June 24-25 Alpena Blues Fest Alpena, MI, U.S. 989-356-0020 Fri- Sat, June 24-25 Gr Eldorado BBQ, Brews/Blues Reno, NV, U.S. 775-786-5700 Fri- Sat, June 24-25 Mount Helena Music Fest Helena, MT, U.S. 406-447-1535 Fri-Sat, June 24-25 North MS Hill Country Picnic Potts Camp, MS, U.S. 662-801-7272 Fri-Sat, June 24-25 Paulie’s NOLA Jazz & Blues Worcester, MA, U.S. 617-625-2140 Fri-Sat, June 24-25 21st Riverfront Blues Fest 2011 Fort Smith, AR, U.S. 479-561-4552 Fri-Sun, June 24-26 Blues from the Top Winter Park, CO, U.S. 970-531-2549 Fri-Sun, June 24-26 blues’n’jazz Rapperswil-Jona, SG, Switzerland 41 044 315 40 20 Fri-Sun, June 24-26 Monterey Bay Blues Fest Seaside, CA, U.S. 831-394-2652 Fri-Sun, June 24-26 Stratford Blues & Rib Fest Stratford, ON, CAN 519-271-3093 Sat, June 25 Bear Creek Blues Fest Slater, MO, U.S. 660-529-2212 Sat, June 25 Blues & Booze In The Bury Odiham, Hampshire, UK 01256 702128 Sat, June 25 Modesto Blues Art & Music Modesto, CA, U.S.


Sat, June 25 Summertime Blues Fest Havre de Grace, MD, U.S. 888-419-1762 Sat-Sun, June 25-26 Colonial Beach Blues Fest Colonial Beach, VA, U.S. 804-214-0312 Sat-Sun, June 25-26 Long Beach Bayou/ Mardi Gras Long Beach, CA, U.S. longbeachbayouandmardigrasFest. com 562-424-0013 Sat-Mon, June 25-Jul 4 Montreal Jazz Fest Montreal, CAN 888-515-0515 Wed-Sun, June 29-Jul 3 Puisto Blues Fest Jarvenpaa, Finland +358 40 5929 404 Thurs-Sun, June 30-Jul 3 Barrier Beach Blues/Arts Fest Long Beach, NY, U.S. 516-456-9902 Thurs-Sun, June 30-Jul 3 High Sierra Music Fest Quincy, CA, U.S. 510 547-1992 Thurs-Sat, June 30-Jul 2 Skanevik BluesFest Skanevik, Norway +47 91716989

JULY Fri-Sun, Jul 1-3 29th Gr. Blue Heron Music Fest Sherman, NY, U.S. 716-761-7190 Fri-Sun, Jul 1-3 MS Valley Blues Fest Davenport, IA, U.S. 563 322-5837 Fri-Sun, Jul 1-16 45th Montreux Jazz Fest Montreux, Switzerland +41 21 966 44 44 Fri-Sun, Jul 1-31 Home Grown Blues Series Oakland, CA, U.S. 510-836-2227 Fri-Mon, Jul 1-4 Boston’s on the Beach Delray Beach, FL, U.S. 561-441-4445 Fri-Mon, Jul 1-4 Waterfront Blues Fest Portland, OR, U.S. 503-973-FEST Sat, Jul 2 Stone Soul & Rock/Roll Fest Akron, OH, U.S. 330 762-4076

Blues Festival Guide 2011

Mon, Jul 4 Red, White & Blues Fest Pleasanton, CA, U.S. 510-836-2227 Mon, Jul 4 Spirit of KS Blues Fest Topeka, KS, U.S. Tues-Sat, Jul 5-9 Cognac Blues Passions Cognac, Poitou-Charentes, France 0545361181 Tues-Sun, Jul 5-17 Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest Ottawa, ON, CAN 613 247-1188 Thurs, Jul 7 Home Grown Blues Series Oakland, CA, U.S. 510-836-2227 Thurs-Sat, Jul 7-9 Kalamazoo Blues Fest Kalamazoo, MI, U.S. 269-381-6514 Thurs-Sun, Jul 7-10 Hondarribia Blues Fest Hondarribia, Basque, Spain 34679473161 Fri-Mon, Jul 8-11 Anglesea Blues Fest North Wildwood, NJ, U.S. 609-523-6565 Fri-Sat, Jul 8-9 Briggs Farm Blues Fest Nescopeck, PA, U.S. 570-370-2003 Fri-Sat, Jul 8-9 Lighthouse Blues Fest Kincardine, ON, CAN 519-395-0470 Fri-Sun, Jul 8-10 Louisville Blues-N-Barbecue Louisville, KY, U.S. 502-583-0333 Fri-Sun, Jul 8-10 Thunder Bay Blues Fest Thunder Bay, ON, CAN 1-800-463-6817 Sat, Jul 9 Animas River Blues Fest Aztec, NM, U.S. 505-330-4616 Sat, Jul 9 Grassroots Blues Fest Duck Hill, MS, U.S. 662-565-2478 Sat-Sun, Jul 9-10 Hayward Russell-City Blues Fest Hayward, CA, U.S. 510-836-2227 Sun, Jul 10 Beacon Hills Blues Fest Ashland, OR, U.S. 503-575-1941

Mon nights Jul 11-Aug 22 Blue Mons Lewiston, NY 716 754-0166 Wed-Sat, Jul 13-16 Wreckhouse Int’l Jazz & Blues Fest St. John’s, NL, CAN 709-739-7734 Thurs-Sat, Jul 14-16 Etna in Blues Mascalucia, Catania, Italy Thurs-Sat, Jul 14-16 Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Fest Sioux Falls, SD, U.S. 605-335-6101 Thurs-Sun, Jul 14-17 Big Rib BBQ & Blues Fest Rochester, NY, U.S. 585 473-4482 Thurs-Sun, Jul 14-17 WorldFest 2011 Grass Valley, CA, U.S. 530-891-4098 Fri-Sat, Jul 15-16 Ain’t Nothin But The Blues Bloomington, IL, U.S. 309-662-0996 Fri-Sat, Jul 15-16 BBQ’Loo & Blues Too Waterloo, IA, U.S. 319-291-2038 Fri-Sat, Jul 15-16 Sterling Main St Blues Fest Sterling, IL, U.S. 815-626-8610 Fri-Sun, Jul 15-24 Beaches Int’l Jazz Fest Toronto, ON, CAN 416-698-2152 Fri-Sun, Jul 15-17 Bluesfest Int’l Windsor, ON, CAN 519-252-8463 Fri-Sun, Jul 15-17 Blues Peer Deusterstraat, Peer, Belgium +32 / 011-61 11 25 Fri-Sun, Jul 15-17 Frankford Island Blues Fest Quinte West-Frankford, ON, CAN 613-392-1025 Fri-Sun, Jul 15-17 The Great South Bay Music Fest Patchogue, NY, U.S. 631-331-0808 Fri-Sun, Jul 15-17 Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Fest Winthrop, WA, U.S. 800-422-3048 Sat, Jul 16 Blue Ridge Blues & BBQ Fest Roanoke, VA, U.S. 540 529-8502

Sat, Jul 16 Lakefront Jazz and Blues Fest Prior Lake, MN, U.S. 952-403-6901 Sat, Jul 16 Playing with Fire Omaha, Nebraska, U.S. 402-990-4211 Sat, Jul 16 Winchester Blues House Fest Winchester, VA, U.S. Sat-Sun, Jul 16-17 Green River Fest Greenfield, MA, U.S. 413-773-7008 Sat-Sun, Jul 16-17 N. Atlantic Blues Fest Rockland, Maine, U.S. 207-596-6055 Sun, Jul 17 Blues Under The Bridge CO Springs, CO, U.S. 719-576-5945 Fri- Sun, Jul 8-17 Mt. Tremblant Int’l Blues Fest Mt. Tremblant, Quebec, CAN 819-681-4800 Thurs-Sat, Jul 21-23 Fest Beauport en Blues Quebec, Quebec, CAN 418-666-8392 Fri-Sun, Jul 22-24 “Marco Fiume Blues Passion” Memorial Fest Rossano, Calabria, Italy +39 0983 522593-Mobile +39 333.3230195-333.2326153 Fri-Sun, Jul 22-24 Oxford Blues Fest Oxford, MS, U.S. 662-202-6515 Fri-Sun, Jul 22-24 PEI Blues Cruise Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, CAN 506-387-8514 Fri-Sun, Jul 22-24 Pittsburgh Blues Fest Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. 412-460-BLUE Fri-Sat, Jul 22-23 Arts and Blues Fest Redwood City, CA, U.S. 650-556-1650 Fri-Sat, Jul 22-23 Rock Cut Blues Fest Orient, WA, U.S. 509-738-2350 Sat, Jul 23 Jazz & Blues Fest Middletown, NJ, U.S. 732-933-1984

Blues Festival Guide 2011


Sat, Jul 23 Klamath Blues Fest Klamath Falls, OR, U.S. 541-331-3939 Sat, Jul 23 Red Wine & Blues Tuckerton, NJ, U.S. 609-296-8868 Sat, Jul 23 Summer Blues Jam/Vineyard Russellville, TN, U.S. 865-973-0408 Sat, Jul 23 Sigulda Blues Fest Sigulda, Latvia 26364759 Thurs-Sat, Jul 28-30 Big Bend Blues Bash Pomeroy, OH, U.S. 800-634-4726 Fri-Sun, Jul 29-31 Cape Fear Blues Fest Wilmington, NC, U.S. 910-350-8822 Fri-Sat, Jul 29-30 Fargo Blues Fest Fargo, N.D., U.S. 866-55-BLUES Fri-Sat, Jul 29-30 Prairie Dog Blues Fest Prairie du Chien, WI, U.S. 1-888-567-1567 open may 1 Fri-Sun, Jul 29-31 Mount Baker R&B Fest Bellingham, WA, U.S. 360-383-0850 Fri-Sun, Jul 29-31 Sun Flower Fest Freiberg, Saxony, Germany 0049 351 810 47 66 Sat-Sun, Jul 30-31 PA Blues Fest Palmerton, PA, U.S. 610-826-7700 Sat-Sun, Jul 30-31 Sky High Blues Fest Rock Creek. BC, CAN 250-446-2553 Fri-Sun, Jul 29-31 Tall City Blues Fest Midland, TX, U.S. 432-262-0034 Sat, Jul 30 StellarOne Beach Music Fest Buena Vista, VA, U.S. 1-800-555-8845

AUGUST Mon nights Jul 11-Aug 22 Blue Mons Lewiston, NY 716 754-0166 Mon-Sun, Aug 1-7 Calgary Int’l Blues Fest Calgary, Alberta, CAN

84 403-668-7144 Mon-Wed, Aug 1-31 Home Grown Blues Series Oakland, CA, U.S. 510-836-2227 Thurs-Sun, Aug 4-7 Great Woods Music Fest Beausejour, Manitoba, CAN 204-268-2814 Thurs-Sun, Aug 4-7 Kitchener Blues Fest Kitchener, ON, CAN 519-571-2555 Fri-Sat, Aug 5-6 Backyard Blues Bash Goldendale, WA, U.S. 509-773-4434 Fri-Sat, Aug 5-6 Canal Winchester Blues/Ribfest Canal Winchester, OH, U.S. 614-270-5053 Fri-Sat, Aug 5-6 Northern CA Blues Fest Auburn, CA, U.S. 916-350-4640 Fri-Sat, Aug 5-6 Willamette Valley Blues/ Brews Fest Springfield, OR, U.S. 541 206-5435 Fri-Sun, Aug 5-7 AmeriServ Flood City Music Fest Johnstown, PA, U.S. 814-539-1889 Fri-Sun, Aug 5-7 Blue Wing Blues Fest Upper Lake, CA, U.S. 707-275-2244 Fri-Sun, Aug 5-7 Mammoth Fest of Beers/ Bluesapalooza Mammoth Lakes, CA, U.S. 888-992-7397 Fri-Sun, Aug 5- 7 Riverfront Blues Fest Wilmington, Delaware, U.S. 302-576-2137 Fri-Sun, Aug 5- 7 Yellow Pine Harmonica Fest Yellow Pine, ID, U.S. 208 633-3300 Sat, Aug 6 Barnful Of Blues New Boston, N.H, U.S. 603-325-8659 Sat, Aug 6 Blues & Bikes in the Foothills Loma Rica, CA, U.S. 530-740-3297 Sat, Aug 6, 2011 Blues For The Zoo Big Bear Lake, CA, U.S. 909-547-0504

Blues Festival Guide 2011

Sat, Aug 6 Bluesmore Cedar Rapids, IA, U.S. 319-362-7375 Sat, Aug 6 BlueStar Blues Fest Littleton, CO, U.S. 970-531-1641 Sat, Aug 6 DamBluesFest & Pub Crawl Damariscotta, Maine, U.S. 207-841-1461 Sat, Aug 6 Lebanon Blues Fest Lebanon, OH, U.S. 513-588-0321 Sun, Aug 6 Onset Blues Fest Onset, MA, U.S. 508-295-7072 Sat-Sun, Aug 6-7 Big Sky Blues Fest Noxon, MT, U.S. 253-973-9024 Tues-Sun, Aug 9-14 Donnacona Blues Fest Donnacona, CAN 418-285-5696 Thurs-Sun, Aug 11-14 Magic City Blues Billings, MT, U.S. 406-670-2329 Fri-Sat, Aug 12-13 Cowpie Blues Fest Alaska, MI, U.S. 616-430-4588 Fri-Sat, Aug 12-13 Riverfront Blues Fest Libby, MT, U.S. 406-293-5900 Fri-Sat, Aug 12-13 Waukesha BluesFest Delafield, WI, U.S. 1-800-366-1961 Fri-Sun, Aug 12-14 Bayfront Blues Fest Duluth, MN, U.S. 715-394-6831 Fri-Sun, Aug 12-14 Heritage Music Blues Fest Wheeling, West VA, U.S. 304-232-8705 Fri-Sun, Aug 12-14 Long Beach Jazz Fest Long Beach, CA, U.S. 562-424-0013 Fri-Sun, Aug 12-14 San Jose Jazz Fest San Jose, CA, U.S. 408-288-7557 Sat, Aug 13 Brats Brews & Blues Klamath Falls, OR, U.S. 541-892-8207

Sat, Aug 13 Bronze, Blues/Brews Fest Joseph, OR, U.S. 541-438-2215 Sat, Aug 13 Burnaby Blues/ Roots Fest Burnaby, BC, CAN 604-204-3000 Sat, Aug 13 Fire On The Sonora, CA, U.S. 209-533-3473 Sun, Aug 14 Empire Blues Fest Empire, CO, U.S. 303-567-9530 Fri-Sat, Aug 19-20 Chenango Blues Fest Norwich, NY, U.S. 607-334-5653 Fri-Sun, Aug 19-21 Edmonton’s Labatt Blues Fest Edmonton, Alberta, CAN bluesInt’ Fri-Sun, Aug 19-21 White Mtn Boogie & Blues Fest Thornton, NH, U.S. 603-726-3867 Fri-Sun, Aug 19-21 Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Fest Salmon Arm, BC, CAN 250 833-4096 Sat, Aug 20 Blue Root Jam Gastonia, NC, U.S. 704-685-7011 Sat, Aug 20 Blues ‘N’ Brews Fest Westford, MA, U.S. 978-692-3033 Sat, Aug 20 Hot Aug Blues & Roots Fest Cockeysville, MD, U.S. 877-321-FEST Sat-Sun, Aug 20-21 Art & Soul Fest Oakland, CA, U.S. Sat-Sun, Aug 20-21 Keystone Blues Fest Keystone, CO, U.S. 970-496-4386 Sat-Sun, Aug 20-21 Salem Jazz and Soul Fest Salem, MA, U.S. 781-570-9621 Sun-Mon, Aug 21-22 Art & Soul Fest Oakland, CA, U.S. 510-836-2227 Thurs-Sat, Aug 25-27 Bean Blossom Blues Bean Blossom, IN, U.S. 812-988-8200

Thurs-Sun, Aug 25-28 Limestone City Blues Fest Kingston, ON, CAN 613-542-8677 Thurs-Sun, Aug 25-28 Sierre Blues Fest Sierre, Valais, Switzerland +41 27 565 50 81 Thurs-Sat, Aug 25-27 Bean Blossom Blues Fest Morgantown, IN, U.S. 812-988-8200 Sat, Aug 26 Trinidaddio Blues Fest Trinidad, CO, U.S. 719-859-8031 Fri-Sat, Aug 26-27 Foothills Blues/Arts Fest Pomeroy, OH, U.S. Fri-Sat, Aug 26-27 Hot Aug Blues Fest Aurora, KY, U.S. 270-293-6641 Fri-Sun, Aug 26-28 Bluestock 2011 Hunter Mountain, NY, U.S. 843-513-7777 Fri-Sun, Aug 26-28 Jb’s at the Limetree Fest Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK 07711127278 Fri-Sun, Aug 26-28 Nanaimo Summertime Blues Nanaimo, BC, CAN 250-797-0395 Sat, Aug 27 Byron Crossroads Blues Fest Byron, IL, U.S. byroncrossroadsbluesFest.blogspot. com 779-537-4006 Sat, Aug 27 Long Branch Jazz & Blues Fest Long Branch, NJ, U.S. 732-933-1984 Sat, Aug 27 Napa’s Blues, Brews & BBQ Napa, CA, U.S. 707-257-0322 Sat, Aug 27 Summer Blues Fest Staunton, VA, U.S. 540-245-0609 Aug 27 Trinidaddio Blues Fest Trinidad, CO, USA 719-859-8031 Sun, Aug 28 CNE Bandshell BluesFest Toronto, ON, CAN 416-423-2224 Sun, Aug 28 Rocky Mtn Music Fest Littleton, CO, U.S. 303-278-7799

SEPTEMBER Thurs-Sat, Sep 1-3 Hot Springs Blues Fest Hot Springs, AR, U.S. 501 815-2939 Fri, Sep 2 Howlin’ Wolf Memorial Blues Fest West Point, MS, U.S. 662-605-0770 Fri-Sun, Sep 2-4 Dusk Til Dawn Blues Fest Rentiesville, OK, U.S. 918-473-2411 Fri-Sun, Sep 2-4 Harvest Time Blues Fest Monaghan, Ulster, Ireland +353 4738162 Fri-Sun, Sep 2-4 Rhythm & Roots Charlestown, RI, U.S. 888-855-6940 Fri- Sun, Sep 2-4 Snowy Range Music Fest Laramie, WY, U.S. Fri-Sun, Sep 2-4 Summertime Bikes & Blues Fest Freeport, TX, U.S. 979-215-6019 Sat, Sep 3 BBQ Blues Fest Gateway, CO, U.S. 970 931 2458 Sat-Sun, Sep 3-4 Bedford Blues & BBQ City of Bedford, TX, U.S. Sat-Sun, Sep 3-4 Blues by the Bay Eureka, CA, U.S. 707-445-3378 Sat-Sun, Sep 3-4 DC Blues Fest WA, DC, U.S. 301-322-4808 Sat-Sun, Sep 3-4 Marquette Area Blues Fest Marquette, MI, U.S. 906-228-9925 Sat-Mon, Sep 3-5 Rhythm and Roots Fest Charlestown, RI, U.S. 888-855-6940 Mon, Sep 5 WRFG Labor Day Blues Barbecue Atlanta, GA, U.S. 404-523-3471 Sat-Sun, Sep 10-11 Greater Ozark Blues Fest Springfield, MO, U.S. 417-860-5078

Fri-Sat, Sep 9-10 Holy Cow Blues Fest Canon City, CO, U.S. 719-258-9011 Fri-Sun, Sep 9-11 Niagara Falls Blues Fest Niagara Falls, NY, U.S. 716-283-1738 Fri-Sat, Sep 9-10 Roots N Blues N BBQ Fest Columbia, MO, U.S. 573-442-5864 Fri-Sun, Sep 9-11 Southside Shuffle Blues/ Jazz Fest Mississauga, ON, CAN 905-271-9449 Sat, Sep 10 MS Gulf Coast Blues Fest Gautier, MS, U.S. 228-497-5493 Sat, Sep 10 Sebastopol Zydeco Fest Sebastopol, CA, U.S. 707 824-4160 Sat, Sep 10 Fall Blues Fest at the Shed Maryville, TN, U.S. 865-973-0408 Sat, Sep 10 Sun Prairie Blues Fest Sun Prairie, WI, U.S. 608-837-5213 Sat-Sun, Sep 10-11 Blues at the Beach VA Beach, VA, U.S. 757-456-1675 Sat-Sun, Sep 10-11 Blues At The Beach Norfolk, VA, U.S. Sun-Mon, Sep 11-12 Russian River Jazz/Blues Guerneville, CA, U.S. 949-360-7800 Tues-Sun, Sep 13-18 Harvest Jazz/Blues Fest Fredericton, New Brunswick, CAN 888-622-5837 Fri-Sat, Sep 16-17 Old Town BluesFest Lansing, MI, U.S. 517-371-4600 Fri-Sat, Sep 16-17 Paramount Blues Fest Grafton, WI, U.S. 262-208-6288 Fri-Sat, Sep 16-17 Jazz/Blues in the Village Sarnia, ON, CAN 1-519-344-7777 Fri-Sun, Sep 16-18 Austin City Limits Music Fest Austin, TX, U.S. 888-512-SHOW

Fri-Sun, Sep 16-18 Blast Furnace Blues Fest Bethlehem, PA, U.S. 610-332-1300 Fri-Sun, Sep 16-18 Telluride Blues/Brews Fest Telluride, CO, U.S. 866-515-6166 Sat, Sep 17 Bisbee Blues Fest Bisbee, AZ, U.S. 520-458-4313 Sat, Sep 17 Delta Blues Fest Antioch, CA, U.S. 925 698-8024 Sat, Sep 17 MS Delta Blues/Heritage Fest Greenville, MS, U.S. 662-335-3523 Sat, Sep 17 Paxico Blues Fest Kansas City City, KS, U.S. 913-328-0710 Fri-Sun, Sep 23-25 Blues On The River Montreal, Quebec CAN 888-986-3278 Fri-Sun, Sep 23-25 Blues, Views & B.B.Q. Westport, CT, U.S. 203-216-1098 Fri-Sat, Sep 23-Oct 1 Oktoberfest La Crosse, WI, U.S. 608 784-3378 Sat, Sep 24 Hound Dog Blues Music Fest Tulsa, OK, U.S. 877-349-2663 Sat-Sun, Sep 24-25 Polk Street Blues Fest San Francisco, CA, U.S. 800-310-6563 Wed-Sat, Sep 28-Oct 1 Bikes, Blues & BBQ Fayetteville, AR, U.S. 479-527-9993 Wed-Sun, Sep 28 Copenhagen Blues Fest Copenhagen, Denmark +45 38 87 86 55 Thurs-Sat, Sep 29-Oct 1 Old Town Blues/Jazz Fest Rockhill, SC, U.S. 803-328-2220 540-342-2640 Sat, Oct 1 Washington Fest in the Borough Washington, NJ, U.S. 908-689-4800 Thurs-Sat, Oct 6-8 AR Blues and Heritage Fest Helena, AR, U.S. Thurs-Sun, Oct 6-9 Carolina Downhome Blues Fest Camden, SC, U.S. 803-425-7676 Fri-Sun, Oct 7-9 Daytona blues Fest Daytona Beach, FL, U.S. 386-846-7302 Fri-Sat, Oct 7-8 Garvin Gate Blues Fest Louisville, KY, U.S. 502-896-9833 Thurs-Sat, Oct 6-8 King Biscuit Blues Fest Helena, AR, U.S. 870-572-5223 Oct 14-15 Bukka White Blues Fest Aberdeen, MS 800-634-3538 Oct 15-16 Crescent City Blues/BBQ Fest New Orleans, LA, USA 504-558-6100 Oct 15 Rowan Blues/Jazz Fest Salisbury, NC, US 704-636-2811 Thurs-Sun, Oct 20-23 Dark Season Blues Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway Fri-Sat, Oct 21-22 Blues Masters at Crossroads Salina, KS, U.S. 785-825-8609 Sat, Oct 22 Columbia’s Fest Columbia, SC, U.S. 803-708-4500 Fri-Sat, Oct 28-29 Blues Fest in Eslov Eslov, Sweden +46 702 442825

Fri-Sun, Oct 28-30 Sydney Blues & Roots Fest Windsor, NSW, Australia + 61 02 45877618

NOVEMBER Thurs-Sat, Nov 4-19 Blues sur Seine Mantes-la-Jolie, Mantes en Yvelines et Val de Seine, France Sat, Nov 5 Blues’n Bar-B-Que Homosassa, FL, U.S. 352-503-3498 Sat, Nov 5 Sarasota Bluesfest Sarasota, FL, U.S. 941-377-3279 Fri-Mon, Nov 11-13 Bear Creek Music Fest Live Oak, FL, U.S. Fri-Sun, Nov 11-13 Blues at Bridgetown Bridgetown, WA, Australia + 61 8 9761 2921 Fri-Mon, Nov 11-13 Tenby Blues Fest Tenby, Pembrokeshire, UK 07 074 10 21 21 Sat, Nov 12 Blaublues Fest Haringe Haringe Poperinge, WestVlaanderen, Belgium +32 057 30 00 44 #160 Fri-Sun, Nov 12-14 St. Johns River Blues Fest Palatka, FL, U.S. 386-325-5454 Sat, Nov 19 Southwest FL Blues Fest Cape Coral, FL, U.S. 239-464-0809 Thurs-Sat, Nov 24-26 Moinho Blues Fest Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 55 54 3028 6149

DECEMBER Sat, December 31 New Years Eve Gala American Canyon, CA, U.S. 510-836-2227

OCTOBER Sat, Oct 1 Paoli Blues Fest Paoli, PA, U.S. 610 296-7443 Sat, Oct 1 SunTrust Big Lick Blues Fest Roanoke, VA, U.S.

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BLUES SOCIETIES Here’s the list of all blues societies we have been in contact with, Sorted by state. They are also distributors of the Blues Festival Guide. Call your Local society And become A member today! Information believed to be correct, but not guaranteed. Visit for the latest updates. Compiled by Irene Weaver COUNTRY USA USA USA USA USA










SOCIETY Alabama Blues Project Gulf Coast Blues Society Magic City Blues Society Arkansas River Blues Society Fort Smith Riverfront Blues Society Ozark Blues Society of Northwest Arkansas Inc. Sonny Boy Blues Society Spa City Blues Society Phoenix Blues Society Southern Arizona Blues Heritage Foundation Blues Lovers United of San Diego Central Valley Blues Society Los Angeles Blues Society



Midnight Blues Society




Monterey Bay Blues Festival Sacramento Blues Society



San Luis Obispo Blues Society



Santa Barbara Blues Society Santa Clarita Valley Blues Society Santa Cruz Blues Society Sierra Blues Society Sonoma County Blues Society Southern California Blues Society The Golden Gate Blues Society Colorado Blues Society Grand County Blues Society



Pikes Peak Blues Community



Connecticut Blues Society DC Blues Society Diamond State Blues Society Blues Alliance of the Treasure Coast Blues Society of Northwest Florida Earth Awareness of Brevard Nature Coast Friends of Blues, Inc North Central Florida Blues Society Orange Blossom Blues Society South Florida Blues Society Space Coast Blues Society Suncoast Blues Society Atlanta Blues Society Central Iowa Blues Society Lizard Creek Blues Society Mississippi Valley Blues Society Boise Blues Society Blues Blowtorch Society Crossroads Blues Society of Illinois Decatur Blues Society Illinois Blues Coalition Illinois Central Blues Club Prairie Crossroads Blues Society River City Blues Society (IL)

Seaside Sacramento San Luis Obispo Santa Barbara Newhall Santa Cruz Grass Valley Santa Rosa Los Angeles San Francisco Englewood Winter Park Colorado Springs Higganum Washington Middletown










Blues Festival Guide 2011

CITY Northport Mobile Birmingham Alexander Fort Smith




Helena Hot Springs Phoenix


San Diego Fresno South El Monte php?gid=105186578298

Port Saint Lucie

Pensacola Rockledge Homosassa


Orlando Coral Springs Cocoa Beach Tampa Atlanta Des Moines Fort Dodge Davenport Boise Bloomington Freeport Decatur Pekin Springfield Champaign Peoria























Windy City Blues Society Hoosier Blues Society Indiana Blues Society Topeka Blues Society Wichita Blues Society Henderson Music Preservation Society Kentuckiana Blues Society Kentucky Blues Society Russellville Blues Society Baton Rouge Blues Society Voodoo Blues Krewe New Orleans Blues Society Boston Blues Society Massachusetts Blues Society Raising The Blues, Ltd. Baltimore Blues Society Frederick Blues Society Maine Blues Society Capital Area Blues Society Detroit Blues Society Kalamazoo Valley Blues Association Marquette Area Blues Society Mid North Michigan Blues Society West Michigan Blues Society Greater Twin Cities Blues Music Society Blues Society of the Ozarks Kansas City Blues Society Lake of the Ozarks Blues Society MO Blues Association St. Louis Blues Society Central Mississippi Blues Society Crossroads Blues Society of Rosedale, Mississippi Mississippi Delta Blues Society of Indianola

Chicago Taylorsville Clayton Topeka Wichita


Louisville Bowling Green Russellville Baton Rouge


Maynard East Wareham Lexington Baltimore Frederick Portland Okemos Detroit


Marquette Petoskey Grand Rapids,


Springfield Kansas City Camdenton Jefferson City St. Louis Jackson





Vicksburg Blues Society




Cape Fear Blues Society Charlotte Blues Society Piedmont Blues Preservation Society Rowan Blues and Jazz Society Triangle Blues Society Omaha Blues Society Granite State Blues Society Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation North Jersey Blues Alliance Las Vegas Blues Society Reno Blues Society Blues Society of Western New York Long Island Blues Society New York Blues & Jazz Society Black Swamp Blues Society Cincy Blues Society Cleveland Blues Society Columbus Blues Alliance Dayton Blues Society North East Ohio Blues Association (NEOBA) Pomeroy Blues + Jazz Society Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum The Blues, Jazz and Folk Music Society Blues Society of Tulsa

Wilmington Charlotte






















OK starting.htm


Salisbury Durham Omaha New Boston

Red Bank

South Orange Las Vegas Reno


Centereach Mount Vernon Toledo Cincinnati Shaker Heights Columbus Dayton






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Friends Of The Rentiesville Blues Inc Oklahoma Blues Society Ashland Blues Society Cascade Blues Association Klamath Blues Society Rainy Day Blues Society Billtown Blues Association Blues Society of Central Pennsylvania Blues Society of Western Pennsylvania Bucks County Blues Society Lehigh Valley Blues Network Women’s Blues Alliance Rhode Island Rhythm and Blues Preservation Society


Oklahoma City Ashland Portland Klamath Falls Eugene Hughesville



Levittown Lehigh Valley Lehigh Valley


Lowcountry Blues Club

Isle of Palms

Cordova Nashville Maryville




Memphis Blues Society Nashville Blues Society Smoky Mountain Blues Society Yesterday & Today’s Rhythm & Blues Society Austin Blues Society DFW Blues Society Houston Blues Society, thebigguyblues@

Austin Dallas Houston



Paris Blues Society




San Angelo San Antonio Roanoke Norfolk Gum Spring Big Island Spokane






Federal Way Walla Walla Seattle Grafton Wausau Madison Milwaukee Charleston Evansville Kincardine Windsor Thorold




Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada


Halifax Edmonton Waterloo London Fredericton LaSalle Belleville Le Relatant/facebook,




website to come

Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada Canada


San Angelo Blues Society San Antonio Blues Society Blue Ridge Blues Society Natchel’ Blues Network River City Blues Society (VA) Sedalia Blues Society Inland Empire Blues Society Pacific Northwest Blues in the Schools South Sound Blues Association Walla Walla Blues Society Washington Blues Society Grafton Blues Association Great Northern Blues Society Madison Blues Society Wisconsin Blues Society West Virginia Blues Society Wyoming Blues & Jazz Society Bruce County Blues Society Canada South Blues Society Canal Bank Shuffle Collingwood Jazz and Blues Society East Coast Blues Society Edmonton Blues Society Grand River Blues Society Great Lakes Blues Society Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival Le Relatant, Societe de blues Loyal Blues Fellowship Mississauga Blues & Roots Association Mississippi Blues Society Montreal Blues Society Ottawa Blues Society Saskatoon Blues Society Thunder Bay Blues Society Toronto Blues Society Victoria Blues Society White Rock Blues Society, pdenney@

Smiths Falls Montreal Ottawa Saskatoon Thunder Bay Toronto Victoria Surrey


Blues Festival Guide 2011

What’s Cookin’ here’s a savory dish of slow-cooked goodness that will surely satisfy a hearty appetite

BiG Bill MoRGanFielD Singer, guitarist, songwriter and W.C. Handy Award recipient, William “Big Bill” Morganfield, is the son of blues legend, McKinley Morganfield, aka Muddy Waters. Big Bill has been headlining shows in the U.S. and Europe for many years and says when he’s home, most of his cooking is done in the slow cooker Big Bill Morganfield Photo by Shari Morganfield while he plays catch-up around the house. Here’s a recipe of Bill’s that’s considered a “lip-smacking-back-slapping” family favorite. It’s so good, he says, that after tasting it, his lady smacks her lips while slapping him on the back – a sure seal of approval. www.bigbillmorganfield. net Big Bill’s slow cooked Beef Brisket 1 16 ounce jar Pace Picante sauce 1/2 cup molasses 1/4 cup cider vinegar 2 tbsp reduced sodium Worcestershire sauce 1 large onion, cut in half 3 pounds lean beef brisket 1 cup red wine (optional but gives it a great taste) 2 celery stalks, sliced and diced 1/2 green pepper sliced and diced Place onion in a 5-quart slow cooker. Place beef brisket on top of the onion. Stir together the picante sauce, molasses, vinegar, Worcestershire, red wine, celery and green pepper and pour this mixture over beef brisket. Cover and cook on low for 8 to 9 hours or until the beef is fork-tender. This recipe can also be cooked on high for five to six hours for the same results. There you go – enjoy!

Blues Festival Guide 2011



Blues Festival Guide 2011

Blues Festival Guide 2011  
Blues Festival Guide 2011  

9th Annual Blues Festival Guide.