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F OR U M I SSU E 1 3 1 | SE PT E MB E R



Church Services NEW ALRESFORD O St. John the Baptist Sunday 3 September 08.00 Holy Communion 09.30 Parish Eucharist 18.00 PowerHouse Service Sunday 10 September 08.00 Holy Communion 09.30 Second Sunday Family Service 18.00 Choral Evensong Sunday 17 September 08.00 Holy Communion 09.30 Parish Eucharist and Battle of Britian Service 18.00 Sundays at Six Sunday 24 September 08.00 Holy Communion 09.30 Parish Eucharist Every Friday 10.00 Holy Communion Parish Office: 01962 733545

OLD ALRESFORD O St.Mary the Virgin Sunday 3 September 09.30 Holy Communion 18.00 Old Alresford Cottage Service Sunday 10 September 09.30 Parish Communion Sunday 17 September 09.30 Parish Communion Sunday 24 September 11.00 Village Family Service @11 Every Thursday 09.00 Holy Communion at Old Alresford Place Parish Office: 01962 733545

OVINGTON O St.Peter's Sunday 3 September 11.00 Café Church Sunday 10 September 10.00 Parish Communion Sunday 17 September


10.00 Parish Communion Sunday 24 September 10.00 Fourth Sunday Parish Office: 01962 733545

NEW ALRESFORD O Methodist Church Sunday Worship 10.30 Morning Worship 1st Sunday Café Worship. Holy Communion Monthly Midweek Activities Tuesdays 10.00 Come in for coffee 3rd Tuesday Men Who Lunch Thursdays 14.30 1st and 3rd Thursdays Womens Fellowhip 19.30 1st Thursday - Lydia Group for ladies Saturdays 09.30 1st Saturday Bacon Butties Contact: Revd Ruth Fry Tel: 01962 882828

NEW ALRESFORD O New Farm Chapel Sunday Services 10.30 Morning Worship, with creche and KOSMIC for children 16.30 Will vary between talk or discussion with praise and prayer Midweek Activities Mondays 16.30 Kidz Club Tuesdays 10.15 Toddlers Group Wednesdays 14.30 Senior Citizens Group 19.30 Alternate Bible Study / Prayer Thursdays 10.00 Home Prayer Group

1st Saturday in the month (2nd in each month)


Prayer Time

BIGHTON O All Saints Sunday 3 September No service - Bighton Fete Sunday 10 September 11.00 Parish Communion Sunday 17 September 11.00 Morning Prayer Sunday 24 September 11.00 Parish Communion Parish Office: 01962 733545

UPPER ITCHEN BENEFICE Sunday 3 September 9.45 Hinton Ampner Holy Communion 10.15 Cheriton Benefice Family Service Sunday 10 September 09.30 Cheriton Matins 09.30 Tichborne Holy Communion 09.30 Bramdean Holy Communion 11.00 Kilmeston Morning Worship 15.00 Church in the Wood Evensong Sunday 17 September 08.30 Beauworth Holy Communion 09.30 Cheriton Holy Communion 11.00 Hinton Ampner Prayer & Praise Sunday 24 September 09.30 Cheriton Holy Communion Michaelmas 09.30 Beaworth Harvest Festival 11.00 Kilmeston Holy Communion 11.00 Bramdean Morning Worship 15.00 Church in the Wood Harvest Festival 18.00 Tichborne Evensong

NEW ALRESFORD O St. Gregory's Every Sunday 11.00 Mass All other enquiries: 01962 852 804

ITCHEN VALLEY BENEFICE Sunday 3 September 08.00 Avington 10.00 Itchen Abbas All age service 11.00 Martyr Worthy Matins Sunday 10 September 08.00 Easton Holy Communion 10.00 Itchen Abbas Parish Communion 18.00 Easton Evensong Sunday 17 September 08.00 Martyr Worthy Holy Communion 10.00 Easton UTX 10.00 Easton Parish Communion 18.00 Avington Evensong Sunday 24 September 08.00 Itchen Abbas Holy Communion 10.00 Martyr Worthy Parish Communion 18.00 Easton Taize Sunday 1 October 08.00 Avington Holy Communion 10.00 Easton All Age Sertvice 11.00 Avington Matins 12.00 Easton Harvest Lunch



New Farm Chapel, New Farm Road, Alresford, Hants, SO24 9QH

Tel: 01962 851299


an C Se Al d jo om pt re i e em s n u f be or s a rf d t or Sh a gl ow as s of fiz z

Th e

2n d

O n

All Alresford about Alresford All Alresford All about

Sales, Lettings and Property Management | Call 01962 736333 for a free market appra Sales, Lettings and Property Management | Call 01962 736333 for a free market appraisal

ALRESFORD ALRESFORD ALRESFORD ALRESFORD ALRESFORD ALRESFORD Guide Price: £197,500 | EPC Rating: D Guide Price: £345,000 | EPC Rating: D Guide Price: £365,000 | EPC Ra Guide Price: £197,500 | EPC Rating: D Guide Price: £345,000 | EPC Rating: D Guide Price: £365,000 | EPC Rating: B

ALRESFORD WEST STRATTON MARTYR WORTHY ALRESFORD WEST STRATTON MARTYR WORTHY Guide Price: £470,000 | EPC Rating: D Guide Price: £645,000 | EPC Rating: F Guide Price: £1,400,000 | EPC Ra Guide Price: £470,000 | EPC Rating: D Guide Price: £645,000 | EPC Rating: F Guide Price: £1,400,000 | EPC Rating: TBA

Passionate about our area

People love the Alresford area for so many reasons. We’re in an enviable location perfect for commuting, we have beautiful properties bursting with character, welcoming shops and thriving local businesses. Community is central to our lifestyle, transport networks are excellent and the countryside and villages are idyllic. Our extensive knowledge of this area enables us to give specialised advice offered in an honest, informative and realistic way, keeping your interests at the heart of everything we do.

PRESTON CANDOVER ALRESFORD If you areALRESFORD thinking a move 2017, love to hear from you. Please contact one of ourALRESFORD PRESTON CANDOVER ALRESFORD Guide about Price: £1,250,000 | EPCin Rating: C we’d Guide Price: £399,950 | EPC Rating: D Guide Price: £675,000 | EPC Ra Guide Price: £1,250,000 | EPC Rating: C Guide Price: £399,950 | EPC Rating: D Guide Price: £675,000 | EPC Rating: D friendly team at our Broad Street office on 01962 736333.

11 Broad Street, Alresford SO24 9AR | |

11 Broad Street, Alresford SO24 9AR | | 11 Broad Street, Alresford SO24 9AR | |

CHERITON For Sale: £845,000 | EPC Rating: E

ALRESFORD For Sale: £299,950 | EPC Rating: E

ALRESFORD For Sale: £530,000 | EPC Rating: C

ALRESFORD To Let: £1,375pcm | EPC Rating: C

ALRESFORD For Sale: £550,000 | EPC Rating: C

ALRESFORD For Sale: £335,000 | EPC Rating: B

ALRESFORD For Sale: £200,000 | EPC Rating: E

ROPLEY For Sale: £1,050,000 | EPC Rating: D

SWARRATON To Let: £1,900pcm | EPC Rating: E

PRESTON CANDOVER For Sale: £500,000 | EPC Rating: N/A

ALRESFORD For Sale: £745,000 | EPC Rating: D

BISHOP'S SUTTON For Sale: £675,000 | EPC Rating: N/A

G A R DEN I SSU E 1 3 1 | SE PT E MB E R




ften lawns take a bit of a beating over the dry, hot summer months and whilst August has been a bit of a wash-out, we did have very high temperatures and very little rain during June and July. Neither of these conditions are much help for lawns. In fact, the wet August weather we have all been experiencing recently is now creating the ideal conditions for your lawn to recover quickly from any renovation work carried out over the next few weeks. Plants need warmth, moisture and good levels of light in order to grow well. Usually all three of these are present over the autumn months, making now the ideal time to improve your lawn. So, you might be wondering why your lawn is looking a little worsefor-wear and what can be done about it now. If your lawn is suffering with bare patches or weak grass growth in certain areas, what might be the cause? Understanding the cause of these problems is the first step to correcting them. There is little point in spending time and money treating the symptoms of your poor lawn if the underlying cause has not been addressed. All that will happen is the symptom will return again next year and you’ll have to deal with it all over again!

Bare patches and weak growth are often symptoms of compaction where the soil is so solid that it affords the grass plants no real opportunity to grow well. The compacted soil drains poorly due to the lack of air gaps within the structure of the soil itself and the grass roots find it difficult to spread, resulting in stunted growth and weak plants more susceptible to disease, drought and death. Relieve the compaction first by aerating the lawn, and then you can begin to introduce new grass plants by over-seeding. Before you think about over-seeding you may want to consider whether your lawn needs a good raking. Or for larger lawns,

mechanical scarification. Not all lawns need it however, but if they do it’s really important to carry this process out before the weather gets too cold and the grass stops growing. Lawns need time to recover from scarification as it is a harsh process. Not only do they need time, but warm, wet weather is essential too. Both scarification and aeration create ideal surface conditions for overseeding. Unlike re-seeding, where the existing vegetation is removed completely and a new seed-bed created for the sowing of a new lawn, over-seeding works with what you already have by adding new grass seeds to your existing lawn and helping to blend areas of weak growth into other areas of your lawn more naturally. It’s also far less labour intensive, uses fewer lawn seeds and is much more economical. It is however really important to deal with any weeds before re-seeding begins. New grass plants are susceptible to the treatments used to kill lawn weeds. Older, existing lawn grasses are robust enough to withstand these treatments. Therefore manage the weed issue first and then get new grass plants growing. Remember that once germination begins your new grass seeds need moisture to survive. They won’t be able to manage times without water until they have established roots. If it doesn’t rain then you need to remember to keep them watered for the first few weeks. Any nutritional issues should also be addressed before over-seeding and autumn lawn renovation works begin. After all, your existing lawn will need all the help it can get to recover and the new seed introduced will be looking for the right nutritional support to help it develop and thrive. Applying the correctly balanced autumn fertiliser is essential to preparing your lawn for the tough winter months ahead. It helps develop the roots and will keep your lawn looking green and healthy throughout the winter without increasing the need for mowing. Finally, autumn is the ideal time to apply treatments for ant’s nests in the lawn which have been a real problem this year. It’s important to deal with these before they become dormant over winter resulting in those unsightly mounds of soil they bring to the surface next spring as the colony increases the size of its underground nest. Treatments are available to deal with lawn ants. Speak to a lawn care professional now to plan ahead for the perfect lawn next year.You might be surprised how much improvement can be made this year and you can then enjoy your renovated lawn throughout the autumn and into next season. Ian Kenyon is Technical Director for Shrekfeet Lawn and Garden Services. He is always happy to offer friendly, professional advice and help 01962 460146, 07739 789483

G A R DEN I SSU E 1 3 1 | SE PT E MB E R

Complete Garden Construction Professional Garden Design & Construction


OFFICE: 01962 735750 MOBILE: 07766 900092

Chris Matthews Tree Care and Woodland Management

Please visit our website for all the latest news, information, second-hand machines for sale; and special offers in the showroom

• Tree surgery / TPO applications • Hedge maintenance • Fencing / Garden structures • Woodland management / tree planting Qualified in arboriculture and countrsyide management. 15 years experience

Tel: 01962 732498 Mob: 07879 448141

TEL: 01962 771800

PETER CHIVERS PCS FOR ALL YOUR PEST CONTROL NEEDS: Rats, Mice, Moles, Squirrels, Cockroaches, Rabbits, Pigeons, Bird-Proofing, Mole Trapping Specialist

Call Peter Chivers on: 01256 389124 or Mobile: 07803 096642


Espalier, pleached and instant impact hedges

Laceys Farm, Bramdean Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 0JT


Supply and planting large specimen trees and shrubs


Garden Machinery Dealer of the Year 2014


All trees and shrubs carefully selected Design, landscaping and ongoing maintenance Free site visit and consultation


Bosque is a trading name of Just Limegrass Ltd. Harko: 07710 502798 Tom: 07855 656984 www.bosque


TEL 01962 791180 11


What's On SEPTEMBER 2 SEPTEMBER General Auction Otterbourne Abbas Village Hall - Auction: 2pm Drop off lots to sell 9-9.30am.Viewing from 12.30pm.To include China, Coins, Ephemera, Collectables, Old Toys, Jewellery, small items of Furniture, not Household goods, Car Boot Items or modern Electricals. Sellers booking recommended. Please call Claire 01962 734941 or Bob 01962 733475 for bookings or further information.

Bethlehem, featuring Banksy's art/Walled Off Hotel. For more information and to register for this event, please email: balfour.legacy@gmail. com.There will be a retiring collection with any profits going to:Wi'am Palestinian Conflict Resolution centre in Bethlehem.

6 SEPTEMBER Magdalen Hill Down – Wednesday Wander Meet: 2.30pm in the gravel car park opposite the cemetery on the Alresford Road, B3404 Winchester. Map ref: SU 512 295. Sat Nav: SO21 1HE Leader: Jenny Mallett/Brian Fletcher 01962 882746. Meet: 11:00am as 12 April. All welcome


3 SEPTEMBER Bighton & Gundleton Village Fete From 1.30pm to. 4.30pm. Begin a wonderful afternoon with a tasty BBQ and a refreshing drink at the bar at our traditional village fete. Enter your dog in the ever popular dog show and visit a Fistful of Feathers who will be exhibiting their wonderful birds. Join in our transport theme by entering your family-built rocket (max 1 metre high) and bake a transportthemed cake, to be judged on appearance only. Children's World, together with an Obstacle Run, will entertain the children. So many things to do and so many stalls to visit that you'll need the sustenance of a delicious cream tea. Free parking.

4 SEPTEMBER Start of Autumn Term of Dancing Fun & Yoga At the Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry Street SO23 8SB. 16.30 - 22.30. Join Silvia and Max for a week of Taster Sessions for all their Dance and Yoga Classes: from their Dance Classes for Youngsters aged 4 - 13, their partner and group dance classes like Salsa,West Coast Swing, Zumba and Zumba Gold and their wonderful Yoga Classes - there is something for everyone! Contact: Silvia & Max - Salsa y Sol Dance & Yoga

5 SEPTEMBER Banksy, Balfour and Bethlehem At St John's Church, Alresford, SO24 9AG From 7 - 9.30pm. Film - Britain in Palestine 1917 -1948 followed by refreshments and presentation on the legacy of Balfour in 14

Alresford Senior Citizens Lunch Club Coffee Morning & Fundraising Sale. From 10am – 1pm. To be held at the Alresford Community Centre.Tea/Coffee and cakes, Homemade Cakes, fresh Trout,Watercress and other fresh produce. Books, Games and bric-abrac for sale and raffle.

26 SEPTEMBER Alresford Art Society Carolyne Viney demonstrates Autumn colours with texture in acrylic.This is an evening meeting starting at 7.30pm. Alresford Recreation Centre. For information contact: 01962 736397 email or visit

OCTOBER 7 OCTOBER Coffee Morning The Michael Project invites you to a coffee morning in the John Pearson Hall, from 10am with a sale table and Raffle. Contact Margaret Stewart: 01962 735185

12 OCTOBER Annual Bridge Tea From 2pm – 5pm.The White House, Main Road, Littleton,Winchester SO22 6QS. Come and join us for a friendly competition and a gorgeous homemade tea. To book a table (£50 per table), or to make a donation, please contact: Susie Evershed, Compton Close, Cliff Way, Compton, Nr Winchester SO21 2AP. Or email: or telephone 01962 712009, 07979248471 Or download an application form from our website:


9 SEPTEMBER Celebrating Last Night of the Proms Live on the big screen At Holden Farm, SO24 0NX on the 9th September. Join us for a very British evening on the farm in a natural amphitheatre in the South Downs. Celebrate an evening of Britishness live from the Royal Albert Hall. Bring a picnic, something to sit on and dress for the weather; red, white and blue compulsory! Tickets £20 and include a free drink (14 and under go free). Gates open 6.30pm. Premier parking £20/ car - free parking within a short walk. Licenced Bar and British bar snacks available on site. Book now:

25 SEPTEMBER Ropley Horticultural Society Gardeners Question Time with Ray Broughton Ray is tutor at Sparsholt College & RHS Wisley. 7:45pm start. Sports Pavilion,Vicarage Rd, Ropley. Parking free. £5 on the door includes refreshments, all welcome. Enquiries: Jill 01962 772425

Fun Bingo Evening Eyes Down Look in... From 7.30pm at St John's Hall, Alresford Ploughman's Supper included. Licensed Bar Entry by ticket £9.Tickets available from Claire 01962 734941 or Gill 01962 732374 All proceeds to Save the Children

15 OCTOBER Alresford Apple Festival Come and join us. at Perins Car Park, SO24 9BS. Apple pressing - bring your apples for crushing. Over 35 stalls with local produce including a cider bar, apple gin and apple burgers and sausages and much more... Apple bobbing, Juggling Jake, live music and lots to entertain you. Free entry 10am - 2pm. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Alresford and Hampshire Farmers Markets.





I’ve just been hired by a cafe as a temp covering the busy summer months. My boss says that because I’m a temp, I’m not allowed to take any holiday. Is this right?

Your boss is wrong - as an employee, you’re entitled to take paid holiday regardless of the contract you’re on. While they can refuse to give you leave at specific times, they can’t refuse you holiday pay altogether. If you can’t take time off during your contract you should receive your holiday pay in a lump sum at the end. How much holiday you’re allowed depends on the length of your contract, and how many hours you work. First, check how many hours you’re entitled to by using’s calculator. Save a copy of the calculation to refer to. Then speak with your boss and explain that you are entitled to either annual leave or pay in lieu of your holiday - you can refer to your employment rights on the Citizens Advice website. Give them a copy of your holiday calculation too. If your boss refuses to give you time off or holiday pay, put your complaint in writing to them. Should your boss still not give way get in touch with ACAS, the free dispute resolution service that specialises in employment. For help understanding your rights, approaching the discussion with your boss or taking things further, contact your nearest Citizens Advice.



on’t miss an exciting Autumn Fair taking place later this month in 15th Century Pinglestone Barn, Old Alresford, in aid of Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, which supports families caring for a child with a life threatening or terminal illness, and St Mary’s Church, Old Alresford. The event, on 22nd September and held by kind permission of Lord and Lady Wakeham from 9.30am until 4.30pm, will feature 31 fabulous stalls including beautiful cashmere jackets, ceramic kitchen ware, table cloths, leather bound books, jewellery, toddler kit, games, stylish clothing for men and boys, artwork from “Hampshire Originals”, hand blown glass Christmas baubles from Jerusalem, Mrs Richardson’s Pantry and much more. Rainbow Trust has nine care teams of Family Support Workers across England, including Hampshire, offering emotional and practical support to families at home, in hospital and in the community. Making life a little easier, it supports the whole family; from their child’s diagnosis, during treatment and, if needed, through bereavement and beyond. Family Support Worker Claire, who supports families in Hampshire and Dorset, has been providing emotional and practical support to the Watts family from Charminster, Dorset, for a year and a half. Hannah and Larry’s nine-year-old son Sam was diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome when he was four and a half. Claire supports the whole family and picks up Sam’s five-year-old sister Georgia from school and takes her on fun excursions to the beach or soft play.



lanning experts at the Hampshire branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) are holding a conference on 5th October 2017 at the Wessex Conference Centre, Sparsholt College, Winchester to help communities find the local planning solutions that will work best for their neighbourhood. ‘Planning our future – what are the best options for local communities?’ will assist local councils and communities to decide how to move forward by discussing and evaluating different planning choices, with the opportunity to learn from a range of experiences and outcomes. Case studies on engaging and empowering communities in Petersfield, Medstead and Four Marks will be discussed. Speakers include: Tim Slaney, Director of Planning at the South Downs National Park Authority; Ann Skippers, a chartered town planner and former President of the Royal Town Planning Institute; and Steve Lees, planning consultant and previously Chief Planning Officer at Test Valley Borough Council. The event, supported by Hampshire County Council, will run from 9.30am to 1.00pm and be followed by lunch and networking. It will be of interest and relevance to communities whether they have an existing Neighbourhood Plan or not, or if they are currently going through the process. For further details and to book visit ‘Planning our future’ follows CPRE Hampshire’s ‘Communities in action’ rural conference held in 2015.


Hannah said: “They have a really good relationship. Claire takes me for a coffee if I’m feeling a bit down and looks after Sam. She is part of the family. Rainbow Trust supports the whole family so they give something that no one else can offer. Rainbow Trust gives us the help we did not know we needed. It helps us enormously and I cannot speak highly enough of them.” Lady Wakeham added: “We are delighted to open up Pinglestone Barn to host the Autumn Fair. Rainbow Trust is a phenomenal charity and does a lot of work in Hampshire and St Mary’s is our local church and an important part of the Old Alresford community, two very deserving organisations.” Rainbow Trust is a national charity which relies almost entirely on voluntary donations and thanks to its generous supporters helps over 2,000 families in England. Entrance £5.00 Friday 22nd September 2017, 9.30 a.m-4.30 p.m, Pinglestone Barn, Old Alresford, SO24 9TB. Wine, refreshments, excellent parking.


C&D Trees All Tree & Hedge Care

Sparsholt college trained & qualified Free advice & written quotations 15 years experience

Telephone - 01962 738 420 - 07900 987 609 Bishops Sutton, Alresford


In aid o

Autumn Fair In aid of RAINBOW TRUST CHILDREN’S CHARITY (Registered charity no. 1070532) & ST MARY’S CHURCH, OLD ALRESFORD

Pinglestone Barn, Alresford, Hampshire SO24 9TB (By kind permission of Lord and Lady Wakeham)

Friday 22nd September 2017 9.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m. Fabulous hand picked stalls: including silk and cashmere jackets, textiles, bedcovers, table cloths, smoked meats, oils & vinegars, toddler kit, plum liqueurs, leather bound books and diaries, ski kit, gap year accessories, jewellery, games, beauty products, travel accessories, ceramics, linen, flower and garden lovers . . .

Wine and refreshments, excellent parking . . do come and support us! Entrance £5.00

Advertising kindly sponsored by





Greenwood Therapies ALRESFORD

Jikiden Reiki, Holistic Massage and Bodywork Therapies Jikiden Reiki, Hot stone, Swedish, Deep tissue, Myofascial release, Indian head, Hand, Foot, Lymphatic drainage, Movement, Nutrition, Psychological release Day, Evening and Weekend appointments avaialble

07780 953 143

Your Local Chiropody Clinic is at:


oin us on a warm late summer evening for some classic Shakespeare. Please check our website for booking details in late May. Equity-compliant Illyria have been touring for 24 years. Join them this evening as they put their unique spin on Shakespeare's classic comedy. Bring a picnic and settle in for the evening as the sun sets at Hinton Ampner. Gates will open 1 hour before the performance to allow you time to set up and start your picnic. Booking Essential. Phone: 01962771305.

Alresford Pharmacy

1 East Street Alresford Hants SO24 9EE

Tel: 01189 67 58 53 stockists of:

A National Trust Event - The gates open 6pm. Starts7pm and ends 9.30pm. Check Website for Admission Charges. Park in the normal car park and follow the route to the parkland where the performance will take place. Check website for latest information. Hinton Ampner, Bramdean, near Alresford, Hampshire SO24 0LA on Saturday 9 Sep 2017. For more information visit:



hat's black white black white black white? ...A penguin rolling down a hill Grab some friends and a car and join us on Saturday 23rd September for an exciting hunt around the New Forest and the chance to win £100 cash! Just £25 per car - teams of 2 - 5 people. Don't worry, the clues will be much better than a joke about penguins....honest. For more information, or to sign up now, go to: or give us a call on 023 8067 2200 The hunt takes place from 10am - 1pm on Saturday 23 september 2017. Price £25 per car - teams of 2 - 5 people per car Burley, New Forest, Hampshire BH24 4AB 18

26 The Dean Alresford Hampshire S024 9AZ Tel: 01962 738683

Traditional Chinese Medicine· Cosmetic Acupuncture Alresford· Southampton • Free consultation • Pay for 8 treatments and receive the 9th free • Pay for a course of 8 cosmetic acupuncture treatments to receive 10% discount See website for further details

call sally hogg on 07771 522665 the studio, 26a the dean alresford so24 9az

Available to all residents living in the Winchester district with a landline telephone connection

ISSU E 1 3 1 | SE PT E MB E R

small groups : individual support : close supervision

Vulnerable relative or friend? Alone for long periods of time?



Turn their telephone into a lifeline allowing them to call for assistance with the press of a button • No more struggling to get to the phone • Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year • Friendly operators with access to named contacts and emergency services • Neck Pendants available • One button to activate

• Less than 50p a day For more details contact Winchester Lifeline  01962 855335 



Reflexologist and RLD practitioner Harriet Maton launches Aeon Reflexology, specialising in women’s health, wellbeing and relaxation


chieving wellbeing on the inside and out, can be a constant battle for some of us. Women very often get the raw end of the deal as their bodies develop and change throughout the years, but thankfully help is at hand. Harriet Maton, founder of Aeon Reflexology, has seen first-hand how complementary methods used to deal with the stresses and strains of daily life have helped many women. Reflexology is a holistic therapy where pressure is applied to specific points on the feet (called reflexes), to detect subtle imbalances, release blockages and restore the flow of energy within the body. By applying pressure to these reflex points using specific techniques and movements, reflexology can help to balance the body’s systems, maintain good overall health, reduce stress, boost circulation, increase energy levels and stimulate the lymphatic system. Aeon Reflexology, practising in Alresford and the surrounding areas, was established after Harriet, who has worked in the health and beauty industry for many years privately and for global spa brands, met many clients with similar health concerns – stress and anxiety, hormonal imbalances,


premenstrual syndrome and menopausal symptoms, all with different levels of severity. All women will experience hormonal changes throughout their life from pubescent, through pregnancy, and onto their menopausal years, and most will experience some common complaints including painful and irregular periods, disturbed sleep, fatigue, headaches, poor digestion, hot flushes and night sweats. These symptoms can have a significant impact on their daily lives – reflexology can trigger the parasympathetic nervous system to achieve a deep state of relaxation helping to reduce stress, one of the main proven triggers which can make hormonal imbalances worse, lessen anxieties and pain, as well as reenergising and revitalising the mind and body. The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), the largest and leading professional association for therapists in the UK, in which Harriet is a member, recently documented research published in `Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice highlighting that reflexology reduced anxiety six times more effectively in cardiac angiography patients than a simple massage - this type of study helps to highlight the effectiveness and calming power of reflexology.

Reflexology can help a woman tune into her body’s needs, highlighting imbalances and areas which need attention. Having an empathic reflexologist like Harriet, makes you feel at ease instantly, by providing a safe space to receive and be selffocused, to relax and reap the benefits of a treatment tailored especially for you. Harriet qualified in 2004 as a reflexologist and has since studied in London at the Reflexology Academy, specifically in women’s health, and most recently has spent time volunteering at the Wessex Cancer Trust in Chandlers Ford, which inspired her to further her knowledge by training in the Reflexology Lymph Drainage technique (RLD). This award-winning technique founded by Sally Kay BSc (Hons) while she was working in cancer care, focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet - it was developed through clinical practice using reflexology for patients suffering from all different kinds of cancer and at different stages of the disease, and proved invaluable when treating breast cancer patients with secondary lymphoedema. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, but improved breast cancer survival rates suggest that approximately 2 out of 3 women survive the disease beyond 20 years. This means that more people are living longer with debilitating side effects. After breast cancer, a person may experience psychological or emotional difficulties due to an altered body image, and a swollen limb, arm weakness and a painful shoulder can exacerbate this. Research suggests that survivors with lymphoedema are more likely to be more disabled and experience a poorer quality of life than

survivors without the condition, for which currently there is no cure and that is where Harriet is hoping her tailored treatments will help to improve the quality of women’s lives. The aim of this precision treatment is to cause an effect on the lymphatic system in the body and help with the reduction of lymphoedema by encouraging the excess lymph to drain from the damaged area to the nearest uncompromised lymphatic drainage area. As RLD stimulates the lymphatic system, like the effects achieved through manual lymph drainage, this technique has proven helpful with post-operative recovery, swelling in the lower limbs caused by immobility, aches and pains and other inflammatory conditions as well. Clients of Harriet have been blown away with the effects of her treatments and have recorded more solid sleep, feeling refreshed, clear headed, full of energy, calm, relaxed and with reduced pain and discomfort immediately after receiving a treatment and for days and weeks afterwards. Aeon means life, vital force and being, all of which are at the core of this therapy, aiming to help women achieve optimum wellbeing, both physically and emotionally. Aeon is all about helping to restore balance, strength and vitality to your everyday life – who wouldn’t want to give it a go! For more information on Aeon Reflexology and the Reflexology Lymph Drainage technique visit: To make an appointment or if you have any questions, simply phone Harriet on: 07981 994188 or email her on





Discover for yourself why you should make Fresh Air Fridays part ofwhy your life…. Discover forforyourself why you should make Discover yourself you should make Fresh AirAirFridays partofofyour your life... Fresh Fridays part life….

Fresh Air Fridays gives you time to:

Fresh Air Fridays gives you time to:

Fresh Air Fridays time to: Relax Stillgives youryou mind Learn Relax Still mind Learn Relax Still your your mind Learn Move your body Connect with nature Make friends

Move your body Connect with nature Make friends Move your body Connect with nature Make friends In and around In beautiful Alresford, SO24 and around beautiful Alresford, SO24 In and around beautiful Alresford, SO24 th Friday of every month 4th Friday of each month 4th Friday of every 4month 9.30 am – 12.30 pm 9.30 am – 12.30 pm 9.30am - 12.30pm

Jeanette Pratt, Fresh Air Fridays Facilitator

Pratt, Fresh Air Fridays Facilitator Further detailsJeanette at: Jeanette Pratt Email me on:at: or Further details Fresh Air Call me 07709 119960 for more information and to Further details at: me on: on or Email Fridays Facilitator book your place oninformation a session and to book your free first me on 07709119960 more session Call Email me on or for


Call me on 07709119960 for more information and to book your free first session


enise and Fiona are the local Age Concern Hampshire ‘Village Agent’ volunteers for Alresford. Their role is to help older people in their local community to find information and services such as:

• Getting out and about: finding transport for shopping, organised trips, medical appointments and local activities • Around the Home: finding reputable trades people to help in the house and garden • Money Matters: your entitlement to claim benefits grants and loans


Watch out for the following signs and symptoms, which can be good indicators of dehydration. Dehydration can apply all year round. • Thirst, headache, dry mouth and lips, tiredness, feeling dizzy or lightheaded • Passing small amounts of dark coloured, concentrated urine • Dry sunken eyes, fragile skin, confusion and lack of concentration • Constipation How much should a person drink to stay hydrated? The Food Standards Agency recommends a daily intake of 6-8 large glasses of water or other fluids. Get creative to improve hydration High fluid foods all contribute valuable fluid such as: • Ice-lollies, jelly and milk puddings • Pureed fruit • Cut up water rich fruit or vegetables such as melon and cucumber • Soups Tips on providing good hydration • Having a readily available wide range of drinks at the right temperature • Offering a drink is often more effective than asking if the individual would like one • Encourage individuals to take each tablet of medication separately with fluid • Prompt individuals to drink but avoid nagging • Reassure an individual that you have time to help them drink • Aim for the best you can do. Small steps can be effective and older people find it difficult to change their routines • Show understanding and empathy. Imagine yourself in that individual’s situation • Emphasise the importance of good hydration to the individual • Time spent preventing inadequate hydration = less time dealing with the associated problems Please call Denise or Fiona on: 07969 376023 if you are an older person and you’d like any help in finding information or services in your local community, or if unavailable call Age Concern Hampshire on 0800 328 7154 or email


An appreciative audience


fter Some 38 children and their families enjoyed HomeStart Winchester’s Family Fun Day, despite the gathering clouds. Face painting, tattoos, arts and crafts, messy play (including large quantities of pasta), fishing for ducks and good old favourites like toy cars and the sandpit were the order of the day and enjoyed by all ages, which ranged from 11 months to 8 years. Picnic bags and rugs were supplied at lunchtime but enjoyed indoors, to avoid damp bottoms. Magician Crazy M provided thrilling and noisy entertainment as the finale to the day and her magic tricks, juggling and real white rabbit brought shrieks of excitement. The youngsters were invited to meet Stu the rabbit at the end of the performance and a long line formed to have the chance to pet the very patient bunny. Everyone went home exhausted and happy after a packed day full of fun and laughter. Home-Start Winchester is a local charity which provides friendship and emotional and practical help to parents with at least one child under five years old.




ISSU E 1 3 1 | SE PT E MB E R


Weight Watchers – Starting Tuesday 12th September From September we will be hosting a Weight Watchers group every Tuesday from 12.30-1.30 in our main waiting room for a period of 14 weeks. The meeting will be led by Mary Blanchard who has been a Weight Watchers leader locally for many years. The meeting is open to anyone who may be eligible for 12 weeks free weight watchers membership; you do not need to be a patient of Alresford Surgery. Call 0345 602 7068 to find out if you are eligible at least 7-10 days prior to planning to attend the meeting. Flu and Shingles Vaccinations 2017/8 Adult Flu Clinics 2017 - We are approaching the time of year for flu clinics. There will be three walk-in clinics on Wednesday 27th September, Tuesday 3rd October and Wednesday 11th October all 1-2.30pm. Patients eligible for the flu jab are those who have reached age 65 by 31st March 2018 i.e. with a date of birth before or on 31st March 1953, younger adults who have a condition which puts them ‘at risk’ should they contract flu and pregnant women. There will be a series of bookable mop-up clinics available for those patients who are unable to attend the walk-in clinics. Dates for Preston Candover and the bookable clinics will be published here and on our website next month.



utumn Time, the light is changing, beautiful warm Autumn Light, a new spectrum of colours in nature. Nature is retreating, drawing in, everything in nature becoming more reflective. And since we are part of nature, we too draw in and become more reflective. Staying in tune with nature this is a wonderful time to start doing some things that make us feel good in ourselves, like dancing and yoga. It’s not surprising that 'Strictly come Dancing' is on in the Autumn. Just watching all those celebrities having such fun when dancing makes us feel good. And then there might be a spark and we say to ourselves – hey, I’d like to try this myself. There is nothing more uplifting than dancing, whether with a partner or without – just moving to the music makes us feel so good Silvia and Max offer dancing fun for all ages and tastes, from dancing for youngsters age 4 – 13 with their Zumba Kids Dance classes to their partner and group dance classes for grown-ups, like Salsa, West Coast Swing, Zumba and Zumba Gold – their repertoire provides something for everyone. Autumn Time with its reflective mood and warm colours is also the perfect time to draw our attention inwards and do some Yoga.

Child Flu Clinics We will be offering child flu vaccinations to children aged 2 and 3 (but not 4) on 31st August 2017 (i.e. DOB 1st September 2013 to 31st August 2015) and older ‘at risk’ children at the surgery. We will be writing to parents with eligible children when we have clinic dates available. Children in Years R, 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be offered the flu vaccine at school through School Health. Shingles Vaccinations The criteria for eligibility for shingles vaccination have changed slightly so that patients become eligible on their 70th and 78th birthday. We will be running a series of catch-up clinics in September and will be offering the shingles vaccine to all patients who have reached these ages since last year’s clinics. These patients will be contacted by letter. From then on, we will contact patients on a rolling basis, i.e. patients turning 70 or 78 in September will be called in October and so on. If you have previously been invited but not been vaccinated, you may still have it until you are aged 80. Farewell We wave a fond farewell to Dr. Lucy Pickup who has been working as a trainee at the Surgery for the past 12 months. I hope you will join us in wishing Dr. Pickup all the best for the next step in her medical career.

Yoga in its essence is a profound science of inner wellbeing. It is a technique given to us to return to our true nature and live life to the full! Speaking from her own experience, Silvia points out that Yoga has had the most profound positive impact on her life: “I enjoy life in all its fullness, with all its ups and downs and feel better than I have ever felt before!” Silvia and Max’s Autumn term of dancing fun and yoga is starting with taster sessions for all their classes on Monday 4th September 2017: Make this Autumn a “Feel Good Autumn” for you and get on the dance floor and the yoga mat! Silvia and Max are looking forward to welcoming you.

Welcome to our new trainees A warm welcome to our new trainee doctor Dr. Holly Pearce who joined us in August & will be with us for 6 months & will be working Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. We will also be welcoming Dr. Naomi Hill who will be joining us part way through September & will be with us for 5 months & will be working Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Dispensary closure Our dispensary will be shut every Wednesday between 12-1pm for essential staff training. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


Salsa y Sol Dance & Yoga


Nursing • Respite • Palliative Care Situated in the picturesque area of Sleepers Hill in Winchester, with stunning views across St Catherine’s Hill in Winchester lies Westacre Care Home. Our Edwardian home caters for the elderly living with dementia. We currently provide care for 40 residents and have a dedicated, caring team of nurses and care staff, whose first priority is the wellbeing and quality of life for your loved one. At Westacre, we believe that provision of high quality care for vulnerable people should be a fundamental expectation.

Our main Aims and Objectives To provide an environment that feels as near as possible to being at home, surrounded by familiar objects, where the resident feels secure, content and cared for. • To have the best interests of residents at the forefront of our care provision. • To expect a high quality of work and level of professional conduct from members of staff at all times. • To meet our residents expectations in every way. • To foster an atmosphere of openness and respect between residents, staff, family and friends.

We have 3 new refurbished suites, including one bedroom with a small ‘kitchenette’ to promote more independent living. Our top floor is currently undergoing extensive refurbishment, to include floor to ceiling windows overlooking stunning views of St Catherine’s Hill, available within the next 2 months. These too will promote more independent living.


Totton patient dances and sings again - thanks to Spinal Surgery From complex spinal surgery to growing pains Spire Southampton Hospital is helping get children back on their feet


hanks to the spinal surgery and the care she received at Spire Southampton; Zoe Wilcox from Totton has been able to fulfil her dreams and ambitions. Zoe and her surgeon Mr Evan Davies explain their journey.

In 2014 Zoe, then just 16 years old started to experience uncomfortable hip pain.When it started to interfere with her greatest passion musical theatre, she told her mum who realised it wasn’t her hips that were the problem. In fact Zoe’s spine was not running in a straight line and her hips were probably compensating. Having been diagnosed with scoliosis by her GP, she was referred to Mr Evan Davies in February 2015. Mr Evan Davies is a consultant spinal surgeon specialising in scoliosis, tumour, trauma and degenerative spinal surgery in children, adults as well as the elderly. Mr Davies describes scoliosis “it affects 1 in 2000 of the population and the vast majority occurs in teenagers. Scoliosis can cause


changes in the shape of the spine which can lead to prominence of parts of the back as well as changes in the shape of the shoulders and hips. For the majority of patients no treatment is required, but it is important that scoliosis is monitored throughout growth to ensure that the size of the curve doesn’t require treatment. Occasionally surgery is suggested if the curve has progressed to a degree that it is causing pain and the shape is unpleasant.” The treatment of scoliosis varies and although certain patients suitable for surgery. An assessment and discussion about treatments should be led by specialists in scoliosis such as we have here at Spire Southampton. Zoe chose to undergo surgery in August 2016, when it became just too painful, carrying bags and costumes to school, leaving her exhausted, on a daily basis. For Zoe it was simple. “Before the operation I was finding it hard to dance, let alone be on my feet all day. My course is full on its mentally as well as physically demanding.”

Zoe is an inspiring case; she came back from her surgery stronger and with even more determination than she had before to achieve her goal.When things go wrong you want to know that you can see an expert quickly, access the treatment you need and get back on your feet as soon as possible.


“Although I’m not 100% cured, I can jump, sing and dance on stage and no one would notice any difference. Since January of this year, I’ve felt a lot better and my back only feels irritated after a long day shopping and carrying. I’m currently studying A-levels in musical theatre, drama and film studies and I’ve just been awarded a place at Winchester University to study for a degree in drama.To have a career on the stage is what I’m really dreaming of. During half term last February I was a sorority girl called Kate in Legally Blonde at The Point in Eastleigh, next I’m aiming for a role in my college production of Jekyll and Hyde, the Musical.”

About Spire Healthcare

Spire Healthcare is a leading independent hospital group in the United Kingdom. We deliver high standards of care, with integrity and compassion and from high-quality facilities to our insured, Self-pay and NHS patients.

Spire Southampton has a dedicated Paediatric ward and, as Mr Davies explains “Spire Hospital Southampton is one of the few recognised private scoliosis centres in the UK.The specialist imaging, intensive care and paediatric nursing staff and medical teams mean that the hospital can provide dedicated and safe care for the management of patients of all ages with scoliosis and other complex spinal problems.” With modern spinal care and a dedicated paediatric spinal team of nurses and anaesthetists, most patients are in hospital under a week. Older children and young people like the privacy of a single room with easy access to free Wi Fi and a Play Station.They can get back to school, college or work within four weeks, returning to all normal activities by three months at the latest.

From our 38 hospitals, 10 clinics and two Specialist Cancer Care Centres across England,Wales and Scotland, we provide diagnostics, in-patient, daycase and out-patient care. We also own and operate sports medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation brand, Perform. Working in partnership with over 3,800 experienced consultants, our hospitals delivered tailored, personalised care to more than 274,000 in-patients and daycase patients in 2016. Spire Healthcare offers in-patient/daycase procedures in areas including orthopaedics, gynaecology, cardiology, neurology, oncology and general surgery and also diagnostic services including imaging and pathology, and is the principal independent provider by volume of knee and hip operations in the United Kingdom. We also offers out-patient services, such as consulting, minor procedures, treatments, health checks and physiotherapy.

Zoe took the time to describe her journey. “I had the surgery in the summer holidays and despite the major 5-hour operation required to put two large rods and multiple screws in my spine, I was home in five days and back at college in a month.The team were fantastic and kept me as comfortable as they could I was told to avoid roller-coasters and skydiving.The rods and screws will remain in my back for life to correct the curvature and prevent further change.”

For more information

Tel: 02380 371840 Email: Chalybeate Close, Southampton Facebook: Spire Southampton Twitter: Spire Southampton 27


Alresford & District Neighbourhood Watch 3. When can the Council move them on? If Council land is camped on, without consent, then they can recover the land through } a County Court Order. However, before this the Council must complete the following: • Show that the travellers are there without consent • Make enquiries regarding the general health and welfare & children’s education • Ensure that the Human Rights Act (1998) has been complied with AGM NOTICE The AGM of Alresford & District Neighbourhood Watch Association will be held at Alresford Golf Club from 19.30 on Wednesday 13th September 2017. The speaker will be our local Sergeant, Bethan Wood and there will also be a presentation on Scams and Fraud from the Police and Trading Standards. All are welcome. TRAVELLERS & UNAUTHORISED ENCAMPMENTS Over the past few months there have been a number of reported cases where travellers/gypsies have set up unauthorised camping on local land and car parks. This has led to a number of calls and queries regarding what can be done about these unauthorised camps and who is responsible. The situation does not appear to be improving, as many believe travellers have a marginalised and reviled position in today’s society and evictions, such as at the Dale Farm site in Essex, force families back on the road and moving onto the next place of contention. There is a history and tradition for some people to live in caravans or move around the country, however camping on someone’s land without their consent is unlawful and can be a breach of civil as well as criminal law. On top of this, one only had to walk across Bramdean Common recently to see the damage, rubbish and general filth left by the latest encampment which bizarrely included an old damaged caravan!

WHAT CAN THE GENERAL PUBLIC DO? As you can see from the above, removing travellers illegally camped can be a long and difficult process and many attempts have failed due to one of the above actions not being completed correctly. If an encampment occurs on your land, firstly talk to the travellers and see if a leaving date can be agreed. If that fails, you or your solicitor can obtain an Order from the County Court. If you do not own the land and spot an unauthorised encampment then the Council’s Environmental Health Service is the first point of contact for complaints. Web Site Address - environment/ CONTACTING ADNWA OR POLICE: ADNWA website: e-mail us at: CRIME IN PROGRESS: RING 999 NON-URGENT ISSUES: RING 101 (if you observe suspicious activity) CRIMESTOPPERS: 0800 555 111

SO WHAT CAN BE DONE? 1. Do the Council or Police have a duty to move travellers camped without the landowner’s permission? The powers given to local authorities and the police are discretionary and can only be used when certain conditions exist. Trespass on land itself is not a crime; it is a civil matter, so police will deal with crime committed by travellers when there is a complaint and evidence to support it. 2. When can the Police move them on? The Police may activate their powers under Section 61 of the Criminal Justice Act and are able to do this where they are satisfied that two or more people are trespassing on the land and the landowner has taken reasonable steps to make them leave. In addition, one of the following has to apply: • Damage has been caused to land or property • Threatening/Abusive/Insulting behaviour has been used against the occupier • The trespassers have 6 or more vehicles






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Servicing, MOT, Tyres & Bodywork Repairs

FREE Local collection and courtesy cars (T&C's apply) Free Safety Checks

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01962 732338 L.P.G.A approved autogas conversions

Allows your petrol engine vehicle to run on Autogas, a fuel costing approximately 76p per ltr, with the environmental benefits of a 20% reduction in carbon dioxide production and 2000 times fewer particulates produced from the exhaust fumes when compared with a diesel. Widely available across the country and locally in Winnall, Winchester and West Meon Hut service station. The government has committed to this fuel difference for the future.


Class 7 Vans from 3,000 - 3,500kg Class 4 Cars and Vans up to 3,000kg All makes of cars and vans serviced and repaired All makes of truck and horsebox up to 7500kg maintained and prepared for ministry plating tests




Simon Cooper T

I SSU E 1 3 1 | SE PT E MB E R

FLY FISHING AGENT, CHALKSTREAM CONSERVATIONIST AND AUTHOR o meet with Simon Cooper, fly fishing agent, chalkstream conservationist and author, is to be in the company of a man who seems totally immersed in his element.That is the Wallop Brook which flows, literally, down the millrace and into the wheel house to the side of his home - the beautiful Nether

Wallop Mill. “I spent part of my childhood messing about on a stretch of the River Meon which I basically had to myself, it was heaven.Then time passed – school, university - and I was living in London. I fished at the weekends and realised there was a business potential and started Fishing Breaks in 1990. My parents were rather surprised at my new career choice, swapping a suit for waders. But it was tough at the outset. I was struggling to run the business and take the bookings, having discussed my idea at length with my friend, another Simon, he insisted I get a website and that changed everything for me and by 1996 the business had taken off.” Simon owns and manages Fishing Breaks for fly fishing enthusiasts acting as a letting agent for landowners building trusted relationships with them and helping to support the preservation of the South’s most beautiful beats (angler speak for a section of river) with over 120 miles of river in seven counties. In addition to that Fishing Breaks run courses for novices within the grounds of Nether Wallop Mill. As we wander around the teaching lake the trout, brown, rainbow and blue, are easily seen swimming in the crystal clear water. “We hold one-to-one fly fishing experiences here, children’s holiday courses which have proved immensely popular, as well fathers and sons fishing days or mothers and daughters of course!” In the mizzle of that day we were fortunate to see the mayfly that have their season for a few weeks in late May and early June. “Mayflies are a trout’s favourite delicacy. As the fly flutters above the water you will see the trout jumping for them.”

It maybe a rather tough life for the mayfly but they have unknowingly created the art of fly fishing, and it’s only fitting that Simon should find himself both living, running a business and writing from Nether Wallop Mill. “We completely renovated The Mill.When we bought it in 1999 it was in a rather sorry state with the enormous iron mill wheel, which was manufactured in Andover, detached from its spindle.The Mill has a famous fishing heritage as Dermot Wilson, author and accomplished fly fisher, once owned it. He created a business in 1968 whereby people could order hand-tied flies and tackle that would arrive the very next day. His business was extremely successful until ill health required him to sell to the American company Orvis who sell flies and fishing tackle to this day. The home of dry fly fishing is Hampshire but specifically Mottisfont Abbey.To begin with, the fly simply sank when cast until the ‘inventor’ of modern day fly fishing, Frederick Halford, made


flies from feathers which when cast floated on the surface of the water, teasing the trout to believe they were the real mayfly or similar insects. Hence fly fishing spread from southern England to become a worldwide sport, as popular today as it ever was.” In 2016 Fishing Breaks was awarded Best Travel Provider and Best Fishery River by Fish and Fly Magazine. When Simon is not overseeing Fishing Breaks he finds time to write. His first book Life of a Chalkstream immerses the reader into the sight, sounds and natural history of a Hampshire river through its journey of survival. His second book The Otters’Tale takes you on a privileged peek into the life of Kuschta the otter and her cubs. As with his first book, Simon is a master of weaving his considerable knowledge of natural history with a wonderful and thought-provoking narrative which will have you wanting to live by a river yourself. The otter in Simon’s book, (which is shortlisted for the Wainwright Award), is real and their initial meetings are beautifully described in his book. “My office has a glass wall through which I can see and hear the mill wheel and the river flowing through. But when the wheel was still I would often think I heard a splash or caught a glimpse of something when I walked into the office.This often happened but as time passed the otter - as it turned out to be - became more confident so that now she will often appear and sit on the oak beams of the wheel house and check out what I’m up to before disappearing into the river once more.” When does Simon find time to write? “I’m quite an organised person as I write a bi-weekly blog for the Fishing Breaks site. I like to write roughly 500 words a day or 2500 a week when writing a book.” Simon is currently working on his third book Does he have concerns regarding the future of the delicate eco-system of chalk streams and rivers? “The insidious pesticides that took otters to the brink of extinction are thankfully a thing of the past. In the past two decades, post water privatization, things are improving and fish stocks continue rise but pollutants in rivers are still a concern as is the rising population, urbanisation and the demand for water” Has Simon Cooper found his perfect way of life at Nether Wallop Mill? He laughs, “ Yes I think I have”. So despite his stunning surroundings what three things could he not live without? “Rivers definitely, the ability to go fishing when I want to and rain!” Simon Cooper’s books are published by William Collins.


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'WE DON'T BUY ANY OLD CAR' BUT, WE BUY VERY GOOD CARS OF ANY AGE, FOR CASH! SO IF YOU HAVE ONE TO SELL, OR WOULD LIKE SOME FREE ADVICE PLEASE GIVE ROSS A CALL. AND, WE DON'T CHARGE A FEE! The following cars have been carefully selected because of their low mileage, excellent condition and service history. 2015 2013 2015 2014 2014 2013 2011 2010 2008 2003

(15) Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, 4x4 Auto Estate, plug in electric/petrol hybrid 1 owner, 7,000 miles, zero road tax £18995 (63) BMW 116 D SE 2.0 5 door 23,000 miles £20 tax £11295 (15) Honda Jazz 1.4 ES Auto, 1 owner, 1,300 miles, £10995 (14) Ford Focus 1.6 Titanium Navigator, Automatic - 1 Owner, 15,000 miles £9995 (14) Skoda Fabia 1.6 TDi SE 16,000 miles £20 tax £6995 (63) Nissan Micra 1.2 Acenta 5 dr, 10,000 miles £30 tax £6295 (11) Skoda Roomster SE 1.6 TDi 2 owners, 57,000 miles £4795 (10) Citroen C3 VTR+ 1.4 HDi .2 owners, 52,000 miles £4295 (08) Nissan Micra Accenta DCi £30 tax, 45,000 miles £2995 (03) Peugeot 307 S, sunroof & air con 35,000 miles SOLD

CLASSIC CARS 1998 (S) VW Golf Cabriolet, 67,800 miles Way above average condition. 1967 Morris Minor Traveller, excellent condition, rose taupe 1972 MGB GT, Full history from day 1! Matching numbers, 58,000 miles

£3495 £9995 SOLD



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Mon - Fri: 7.30am - 5.00pm APPOINTMENTS CAN BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE All weather facility, dry and warm waiting area ID VALETING, UNIT 4, SHELF HOUSE INDUSTRIAL NEW FARM ROAD, ALRESFORD, SO24 9QE TEL: 07967 730584



Community T

he Town Trustees decided to refurbish and respray the older Minibus bought in October 2008, and which had done 102,000 miles. The work was carried out by Spraytek at Fareham and it now looks as good as new in a highway yellow paint with the Town Trust logo on the front.


Since its refurbishment this bus has been in constant use and hired out for outings by the Wine Circle, Alresford Historical Society, Mothers Union, Ropley Fellowship and many more private events. The Trustees now realise there are untapped requirements for two Minibuses, as well as giving cover for any breakdown or servicing that will be required in the future. Pam Stevens says that there are a few residents who prefer the old Minibus and are quite happy to use it on outings. The main problem at the moment is a lack of volunteer drivers, although some of the hirers provide their own qualified drivers. The Treasurer and Chair Robin Atkins is confident in recouping the refurbishment cost of £2,600 within the next 12 months, and hopes that the old Minibus will last a further 3 years. Please contact Pam Stevens on (01962) 734861 or E.Mail if you wish to hire the Minibus or would like to become a volunteer driver.



he Pre-season has come and gone and after nearly four months, the waiting is nearly over. Our new season starts on the 9th September with both the 1st XV and 2nd XV stepping into the unknown having both been promoted last time out. The boys have been back in training since the middle of June and all their hard work is about to be tested.Your support is so much appreciated by players and coaches alike so please look at the September fixtures below and also for our 2017/18 handbook around the town and come and cheer the boys on.



All games in September kick off at 3pm and there is a bar open on all home match days for refreshments. Our website will keep you totally up to date with any late changes and news. We will also have a stand at The Alresford Show so please stop in for a friendly chat and find out anyhing else you need to know about your local club, i.e minis, events etc. We are also this season looking for Physio/bag person to help us on match days. No experience is needed as training will be offered. This is a great opportunity for anyone, any age to get involved and gain experience with a local club. If interested please either contact our Head Coach Scott Cleeve or our Chairman John Weston via the website.


Parking in Alresford • The Alresford Chamber are looking to hold a second parking meeting for businesses following the successful meeting last time. The Chamber has been working hard to help drive things forward and plan to give some updates at the meeting. Look out for the parking meeting date. PCI Compliance scam • A number of our members have been hit by this PCI compliance scam for credit cards (PCIDS Scam). Have you been affected? We have put together some pointers for our members on this. Rent reviews • We have been approached by some of our members to help with support and advice on their rent review. We welcome any potential new members who would also like to join and gain advice and support in this area and others. Up and coming events • The next Chamber chat will be given by Sousa solicitors on what happens if we are too sick to work or die. It will be looking at sole traders especially but also covering limited companies. Look out for more information on this and the date. We have welcomed two New Members to the Chamber The Cricketers – Karen Wells Lorem - Skin & Body therapy products emu oil – Andy Moore

30/9 SANDOWN+SHANKLIN (A) SOLENT LEAGUE 2 (2ND XV) 16/9 STONEHAM (H) 23/9 OVERTON (A) 30/9 TBC (H) Our website address is: 32

Fore more information visit: Davina – Chamber Secretary


In Omnia Excellentia

Open Day Thursday 28th September Open Morning 9am to 10.30am

Open Evening 5pm to 7pm

To experience life as a Perins student, please join us for our Open Day events. Visit our website to register and for further information. Pound Hill, Alresford, Hampshire SO24 9BS 01962 734361


FINE ART, ANTIQUES, INTERIORS & COLLECTABLES AUCTION Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th September Commencing 10am

Viewing: Thursday 7th 12 noon – 4pm, Friday 8th, Saturday 9th, Monday 11th 10am – 4pm, and mornings of sale from 8.30am. Entries currently invited for this sale, closing deadline 18 September.

Illustrated catalogues available to view online at Enquiries: t:01962 735988 THE AUCTION ROOMS, MANOR FARM, ITCHEN STOKE, ALRESFORD SO24 0QT

Pre-Owned Ruby & Diamond Cluster Ring in 18ct Gold Sapphire 1.5cts, Diamonds 1ct £3,495 40a West Street, Alresford, Hants Tel: 01962 732200





Market Square SQU




JoJo Inspired

Billy Goat

Moda Rosa

JoJo Inspired moves into Autumn/Winter with a hint of pink and much more! Tel: 07973 688251 |

Remember to check school shoes before term starts. Petasil 'Bonnie' Shoes - £52 11 East Street, Alresford, SO24 9EQ Tel: 01962 733926 |

PS by Paul Smith - Flower shift dress - £239 35 West Street, Alresford, SO24 9AB Tel: 01962 733277 |

Naked Grape

Peter Green


Naked Gin 40% ABV - Sloe Gin NOW IN 20 West Street, Alresford, SO24 9AT Tel: 01962 732002 |

Peter Green inhouse coffee shop School Lane, Chandlers Ford, SO53 4DG

Super soft faux fur baby blanket by Mayoral £24.95 2, Bakehouse Yard, Alresford, SO24 9AU Tel: 01962 734488 |

Equestrian Fencing & Timber Ltd


Jasmine China Hire

Mixed hardwood and Oak Logs, Kiln Dried from £165 + VAT High Ridge Farm, Hospital Road, Shirrell Heath

Ceramic whale bowls, available in 3 different sizes. Perfect for salads and snacks etc! Tel: 01962 733894 |

Planning a party? We offer an extensive range of China, Cutlery, Glassware, Linen & more for all your hire needs Tel: 07836 745603 |

Tel: 01329 835100 |









Tel: 02380 269011 |

Design Realities

Delilah Boutique

Pop in a see the first few Autumn/Winter arrivals from some of our favourite brands, and many new ones too! Tel: 01962 733242 |

Hand made oval cache pot £46.50 Various designs and sizes. 36 West Street, Alresford, SO24 9AU Tel: 01962 732507 |

Masai Gunni Tunic - £80 34 West Street, Alresford, SO24 9AU Tel: 01962 738470 | Delilah Boutique












D.Barker & Son

Alresford Gift Shop

Fine Art, Antiques, Interiors & Collectables Auction - Tues 12 & Wed 13 Sept. Viewing Thu 7, Fri 8, Sat 9, Mon 11 - 10-4pm Tel: 01962 735988 |

Silver Bee pendants from £49 - matching studs from £23 40A West Street, , Alresford, SO24 9AU Tel: 01962 732200 |

Excellent range of jigsaws arriving this month - Ideal for rainy autumn days Tel: 01962 732192 | 10 West Street, Alresford

Interior Style


Alresford Linen Co.

Bespoke arm chair in Manuel Canovas fabric - £525 29 West Street, New Alresford, SO24 9AB Tel: 01962 736311 |

Back to school trainers up to a woman’s UK9, from New Balance, Asics, Salomon 5A Broad Street, Alresford Tel: 01962 733154 |

"Eat, Drink, Nap.” Filled with delicious recipes, interior design tips. All you need for the Soho House feel at home. Tel: 01962 734221 |








Andrew Smith & Son - Auctioneers



A place for local retailers to display their wares and provide readers with seasonally evocative, inspirational gift and style ideas.




F EAT U R E I SSU E 1 3 1 | SE PT E MB E R

Hampshire People



hen researching the life of Lawrie McMenemy, football player, coach and most famously manager, it was evident that the word ‘legend’ often accompanied his name. So I found myself seated nervously in the lounge of a Hampshire hotel waiting for Mr. McMenemy to arrive. Nerves were completely unnecessary, as it turned out, for over the following two and a half hours I was treated to a fascinating and insightful glimpse into the realities of football from the perspective of both a coach and a manager, peppered with both pathos and humour. And I was made aware for the first time, I’m ashamed to say, of the Special Olympics UK of which Lawrie is the President. Lawrie McMenemy came to Hampshire from his position as manager at Grimsby, where they had just won the league, to manage Southampton FC in 1973. “Coming to manage Southampton was a great experience because of people like Ted Bates. I got so much support from the boardroom, the directors were wonderful. Even when Southampton were relegated the board simply said ‘sort it manager!’They placed a lot of faith in me. Together Ted and I accumulated thirty years at Southampton. Back then Southampton didn’t have the money to spend on players, so we had to look for young talent to bring up alongside long established players – young legs and old heads I called it. I started the successful Saints Academy as a way of scouting and training youngsters through the schools.The board allowed me to open academies in Newcastle, London and Bristol and that produced players like Alan Shearer, Steve Williams and Gareth Bale.” I wonder how Lawrie thinks football has changed and whether the excesses of money are ruining the beautiful game. “TV coverage and the money that comes with it has made all the difference.You can’t blame the players; it’s a fantastic, glamorous career for the top players, who often earn millions.They all have agents and good people around them to ensure they get the best moves to other clubs. I remember when I was manager at Grimsby the coach and I took the players down to the docks.There were the guys in the fish market grafting away in the cold calling the players fairies and the like.We sat around having tea and chatting with them and afterwards I said ‘never forget how lucky you are, those blokes work hard to afford to come and watch you play each week.’ Players


need to be reminded to keep their feet on the ground.That team went on to win the league and never gave less than one hundred percent. It was good to see the Southampton players visiting a children’s hospital just last week. Football could do with more of that. But there are many teams below the Premiership, small clubs with full time players who will earn a good living but by thirty-five realistically their careers could be nearly over. Contracts are usually for a year, not five, these days and often not renewed. It’s tough for the players and their families, and indeed for managers, the press and television pundits can have a lot of sway. Imagine playing for Hartlepool and getting a new contract for a year in Plymouth for example.There would be some difficult decisions to be made around moving and children’s education etc. It can be very tough for both managers and players alike. And yes, the TV. I travel around to watch football and meet people from all over the world who are well informed about English football because they can watch on television. Recently I was talking to a young couple from Thailand they knew who exactly who I was and all about Southampton winning the FA Cup.TV has made football global.This has affected the top teams too. Look at any Premiership club and the team will consist largely of foreign players, the game has changed.” Ironically one of the biggest coups of Lawrie’s career was bringing an English player, Kevin Keegan, back from a German club. Lawrie laughs as he remembers. “It all started with a new light that my builder wanted to put in my house, the problem was it had to come from Germany. I didn’t know Kevin that well but I thought it was worth a try; he was more than happy to pick one up for me. I have to say it had occurred to me that it would be incredible to bring him to Southampton. I did some research, not least checking with Liverpool FC that Kevin wasn’t contractually tied, but I was assured that he wouldn’t be going back to them. Kevin flew into London to play for England so we negotiated and he totally surprised me by signing a blank contract - he was coming to Southampton! We managed to keep it a secret; absolutely no-one knew a thing about it. I gathered the press here”, Lawrie points to the adjacent room in the Potters Heron Hotel. ”Alan Ball was there; later he told me he thought it was his ‘This is your Life’! It was amazing. Kevin’s wife with their new baby came through the door followed by Kevin. No-one could believe that Southampton had signed Kevin Keegan! Later he said to me ‘sorry Lawrie I forgot your light!”


The other unforgettable moment of Lawrie McMenemys’ career at Southampton was beating Manchester United in the 1976 FA Cup.

“I remember when we qualified for the FA Cup final, I said on radio that if it had been in the North people would have been dancing in the streets if their club had qualified. A lady responded by saying ’Mr. McMenemy, here we don’t dance in the streets – we dance in our kitchens’.That’s the difference between North and South!” But when we went on to win it was fantastic.The bus tour of the city the following day bringing the FA Cup home to Southampton was meant to take forty-five minutes but ended up taking over four hours!” Lawrie may have retired from football management - although he does manage an inter-party Parliamentary team - but he is very active in his charity work and in particular as President and Special Ambassador for the Special Olympics UK. The event was pioneered in 1968 in the USA by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, sister of JK Kennedy, in the belief that the Olympic ideals give confidence to all people with learning disabilities and their carers. In 1978 Chris Maloney MBE founded the Special Olympics UK.The movement has four million athletes in over 170 countries with the UK having 10,000 athletes and 4,000 volunteers in over 140 clubs offering 26 individual and team sports. “The Special Olympics attract huge crowds all over the world whether in Canada or China.The World Games are held every four years and the UK games in the intervening years. Sadly, little is known about it here, but things are changing and sponsorship and awareness are increasing helped by the fact that Sheffield are hosting the Special Olympics this year between 7 – 12 August.We are expecting 2,600 athletes from across the UK with 800 coaches, 750 volunteers and thousands of families and friends. Not only are the games so very important for people with learning disabilities, but by giving them an enormous sense of achievement it brings families together, forming life-long friendships and mutual support networks; it’s fantastic to see.” Lawrie McMenemy clearly doesn’t really do retirement, “I don’t want to just sit on the sofa.” He is still very much immersed in football and the Special Olympics UK, and yet has found time to write his autobiography ‘A Lifetimes Obsession.’ As we say goodbye, Lawrie, ever the gentleman, goes off to pay for the coffee. And I’m in no doubt that I’ve spent a happy and interesting time in the company of a true legend. GG. A Lifetimes Obsession: My Autobiography. Published by Sports Media Special Olympics:


OPENING TIMES Mon to Fri - 9am - 5pm Sat - 9.30am - 1pm

Why travel all the way to Winchester for office supplies when we have a comprehensive range available on your doorstep A wide range of print cartridges in stock Services available: Photocopying, Laminating, Document Binding, Faxing, Scan to Email, Professional Personalised Printing Agent

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NEW ALRESFORD TOWN TRUST Invites You To Visit The Market Every Thursday Between 9.30am & 3.30pm

GOOD SELECTION OF STALLS INCLUDING Flowers, Plants, Vegetables, Fresh speciality bread, Olives & cheese, watch repairs and a good selection of cards. Anyone wishing to have a stall on the market contact: Pam Stevens - 01962 734861 or e.mail:



Jane's Kitchen S


eptember should see a good crop of vegetables in farm shops and supermarkets or even from your own vegetable patch. This dish can be served on its own or as an accompaniment to meat or a fish .

INGREDIENTS • Approximately 1lb of mixed vegetables (any vegetable is suitable especially root vegetables together with a small proportion of water based such as courgettes, marrow, and green- leafed - spinach or similar). • 6oz plain flour • 4oz of butter or margarine • 2-3oz of grated cheddar cheese.


METHOD Prepare the vegetables and cut into bite size portions and place in a deep pie dish, sprinkle with chopped parsley or other herbs of your choice, season well and pour over 1/4pt of single cream. Rub the butter into the flour add the grated cheese and season with salt and pepper. Press this mixture firmly onto the vegetables. Bake slowly in a moderate hot oven until the vegetables are soft and the crumble brown and crisp. About 45 50 minutes From Jane’s Kitchen. An eclectic collection of seasonal recipes. Available from Caracoli, Alresford - Leckford Farm Shop and Chilbolton Village Stores - Price £6.99

We welcome you to... The Courtyard Tea Room

Re-opening from the 28th August under NEW ownership - Open 7 days

New extended menu, same great home made cakes and friendly service. The 'Hidden Gem' in Alresford


Hot drink and slice of cake with this voucher.


Down the passage at: 19 Broad Street, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9AR

Valid 28th August to 28th September 2017. Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash. Only one voucher redeemable per person. The Naked Grape presents





Friday 6th October


7-9pm at The Goods Shed, Mid Hants Railway, Alresford

Booking Essential Tickets from The Naked Grape Alresford




Alresford Town Council Reports

e now officially have a Parish Lengthsman called Mike Ring. The term ‘lengthsman’ dates back to the 1800s, referring to workers who were responsible for keeping a particular length of road neat and tidy. The modern role of the Parish Lengthsman was reintroduced by Hampshire County Council in 2010, giving local communities more say in the upkeep of their area. This year, the County Council is investing an additional £30,000 in the scheme. The Parish Lengthsman enables Councils to take charge of the decisions about what to spend the money on, and which jobs to do first, so they can be really responsive to what local people want most.

10 weeks; with each visit being for 8 hours. To ensure that we are always prepared for each visit, the Council have organised a system where the Town is divided into sectors, ensuring that all areas are covered. If you see an issue that might be able to be included in Mike’s schedule please contact Frances Simpson at NATC 01962 732079 This programme dovetails with our Pride in Alresford clean-up day when the WI, the Alresford Ladies Group, the Scouts, Rotary and other volunteers come together to keep our streets clean, and volunteers clean up the town after the Watercress Festival, Bonfire Night, and other Town events. Finally, if you have any queries relating to the Lengthsman Scheme, or what type of work can be included in his schedule, please do contact Frances Simpson at NATC 01962 732079 or email her at commclerk@newalresfordtc.

The work involved is wide ranging including ditch clearing, pruning of vegetation and all landscape issues related to keeping the Town neat and tidy. Through the scheme we have Mike’s services approximately 5 times a year, which is broadly every


Overhanging Vegetation We feel we need to repeat our request for householders to check that their gardens are not invading our roads and footpaths; which causes considerable problems for those residents using walking aids, wheelchairs or pushing prams. Equally, local motorists have reported reduced visibility at busy junctions where hedges have overgrown. We would remind householders and land owners that over growing vegetation is their responsibility (NOT

the Lenghtsman’s) and that both WCC and HCC have the right to charge householders for any work they have to do to make the footpaths and road safe for other townspeople and for visitors to the town. ARC News With the start of the Rugby and Football season the ARC is once again the hub of sporting life in Alresford. We can also report that dancing and drama will be making an appearance – but hopefully not on the pitch. Starting in September, we have two new attractions at the ARC hall; Zumba classes on Friday evenings and a Drama club on a Tuesday evening 3.30 pm – 6pm. Please see local publications for further details. Night Time Closure of the Car Park at Alresford Recreation Centre We are now about half way through the trial period of this measure to deter antisocial behaviour. To-date, the measure appears to be a resounding success with nearby residents reporting that the “situation is 100% better”. We very much hope that this improvement will continue and would like to thank our neighbours for the continued co-operation in this matter. Stratton Bates As many of you will know we had some unauthorised visitors camped on the playing fields at Stratton Bates. However, through very swift action by our Locum Town Clerk Karen Ross the situation was dealt with, and

the playing fields vacated. We would like to thank all those residents who not only helped with the clean-up but also took the time to personally thank Karen for a job very well done. Sun Lane Outline Planning Application Following the extension of the planning consultation period to the 3rd August, 78 residents submitted their comments on the proposed development. These comments are available on the Winchester City web site http://planningapps. Reference 17/01528/OUT. We understand that a decision will be made by the end of the year. Back to School Following a major archiving programme, the NATC office has a surplus of previously used lever-arch files. If there are any school children/ students in need of files please call at the council offices during opening hours and collect, free of charge, any files you may care to take. Hurry whilst stocks last! Contact New Alresford Town Council, Alresford Recreation Centre, The Avenue, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9EP. Tel: 01962 732079

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Farm Services A family business supplying agricultural and forestry services for over 25 years All agricultural work undertaken • equestrian maintenance • Ploughing • field cultivation • Hedge cutting • Forestry • spraying specialist • fencing • topping • wood thining • Tree Felling & branch lopping

Load of logs - £70 per truck load Tel: 01962 735452 / Mob: 07880 527049

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• Broken screens replaced from £80 (fitted) • We fix wireless ‘dead spots’ in 30 minutes • Business and private customers welcome

Catherine Paget MA (Cantab) Law Member of the Society of Will Writers Affiliate Member of STEP


Tel: 07786 626979

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Own a furnished holiday let? Renting out a commercial or residential property?

Accounts & audit • Business advisory • Tax • Bookkeeping • Payroll • ITOur & online accounting can • VAT • Wealth planning & protection tax specialists offer expert guidance on the • Buying or selling a business issues that you face. • Forensic accounting • Business start-up

Contact Steve Morgan, an Alresford resident for a free initial consultation on 01252an711244, Contact Steve Morgan, Alresford resident on 01252 711244 email for a free initial consultation Wey Court West, Union Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7PT

Wey Court West, Union Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7PT

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 Farming and Equine Specialists 

FREE Half Hour Initial Consultation For friendly, professional, proactive advice please contact: Butler & Co, Bennett House, The Dean, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9BH Tel: 01962 735544 Email: Connect with us:

3 East Street, New Alresford, SO24 9EE Tel/Fax 01962 736926 email:

Gibbons Solicitors Limited Authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority no. 617854’


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Hampshire Mum



ave you ever had an accident at work?’ so the advertisement goes. Well The Husband certainly has. He only slipped off the third rung from the bottom of the ladder so you’d imagine a slightly twisted ankle perhaps. Not a bit of it, we Pagans do things with panache! The Husband happened to be carrying a bucket of some off-shoot of the petrochemical industry- roofing resin- which he managed to tip over his head, torso and into his eyes. On arrival at A&E I was met by a lovely nurse,”Oooh! I’ve just spent an hour in the shower with your husband”. The things that are available on the NHS these days! With eyesight intact mercifully, all that was left to do was deal with the sprained ankle that turned out to be ……a broken heel. Before we knew where we were The Husband was kneedeep in blue plaster and cheerily informed that he would stay that way, elevated and non-load bearing, for six weeks. Back at Chez Pagan it’s fair to say The Husband adapted very well, managing the stairs and the bath. I honed my best nursing skills- the administration of pills various, fry-ups and a continuous flow of tea- and embarked on a course of major Cognitive Thought Therapy. He wanted to cancel the holiday, the summer, life; but I was determined that we would press on as normal, or in some form of normality. Star I’s birthday loomed and we had booked a family ticket for the Goodwood Festival of Speed. “Well we’ll have to cancel or you all go. I’ll just stay here”, (cue hang dog look). I was having none of it. So there we were in an enormous car park straining to see the whereabouts of the mobility scooter we had hired for the day. We were in car park S and apparently needed to be in car park A in order to pick up said buggy. Fortunately the happy marshals at Goodwood were on it and in no time at all we were in an


air conditioned Range Rover being whisked over some distance through the Sussex parkland. Car park A as it turned out was clearly not viable with crutches. A quick course, or crash course: “Basically if a member of the public walks into you it’s their fault, but if you hit them they can sue. Okay? Have a great day!” The optimistic mobility man waved us off. Now The Husband is an active chap and getting plastered has been somewhat of a wakeup call. What would it be like to be unable to get about, to rely on a mobility scooter? It soon became apparent that people just don’t see you and if they do then you normally get a ‘tut’ or two as, naturally, you’re in their way. And at Goodwood you can certainly hear the cars on the track but no one will move momentarily to let you have a peep. I felt The Husband was in need of a pint and a pulled pork bap. How right I was! Once revived he got the knack of driving the buggy and no matter how dense the gathered crowds he was in the thick of it, mercifully the horn was not working properly. Is there such a thing as road rage on a mobility scooter? Anyway, such was the success of the day that The Husband is eagerly awaiting our return next year! Later I was chatting to a lovely friend whose husband is a super-car enthusiast and owns one or two examples as well as a Porsche and an Aston Martin. “Oh yes, we were there on Sunday too! We were lucky and had Aston Martin parking – a sort of corporate thing with a Champagne breakfast and tickets for the stand. How about you where were you parked?” I took a deep breath, there really was no way to make what I was about to say glamorous or exciting… I smiled and said with some aplomb,“Shop Mobility actually”. Better luck next year. Sandra Pagan

Part of the local community The fantastic 2017 Alresford Agricultural Show will be held on Saturday 2nd September at Tichborne Park and Sousa Law will be supporting this event with our own stand at the show. Pop by if you need some friendly advice or just a chat – we’ll have free cakes and G&Ts! Here at Sousa Law we consider local events essential to keep community spirit alive. The Alresford Show is a great day out with a variety of attractions to keep the whole family entertained. It would be lovely to see as many people attend as possible, and please feel free to visit us for a G&T!

Why choose us? • Free initial, no obligation consultation – however long it takes • No hidden costs – the price we quote is the price you will pay • Responsive & proactive – same day response • Direct personal contact – direct contact with your solicitor

Legendary House • 4a Broad Street • Alresford • SO24 9AQ Legendary House • 4a Broad Street • Alresford • SO24 9AQ Tel: 01962 670510 Tel: 01962 670510 ENQUIRIES@SOUSALAW.CO.UK 16 College Place • SOUTHAMPTON Southampton • SO15 2FE T: 02380 713060 16 COLLEGE PLACE • SO15 2FE T: 02380 713060



Clubs & Societies O Cheriton Cricket Club For more information contact: Nick: 07931 456214

65+ SPORTS & FITNESS O ACA Badminton Club For more information contact: Call Clive Earthy: 01962 733812 O Alresford Badminton Club For more information contact: Contact: Martin Brickwood on: 02380 693711 or O Alresford Bowling Club For more information contact: Barry Morgan (club secretary) 01962 733477 and on the club O Ropley Bowling Club For more information contact Gill Moore on: 01420 563139 O Alresford Golf Club For more information contact Tel: 01962 733746. secretary O Alresford Netball Club For more information contact Donna: 01420 561755 or 07860 931150 O Alresford Rugby Football Club For more information contact: Seniors’ Head Coach: 07964 423001. Minis contact: or visit O Alresford Tennis Club For more information contact: Howard Lewis on 01962 733818 O Alresford Yacht Club For more information contact: Contact Valerie: 01962 808827 O Chawton Park Indoor Bowls Club For more information contact: Chawton Park Road, Alton. Tel: 01420 541546


O Cheriton Tennis Club For more information contact: Donna at Don Perrin Tennis: 07928 855175. www. O Children’s Judo Club For more information contact: Lance Wicks - Telephone: 07787 565233 Email: lw@ O Cyclists’ Touring Club For more information contact: Tel: 01962 864479 O Fitique Run Club For more information contact Melissa (07708) 532210 / sales@ Facebook page: Fitique Run Club O Fitique Women’s Cycle Club For more information contact Victoria on (01962) 733154 O Judo Club For more information contact: Steve Fullick, 10 Perins Close, Alresford Tel: 01962 732883 O Old Alresford Cricket Club Home pitch – Upton Park Farm, Old Alresford. For more information contact: John Stanbrook: 01962 733612 or Mike Armitage: 07878008853 Tel: 01420 568135 O Practical Wing Chun Classes For more information contact: Contact Gary: 07986 298283 or see O Ropley Tennis Club For more information visit: O Tai Chi For more information contact: call: 02380 651223 or email O Tichborne Park Cricket Club For more information contact:

Andy Joyce on Tel: 01962 734316

O Zumba Classes (Easton) Every Thursday at Easton Village Hall, Easton 10.30am to 11.30am. Come and get fit whilst dancing to fantastic Latin beats. Getting fit never felt such fun! Tel: Muriele on 07821 545403.

65+ MUSIC & DANCE O Alresford Community Choir (ACC) For more information visit: O Alresford Ukulele Jam For more information visit: Tel: 01962 710385 AlresfordUkeJam O Bishops Sutton Handbell Ringing Team For more information contact: 01962 736211 O Four Marks Folk Band For more information contact: Peter Treacher on: 01420 562794 O Minden Rose Garland Dancers For more information contact Imelda on: 01962 773487/07762 902143 to check we will be there. O The Candover Valley Bell Ringers For more information contact Carol: 01256 389387 O The Cheriton Singers For more information call 01962 771796 or visit www.

ARTS & CRAFTS O Alresford Area Craft Club For more information contact: Sandy: 01962 732995


O Alresford Art Society For more information visit: Tel: 01962 736751 artsociety@ O A.C.T.S - Alresford Community Theatre Society For more information contact Debbie: 01962 732055 O The Cheriton Players For more information visit: 120589672533. Or contact David Cradduck: 01962 771700 O Wessex Sculptors For more information contact: Carole Scobling: 01962 771259

O The Medstead Players For more information contact: Lesley Rae, Fiver, High Street, Medstead.Tel: 01420 56563916 O The Waynflete Singers For more information visit: O Winchester Music Club For more information visit: O Zumba Classes For more information contact Tel: 079474 10394 or sue@

FOR DETAIL ON THESE LISTINGS VISIT Click on the local information button on the menu. Select the Itchen Valley and browse all your local clubs and societies in detail with direct links to their websites


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91 Leigh Road Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 9DQ T 023 8068 4900

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Chris Breen of The Natural Travel Collection


hris Breen is celebrating twenty-five years in business this year. “I started working as a walking safari guide in Zambia and later with a large London travel company. It occurred to me then, in 1990, that there was a gap in the market for bespoke holidays for people who wanted to go to specific parts of the world to see specific animals, birds and plant life, or for those who wanted to really experience nature through trekking, kayaking or diving, whether alone or in guided groups. I decided to bridge that gap and so started the business from home with a laptop at the end of my bed. I had the longest commute in the world - 6ft 6inches!” As one would expect with a business with such longevity, there have been twists and turns along the way, but today, with his passion for the natural world as strong as ever, Chris is the proud CEO of a thriving company.The Natural Travel Collection, boasts six brands under its umbrella, supported by a dedicated and experienced team.These are Wildlife Worldwide, Dive Worldwide,Walks Worldwide,The Travelling Naturalist, Families Worldwide and Schools Worldwide.

“We needed to categorise all the various areas of travel we provide so that we can be assured of giving the best possible service and advice to our customers, and customers will know they are talking with a dedicated team of experienced professionals. Charlie, for example, is an experienced diver with thousands of dives under his belt. In fact, he calculated that he’s spent nine months of his life so far underwater! Some of our clients research their travel plans rigorously knowing when and where they wish to go and exactly what they hope to see. Others use us as a starting point; they know they want to see blue whales, for example, but need us to design a bespoke holiday around that desire. We don’t own any hotels or vessels but we are stringent in our choice of accommodation and travel options across a wide range of prices, so irrespective of cost the client is always assured of the best.” Families Worldwide has seen a complete renaissance since it first started in 2008, as Chris explains: “We have injected new life into the brand.When I was young we didn’t really have any natural history programmes; now television is literally alive with them, generating a whole new interest in the world 50

surrounding us. Our Families Worldwide holidays work in two ways. Firstly the trips are scheduled to coincide with the school holidays and are largely in Europe, destinations like Croatia for example, where there are abundant opportunities for canyoning, walking and kayaking.Then there are other destinations - what better way to inspire children than a safari in Botswana?” He continues: “Because at The Natural Travel Collection we have a passion for the natural world in all its guises, Families Worldwide is closely allied to Schools Worldwide. We visit schools giving presentations about Morocco, Namibia, Peru or India and how travel can be used to serve the community, whether painting a school or making a playground; and also how travel can be about conservation - a biology project while in the rainforest for example.We invariably get parents asking us how they can join in and take that type of holiday as a family too. Conservation can operate in many ways. I will never understand how people can hunt: it’s abhorrent.We run photographic tours led by the amazing wildlife photographer Nick Garbutt to, among other destinations,Yellowstone National Park.There is a particular bobcat there which has grown used to vehicles and people. Nick has caught some phenomenal shots of it. Hunters pay up to $4000 per day to hunt bobcats yet in Yellowstone the tourism driven by the chance to see this one animal is worth in access of one million dollars per year so surely photographic travel has to be the way forward for conservation.” Chris is about to embark on his own journey: a trip to a remote island of Wrangel off the Russian coast, where the most polar bear dens in the world are found. He then heads onto the Arctic Circle. This is an experience that will soon be available to The Natural Travel Collection clientele. I wonder what he feels about the future. “We need to be aware of our carbon footprint and of global warming, as both these are having a profound effect on the state of our planet.There is a dilemma though. Awareness of the natural world through travel, conservation, community and education is vital for our future, that of our children and their children and we have to hope that the means of transport - planes and cars - will improve their reduction of pollutants. After all they are here to stay. I have three children who share my passion for the natural world. I feel really strongly that young people and adults shouldn’t see life through a screen, hooked up to devices.We need to develop a passion in them for the real thing: not to observe from afar -we need to be in it!” If you would like to experience exactly what it is like to be ‘in it’, in your dream destination, then The Natural Travel Collection is most definitely for you and your family. GG.

A Collection of the Finest Specialist Holidays We create outstanding special interest holidays around the world, tailored by our experts


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which first brought film to the public, or reflect on themselves with a walk through an original Hall of Mirrors. ‘Everyone loves Fairground at Night’ said Hollycombe Trustee Brian Gooding. ‘The atmosphere created by the lights, sounds and steam is unique to Hollycombe – our rides are operated by volunteers and these evenings always prove most popular.’


ollowing the success of the main Winchester Buses Running Day on 1st May 2017, the Friends of King Alfred Buses (FoKAB) confirms its plans for the services it will operate on Saturday 9th September 2017 as part of the Winchester Heritage Open Days weekend.

Adult £16; senior £14; child £12. Family tickets available. Pay once, and return again for a year, for free on most open days. Fairground at Night evenings take place on 16th September, 23rd September, 30th September, 7th and 14th October, and then again on the 21st October, this time with a Halloween theme.

This will be essentially a Twilight Running Day, involving about four King Alfred buses. Most journeys will start from Winchester Broadway between 16:00 and 21:00 covering many of the traditional King Alfred routes, and giving a rare and atmospheric opportunity to travel on them into the hours of darkness. As an additional feature, there will be a full-length journey over the old King Alfred Service 11 route, leaving Winchester for Basingstoke at 12:45 and arriving back in Winchester about three hours later.

For more information visit:


2017 is the 50th anniversary of the introduction into Winchester by King Alfred Motor Services of Leyland Atlantean double deckers, the first time the now-commonplace rear-engined, front entrance type of bus had been regularly used in the city. There are two of the original vehicles in FoKAB’s collection and it is planned to feature at least one of them on this day to mark the occasion. For more information visit: Venue: The Broadway, Hanover Lodge, Winchester, SO23 9GH



njoy a trip down memory lane with the sights, sounds, smell and atmosphere of a vintage Edwardian Fairground at night, as the Hollycombe Working Steam Museum stages its popular Saturday evening openings in September and October.

Based on the Surrey / Hampshire / Sussex border at Liphook, Hollycombe Steam in the Country offers visitors a nostalgic look at how the Victorians and Edwardians used steam as an instrument of work and play, and features a number of popular fairground sideshows of the period. With steam-driven rides such as the Razzle Dazzle (considered to be the world’s first ‘white knuckle ride’); the Gallopers and Swingboats plus the magnificent 102 year old Big Wheel offering evening views over the twinkling lights of the South Downs, a trip to Hollycombe offers visitors both nostalgia and a frisson of excitement! After enjoying the rides visitors can sit back and relax in the Bioscope – a pre-cursor to the modern cinema – typical of the travelling shows


ALLEN GALLERY Exhibition I am not who you think I am. Saturday 2 – Tuesday 29 September. Artist Heather Bowring presents a series of tactile relief portraits with audio description. Adults, children, the visually impaired, the hard of hearing – this exhibition opens up the art experience to all - FREE Evening Talks Spoons – Some history and how to collect them. By Simon Moore 14th September 7.30pm - FREE The Civil War in Hampshire 28 September, 7.30pm - Civil War expert Alan Turton takes us through the story of the Civil War in Alton and the wider county. Cost: £5 (01420 82802) Hours are Tues-Sat, Gallery 10.30 -4.30, Museum 10 – 5 Jill Line

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All Our Stories - Heritage Open Days 2017

very year, over four days in early September, thousands of cultural sites and historic buildings in England open their doors for free and invite the general public in. Many of these buildings and heritage sites normally charge whilst others are rarely open to the public, so these four days are a unique opportunity for locals and visitors alike to peek inside historic buildings and discover some of the stories behind the people who once lived and worked in them. The dates for your diary this year are 7th - 10th September, and in Winchester and the surrounding area you can choose from 70+ events that will be celebrating our heritage and hidden stories. This year is extra special as, not only is there something for every age, every interest and every background, there are lots of new venues including Long Barn and The Granary Creative Arts Centre. Some of the new venues, for example Hursley House (IBM) and Winchester College Science Collection, have never been open before to the general public. Our heritage though is not just about buildings. Our heritage includes the environment around us, transport, literature, medical treatments, everyday items and our food and drink. As the national lead for Heritage Open Days says “History is stories, all our stories, and this year, more than ever before, Heritage Open Days is a celebration of that.”

• Friday 8th: Guided tours at The Grange at Northington or visit Long Barn's special Heritage Open Days exhibition. • Saturday 9th: Free entry at Hinton Ampner where you can try out their brand new Quiz Trail app and also free entry at The Vyne in Sherborne St John. • Sunday 10th: Try your hand at stone carving or weaving at the Granary Creative Arts Centre near Bramdean or go on a guided tour of the IBM museum at Hursley House.

Many of the events will be taking place in the centre of Winchester, but we are delighted that this year we have quite a few in Alresford and the Itchen Valley, as well as further afield.

Remember all Heritage Open Day events are free of charge, although some you will need to pre-book as numbers are limited. There are also competitions including a chance to win one of the first Monopoly Winchester Edition games.

• Thursday 7th: Take a guided tour of the Matterley Bowl, discover the history of watercress in Hampshire before sampling Winchester Distillery's award-winning watercress gin, and a rare chance to see collections not normally on show at Gilbert White's House in Selbourne.

For more information on the events and competitions as well as booking details please visit our website www. or follow us on Twitter @ WinchesterHods



eading the line-up of special guest performers at this year’s West Meon Music Festival – to be held from 15 -17 September – will be world-famous clarinettist Michael Collins, performing the Brahms Clarinet Quintet with members of the Primrose Piano Quartet in the candlelit concert.“We are delighted that Michael will be performing with us again this year,” says Andrew Fuller, the Primrose’s cellist and Festival’s musical director. This year the Primrose, who founded the festival in 2011, have invited


Gilbert White's House

more of their well-known musical friends to join them. Mezzosoprano Louise Winter, a celebrated soloist with the Royal Opera and Glyndebourne Festival, will be performing songs by both Robert and Clara Schumann and Brahms in the Festival’s final concert – which will also include Schumann’s exciting Op.47 Piano Quartet – while the award winning Vickers-Bovey Guitar Duo will be be taking the stage on Saturday afternoon (16 September) at the nearby Church of Our Lady in Warnford. 6 concerts on 15th -17th September. Fri 15th Sept, Concert 1, at 19.30, £16.50 - £19.50. All concerts £5 for students. Sat 16th Concert 2 Charity Family Concert at 11am. Children free, adults £5. Sat 16th Concert 3, at 3pm at the Church of Our Lady, Warnford, The Vickers-Bovey Guitar Duo £12. Sat 16th Concert 4, at 19.30 with Michael Collins clarinet. £18 - £22.50. Sun 17th Concert 5 at 11.30 £12 all areas Sun 17th Concert 6 at 3pm, with Louise Winter mezzo soprano £17 all areas. The concerts will be held at St. John the Evangelist, West Meon, Hampshire GU32 1LF from Friday 15 September 2017 to Sunday 17 September 2017. For more information and to book tickets visit:





DON S DOORS We supply and install all leading manufacturer of garage doors and in a wide selection of styles;

Up & Over • Side Hinged • Automated Insulated Roller • Timber • Sectional All images shown are actual Don's Doors installations



Call 02380 600027 to arrange a free no obligation survey and quote Unit 9 & 10, Vicarage Farm Business Park, Winchester Road, Fair Oak, Eastleigh, SO50 7HD •




fter a very wet August, you may have a ditch outside your home which has been filling up in the rain. The riparian responsibilities of landowners is very clearly explained in a leaflet entitled ‘ Flood Risk Management Guidance for Landowners’ (printed Feb 2016).You can see it online at or I can provide a copy on request. Councils are trying to work out how they will balance the budget as Government funding declines towards 2020. The debate is about whether councils should become ‘entrepreneurial’ for potentially a higher (or lower) return but greater risk, or invest our money as safely as it can. I would be interested to hear your views. In the Itchen Valley division that I represent, there are 485 people who are seeking an affordable home. 393 of those are under 60, 92 are over 60. It may be that they currently sleep on a sofa, with other family members, or their homes are at risk in tied properties; many are doing valuable jobs on lower salaries. The ‘exception housing’ policy allows landowners whose land is not already allocated to housing in the Local Plan to build homes which are offered to rent or for shared ownership below market price through Winchester’s housing allocation process. If you have land, or are on the Housing Waiting List (or feel you should be) then please contact me and your Parish Council to explain why availability of that housing



roadlands Group Riding for the Disabled Association is a charity that has been providing invaluable therapeutic riding lessons for disabled children and adults in Medstead for the last 63 years. The charity has helped over 4,000 adults and children coping with a wide range of disabilities to participate in riding, developing friendships, expanding their learning skills and growing in confidence as individuals. We now need your help to continue with life-changing work. The facilities are in need of an urgent upgrade including the removal of the asbestos roofing which has been formally condemned. If sufficient funds are not raised in time,


would be important to you. As the number of affordable homes declines in the countryside, there is a human cost to this very real problem. Even if someone is entitled to be ‘on the list’, there just isn’t a home available. We must change this. My survey on ‘CANGO bus use’ had to stop temporarily over the summer, but I have now sent out paper surveys to earlier enquirers. If you use CANGO and have not seen the survey, please let me know how, when and why you use the service. Thank you. Families using the popular Merrydale Respite Care home for children in Kings Worthy are being consulted on new ways to deliver respite care. I welcome the consultation but want to ensure that families really do get the respite they need in any new service delivery. Please contact me if you have a view on this either as a parent, relation, friend or user. As I sit at Parish Council meetings, I often hear councillors ask: Do we know if Citizens Advice gives any help here? Yes, they definitely do! I recently worked with a resident at Citizens’ Advice. They gave time promptly and made a real difference, all at no cost to the individual involved. Local groups are funded separately and to keep these services going, Winchester Citizens Advice definitely needs your help. There is a ‘Donate Now’ button in the bottom corner of the website www. which takes you through to MyDonate. The new Priest in Charge, Rev Julia Myles was introduced to the wider Alresford community in a joyous service recently. It was good to join her community from Alnwick in the north of England to us here in the south. Closer to home and as winter approaches, I was struck by Alex Pease’s article on knowing your neighbour. It’s worth reading. Councillor Jackie Porter, 01962 791054, text 07973 696 085, email Website , on Facebook and twitter: @JackieLibDem

this remarkable place, which brings physical and mental wellbeing to so many will be unable to continue its vital work. We know the effects horse riding can have both mentally/emotionally and physically on those with a disability. One parent said, “Broadlands has given her so much in a world where she is deemed different, looked at with pity. I couldn’t imagine not being able to bring her here to ride.” Jamie one of the riders said “When you’re on top of a horse, you get this special feeing… You’re just there with your horse and nothing else in the world matters”. We at Broadlands want to not only safeguard this special place for our existing riders but expand so other children and adults can be part of this amazing place. Our First phase plans include building a Hay Barn and Viewing Gallery to improve the viewing facilities for parents. To install cost efficient LED lighting and white fencing to enable us to run after-school classes through the autumn and winter months for more state-school children who are currently unable to ride during school time. Total cost £96,000 of which we have raised £52,000 to date. Phase Two involves building a Learning Centre, Office, Facilities and Parking. As the group grows offering more rides and other types of Equine Therapy we will need to manage more enquiries, volunteers, instructors and riders. Total cost £255,000. This seems an enormous sum of money, even to those of us involved in the project. But if you could just see the joy and freedom it brings to all those involved, I guarantee you would work tirelessly to protect and improve it too. Please visit and click on our donate button


From scarlet to khaki with The Royal Green Jackets


nyone who secretly fancied wild Mr Wickham more than proud Mr Darcy in Pride and Predjudice will love ‘Jane Austen and the Regimentals’, an exhibition at The Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum. Jane Austen died only two years after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 and Britain had been at war with France for most of her adult life.With three brothers in the army, she knew what she was writing about when she described the Militia turning the heads of the Bennet sisters. To bring the story to life, an officer’s scarlet coatee from the North Hampshire Militia and a general’s linen pantaloons are on display in the exhibition, as well as a commission purchase letter from a captain hoping to buy his way up to major. Gary Bezant says that he’s really got his teeth into the Napoleonic wars at present. He enjoys re-enacting the life of a rifleman in the 2nd Battalion 95th Rifles during the period of the Peninsular War and Napoleonic campaigns. ‘It’s a fantastic way of learning history and passing it on to others - if only they had taught like this when I was at school’. Children are also fascinated by the centrepiece of the museum, a huge diorama of the Battle of Waterloo, with its tiny models of soldiers, horses, waggon trains and wives depicting the events of that momentous day.You can’t help noticing that many of the British soldiers are sporting red coats which seem dangerously conspicuous on the battlefield. However, the 95th Rifles were ahead of the curve, wearing green field uniforms from their formation as ‘the Experimental Corps of Riflemen’ in 1800. Armed with accurate, long-range rifles (the latest technology) and developing a new military role as skirmishers and sharp-shooters, their green jackets were the first form of camouflage. Gary is a volunteer attendant at the museum.When he’s not welcoming visitors, he’s busy muddying up a soldier’s uniform


and the set of a World War I vignette, his current renovation project. The vignette depicts a runner who is just about to go into an officer’s dugout. Gary can do his worst with the runner’s khaki uniform because it’s a reproduction, but he has to treat the original King’s Royal Rifle Corps uniform worn by the officer more carefully. Sitting at a desk in his dugout, with a wind-up gramophone beside him, the officer looks spotless. ‘We’re going to put a hessian curtain across his case for visitors to pull back and see what the runner would have seen.’ As the photo shows, children can try on reproduction uniforms and handle genuine military artefacts when they visit. The vivid colours of medal ribbons shine from the Congreve Family display case. ‘The Congreves are my favourite people, historically,’ says Ken Gray, the museum’s archivist. Reading the medals like a book, Ken explains that the two Victoria Crosses (with purple ribbons) are the only ones ever to have been awarded to a father and son serving in the same regiment.Then he points out the rainbow colours of mother’s campaign medals and star. ‘That bar on Lady Congreve’s Star shows that she went over to the Western Front with the British Expeditionary force in 1914.’ Intrepid Lady Congreve served as a nurse whilst her husband and four sons served in the army and navy. Father’s false arm, also displayed in the case, is a testament to the sacrifices made by this extraordinary family. ‘Jane Austen and the Regimentals’ runs until 10th September at The Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum,

Iris Crowfoot

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6 September to 7 October


Making a Mark

Exciting work by artists from The Foundation and Diploma in Printmaking using a range of original printmaking techniques and inspired by the world around them


ed Hot Press printmakers from Southampton are collaborating with Rum’s Eg Art & Craft Gallery in Bell Street, Romsey. Exciting new work on show at Rum’s Eg includes some established Artists work but particularly fits with the ethos of Hampshire Art & Craft CIC who set up and run Rum’s Eg as it features work by students of all ages who have recently completed the 30 week Foundation in Printmaking Course at Red Hot’s Fine Art print studios in Southampton; some of them went on to develop their work further while taking a Diploma in Printmaking. Red Hot was set up by two Artist Printmakers, Sarah Mander and Katherine Anteney in 2004. Studio Director Sarah says: “Now in its fourth year The Foundation in Printmaking, which is the only course of its kind in the region, goes from strength to strength, we are delighted with the work that has been produced by the students and the opportunity for them to exhibit in a contemporary high street gallery. The Diploma students have also produced a really impressive body of work which shows how they have developed as printmakers”. Katherine explained: ‘the studio exists to promote and develop an appreciation and understanding of Fine Art Printmaking and to encourage the use of printmaking as a vehicle for exploration, artistic expression, communication and creativity, while promoting an appreciation and understanding of printmaking to the wider public. The print facility caters for relief and intaglio printmaking techniques plus letterpress, bookbinding and screen printing. All are welcome to come and learn to use printmaking as a creative process from interested beginners to accomplished printmakers’. All the work is for sale and includes framed and unframed original prints and artists cards. In addition to the new printmakers work Rum’s Eg continues to stock a wide selection of work from many of the best South of England art and craft designer-makers. . Katherine will be teaching a ‘Learn to Linocut’ workshop at Rum’s Eg during the exhibition on 1st October and Rum’s Eg offers a wide choice of art and craft workshops for adults and children in its new Autumn Programme from 7th September through to Christmas. Rum’s Eg is open Tuesdays through to Sundays and closed on Mondays (except December). and



Rum’s Eg 27 Bell Street Romsey SO51 8GY t: 01794 511220

Please check website for seasonal opening times



ome along and enjoy woodworking and craft from a range of local woodworkers as well as the Hampshire Coppice Group. There will be a variety of traditional skills being demonstrated and handmade wooden artefacts to purchase. Standard entrance rates to the Ancient Farm apply.

The group was set up in 2003 with the aim of supporting the work of coppice, underwood and associated craftsmen in Hampshire, as well as raising awareness of the benefits and opportunities they provide for woodlands and their wildlife, the landscape, rural employment and sustainable development. Group members take part in many demonstrations and shows throughout the year, demonstrating a wide range of traditional skills including hurdle, spar and walking stick making as well as pole lathe turning and charcoal burning. Since its inception HCCG has been actively promoting coppicing and associated crafts within Hampshire. The Coppice Craftsmens Group is also a member of Hampshire Fare who promote local producers of food, drink and crafts based in Hampshire. The event will be held on Sunday 1st October 2017 at Butser Ancient Farm, Chalton Lane, Chalton, Waterlooville, PO8 0BG For more information and to book visit:



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solid foundation. one the longest trading building solidfoundation. foundation.ItItItisisisone one of the longest trading building solid ofof the longest trading building firms locally, having been established in 1967. firms locally, having been established in 1967. firms locally, having been established in 1967.

“We deal with every aspect building construction” “Wedeal dealwith withevery everyaspect aspect of building and construction” ofof building andand construction” Office phone/fax: 01962 732985 Office Phone/Fax: 01962 732985 Office OfficePhone/Fax: Phone/Fax:01962 01962732985 732985

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Michael Hoggard Limited is a family company built on a solid foundation. It is one of the longest trading building firms locally, having been established in 1967.

TRADITIONAL PEST CONTROL Daren George your local pest controller based in Alresford

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“We deal with every aspectisofabuilding construction” Michael Hoggard Limited familyand company built on a solid foundation. It is one of the longest trading building firms locally, having been established in 1967.

“We with every aspect of building and construction” Office Phone/Fax: 01962 732985 Michael Hoggard: (Home) 01962 732494 (Direct) 07802 418079

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New builds Conservation work01962 732985 Office Phone/Fax: Michael Hoggard: (Home) 01962 732494 (Direct) 07802 418079 Painting & decorating Extensions & alterations Conservatories Roofing Brick & flint specialist Groundworks Structural works (steel) Office: 01962 734978 (9am-5pm) Issue506416 24 November 2008 Mobile: 07979 email:

Issue Issue24 24 November November2008 2008



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’m not really sure why, but when it comes to ferrets I had an extremely stereotypical view that they are very vicious and very smelly. Where these preconceived notions came from who knows, but one thing is for sure, having met Nick Walklet, Chairman of the Hants and Berks Ferret Club, I’m quite wrong. Nick has owned ferrets for many years and has been the Chairman of the Hants and Berks Ferret Club for the past year. “It was all my daughter’s fault. It was 2010 and we had just returned to the UK after living in Belgium. My daughter had always loved ferrets so to ease the move back for her we promised she could have one. In fact she got two! That’s what they say about ferrets, you always end up with more! It’s a passion that has grown over the years and now I’m retired I have more time to give to Hants and Berks Ferret Club.” I wonder why people are nervous of ferrets? “I think it’s just a lack of knowledge and understanding. Ferrets have been domesticated for over 2000 years; the Romans kept them as a way of controlling vermin in their grain stores. Later it was illegal for commoners to own ferrets they were strictly for royalty and the aristocracy. Most people don’t realise that ferrets are not wild animals, although they do have a number of wild relatives. These include their closest genetic relative the European polecat plus stoats, weasels, pine martens, otters and badgers.” What is the charm of ferrets? “ They make ideal pets, they are crepuscular which means they are at their most active at dawn and dusk and snooze for most of the day and night. They crave human company and love to be handled, handling is essential to build confidence for a ferret. They are very cuddly! They are extremely intelligent and very inquisitive and while they are expert escapologists, they don’t have a strong homing instinct which is an unfortunate combination. But they need an environment with plenty of play equipment to keep them happy and active. I currently have eight ferrets, which are housed in a large shed. They have ladders and platforms and lots of pipes – ferrets love to run along pipes, the more creative and elaborate the better, they


just love it! Ferrets are the ultimate carnivores; they eat everything – fur, feathers, flesh, internal organs and bones – so yes, they can be rather smelly as a result, although their scent is also used for marking territory and they will spray if really frightened. Now you can buy a commercial dried food which is specifically designed for ferrets, they need a diet with at least 38-40 percent protein and a high fat content to keep them in perfect condition, carbohydrates are of no use to them. I like to top my ferrets up with some fresh meat as well. There are some problems associated with ferrets apart from the smell; they are the only mammals where the female will die if she doesn’t mate every year. Female ferrets or jills come into season and remain so, but if they can’t find a mate, a hob, they will gradually lose condition and can die as a result. Now both males and females can be treated with hormones or neutered as an alternative to mating them every year.” Ferrets seem to come in many colours? “Yes certainly. The Polecat dark coloured ones are perhaps the best known, with the typical dark “bandit” mask around the eyes. The albino ferrets with white fur and red eyes have been highly prized as working ferrets because they are easily distinguishable from their quarry. There is also a white ferret with dark eyes as well as silver and sandy coloured ferrets.” What is the aim of the Hants and Berks Ferret Club? “ We obviously want to raise awareness regarding how to care for ferrets. All our members have rescued ferrets and the club supports rescue centres across the region including Surrey Ferret Rescue, Purbeck Ferret Rescue, Fluffy Retreat at Chippenham and STARescue at Reading. We do this by taking our ferrets to agricultural and county shows where we offer advice and handling as well as the hugely popular ferret racing. We have a directory of ferret-friendly vets and we recently funded the building of a treatment and rehabilitation centre for the Surrey Ferret Rescue who are also concerned with caring for and releasing wild polecats which were almost driven to extinction at the end of the 19th century. Our club has 48-50 members and we are celebrating our 20th anniversary next year.” To see ferret racing and get to know more about these adorable creatures you can meet Nick and his team at Sparsholt Open Day, Alresford Show, Highclere Country Show the Cotswold Show and the Royal Berkshire County Show Also on Facebook. Written by G.G




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fun-packed family event celebrating the County's food and farming. Join us for live music, children's have-a-go activities, vintage tractors, falconry displays, farm animals, horse-drawn wagon rides, Hampshire Fare market, local beers and ciders and, new for this year, an afternoon tea tent offering wonderful cakes, scones, tea and even a glass of fizz. The event will be held from the 30th September until the 1st October from 10am - 5pm. A special Evensong service celebrating harvest will take place in the Cathedral at 3.30pm on Sunday afternoon, all are welcome and full details will be available in the coming months. This is a free event all are welcome. Information for Scarecrow Competition If you would like to take part in this year's Harvest Festival scarecrow competition please read and fill out the form below and return to Cheryl Bryan at Entry deadline is Friday 15th September 2017.


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The hardened Sportive or first time charity rider will find the Southern Sportive a great challenge, the classic course takes in some serious hills complimented by rolling back roads and views out along the south coast. All set in one of the prettiest parts of the UK. The location for the event was carefully chosen to provide one of the best sportive routes in the country. In cycling terms, the South Downs are famous for the epic 100 mile South Downs Way off road ride along its length, while on the road, the best known feature is probably the Ditchling Beacon hill climb on the London to Brighton. But at it’s eastern end, the southerly drops from the downs deliver you straight into coastal towns. The best road riding on the South Downs is to be found at the Western end where a wealth of superb riding exists both north and south of the ridge, allowing for a route that bisects the massive rolling chalk downs several times, travelling over the tops on it’s way to and from the coast. The result is a flowing route that combines challenges and rewards in equal measure, with a stunning landscape backdrop throughout. The event base is at Churchers College in Petersfield, which sits right under the northern edge of the Downs and makes a memorable start and finish to the ride. Great road and rail connections to both London and the rest of the UK also help to make this a classic south of England event.


he Southern Sportive is a fantastic 100 mile road challenge event that takes in the best road climbs the South Downs has to offer. And with 114k mid and 73k short options, the event is open to a wide range of riders and abilities.


This event will be held on 10th September. Start time is 8.30am 9.30am. The finish time is 4.30pm, when the event centre closes. For more information please visit:

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The Secret Life of Bees BY CLAIRE THURLOW


nyone It’s not every day that you get a chance to experience the private life of a honey bee, but I’m doing just that.The Hive, at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, has been designed by artist Wolfgang Buttress to represent the honeycomb structure of a real beehive. Approaching through the trees, I arrive at a small hillock in a clearing and suddenly there it is: a seventeen metre tall lattice of aluminium threads glinting in the sunshine.To be honest, from here it looks less like a beehive and more like a giant, unruly nest, but as I get closer the sculpture reveals a more orderly shape. Steps spiral gently to the entrance, bordered on each side by waist-high wildflower borders where I am reassured to see bees foraging on pinkish-purple foxgloves, glowing white daisies and golden buttercups. Although the purpose of this installation is stated as ‘a visual symbol of the pollinators’ role in feeding the planet and the challenges facing bees today’, the site has clearly been designed with the interests of bees, as well as humans, in mind. Honeybees pollinate around 30% of the food we eat, and as their numbers have declined in recent years, they need all the help they can get. And the honeybees are not alone here, Kew Gardens has reported ten species, including bumblebees, red mason bees and carder bees, with an estimated 50,000 bees overall. As I reach the top of the stairs, a low hum drifts from the Hive, a musical sound, but otherworldly, like whale song. Inside, I look up through the spidery, metallic framework to the blue sky beyond. A thousand LED lights, attached to the flimsy strands, flicker on and off at seemingly random intervals. This sound and light show was inspired by scientific research into life within a beehive and how these small, but vital, creatures communicate. Elsewhere within the 66

estate is a real beehive, set up with tiny microchips know as accelerometers.These detect the movements and vibrations within the hive as the bees ‘talk’ to each other and translate them into electrical impulses which set off individual lights around the Hive.The same applies to the ‘soundscape’, which consists of single notes of a piano, violin or other instrument.These so-called ‘noise-gates’ are triggered by the motion of busy bees, making up a gentle chorus, all in the same key. In the early morning, when the pollinators are still drowsy, these lights and sounds are rather subdued, but become more animated as the hive livens up. Individuals return from foraging trips and wiggle their abdomens to indicate the location of food supplies, drones dart in and out, worker bees bustle around their queen. By mid-afternoon all those vibrations stir a continuous sound and light performance in the artificial Hive. The whole effect is hypnotic and I find it hard to drag myself away.This beautiful fusion of art and science provides food for thought. How dreadful would it be if the Hive fell silent and the lights went out? I follow the winding path down through the wildflower meadow and promise myself not to take the bees for granted. There are simple things I can do to help: leave the lawn a little longer, let the clover, yarrow and daisies sprout where they may, and refuse those toxic pesticides. And I’ll leave some of that infuriating ivy for winter foraging. In the American state of Idaho, 19 August has been officially proclaimed Honey Bee Day, but perhaps we need to consider the bee every day.

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iabetes Mellitus is a long-term condition that inhibits the body’s ability to breakdown energy found in food. This is due to the body being unable to either use or produce enough insulin that is required to absorb this energy. Although diabetes is not curable, affective long-term management to stabalise the condition can improve quality of life and can also result in your pet living a normal and active life. Signs of diabetes include drinking and urinating more frequently, always hungry but losing weight, eyes can appear cloudy and the condition of your pets coat can deteriorate from lack of grooming and they may appear to sleep more and be far more lethargic than normal.

levels can also change with time. Routine is the key to successfully treating diabetes. Hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose) is one complication that can occur with diabetic patients and can be life threatening if left untreated. This can occur for a number of reasons the most common being if too much insulin is administered or food is missed or significantly delayed. Signs of this include weakness and lethargy, shivering and muscle twitching leading to fits and unconsciousness. If these signs are present give food immediately, if your pet won’t eat rub either a glucose solution or honey onto their gums to get glucose into their system quickly, then call your vet immediately. If you think your pet could be diabetic, speak to your vet today. Cedar Veterinary Group Alton: 01420 82163 Alresford: 01962 732535 Four Marks: 01420 562048

Diagnosis of diabetes is simple. It consists of simple blood and urine tests that many veterinary practices can run in house while you wait. These tests measure the level of glucose in the blood and urine. If the levels are too high this indicates that the body isn’t producing sufficient levels of insulin to absorb the glucose as energy so it is excreted in the urine and levels are left too high in the blood. Vets will regularly carry out ‘glucose curves’ where multiple blood samples are taken throughout the day to monitor how well the level of insulin given is working. Adjustments can then be made to the pet’s treatment plan to keep them stable.

An exclusive service in the heart of Alresford

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As in people diabetes in animals can be controlled by daily insulin injections along with exercise, weight control and diet. Every animal is different so the levels of insulin required vary between patients and

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Live the Dream with a Gazebo from Equestrian Fencing Services

Live the Dream with a Gazebo from Equestrian Fencing Services

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youforgotten dream ofal-fresco simply relaxing with a well earned glass of wine, or are hosting that never to be forgotten al-fresco Whether you dream of simply relaxing with a well earned glass of wine, or are hosting thatWhether never to be thatcheddreams or timber into roofed Gazebo from Equestrian Fencing Services will turn your dreams into party. A thatched or timber roofed Gazebo from Equestrian Fencing Services willparty. turnA your reality - it just couldn’t be easier.

reality - it just couldn’t be easier. Equestrian Fencing Services offer an extensive range of

Equestrian Fencing Services All gazebos from Equestrian Fencing Services are madeoffer an extensive range of

All gazebos from Equestrian Fencing Services are made

Gazebos from carefully selected timber from well managed

Gazebos from acarefully materials. They are designed to provide shower selected proof timber from well managed

materials. They are designed to provide a shower proof

sustainable forests, to suit every size and style of garden.

sustainable forests, every size and style of garden. environment. It is important to appreciate thattoinsuit severe

environment. It is important to appreciate that in severe

weather conditions there may be a chance of water

weather conditions there may be a chance of water

Specifically designed accessories to fit our range of

Specifically designed accessories ingress. We recommend with the thatched range that you to fit our range of

ingress. We recommend with the thatched range that you

Gazebos are available to further enhance your comfort

Gazebos areprotection. available to further enhance your comfort invest in a roof liner to improve water

invest in a roof liner to improve water protection.

and privacy. Available in a choice of terracotta or green.

and privacy. Available in a choice of terracotta or green.

ENTRANCE GATES • EQUESTRIAN BUILDINGS OAK GARAGES • SHEDS • LOG STORES • GARDEN GATES Unless stated all Gazebos come with a deck base, solid and

Unless stated all Gazebos A full set of gazebo accessories can be found on the come insidewith a deck base, solid and

A full set of gazebo accessories can be found on the inside

balustrade infill panels. Delivery and assembly on to level

balustrade infill panels. Delivery and assembly on to level back page of this brochure.

back page of this brochure.

pre-prepared base is also included in the price.

pre-prepared base is also included in the price.

With all the benefits of a thatched or timber roofed Gazebo

With all the benefits of a thatched or timber roofed Gazebo

from Equestrian Fencing - Dreams really can come true!

from Equestrian Fencing - Dreams really can come true!

Tel: 01329 835100 Fax 01329 835157 Email: please visit

Tel: 01329 835100 Fax 01329 835157 Email: please visit

Equestrian Fencing Services High Ridge Farm, Hospital Road, Shirrell Heath, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 2JR

Equestrian Fencing Services High Ridge Farm, Hospital Road, Shirrell Heath, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 2JR

Equestrian Fencing Services High Ridge Farm, Hospital Road, Shirrell Heath, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 2JR

Equestrian Fencing Services High Ridge Farm, Hospital Road, Shirrell Heath, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 2JR

Tel: 01329 835100 Fax 01329 835157 Email: please visit

Tel: 01329 835100 Fax 01329 835157 Email: please visit

from Equestrian Fencing - Dreams really can come true!

from Equestrian Fencing - Dreams really can come true!

With all the benefits of a thatched or timber roofed Gazebo

With all the benefits of a thatched or timber roofed Gazebo

pre-prepared base is also included in the price.

pre-prepared base is also included in the price.

back page of this brochure.

balustrade infill panels. Delivery and assembly on to level back page of this brochure.

balustrade infill panels. Delivery and assembly on to level

A full set of gazebo accessories can be found on the inside

Unless stated allfound Gazebos come with a deck base, solid and A full set of gazebo accessories can be on the inside

Unless stated all Gazebos come with a deck base, solid and

and privacy. Available in a choice of terracotta or green.

and privacy. Available in a choice of terracotta or green.

invest in a roof liner to improve water protection.

are available to further enhance your comfort invest in a roof liner to Gazebos improve water protection.

Gazebos are available to further enhance your comfort

ingress. We recommend with the thatched range that you

Specifically designedrange accessories to fit our range of ingress. We recommend with the thatched that you

Specifically designed accessories to fit our range of

weather conditions there may be a chance of water

weather conditions there may be a chance of water

environment. It is important to appreciate that in severe

sustainable forests, that to suit every size and style of garden. environment. It is important to appreciate in severe

sustainable forests, to suit every size and style of garden.

materials. They are designed to provide a shower proof

Gazebos from carefully selected materials. They are designed to provide a shower proof timber from well managed

Gazebos from carefully selected timber from well managed

All gazebos from Equestrian Fencing Services are made

Equestrian Fencing Services offer an extensive range of All gazebos from Equestrian Fencing Services are made

Equestrian Fencing Services offer an extensive range of

Extensive selection of, High quality cladding, structural green oak and miles of fencing! reality - it just couldn’t be easier.

reality - it just couldn’t be easier.

party.turn A thatched timber roofed party. A thatched or timber roofed Gazebo from Equestrian Fencing Services will yourordreams intoGazebo from Equestrian Fencing Services will turn your dreams into Whether of simply relaxing with a well earned glass of wine, or are hosting that never to be forgotten al-fresco Whether you dream of simply relaxing with a well earned glass of wine, or are hosting that never you to bedream forgotten al-fresco

C A L L U S N OW O N : 0 1 3 2 9 8 3 5 1 0 0 email: Live the Dream with a Gazebo from Equestrian Fencing Services

Live the Dream with a Gazebo from Equestrian Fencing Services

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GAZEBOS & ACCESSORIES Come & Visit Our Yard & Display Area

Come & Visit Our Yard & Display Area


Winchester City Councillor Monthly Report Winchester Bus Station The Winchester bus station should be reopened in its new format in early September. The bus station mobile data will be updated so that passengers know where to catch their bus, plus there will posters in the bus station to clearly inform passengers of their new pick-up/drop-off points. And contactless payment will be increasingly available for passengers! Don’t forget : Virgin Media Business ‘Vooms’ Into Winchester The Virgin Media Business of 2017 ‘VOOM’ competition (to find the best new business ideas across the UK) comes, along with the ‘Voom Bus’, to Winchester on Thursday 19 October 2017. Virgin Media Business is looking for local people with the courage to pitch their business idea at each tour stop, giving them the chance to win a regional prize of £5,000. For more details on the tour and for anyone with a great business idea, who wants to register to pitch at their local event, they should visit www.virginmediabusiness. Sun Lane Outline Planning The outline application submitted to WCC is expected to be heard in August or September 2017. The majority of concerns relate to the traffic implications around the application – these are subject to Hampshire County Council, as the Highways Authority, for evaluation and comment as to their appropriateness or measures required to address any problems. Winchester Sport & Leisure Park A third phase of engagement is due in the autumn which will show emerging designs/layout of the building at Bar End. It is expected WCC will be asked to approve the business case in late Autumn and, should that be confirmed, a planning application will be submitted in Spring 2018. It is anticipated that building of the new facility will commence later in 2018. The new facility at Bar End will be much easier for Alresford & Itchen Valley residents to access and we would therefore encourage you to look at proposals in the coming months to comment. Sports Facilities in Winchester District A district-wide assessment has been conducted on the built sports facilities available within the district to residents. This is to assess whether we meet the requirement for the current and expected population growth over the next 20 years. From this, we will be able to gain input on where and what we need to build for the future. Sports and activity clubs across the district have been contacted to input their current and anticipated growth areas. Council invests £1m on Disabled Adaptations As part of the Government’s Better Care programme, the City Council is now investing over £1m every year on installing disabled adaptations such as level access showers, stair lifts and ramps, as well as extending properties to help disabled and vulnerable residents to be able to continue to live independently and remain in their 70

own home, avoiding the disruption and expense of being place in care homes and preventing extended hospital stays. The Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) is a means tested grant helping people, including those living in the private sector, with the cost of adapting their homes, enabling them to continue living there. This is a mandatory grant for works that have been recommended as essential and necessary by an Occupational Therapist. 91% of tenants happy with Council Customer satisfaction with Winchester City Council has increased, with 91% of tenants surveyed saying they are happy with the service they receive (compared to 89% when the survey was completed 2 years ago). Satisfaction levels around housing repairs, opportunities to get involved and neighbourhoods in general has also increased, compared to the last survey in 2015. (The City Council complete a comprehensive survey of over 30% of its tenants every two years in line with the national STAR standard to allow comparisons with other social landlords.) Enterprising new business support service for Winchester businesses Winchester City Council is working with Enterprise First to introduce a business support service for businesses located in the Winchester District. The free service offers help with writing business plans, securing funding or advice regarding expansion and a programme of events. Funded by Winchester City Council, the service is intended to help remove barriers to starting and developing a business in the District. Business people keen to meet with like-minded local business owners can meet between 9am and 11am at Café Winchester in St Thomas Street on the third Thursday of every month.You can book for the networking here: Free training courses will be: How to Make Social Media Work for your Business on Friday 8 September; Start Your Own Business on Friday 15 September and Bookkeeping on Friday 29 September. Future training and networking opportunities will be posted at Appointments for one to one business advice can be made by contacting Enterprise First on: 01252 319 272 or emailing You can contact your City Councillors as follows Cllr Kim Gottlieb - Tel : 07795 494919 Cllr Lisa Griffiths - Tel : 01962 738646 or 07545 375632 Cllr Ernie Jeffs - Tel : 01962 734629 or 07887 536966

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Quooker is the market-leading innovator in the development of safe, energy-efficient and child-friendly boiling water taps and we recommend their Nordic range of round or square polished chrome taps to our customers. To celebrate our 25th anniversary during 2017, we are offering our recommended Quooker boiling water tap and PRO3-VAQ tank with a combined value of £950 as a complimentary gift for every kitchen order over £20,000.*

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