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Horse Racing Betting System Warning: Money Making Secrets Ahead (because this horse racing system works!) You should know that this is not just another "Horse Racing Betting System of the month" type deal. Quite frankly, I hate all the hype out there and I'm guessing you do too. Lord knows I've wasted enough pounds on shoddy products and tip sheets that were hyped as the next best thing since sliced bread. . .but weren't! On the other hand. . .if you're looking for a proven formula for laying horses that shows you exactly how to bet like the pros bet. . .and if you're looking to make the kind of money the pros consistently week in and week out. . .then you've come to the right place.

Why Lay Favourites? That was one of the first questions I asked my new mentor. On the surface it didn't make any sense. Surely if you're backing a horse to lose wouldn't you start with an outsider? The answer he said was flat out "no". You need to have value in your bets, he said, if you want to win long term. (More on this in the manual I put together for you.) You see, most punters are like sheep. They play it safe and follow the crowd. Most of them will bet on favourites. They figure that if the horse is a favourite then it must have a very good chance of winning. But guess what? Favourites only win 33% of races. So... by laying favourites you already have a strike of 66% and using my methods you will be able to push that figure closer to 90%! Now isn't that the most amazing (and obvious) Horse Racing Betting System you've ever heard of? And that's just the beginning of it! Just Plug '+ Play and Bet to Win! I decided to condense all the information I picked up on laying over the years and created a stepby-step guide that anyone could follow. The best part is that you don't have to know anything about horse racing to start. All you need to know are the "insider" secrets revealed in my manual.

I cover everything from the basics to the more advanced strategies. In fact, this killer manual is already making shock waves throughout the horse racing world -- because it's one of the BEST Horse Racing Betting Systems ever publicly revealed.

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Horse Racing Betting System

Horse Racing Betting System