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Contents Shtipping The city of Štip has so much to offer, its cultural heritage, its famous pastrmajlija and people who welcome everyone open-heartedly. But, recently the city's tourist offer has changed its course. It has become known as a shopping destination (p12)

Marko's Monastery Almost all places, sites or buildings in Republic of Macedonia are named after Krale Marko, the last Macedonian King. Among the more famous places, named after King Marko is Marko's monastery, some 20 kilometers from Skopje (p8)

Smilevo Bitola and its area witnessed a number of historical events. And our duty is to preserve and retell that history. One of the most important events which took place in the village of Smilevo is the historical Ilinden Uprising (p10)

Clerical garments Made in Matka A pulpit robe design studio geared with computer-driven embroidery machines inside a 14th century monastery. It's not a fiction – it's a workshop of the sisterhood of the monastery located in Skopje's nearby village of Matka (p24)





Daily Horoscope by Vasko MARKOVSKI 45 days of competition ahead and dear readers you hold the key. Some of you have been with us since the very beginning and some you have just read us. So, let this edition be the presentation or the speech mentioned in the daily horoscope, and let our only message be: Just, please, join the poll, see the candidates and let us see how successful we really are!

“Today you could find yourself shining in a group setting, Vasko. You could end up giving a speech or a presentation, and you'll be able to express your thoughts beautifully. Your clarity of mind and your wit could really come through. Use this captive audience as a sounding board for your innovative ideas. If you speak up now, your creativity might be recognized and appreciated. You could be heading into a cycle where your professional and creative input is valued more”.

With this edition, we tried to offer travel destinations, which suit the weather conditions and are a challenge to embark on a journey in this time of the year. Forecasters predict variable weather conditions so we tried to give you several options. We hope you will find ideas, which will help you organize your time. We hope we gave you enough reasons to see what we are trying to be: Your First Friend in Macedonia!

We were excited and happy while working on the latest edition of FTG Macedonia. With great joy we would like to share the news that we've been nominated for The Best Promoter of Macedonia Award, for our attempt to make a contribution for promoting our country. At the same time we feel honored and put to the test. There are

We wish you pleasant moments during you stay in our country. We hope that our magazine will help you manage your free time and will serve you as a starting point of the pleasant memories you will gather and share with the people you love. Welcome to Macedonia!



The moment we opened the last .doc file for this edition of FTG Macedonia, we went through our daily mail and voilà among the pile of mails we see an e-mail from Your Daily Horoscope. So we took a break and read it. And, what a surprise! We found an astonishing paragraph, as if it was specially written for the occasion we feel we're in.

new and now

London Philharmonic & Trpčeski at Metropolis Arena


(10 December)


The most renowned Macedonian pianist Simon Trpčeski will give a performance in Skopje with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Russian maestro Vladimir Yurovsky will conduct Piano-concert No.3 by Sergei Prokofiev. Simon Trpčeski is Macedonian classical pianist. He made a rapid series of debuts with orchestras worldwide. After his debut in Carnegie Hall in New York, he received Golden Diapason 2010 award for best CD concert performance. More info at:

Dimo Todorovski retrospective at NGM A retrospective exhibition of art works by Dimo Todorovski, who is considered to be the founder of modern Macedonian sculpture, is set to be open in the National gallery of Macedonia (Daut Pašin Amam). Todorovski graduated at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade in 1935. He was a member of Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences and author of several monumental monuments in Macedonia. He died in 1983 in Skopje. More info at:

Manu Chao at Metropolis Arena (4 December)

Manu Chao, one of the world's hippest and most popular musicians, will be the star at this year's music festival Taksirat 12. The world recognized left-wing globalista will give a performance from his newest project Manu Chao La Ventura on December 4 at Metropolis Arena in Skopje. The performance of Pekinska Patka, a cult band of the Yugoslav punk scene is a must. More info at:

Three new plays in MNT Macedonian National Theater, which is the largest theater institution in Macedonia, has to offer an attractive December program. This month's repertoire offers three new theater plays by directors Vasil Hristov, SiniĹĄa Evtimov and Srgjan Janikievik, names from Macedonia's theater generation, who have already won the audience sympathies. Don't you Faust me! by Jankievik (8 December), Tempirana opera ( A time opera) by Hristov (18 December) and Taka bilo pisano (It was meant to be) by Evtimov (25 December). More info at:

Veles house at Museum of Macedonia Around 50 drawings which portray houses in the traditional architectural style of the city of Veles will be displayed at the exhibition, titled Veles house in Museum of Macedonia in Skopje. The drawings present houses dating from the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, drawn by architect PhD Petar NamiÄ?ev, who is a researcher of archaic building and aesthetic values of houses in the city of Veles. The drawings portray the most significant buildings according to its spatial and decorative form, which creates an ambient whole at the streets of Veles. More info at:

Handsome Furs & Devojka in MKC (6 December)

More info at:



A concert of two interesting music formations from different parts of the world is set to take place December 6 in Macedonian Youth Cultural Center (MKC) in Skopje. Handsome Furs is a synth punk indie rock band formed in 2007 and based in Montreal, Canada. Macedonian artist Biljana Mirkovski aka Devojka (Girl) who lives and creates music in Skopje and California, will make her first appearance before Macedonian audience.

Photos: Sašo Dimoski



King Marko's Monastery There are many places, sites and buildings in Republic of Macedonia named after Krale Marko (King Marko) the last Macedonian King. One of the most famous among them is Marko's Monastery, some 20 kilometers from Skopje


There are a number of legends, stories and fables, which describe the many brave moves by Macedonian middle-age ruler King Marko. The Macedonian folk literature flows with fables about his legendary fights, followed by his supernatural powers. In most stories he is described as a wise strategic player, great diplomat and very skillful ruler.

However, King Marko was not only mentioned in the folk literature and written documents. The memory of King Marko was also preserved in many Christian buildings, which he has left behind as an inerasable mark of his time. Almost all places, sites or buildings in Republic of Macedonia are named after him. Among the more famous places named after him, besides Markovi Kuli (King Marko's Towers) in Prilep, is Marko's Monastery, some 20

one day tour

of Judaea. King Marko is painted with a roll in his hands on the right side of the monastery's entrance door. This is a mark that he was the one who issued the order for start of the construction building of the church. Today Marko's Monastery is an active female's monastery. There you will be welcomed by the monks of the sisterhood, who even for a moment will transmit a part of their inner peace. They serve to God, work and pray. They spend most of their time painting icons. They paint one of the most beautiful icons in Macedonia. You will also hear many legends and fables about the wonders, which took place in Marko's Monastery. But are they true or false? Well, it is up to you to decide. (Igor Simjanovski is the Director of the Bureau for Tourism and Information - Skopje)



kilometers from Skopje near the village of Markova Sušica. Marko's Monastery contains a single cross-shaped church dedicated to Saint Demetrius. The monastery grounds also consist of lodgings, a belfry, a well, warehouses, a bakery, and a mill. The church was built in the second half of the 14th century. The construction of the Church began under King Volkašin and was completed during the reign of his son King Marko. The fresco inside the church has been divided into several zones. The first zone depicts the human-sized saints, the second zone depicts scenes of the Bible such as the life of the Holy Mother of God, the life and sufferings of Jesus Christ, St. Demetrius and St. Nicholas. Among them is the world-recognized fresco, “The cry of Rachel”, which depicts the sufferings of all mothers who have lost their sons under the rule of Pontius Pilate the Prefect of the Roman province


one day tour


Smilevo The city of Bitola and its area witnessed a number of historical events. And our duty is to preserve and retell that history. One of the most important events which took place in the village of Smilevo is the historical Ilinden Uprising. On the occasion of 100 years of the Ilinden Uprising, a Memorial Museum was built in the village of Smilevo, where it all began. The museum exhibition was set up on an area of 130 square meters. The exhibition consists of Memorial House of the Smilevo Congress 1903; Smilevo in the Ilinden Uprising; Memorial Hall of the life and revolutionary deeds of Dame Gruev; Memorial Hall of the Partisan detachment Dame Gruev; Ethnology exhibition, characteristic for the village of Smilevo. The Congress hall holds documents, through which the visitor By can get acquainted with the content Elena and the significance of Smilevo, as well PETROVSKA as exhibits of more than 27 photos of the members of the Congress and de-

tachments. The museum also displays documents which present the protocols of the Congress, portraits of the members, the copy of the flag of the Bitola Revolutionary District. The room is arranged in the same manner as the Congress Hall. It is also important to mention that the room displays original items, such as the revolver of the Smilevo leader Vele Iliev PenÄ?o and a bomb dating from that period. The weapons of the partisans and other military items are exhibited in glass display cabinet, while the weapons which were used in that period are arranged in another glass display cabinet. Among the significant historical leaders that left mark on Macedonian history, is Dame Gruev. His memorial room in the museum of the village of Smilevo con-

(Elena Petrovska is an Assistant Manager at the Tourist Info Center – Bitola)



tains more than 30 photos and documents. Some of them have been shown for the first time. In the room there is a glass cabinet, which keeps the book of the history of Smilevo and the life and work of Dame Gruev. The ethnology room displays the material cultural heritage of the village of Smilevo, such as the national folk dress and bridal dress. The village of Smilevo is located in the southern part of the municipality Demir Hisar, 10km from the road Bitola – Demir Hisar. There are several other monuments located in the village of Smilevo such as the monument of the Macedonian revolutionary Dame Gruev, monument of the National liberation fight against fascism, the village school dating from Ottoman time. We recommend that you visit the Smilevo’s Monastery, dedicated to Saint Peter. The Memorial Museum is not open every day. If you would like to book a visit please contact Tourist Info Centre Bitola or the City Museum of Bitola


the unknown macedonia



By Vasko MARKOVSKI Photos Ivana KUZMANOVSKA Entire Macedonia is moving to Skopje. And why would I want to go to a place where my neighbors recently came from or my son and daughter's friend came from? Sure. I've been there a dozen times, but is there anything else to see? Occasionally, they will mention it on the television to report on some turmoil in the local political scene, inform on a serious car accident, or when some post-bankruptcy workers have staged a strike to express their revolt. However, there are some good news as well. For example new investments, new stores; and sometimes the city is filled with people, who come to see a concert, festival or celebration. And that's about it. Until next year, until the next wave of good news, the same old, same old: car accidents, television stories on people facing poverty or turmoils in the local political scene. We postponed our visit to Štip on many occasions. Now, we only hold vague memories from the times we once spend there, while visiting our relatives and friends, hanging out with strange people in strange street corners, while our parents were gossiping with their friends and relatives. It seems like the only way to revive the image of the city of Štip is through the television. Once you watched it, you will try to find the place you saw on the TV, wondering from which corner was that shot taken or where is the small river, which flows as a small spring through the well-designed riverbed; or where are the mystic old buildings, where you once spend a night over, hidden in the greens and bushes, which are a mark of the city's style. Hmm...and where is the hotel that looked like a socialist skyscraper, and the restaurant where you parents once took you to attend a weeding? Where is the gracious church of “St. Nikola”, where bishop of Bregalnica Diocese holds a mass and will usually give a statement right after it?; or, where is the colorful artistic building of Stip-based theater, which we saw on the TV, when announcing a premiere? And, we postponed it again. But, we can't make any excuses for forgetting the town of Štip. We can't make any excuses for letting our memories of the city of Štip to fade away, as we know it that it is one of the rare cities where you can feel the city atmosphere and enjoy the people. We forgot that this is the same city that we once adored to visit and take walks in the center while reading the mystic-real stories written by Mihail Rendzov,



The city of Štip has so much to offer such as its rich cultural heritage, its famous pastrmajlija and of course the people who welcome everyone open-heartedly. But, recently the city's tourist offer has changed its course. Now, the city has become more known as a shopping destination. This time we take you on a shtiping“-shopping in Štip


the unknown macedonia


the city of Petre Velikanov, who dug a hole to the other end of Planet Earth, New Zealand, longing for his grandkids and daughter; the city of the river Bregalnica, which tells the story of the strong bull which ran away from the slaughter house beneath Isar fortress and showed up two years later in the dark pumps of Kappadocia.

The Isar fortress is the best place to see the entire city. A rich town-scape lies before you. St. Nicholas Church (below)

Tuesday- We leave Ovče Pole. After ten minutes drive you will see the intersection, which always gives you a headache about which way to turn. Don't be surprised if you make the same mistake when choosing the right path to Štip. One thing to remember is to keep an eye on it just so you have an idea where you should turn in case you get lost. And, we are lost again. Despite the fact that we know this area and we knew where we were heading. We slowed down while passing through the industrial zone, which stretches from the highway to the last houses of the town. We should be nearing the stores and warehouses of former textile and lather industry gigants, such as “Astibo”, “Bargala”, “Makedonka”, which today are one of the main reasons for people to come and spend a day in Štip. At the end of the two-way street we eyed

Ever since, the large factories sinked, young people have been forced to move out, and the living standards have gotten worse. A minor positive impulse was the opening of University of “Goce Delčev”, which cut the student's expenses and of course the new trend, shopping in Štip, which each day becomes more popular. “On Saturday, the city is filled with people from Skopje and other towns from across the country. What you see are families and people who came to shop

Štip's cultural heritage, remains of ancient cities of Astibo and Bargala are displayed in the City Museum (above). On the other side of Isar fortress you witness one mysterious sight -bare hills and Bregalnica River



the place we were looking for. The large balcony, which we saw on the left, right after the last block of industry halls, was the place where we were set to meet our tourist guide from Štip. “This is a good idea, but you've picked the wrong day to come. For that thing you should come on Saturday. You will visit the factories, take a walk and eat pastrmajlija,” our friend Mrs. Katerina Ivanova said, while we were discussing where should we eat our pastrmajlija. She said that once you've came in Štip you can't leave without eating a pastrmajlija. However, we had a long day ahead of us and who knows whether we would had enough time to eat the famous pastrmajlija. The talks, which we had with Mrs Ivanova and some Stip-residents have confirmed our doubts about Stip's living standards in the past two decades.

the unknown macedonia


in Stip. They will arrive on Saturday, check all stores and factories, buy themselves some clothes, get some lunch, spend one great day in Stip and save some money,” Keti said. Ask any Štip-resident and trust me you will get the same answer. The departments of former Štip-based factories produce shoes, shirts, male and female suits and coats for attractive world-famous brands. Don't be surprised if the things you've bought in stores in England, Netherlands or Germany has been manufactured in one of the departments in Štip. And, true. You will easily notice the high-quality shoes and clothes in the shops in the center of the city (the street that we once saw on the TV screens) but, as we learned factories offer a much wider choice of clothes and shoes. It's a fact that the shopping could last longer than the beautiful sun. And be sure that if you have taken your camera you won't stop taking pictures from the beautiful town.


The city was always known as a place of mixed cultures. Kad?n Ana Mosque (above). A monument of Jews deported to the Camp of Death, Treblinka, 1943 (below)

Štip does not only stand for “Astibo” or “Bargala”, Stip stands for them both – as one developed and wealthy municipality, first mentioned in the 4th century and the first station on your way to Pautalia and Serdika – present Kustendil and Sofia in Bulgaria. Some 14 kilometers from Štip are the remains of Bargala, the late-ancient city build after the destruction of Astibo. Štip was also known as Stipion, name used in the Byzantine period, while its present name was written in the books of famous Ottoman writer Evlija Celebi, as well as during the time of King Samoil, when the city had only 2250 houses. We are climbing the Isar fortress, a toponym which is listed among the city's synonyms. The climbing might be a bit tougher for people, who are used to take walks from the car to the computer chair or the armchair before the TV. But, you won't regret it as Isar fortress will tell you all kinds of stories. From up there you will learn a lot about the history and the geography of the city. You will witness the cultural heritage of the city, the geographical characteristics of places, you've once visited and the images you saw on the television. From up there you will realize how much you've unfairly neglected the city of Štip.

The city becomes a popular shopping destination. You will find nice clothes and shoes for good price, rich cultural heritage and pastrmajlija the town's specialty that you can go without tasting it first






Photos by Andon DAVČEV

Windows to eternity Gallery of icons in Prilep is one of the most beautiful places in Macedonia exhibiting “windows to eternity”, as once described by the professor at the Faculty of Theology in Skopje, father Stefan Sandžakovski. The gallery displays 66 icons, and each and every one of them tells a different story and has its own artistic value. The exponents are ordered chronologically, starting with a fresco, the angel from the Monastery St. Archangel Michael in Varoš, painted in the 12th century, considered as one of the most beautiful angels ever painted in Macedonian churches. As you observe the staging, you will witness the traditional Orthodox iconography in Macedonia. You will become even more interested as soon as you hear the various stories that each icon tells and when you come to realize how each story is different but yet the same as they follow the same idea but through different perspective.














The creative side of Chocolate Chocolate works of art will be up for sale at the second donor's auction of chocolate art works, slated for December 5 in the lounge of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet in Skopje (19:30). The auction, which is organized by the association for civil rights Pozitivo and Foundation T-Mobile for Macedonia, will display 40 handmade chocolate works of art, created by the art students at the Skopje-based Art faculty led by Professor Antoni Maznevski. The auction is divided into two parts. First, the attendees will participate in the auction, which will display exponents ranging from 500 to 3.000 denars, while in the second part a total of 18 exponents will be auctioned. The money collected from the sales and the handmade pieces will be donated for setting up two rehabilitation rooms for children within Skopje-based Institute for Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy. The three authors with the most votes will be awarded by the sponsors.


by Patisserie-Boulangerie Pastel

The Art of Baking

Bon appetite!


Patisserie & Boulangerie Pastel St. Kliment Ohridski Blvd. 66-2, Skopje Credit cards: Visa, Master Card Contact: 02 / 321 44 47


The passion of the French towards the pleasures in life originates from the heart of the French cuisine which is crème de la crème of the world's culinary art. Everyone who had the opportunity to visit France and taste some of the traditional French pastry can say that their taste is absolutely incomparable. Pastel, the first authentic patisserie & boulangerie in Macedonia brings you the art of making pastry which waves a great respect for the French tradition. The skills, patience and creativity that the pastry-cooks in Pastel possess, turn the selected ingredients into delicatessen to which one cannot resist. Eat a pastry and celebrate those small moments, which make life wonderful. Start your day with a fresh croissants and café au lait, and let yourself enjoy one French day in Pastel.


made in mk

Photos: Milan STREZOVSKI


Clerical garments made in Matka A pulpit robe design studio geared with computer-driven embroidery machines inside a 14th century monastery. It's not a fiction – it's a workshop of the sisterhood of the Dormition of the Holy Mother of God monastery located in Skopje's nearby village of Matka Those who haven't got a chance to tour a Macedonian monastery after the restitution of monasticism often say the life in monasteries hasn't changed from medieval centuries till the present day. Perhaps this is the way you think? But, what would you say on monasteries communicating each other via e-mail, monastery cells packed with Pentium 4 PCs, ink-jet printers and workroom geared with computer-driven sewing

machines? Perhaps it sounds like a science fiction, but yet possible. This is the scene you can witness just 10 kilometers off Skopje, at the Dormition of the Holy Mother of God monastery in the village of Matka, inside a studio that tailors clerical and bishop's robes. We were taken by surprise when we heard about the workroom of Sister Perpetua, Sister Dorotea and Sister Haritina. We've been looking for an an-

the time. I knew nothing about tailoring, sewing. We had poor skills in needlework - reminiscences of our childhood. Nonetheless, with God's help we learned,” Sister Dorotea told us. Sister Haritina, the youngest monastic woman in the sisterhood, joined us in the conversation. She largely contributed to modernization of the process within the workroom. Sister Haritina is in charge of design and needlework. “I am information technologist by vocation, so my job includes machine programming and garments design. “Machines have computers built into them so that you may use software to control the stitching, several colors of thread and to automatically produce embroidery,” Sister Haritina said. She switched on the machine to show us how it works and then started up a program designated on the display as Program# 12. The needle started to pull on the gold silk thread on the red Italian satin. Little by little... and the embroidery shapes



swer for quite some time – as we were wondering who makes garments for Macedonian bishops and priests; where the ceremonial attires that bishops wear during religious holidays or ordinary mass come from? We headed to Matka. “It was Sister Perpetua's idea to set up a workroom. Once we restored the sisterhood in 1998, we wanted our monastery to run its own economy. We tried with goat breeding, we processed the milk to make goat cheese and yogurt. Eventually we gave up. We were just four and we couldn't manage due to lack of time.' One among many ideas was to set up a workroom for clerical garments,” Sister Dorotea said. She welcomed us at the monastery's gate. Usually Sister Perpetua - the Mother Superior - welcomes the visitors, but she was on a trip. At first they were not sure whether they would succeed, but time revealed the miraculous power of the will and the prayer. “I got scared. I had no sewing skills at

Mediterranean is not far away

Tel: (02) 32 46 616

made in mk

ters about the ornaments because we want the garments match the hats,” Sister Haritina said. Before out departure, we wanted to witness an ordinary day at the workroom. When are the sewing hours, and when Sisters perform other duties in the monastery. They comply with an unwritten rule – they hardly speak among each other while working. The work rolls out with a prayer. The day begins with monastic duties lasting up to three hours. Although their foremost duties are prayer and spiritual reflection, Sisters perform other duties as well, and this includes upkeep of the monastery. Life in monastery requires tending to the monastery's building and grounds. Once the prayers are complete, other monastery-linked physical duties “poslushanie” roll out, including cuisine work. Sisters spend most of their time in the workroom sewing clerical garments. They walked us to the monastery's gate. They must have noticed that our first encounter with their handmade craft was love at first sight. And it was not accidentally that they gave us a gift – it was something made in their studio – bookmarks with ornaments with the same shape as the ones on Bishop Kiril's attire.



up. “This will be a medieval cross entangled in round pattern. The model is being already drawn up with programming, and a small attachment turns them into instructions. The software gives you options to choose embroidery pattern, but precaution is needed to make sure that you give the machine an order it can deliver. However, this can be solved, if you work gradually, part by part,” Sister Haritina revealed portions of artifice. As head and needle struck the fabric, Sister Dorotea told us that they plan to tailor epitrachyl - an accessory like a long silk band usually worn by priests over the robe. It was ordered by a Greek monastery. The workroom usually generates whole garments for all orders of the Macedonian Orthodox Church – deacon's, clerical and bishop's. As we spoke, Sister Dorotea's mobile phone rang. We've understood that Sisters from a monastery in Debar's Rajčica were asking something about the new robe of Bishop Kiril of Polog-Kumanovo Diocese. “We were tailoring the robe for Bishop Kiril. We saw the garment, as you can see on the doll, and mitres – clerical hats - are made in the monastery in Rajčica, near Debar. We previously talked with the Rajčica Monastery Sis-


RECLINING ON VERSES by Igor Isakovski (b. 1970) i have verses all around me, they float through the air trembling under my fingers like a fire in front of a cigarette they shove into my hair itch me under my nose they scratch my back

From the book “The Night Is Darkest Before the Dawn�, Blesok, Skopje



all around me verses on top of me verses beneath me verses like tender butterflies like golden dust they run away like a flock of mute fish in the sky's pond that shines in gold golden as silence

Photo: Ivana Kuzmanovska

they await me in the bed like a tender warm smooth woman they sneak over my legs licking my chest the verses shove into my navel and deepen there


info guide


INTERNATIONAL CODE FOR MACEDONIA: 389 AREAL CODES: Skopje 2, Bitola and Resen 47, Prilep 48, Ohrid, Struga and Debar 46, Kicevo 45, Gostivar 42, Tetovo 44, Veles, Kavadarci and Negotino 43, Gevgelija and Strumica 34, Stip, Probistip, Radovis and Sveti Nikole 32, Kocani, Delcevo and Berovo 33, Kumanovo and Kriva Palanka 31. FOR INTERCITY CALLS WITHIN MACEDONIA FIRST DIAL 0 (ZERO), THEN THE AREA CODE, AND THAN THE NUMBER.



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Serbia Pitu Guli 8, Skopje 02 / 3129-298 Slovakia Budimpeštanska 39, Skopje 02 / 3090-360 Slovakia Consulate Skopska crvena opština St., Skopje 02 / 3137-095 Slovenia Vodnjanska 42, Skopje 02 / 3178-730 Slovenian General Consulate

29 Noemvri 4/2, Bitola 070/207-959 Spain 27 Mart 7, Skopje 02 / 3215-411 Sweden 8 Udarna brigada 2,Skopje 02 / 3297-880 Switzerland Maksim Gorki 19, Skopje 02 / 3103-300 Turkey Slavej Planina St., Skopje 02 / 3113-270 Ukraine Albert Schweitzer 7-9, Skopje 02 / 3178-120 USA Samoilova 21, Skopje 02 / 310-2000

Arka Bitpazarska 90/2 Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3230-603 Aleksandar Palace bul.Oktomvriska Revolucija b.b. Skopje tel: ++389(0)2 3092-392 Stone Bridge Quay Dimitar Vlahov 1 Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3244-900 TCC Plaza Vasil Glavinov 12 Skopje tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3111-807 Hotel Skopje st. Anton Dukov 27 Skopje tel: ++389 (0) 2 3090-755 Tasino Cesmice Belgradska 28 Vodno Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3177-333 Milenium Palace Quay Marsal Tito bb Ohrid tel: ++389 (0)46 263-361 Hotel Molika National park Pelister Bitola Tel: + 389 47 229 406 Fax: + 389 47 229 048 Hotel Belvedere St. Stefan Ohrid tel: ++389 (0)46 277-710 Hotel Drim Quay Boris Kidric 51 Struga tel: ++389 (0)46 782-611 Milenium Marshal Tito 48 Bitola tel: ++389 47 241-001 Kristal Palas Lenin No.184 Prilep tel: ++ 389 (0)48 418-000 Montana Hotels zone bb Krushevo tel: ++389 (0) 48 477-680 Romantik Veles Lake tel: ++389 (0) 43 212-999 Oaza Marsal Tito bb Stip tel: ++389 (0) 32 390-899

Bistra Mavrovo ++389 (0) 42 489-002 Hotel Radika s. Leunovo Mavrovo tel:++389 (0) 42 223-300 Hotel Manastir Kiril i Metodij 6 Berovo tel: ++389 (0)33 279-000 Hotel Flamingo Border Crossing Gevgelija Phone: +389 34 210 210 Fax: +389 34 210 211 LODGING Hotel 7 Vodnanska 28 Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3176-905 BED & BREAKFAST

Hotel Toni Abas Emin 3 Ohrid tel: ++389 (0)46 250-001 Apollonia Gevgelsiki Partizanski Odredi No.1 Gevgelija tel: ++389 (0)34 213-222 Hotel Gradce tel: ++389 (0)33 278-040

Brateks Aco Karamanov 3-a Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3176-606 Konak Cvetan Dimov 208 Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 2620-300 Tala Bikova Boris Kidric 5 Gevgelija tel: ++389 (0)34 213-619

VILLA Sveta Sofija Kosta Abras 64 Ohrid tel: ++ 389 (0) 46 254-368 Villa Denarius Quay Marsal Tito 91a Ohrid tel: ++389 (0) 46 258-684

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RESTAURANTS National - Skopje Old House Pajko Maalo 14 Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3 131-376 wt: 08:00 - 24:00 / 08:00 - 01:00 Payment methods: Visa, Master, American Express Moma M.T. Gologanov 70B tel: ++389 (0)2 3077-388 wt: 09:00 - 24:00 /09:00 - 01:00 Tomce Sofka Jordan Hadji Konstatinov Gjinot 14 ++ 389 (0)2 3 117-250 wt: 08:00 - 24:00/ 08:00 - 01:00 Payment methods: Visa, Master Beer house AN Maksim Gorki 3 tel: ++389 (0)2 3212-111 wt: 08:00 - 23:00/ 08:00 - 24:00 Payment methods: Visa Balkanika blvd. Oktomvriska Revolucija tel: ++389 (0)2 3073-713 wt: 08:00 - 24:00 / 08:00 - 01:00 Payment methods: Visa, Master Card, Diners Club National - Ohrid Dalga Kosta Abras No. 3 tel: ++ 389 (0)46 255-999 wt: 10:00 - 24:00 / 10:00 - 01:00 Payment methods: Visa, Master Momir Kosta Abrashevik 3 tel: ++389(0) 46 262-117 St.Sofija Car Samoil 88 tel: ++389(0)46 267-403 International&National - Skopje Taverna Toscana Ivo Lola Ribar No. 72 tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3079 994 tel: ++ 389 (0)70 58 10 19 wt: 12:00-24:00 /12:00-01:00 Payment methods: Maestro, Visa, Master Restaurant Anja Jordan -Dzinot 12a tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3120-079 wt: 08:00-24:00/08:00-01:00 Payment methods: Visa, Master, Diners, Maestro, AE Day and Night Skupi No. 1 tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3096-096 wt: 10:00-24:00 / 10:00-01:00


Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, concert. M. Panteleev - Island; R. Strauss - Concerto for horn and orchestra no.1 op.11 E flat major; A. Đ?. Dvorak - Symphony no.9 From the new world. Army Hall, Macedonia St., Skopje. 2 December, 20:00. More info:

Veles House, exhibition. Museum of Macedonia, Skopje, KjurÄ?iska St., tue-sun, 9:00 17:00. Contact: 02 / 3116-044. More info:

The sport in Bitola trough the history, exhibition. City Museum, Kliment Ohridski St., Bitola. 3 November - 3 December. More info:


Mission London, film by Dimitar Mitovski (BG). Kino Frosina, Youth Cultural Center (MKC), Dimitar Vlahov Quay, Skopje. More info:




info & events


Coats of Arms of Macedonia, exhibition. Museum of Macedonia, History Department, Skopje, Kjurčiska St., tue-sun, 9:00 17:00. Contact: 02 / 3116-044.

Mrs. Minister, by Branislav Nusik. Directed by Natasa Poplavska. Macedonian natinal theatre (MNT), Teatar Centar. Kliment Ohridski Blvd., Skopje. 1, 11 December. More info:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, film by David Yates. This month at Five Stars Cinema (Ramstore-1, Ramstore-2), Ramstore Mall, Mito Hadzivasilev - Jasmin St., Skopje. Contact: 02 / 3229-846. Payment methods:Visa, Master, Diners, AE, Maestro Italian - Skopje Restaurant Dalma Str. Petar Poparsov no.22 1000 Skopje Macedonia +389 2 324 66 16 +389 75 260 410 All payment methods Restaurant Avanti City Mall lok.438 ground floor Tel. +389 2 3121 955 All payment methods Amici Miei Nikola Trimpare 6 tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3130-357 wt: 08:00-24:00 / 08:00-01:00 Payment methods: Visa, Master, Maestro Meze Bar Zaplet Pirinska 48 tel: ++389 (0)2 / 3232-102 wt: 08:00-24:00 / 08:00-01:00 Payment methods: VISA Gino GTC 1-st floor tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3121 109 wt: 08:00-24:00 / 08:00-01:00 Payment methods: Visa, Master, Diners Vittoria M. H. Jasmin 36 Skopje tel: ++ 389 (0) 2 3116-100 wt: 08:00-24:00 / 08:00-01:00 Payment methods: Maestro, Visa, Master, AE Ragusa 12 Udarna Brigada 2a tel: ++ 389 (0) 2 3212-919 wt: 08:00-24:00 / 08:00-01:00 Payment methods: Maestro, Visa, Master Duomo M.T.Gologanov 67 Skopje tel:++389 (0)2 3228-828 Makedonska kuka M.T Gologanov bb tel:++389 (0)2 3296-415 wt: 08:00-24:00/08:00-01:00 St.Pantelejmon-Klet village Gorno Nerezi Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3081-255 Gusto Vasil Glavinov bb Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3232-956 Lyra Nikola Tesla 11 Skopje tel:++389(0)2 3064-601

wt: 08:00-24:00 / 08:00-01:00 e-mail: Uranija City Park bb Skopje Tel: ++3899(0)2 3121-014 Cuban - Skopje La Bodeguita Del Medio Quay 13-th Nnovember No.180 tel: ++ 389 (0) 2 3122-305 wt: 08:00 - 24:00 Payment methods: Visa; Mastercard Mexicanes – Skopje Amigos Str. Macedonia No. 11

tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3228-699 wt: 08:00-24:00 / 08:00-01:00 Payment methods: Maestro, Diners, Visa, Master Chinese – Skopje Star Ocean Pirinska No. 35 tel: ++389 (0)2 328-337 wt: 11:00-24:00 / 11:00-01:00 Van sjan ton tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3239-407 Vodnjanska 7 Sangaj Leninova 38 tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3228-100 Јapanese Nobu sushi bar Leninova 29 Skopje tel: ++389 (0) 2 3121-123 Chinese - Bitola Cou Ling Todor Panica bb tel: ++ 389 (0)47 259-312 Pizza-restaurants - Skopje Balilla Vasil Gorgov 29 tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3163-313 wt: 08:00-24:00 / 12:00-01:00 Payment methods: Visa, Master, Maestro, Diners Enriko blvd. Partizanski Odredi 64/3-6 TC Leptokarija tel: ++389 (0)2 3061-273 Costarica Naum Naumovski Borce 86 tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3137-899

Macrobiotic&Vegetarian Harmonija TC Skopjanka 37-9 Skopje tel: ++389 (0) 2 2460-985 wt: 11:00 - 20:00 Fast food McDonald’s M.T.Gologanov Tel: ++389(0)2 3063-201 Blvd.Jane Sandanski bb tel: ++389(0)2 2450-440 Dimitrija Cupovski 13 tel:++389(0)2 313-0131

King Burger Maksim Gorki 13 Skopje tel:++ 389 (0)2 3230-967 Sedmica Borka Talevski 1 tel:++389(0)2 3211-914 TC Tri Biseri Tel:++389(0)2 2447-774 Giradiko Quay 13 Noemvri bb Skopje Tel:++389 (0)2 3111-118 MUSEUMS Museum of the City Skopje M.H.Jasmin bb. Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3114-742 Museum of Macedonia tel: ++389 (0)2 3116-044 Churciska bb. Skopje Muzeum of Contemporary Art Samoilova bb. Skopje Museum of Natural History Ilindenska 86, Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3117 669 N.U Institute and Museum- Bitola St. Kliment Ohridski bb tel: ++389 (0)47 233-187 National Gallery of Macedonia Daut Pasha Amam Gallery Krusevska No. 1 Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3133-102 Chifte Amam Gallery Bitpazarska bb Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3227-986 Mala Stanica - Multimedia Center Zeleznicka 18, Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3126-856

Trimaks Kuzman Josifovski-Pitu 15/6 Skopje, phone:+389 (0)2/2401-280, 2460-040 fax:+389 (0)2/2401-282 e-mail:;

Carmen, opera by G. Bizet. Macedonian Opera and Ballet, Dimitar Vlahov Quay, Skopje. 11 December. More info:

Cinamatheque of Macedonia Nikola Rusinski No. 1 Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3071-814 Premium Film M.H Jasmin bb, TC Ramstore tel: ++389 (02)3229-846 THEATERS Children Theatre Evlija Celebija 1, Skopje tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3290-111 Drama Theatre Sekspirova 15, Skopje tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3063-388 MNT-Macedonian National Theatre Quay Dimitar Vlahov bb. tel: ++389(0)2 3164-667 MNT-Macedonian National Theatre Theatre Centar blvd. St.Kliment Ohridski bb. Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3216 366 MOT- Mladinski Otvoren Teatar blvd .Dame Gruev bb., MKC, Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3114-398 Salon 19 19 Mosa Pijade bb. Skopje tel: ++389 (0) 2 3115-679

Italian Centre blvd. Partizanski Oderedi 22 Skopje tel:++389 (0)2 374-787 American Corner – Skopje blvd. Partizanski Odredi 22 Skopje tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3224-970 American Corner – Bitola Marsal Tito bb tel: ++ 389 (0)47 203 326 American Corner – Tetovo Iliria Blvd tel: ++ 389 (0)44 332-183 Japanese Centre blvd. Ilinden No. 9 tel: ++389 (0) 2 3118-063 Alliance Française Tetovo ul. Dervish Cara br.18, Tetovo tel: ++ 389 (0)44 351 191 Alliance Française Bitola Leninova 39, Bitola tel: ++ 389 (0)47 232 363 MUSIC Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra Macedonia, Army Hall, Skopje tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3118-450

Guletattoo profesional tattoo&air brush studio tel: ++ 389 (0) 75 533-322

ABC Tennis Court blvd. Ilindenska bb Skopje tel: ++389 (0) 2 3063-622 Forca Londonska bb. Skopje tel: ++389 (0) 2 309-200 CHILDREN’S GAME CENTRES

PERFORMING ARTS Macedonian Opera and Ballet Quay Dimitar Vlahov bb. Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3114-511 CULTURAL CENTRES Cultural Informative Canter (KIC) Mosa Pijade , Skopje tel: ++ 389 (0) 2 3115-679 Youth Cultural Canter Quay Dimitar Vlahov , Skopje tel: ++ 389 (0) 3115-508 British Council blvd.Goce Delcev 6, Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3135-035 French Center for Cooperation "Jean Monnet" Gradski Zid block 5, P.O. Box 388 1000 Skopje tel: ++389 2 3118 503 / 3116 734

HEALTH & BEAUTY Studio In St. Kliment Ohridski bb Skopje tel: ++389(0)2 3126-126 Silhouette Dame Gruev 7-3/22 Skopje tel: ++389(0)2 3131-313 Studio Secret Marks i Engels 3 Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3232-223 Neuromedica Vlae 87, Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 2033-313 Aseana Royal Spa Apostol Gusalrot 12 Skopje tel: ++389 (0) 2 3246 442 Elit

Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, concert. M. A. Glazunov - Chopiniana; F. Chopin - Concerto for piano and orchestra no.1, E mol; F. Mendelssohn - Midsummer night's dream, op.61. Army Hall, Macedonia St., Skopje. 16 December, 20:00. More info:

3 Makedonska Brigada 33 Kumanovo

tel: ++389 (0)31 416-214 Prestige-Lux blvd. St.Kliment Ohridski 29/1 Skopje



Theatre for Children and Youth Dimitrija Cupovski 4, Skopje tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3222-619 Theatre of Nationalities Nikola Martinovski 41 tel: ++389 (0)2 3124-207

Arena K.J. Pitu bb Skopje Club Castro blvd. K.J.Pitu Skopje tel: ++389(0)75 485-317

Action Park - Kids fun Skopje Fair, hall 5 tel: ++389 (0) 2 3218-600 Dreamland TC SP Planet Skopje tel:++389(0)2 5208-700 BOWLING Best Western-Belvi Ilinden bb., Skopje tel: ++ 389 (0)2 2572-277 Musandra Quay 13 Noemvri 2/5 Skopje tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3237147 Drim Quay Boris Kidric bb. Struga tel: ++ 389 (0)46 782 611 DISCOTEQUE & NIGHT CLUB Havana Dimitrije Cupovski bb, Skopje Hard rock Quay Dimitar Vlahov, Skopje tel: ++389 (0) 75 455-444

tel: ++389 (0)2 3120-111 Aura Kliment Ohridski bb Bitola ++389 (0)47 202-231 Epinal Marsal Tito bb. Bitola tel: ++389 (0)47 224-777 OPTICAL Dioptra GTC lok.190 Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3231-660 City optic TC Beverli Hils lok.23, Skopje, tel: ++389 (0) 2 3237 510 Beta optic blvd. St.Kliment Ohridski 63/2 tel: ++389 (0)2 3227-995 Inter-Optik 11-ti Oktomvri 9, Skopje, ++389 (0) 2 3233 499 web: email:

Contemporary Indian Film. Cinematheque of Macedonia, Nikola Rusinski St. No.1, Skopje. Contact: 02 / 3071814. 16-17 December. More info:

Memorial House of Mother Theresa. Macedonia St., Skopje. Contact: tel. 02 / 3296 084

FITNESS Atleta 2003 blvd. K.J. Pitu 24-a Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 2468-846 Magnus Ognan Prica 1 Skopje tel: ++389 (0)72 222 222 Power Plate Leninova 70 1/1 tel: ++389 (0)2 3217-776 Fit vibe centar Franklin Ruzvelt 15 lok 2 Skopje tel: ++389(0)2 3068-480


33 Alexander, written and directed by Ljubiša Georgievski. Drama Theatre, Skopje, Šekspirova St. No. 15. 22 December, 20:00. Tickets: tel. 02 / 3065 325. More info:




info & events


Macedonian flora and fauna, permanent exhibition. Nature sciences museum, Skopje, Ilindenska 86, mon-fri 9:00-16:00, 40 MKD. Contact: 02 / 3117-669.

Contemporary Czech Film. Cinematheque of Macedonia, Nikola Rusinski St. No.1, Skopje. Contact: 02 / 3071814. 18-21 December. More info:

DELLIVERY SERVICE Deliveryman Tel. +389 2 3214 980 Cell. +389 78 415 240 Delivery Solutions tel: ++389 (0)2 5 20 90 90 tel: ++389 (0)75 303 988 skype: DHL Express 15-th Korpus 3 Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 15-333 TNT Vangel Todorovski 5 tel: ++389(0)2 2469-007 UPS Miroslav Krleza 39-1/1 Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3132-222 Skopje City Bike Vasil Gjorgov 20 Skopje tel: ++389(0)2 3230-123 FedEx blvd. Partizanski Odredi 17 tel:++389 (0)2 3111-116 Delivery Express Ljubljanska bb. Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3090-077 RENT-A-CAR Sixt rent a car Blvd. Ilinden 9 Skopje tel: ++389 (0)75 448-902 Avis M.H.Jasmin bb. Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3222 046 Budget M.H.Jasmin bb Skopje tel: ++389(0)2 3290-222 TOUR OPERATORS

Macedonian icons and frescoes, permanent exhibition. Museum of Macedonia, Skopje, Kjurčiska St., tue-sun, 9:00 - 17:00. Contact: 02 / 3116-044.

Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, New Year's Concert for Children . Army Hall, Macedonia St., Skopje. 25 December, 20:00. Tickets: 02 / 3118-450. More info at:

T.A Martin ul.Leninova no.18 1400 Veles tel. +389 70 315 162 TRANSPORT Airports Airport Skopje Alexander the Great Petrovec Skopje tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3148-333 Airport Ohrid St. Paul The Apostle Podmolje Ohrid tel: ++ 389 (0)46 252-820

Avio - company Adria Airways Gradski zid bloc 4/8 Skopje tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3117-009 Austrian Airlines Airport Alexander the Great Skopje tel:++389 (0)2 3148 372 JAT blvd. Partizanski Odredi 17 tel: ++389 (0)2 3229-078 Czech Airlines St. Makedonija 15-a Skopje

Royal Skopje ++389 (0)2 151 70

tel: ++389(0)2 3290-572 Skywings Dame Gruev 5 bloc 6 Skopje tel: ++389(0)2 3258-655 Turkish Airlines Dame Gruev 3/2 Skopje tel:++ 389 (0)2 3117-214 Croatia Airlines Dame Gruev 3 Skopje tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3296-969 Malev Hungarian Airlines Ilindenska 3 Skopje tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3111-214 Olympic Airways Ilindenska 9 Skopje tel: ++ 389 (0)2 3127-127 Sektron 9-ti Maj 36/4 Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3298-495 Nikob Kairska 4 Skopje tel: ++389(0)2 3088 500 OSA Blvd. Marks I Engels 7/30 Skopje tel: ++389(0)2 3232 988 Lupus Londonska 19, TC Olympico tel: ++389 (0)2 3093-912

DRY CLEANING Toneli blvd. Jane Sandanski 12 Skopje tel: ++389(0)2 2460-465 Penguin Ramstore Mall Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3223-221 SECURITY Pegaz Naroden Front b.b., lok.10 Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3239-085


Transport – Bus Bus Travel International Bus Station Skopje Rule Turs Bus Station tel:++389 (0)2 2466-313 Transport - Train Interantional Train Station Skopje Zeleznicka No 50-b Skopje tel:++389 (0)2 3164 255 TAXI Lotus taxi Skopje ++389 (0)2 151 57 ++389 (0)2 3109 114

Dijag Bul.Jane Sandanski 113 1000 Skopje Tel/fax +389 2 2451 058 Avers 11 Oktomvri No. 8 Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3237-715 Ikona Luj Paster 19 Skopje tel: ++389(0)2 3215-330 SHOPPING CENTRES GTC (City Trade Center) Quay 13 Noemvri

Trimaks Kuzman Josifovski-Pitu 15/6 Skopje, phone:+389 (0)2/2401-280, 2460-040 fax:+389 (0)2/2401-282 e-mail:;

SUPERMARKETS Vero Tinex Supermarket SP Market Replek Market Hubo Skupi bb. Skopje REAL ESTATE Casa Ivo Ribar Lola 70 b # 13 Skopje tel: ++389 2 3079-395 Dom Lux Real Estate Agency Street Partizanski odredi No.15/2-6 (across the Orthodox

Church ) tel.+389 2 322 44 86 Cell.+389 70 28 25 25 Mezon Kole Nedelkovski 65, Skopje tel: +389(0)2/ 3216-564 Avenija Orce Nikolov 109 Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 3128-138 Bastion blvd. St. Kliment Ohridski 66-1/3 tel: ++3989(0)2 3216-246 INSURANCE COMPANIES Albsig M.T.Gologanov 28 2-nd floor tel: ++389 (0)2 3122-385 Eurolink Vasil Glavinov 12 Skopje TCC Plazza 1-st floor tel: ++389 (0) 2 3231 623 Insig Dame Gruev 5/8, Skopje

tel: ++389 (0) 2 3215 515 QBE Macedonia 11 Oktomvri 25, Skopje, tel: ++389 (0) 2 3115 188 Vardar Insurance Gradski Zid blok 8, Skopje, tel: ++389 (0) 2 3286 600 Sigma Insurance M.T.Gologanov 28/1 Skopje tel: ++389(0)2 3231-631 Sigal insurance Marks I Engles 3 Skopje tel: ++389(0)2 3125-920 Sava Tabak blvd.3-rd Makedonska brigada bb tel: ++389 (0) 2 3105 608 Saint George Dame Gruev bb тel: :+389 (0)2 3125-280 Lingua Link str.Vasil Gorgov 33 tel: :+389 (0)2 3225-755 In&Out str.Veljko Vlahovik 31-2/1 tel:+389 (0)2 226-857

Suspicious Person, by Branislav Nusic. Directed by Sinisa Evtimov. Macedonian natinal theatre (MNT), Teatar Centar. Kliment Ohridski Blvd., Skopje. 2, 13 December. More info:

TRANSLATE Ad Verbum Ilindenska 64-1/3 tel: ++389 (0)2 3246-292 Linguistic Systems blvd. Partizanski Odredi bb sec 1 lok 3v tel: +389 (0)2 3071 578 fax:+389 (0)2 3071 578 Abacus Dimitrija Cupovski 6-a tel: ++389(0)2 2700-814

Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, New Year's Gala Concert. Army Hall, Macedonia St., Skopje. 27 December, 20:00. Tickets: 02 / 3118-450. More info:

CATERING & CATERERS Restaurant Dalma Str. Petar Poparsov no.22 1000 Skopje Macedonia +389 2 324 66 16 +389 75 260 410 All payment methods MyWay Gradski Park bb. Skopje, tel: ++389 (0)2 3226-533 Kala Catering Blagoja Stefkovski 99-2/8 Skopje tel: ++389 (0)2 2526-694 SCHOOLS OF MACEDONIAN LANGUAGE Centre for Foreign Languages str.Orce Nikolv 155A tel:+389 (0)2 3067-783 ARS Studio str.Maksim Gorki 31a-2 tel: :+389 (0)2 3165-743 Logos Oxford str.20 Oktomvri 8 tel: :+389 (0)2 3246-052

Casta Diva Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Turkish and English str. 8-th Udarna brigade 31-a tel: ++389 (0)2 3220-205 Association of scientific and professional translators 11 October 42A-II/54 tel:++389 (0)2 238-774 Congress service center Maksim Gorki 14/4 Skopje tel:++ 389 (0)2 3230-967

The Bay Of The Bones Museum. Gradište, Ohrid. Tuesday-Sunday, 09:00-16:00.




Hansel and Gretel, opera by Engelbert Humperdinck. Macedonian Opera and Ballet, Dimitar Vlahov Quay, Skopje. 14, 21 December. More info:


Ramstore Mall M.H. Jasmin bb. Skopje City Gallery Square Macedonia Soravia Center Quay 13 Noemvri 14-2/6


on the road



The Republic of Macedonia is a sovereign, democratic and social state, a parliamentary republic headed by a president. The country is member of the UN and the Council of Europe and member of La Francophonie, the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the OSCE and holds a status of a candidate country for membership in the EU and NATO. The goals of its economic development are a market economy and the project of privatization.

The official language is Macedonian and the main religion is the Orthodox Christianity, coexisting for thousands of years with the Islam, Catolic and Protestant Christianity and Judaism. 



According to the 2002 census, the total figure of the population was 2.071.210. More than half of the inhabitants live in the urban areas, most of them in Skopje (the capital), followed by Bitola, Kumanovo, Prilep, Tetovo, Veles, Ohrid and Shtip. The majority of the inhabitants are Macedonians, but there also is a number of minorities who live here - Albanians, Turks, Romas, Serbs, Vlachs as well as others.


an antiquarian's attic


Saint By Atanas ÄŒUPOSKI In 1927, Metodi Gogov from the village of Novo Selo, near Ĺ tip, who just finished primary school,came to Bitola to study seminary. Out of 170 applicants, only forty passed the entrance exam. Among them was Metodi. Many eminent professors, great erudites and lecturers taught at the seminary. Due to that fact many foreign students came to study at the seminary. Among them was the incoming professor, a fugitive from Russia, Jovan Maksimovic, who looked unattractive, but had a soul of an angel. There were rumors that during the overthrow in Russia, he was wounded in the throat and leg and that's why he had a raspy voice and limped on his leg. The humble father was the first to accept the new students. As in the case with Metodi. His small office, where he read and wrote, was a place which was always open for students. He gave advices and often gave money to the poor. He helped them with their studies after classes, and if they were wrong he would mildly set them right. He wasn't too strict as a professor but he appreciated knowledge. Soon, Metodi realized that father Jovan never slept. He suffered from insomnia and he almost never went in bed. The attendants would find his bed in the exactly same state as they left it at the beginning of the school year. During the day and during the night he would check all bedrooms in the dorm just to make sure everything was all right. If someone was not covered with a blanket he would cover them. If someone was sick, he would buy them a medicine and check them in the morning. During the night, he would

go in his room and pray all night long. He had a long table pilled with books. An hour or two after midnight he would lay his head on the books and sleep for a few minutes and then he would wake up and continue with his praying. He was fasting very often. He ate nothing but bread and water. He was never angry at anybody. He took special care of the sick and the prisoners. Everyday he would go visit the sick in the city hospital and comfort them. The students were overjoyed for having such a professor, whom they described as a true spiritual father. During a school trip, he visited the monastery of St. Naum of Ohrid and asked for his icon, from which he never set apart from. After graduating, Metodi went to Belgrade to enroll at the faculty of theological studies. In 1934 Russian church appointed father Jovan Maksimovic as archbishop of Shangai. Several years later father Jovan Maksimovic embarked on an official visit to Belgrade and met with Metodi. He offered him to take him as a primate in Sangaj. Metodi was overwhelmed by his offer, but the Yugoslav police prevented him from going away. From Sangaj he went to Paris and then to San Francisco. He died in 1966 on July 2, on the eve of St. Naum Ohridski feast. Many people witnessed the miraculousness he did during his life time, so in 1933 the Russian church declared him a saint, St. Jovan of Shanghai. The same year, Metodi Gogov was appointed as the fourth Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia, Archbishop Mihail.

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