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For over a decade, Forty has helped companies connect with their customers on a psychological level through design.


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520 S. Mill Ave., Suite 302, Tempe, AZ 85283

| 480-788-2940 |

“Money well spent! Worth every penny.” –Michelle, Marketing Coordinator at Patxi’s


Patxi’s Pizza The problem Patxi’s, a San Francisco and Denver pizza chain, came to Forty looking for help making their customer experience more memorable and consistent. Their main goals were to improve the overall dining experience and redesign their website in preparation for their Denver expansion. The solution Perform an experience audit and research First, we performed an experience audit by dining at several locations to observe the service, food, staff, and atmosphere. Following our visits, we provided recommendations on how to reinforce their strengths and improve their weaker areas. Perfect the Patxi’s brand After doing additional market and competitive research, we collaborated with the Patxi’s team to define their voice and messaging, refresh their visual branding., and implement our recommendations from the experience audit. Cook up a mouth-watering responsive site Next, we dug into redesigning the website. Our goal was to not only make the site visually stunning, but make it easy to use and reflective of the in-store experience as well. We also incorporated responsive web design to keep the online experience optimal and consistent whether someone is browsing on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.


260 S. Arizona Ave., Chandler, AZ 85225

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• Increased website visitors by 12% • Set the stage for providing a more consistent, positive customer experience and increasing sales

“Your suggestions showed great insight into future issues before we even knew about them.”


–Dave Warren, President

Blue Sky Airport Parking The problem As a new business, Blue Sky Airport Parking needed to introduce their company to the crowded airport parking market and drive people (no pun intended) to the lot. They reached out to Forty for help refining their brand, creating a unique customer experience, designing a website and custom reservation system, and marketing their facility. The solution Make parking fun with a new brand and website Forty began by working with Blue Sky to develop their brand and create a style guide for all their future design and marketing efforts. As their opening day approached, we began tackling their website, which needed to describe their competitive advantages in a cheerful way and allow customers to make reservations online. Reinvent the parking experience This philosophy of rethinking airport parking helped guide every step of designing their customer experience, website, and marketing. After questioning everything the competition does, we developed a brand, experience, website, and custom reservation system that truly changed the airport parking industry.


260 S. Arizona Ave., Chandler, AZ 85225

Make every touchpoint count In addition to a friendly and and helpful website, we collaborated with Blue Sky on nearly every element of the customer experience, from their advertising campaigns, marketing materials, and promotional materials all the way down to the shuttle music, signage, and ticket design.

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• Successful launch with overwhelming positive customer feedback • Significant brand awareness among frequent travelers from the Phoenix area


Gateway Bank

“We ended up at a place that we never would have imagined. It was wonderful to have Forty's assistance in taking our brand and marketing to the next level.”

The problem Gateway Bank had a special brand full of warmth, passion for the community, and old-fashioned values. However, they needed Forty’s help to channel their in-person customer experience into a compelling brand, website, and marketing plan.

–James Christensen, President of Gateway Bank

The solution Refresh a neighborhood brand To clarify and strengthen the Gateway Bank brand around its uniqueness from other banks, our team conducted interviews with their staff and customers to get a first-hand look at what makes them different. Then, we used those insights (along with other competitor and audience research) to refine Gateway Bank’s visuals, messaging, and customer experience. Create an impressive web experience The Gateway Bank team felt that their website didn’t provide much information, tell their story, or represent the warm experience someone gets when they walk into the bank. To address these concerns, we designed a stunning responsive website that automatically adjusts to multiple screen sizes, conveys “the Gateway Bank experience,” highlights what makes them special, and helps people find the information they need.


260 S. Arizona Ave., Chandler, AZ 85225

This is a responsively designed website that allows a single, flexible website to provide an optimal viewing experience for people whether they’re on desktops, tablets, or mobile phones.

Attract new customers with engaging marketing Finally, we helped Gateway Bank get the word out about their story and services by redesigning their collateral, developing a marketing strategy to attract new business, and managing their ongoing campaigns.

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Improved key website metrics, including: • website visitors (+30%) • new visits (+60%) • pages per visit (+21%) • average time spent on the site (+5%) • bounce rate (-5%)


This is the Forty way


Fight for the humans

Assume the best

Our job is to champion humanity in all areas of our work, whether we’re trying to figure out how to deal with a co-worker or making a design decision for a client that affects their customers. People come first in everything we do.

We assume our clients, contractors, fellow Forties, and others are doing their best, so we give them room to fail or fall short. It’s okay to express frustrations, but we avoid negativity, learn from mistakes, and move on with a positive attitude.

Solve the bigger problem

Work with what you’ve got

The challenges people bring us are often symptoms of underlying issues. Instead of solving the “what,” we try to figure out the “why.” Then, we dig deeper to uncover the real causes and resolve the bigger issue.

Instead of being annoyed with projects that don’t line up perfectly, we embrace our constraints, jump in, and make the best of them. We could blame the situation, but we’d rather save our mental energy for improving it.

Say what you see

Take the high road

The answer to “Should I say something about this?” is yes. We just start talking and see what happens. It’s awkward. It’s scary. But it’s what we do, and it always works out for the best.

We do what’s right, and we accept the consequences. There’s no room here for lying, cheating, stealing, or compromising our team’s or your company’s values. We’d rather fail with character than succeed with shame.

Invest in the future

Stay flexible

We prefer decisions that make sense over a long period of time, even when they hurt in the short term. We’re willing to endure discomfort or inconvenience now if it means better results in the future.

As companies grow, they tend to get bogged down with infrastructure and policies. We resist that tendence by sticking with lightweight, nimble practices that allow our company to change course quickly.

520 S. Mill Ave., Suite 302, Tempe, AZ 85283

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About Forty: Design with Depth  

For over a decade, Forty has helped companies connect with customers on a psychological level through design.