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Where retail supply chain leaders meet

Driving agility through the supply chain for business-wide success Retail supply chain executives speaking include:

David McKinlay

Roger Burnley

Jason Keegan

Alan Higgins

Andy Banks

Dino Rocos

Supply Chain Director

Logistics Director

Gavin Chappell

Supply Chain Director

Retail & Logistics Director

Supply Chain Growth Manager

Tim Allinson

UK Logistics Director

Martin White

Nick Fox

Supply Chain Director

Logistics & Operations Director

Deirdre Burns

Stuart Lacey

Supply Chain Director

Supply Chain Director

Head of GM & International Logistics

Operations Director

Mark Holland

Supply Chain Director

Don Marshall

Head of Web Operations

Andy Torrance

Logistics & Store Operations Director

18 – 19 May 2011 – Radisson Blu, London

The Retail Supply Chain Summit is an excellent opportunity to glean how others are tackling the challenges facing us all – I don’t believe a single person leaves this forum without at least one great idea!”

Roger Burnley Retail & Logistics Director

2011 Speaker & Advisory Board Member

A good opportunity to take some time out to think about and discuss customer trends and the impact on your Supply Chain. The event is invaluable in providing insights & ideas in order to tackle challenges and further developing a collaborative network.”

Richard Street Group Supply Chain Director

2011 Advisory Board Member

Two intense days of thoughtleading content in a unique format with senior supply chain professionals l Strategies for driving efficiency and growth in the ‘new reality’ from top retail supply chain executives l Unrivalled opportunities for sharing best-practice to refine, refresh and reinvigorate future plans l Practical retailer-led masterclasses: getting the best from your teams l 10+ hours of informal business networking with your industry contacts

supply chain

18 – 19 May 2011 – Radisson Blu, London


The Retail Supply Chain Summit: two days to refresh and reinvigorate expertise With invaluable insights, interactive forums, fact-based case studies and both informal and structured thematic networking, this is the most crucial two-day meeting point for leaders with a stake in the successful execution of the top-line business strategy

The industry experts steering the content and setting the agenda for the 2011 Retail Supply Chain Summit include:

defining topics for 2011 11 Agenda


Honing your multichannel model to keep pace with the digital revolution Richard Street Supply Chain Director

Andy Banks Supply Chain Manager - Growth

Deirdre Burns Supply Chain Director

Stuart Lacey Supply Chain Director


Rising labour costs and commodity prices in global sourcing – what are your choices?


Leadership and talent that differentiates your business


Multichannel: who truly are the end-toend solutions providers? Pat Lee Group Operations Director

David McKinlay Head of Logistics

Dawn Pine Supply Chain Director

Roger Burnley Retail & Logistics Director

Neil Ashworth Supply Chain Director

Jason Keegan Head of GM & International Logistics

Martin White, Supply Chain Director

Steve Zandi Logistics Director

Andy Torrance Alan Wragg Clothing Technical Logistics Director Director

Mark Holland Logistics Director


Managing your supply chain to drive efficiencies in a lowgrowth economy


Collaborative planning to drive down cost and manage margin

Gavin Chappell, Supply Chain Director


Giles Harvey, Supply Chain Director


Managing supplier relationships in an uncertain trading climate

Supply chain processes and tools to enable rapid performance improvement


The Retail Supply Chain Summit is a great opportunity for retailers to share, hear and understand the issues of the day and benchmark their own supply chain capabilities with those of their peer group.”

An ideal and innovative opportunity to explore with peers the challenges facing the retail apparel market, and to absorb valuable insights from across the industry regarding global supply chain challenges and opportunities.”

Duncan Kendal, Head of Supply Operations

Dawn Pine, Supply Chain Director

Speaker & 2010 Advisory Board Member

Speaker & 2010 Advisory Board Member

Cost-effective reverse logistics: making it work for the customer and the business


Supplier economies and international hubs: finding a replacement for China


The final mile: fulfilling the customer promise across all your channels

To speak to the Conference Director and programme writer please contact Lucy Van Den Heede on

Media Partner

An excellent line-up for sharing, learning and debating.” Trevor Ashworth, Director of Supply Chain,

11 highlights for 2011 l Landmark briefings from the industry’s top supply chain directors and logisticians l Best in class lessons from leading practitioners in grocery, fashion and general merchandise l Hands-on strategy workshops from crosschannel specialists l Interactive think-tanks for sharing best-practice on adding value to the supply chain l Opt-in speed networking to facilitate connections for back-haul collaboration l Inspiring ideas and strategies from the brightest minds and value chain innovators l ‘Fact – plan – outcome’ based case-studies of system/strategy implementation l Live-polling: find out in real-time what your peers and partners are thinking l Practical retailer-led masterclasses on getting the best from your teams l 10+ hours of informal business networking with your industry contacts l 5+ hours of thematically structured networking with topic experts and retail peers Very informative, right attendees with the right voices and some very healthy discussions and awareness regarding strategically what the industry faces and needs to do to move forward.” Mike Ricketts, Sales Director, Advanced Supply Chain, 2010 Delegate

A good networking event to discuss current supply chain issues with a senior peer group.”

Tony Mannix, Managing Director, Clipper Logistics Group, 2010 Delegate

Just some of the companies attending: Accenture // Advanced Supply Chain // Allport // Animal // Arcadia Group // Argos // Best Buy // BNP Paribas Real Estate // Boots // Boxwood // Carphone Warehouse // Clarks International // Comet Group // Co-operative Group // Countrywide Farmers // Debenhams Retail // Dyson // eBay // Fat Face // Home Delivery Network // John Lewis // Marks & Spencer // Metro // New Look // Nokia Stores // O2 // Office Holdings // Royal Bank of Scotland // Space NK // Starbucks Coffee Company // Target Australia // The Perfume Shop // Waitrose // Waterstones // Wilkinsons

, Speaker 2010

64% of the 2010 audience Director level or above Technology

Business Development


Buying CEO

Supply Chain Manager/ Director

Director Logistics Director

200+ delegates from 10 countries attending in 2010

United Kingdom







Hong Kong



Partner benefits & opportunities The Summit brings together leaders and decision-makers from across the full spectrum of the supply chain as they set strategies for the future, debate best-practice and network with peers and partners. l Most senior level gathering of retail supply chain executives and decision makers in the UK

l Benefit from the opportunity to nurture and deepen relationships with pivotal clients

l Structured networking opportunities for targeting and engaging retailers

l Opportunity for leadgeneration with a concentrated group of the most senior level decisionmakers in retail supply chain

l Align your business with the premier UK convention for key stakeholders in retail supply chain, multichannel, operations, sourcing and logistics l Interact with key-decision makers as they discuss best practice and set their future strategies

l Brand profiling on event marketing, literature and onsite signage l Thought-leadership presentation opportunities in a variety of unique and innovative formats

For bespoke opportunities to collaborate and contribute to the Summit, please contact: Janine Halpin, Head of Retail Sponsorship, Retail Week T: +44 (0) 20 7728 5281 E:

+44 (0) 20 7728 5258 /

supply chain SUMMIT

18 – 19 May 2011 – Radisson Blu, London

Day One: Wednesday, 18 May 2011 08.00 Morning refreshments & registration 09.00 Chairs’ opening remarks 09.10 – 10.00 Supply chain agility: how do you become ‘fit for the future’? lD  eveloping an operating model that can adapt quickly to business and customer needs lP  utting in place supply chain strategies that serve the end customer and support wider business plans l L everaging the benefits of an integrated, responsive and flexible supply chain Deirdre Burns, Supply Chain Director Gavin Chappell, Supply Chain Director

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10.00 – 10.45 How Marks & Spencer energised the supply chain to delight their customer l E ngaging and motivating your staff to benefit the supply chain l F ostering agility and a culture of continuous improvement lR  e-inventing the supply chain and its perception in a competitive 21st century market Jason Keegan, Head of General Merchandise & International Logistics Marks&Spencer

10.40 Morning networking & refreshments 11.20 Morning focus groups: choice of 3 sessions JOINT ENTERPRISE

11.20 – 12.00 Joint enterprise: service implementation

opp o to p rtuniti ava resent es ilab le

A leading retailer and their service partner share practical insights into the roll-out of a new programme. l IT strategy, selection and implementation of best of breed systems lC  hange management for new operating models

12.00 – 12.45 Joint enterprise: service-provider collaboration A practical application of ‘third party’ collaboration, to demonstrate the opportunities and outcome of specific initiatives. Please submit case study suggestions to



11.20 – 12.00 Adding value in changing times

11.20 – 12.00 Warehouse operations

A practical account of a strategy or solution implementation that has driven efficiencies and cost-savings. l Cost containment and transforming your processes l Consolidation to drive down operating costs Senior Executive, Wincanton

Changing your operations to respond to the new customer in a fast-paced and multichannel world. l Integrated approach to warehousing and store operations to achieve optimum cost balance l Creating synergies between the needs in the store and in the warehouse Craig Farina, Logistics Director Alliance Boots

12.00 – 12.45 Driving efficiency, agility & growth

12.00 – 12.45 Warehouse management

l Effective inventory management: increasing visibility to provide flexibility l Aligning your contingency planning capabilities with rising cost volatility l Increasing efficiencies by reducing multiple stock-holding points David McKinlay, Supply Chain Director WH Smith Alan Higgins, Logistics Director Ben Sherman

l What changes must be made in the warehouse to service the customer of the future l Leveraging the benefits of automation in the warehouse l Mitigating the risks of implementing new technology in your DC

To speak to the Conference Director and programme writer please contact Lucy Van Den Heede on

12.45 Lunch & networking 13.45 Afternoon focus groups: choice of 3 sessions CUSTOMER FULFILMENT




13.45 – 14.30

13.45 – 14.30

l Customer-centric supply chains and store operations l Preparing for material change in physical stores as a result of increased delivery options l Streamlining and improving the customer-collection experience

l Fulfilling business growth plans l Managing accelerated growth in a volatile market place l Developing fulfilment strategies that keep pace with the needs of the consumer and the business Don Marshall, Head of Web Operations Dunelm Mill

l Harnessing the business benefits of improved forecasting performance in a volatile environment l Collaborative planning to drive down cost and manage margin l Developing supply chain and merchandising synergies

14.30 – 15.15

14.30 – 15.15

14.30 – 15.15

l Reconciling the demand for bespoke and specialist services whilst maintaining cost efficiencies l Mitigating the complexities of multiple delivery points l Managing effective and positive customer-deliver communications

l Transforming your operations to support business developments l Sustainably increasing volume and service across all your channels l Understanding and supporting business plans for growth, new formats and service offerings Andy Banks, Head of Supply Chain Waitrose

l Optimising your supply chain to drive efficiencies in a low-growth economy and support growth l Effective inventory management in the new economic reality l Supply chain transformation: creating a synergistic supply chain that is smarter, leaner and faster l Boosting margin, driving operating profit and adding-value in changing times

13.45 – 14.30

Making your store fit for the future

Meeting customer demands

Fit for the future

Fit for purpose

Driving efficiency, agility and growth

Driving efficiency

15.15 Afternoon networking & refreshments 15.30 Setting the agenda for retail supply chain Presentation and discussion of original research looking at trends in retail supply chain, and the evolving challenges and priorities of logisticians, sourcing executives and supply chain directors in Europe.

16.00 Logisticians: the executors of the ultimate customer experience lT  he role of supply chain in maximising customer satisfaction l Managing the customer proposition across multiple channels l Achieving high levels of service throughout the supply chain l Service execution: fulfilling a new brand’s national operations Stuart Lacey, Supply Chain Director

16.35 Interactive debate Jason Keegan, Head of General Merchandise and International Logistics Marks&Spencer Mark Holland, Supply Chain Director Stuart Lacey, Supply Chain Director

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17.15 Retail Supply Chain Summit Drinks Reception 18.30 Retail Supply Chain Inaugural Annual Dinner (by invitation only)

Plus special guest-speakers. Contributors include: Dino Rocos, Operations Director, John Lewis

+44 (0) 20 7728 5258 /

supply chain

18 – 19 May 2011 – Radisson Blu, London


Day Two: Thursday, 19 May 2011 08.00 Morning refreshments & networking 08.45 Chairs’ opening remarks 09.00 – 09.25 Presentation and Q&A International retailing: a view from the top l T he CEO agenda: fulfilling business needs in a globally unstable and economically challenged market place l Identifying opportunities and leveraging your international supply chain lD  riving a dynamic UK brand to be globally successful

09.40 – 10.00 Special presentation and expert overview from Retail Supply Chain Summit 2011 key partner 10.00 – 10.30 Delivering service excellence to the cross-channel shopper

l Integrating multiple channels: the organisational design and physical supply chain perspective l Supply chain capabilities for maximising the opportunities of the multichannel customer l ‘Blended channels’: fulfilling the brand promise across all your touch-points l Interconnecting and aligning your partners throughout the network to serve today’s customer Tim Allinson, UK Logistics Director

10.30 Morning networking & refreshments 11.00 Morning focus groups: choice of 3 sessions Customer fulfilment

11.00 – 11.40 Warehouse management

lW  hat changes must be made in the warehouse to service the customer of the future l L everaging the benefits of automation in the warehouse lM  itigating the risks of implementing new technology in your DC lR  educing your overheads through driving down cost per unit Andy Torrance, Logistics & Store Operations Director, Halfords



11.00 – 11.40 Empowering your staff to take ownership and drive change

10.45 – 11.40 Stakeholder engagement and fostering a ‘one-team’ culture

l Developing and training your workforce for business benefit l Driving stakeholder engagement to boost productivity l Deriving the benefits from employee buy-in when implementing change David McKinlay, Supply Chain Director WH Smith Gavin Chappell, Supply Chain Director ASDA

Online and multichannel

Global sourcing

11.35 – 12.15 Ranging and stocking for multiple channels

11.40 – 12.10 Leveraging the international supply chain

lO  perating a customer-centric supply chain that doesn’t break the bank lW  hat is the optimum supply-demand balance: just-in-time and demand driven replenishment l Delivering an optimum cost/service model: tight inventory levels vs. lost sales lS  triking the balance: what is the optimum trade off between cost and service

l New products for new markets: supplying across multiple geographies l Identifying and implementing innovative solutions for reducing lead times and cost in the end to end process l Meeting and exceeding both domestic and international customer expectations Chaired by: Martin White, Supply Chain Director, Primark Alan Higgins, Director, Ben Sherman

 Re inte tail-led wor ractive ksh op

As trading climate remains volatile, the supply chain is under ever-increasing pressure and scrutiny to drive efficiencies throughout the business. An increasingly composite balancing act, that requires intricate planning and deeper and more complex collaboration, means that not only are new solutions needed, but new ways of thinking and new priorities. This retailer-led workshop offers practical strategies and support for delegates in establishing and sustaining collaborative partnerships with suppliers, partners and stakeholders. Facilitated by: Jason Keegan Head of GM & International Logistics


To speak to the Conference Director and programme writer please contact Lucy Van Den Heede on


12.15 – 13.00 Solving the challenge of returns

A thought-provoking presentation from a specialist end-to-end reverse logistics provider. l Practical strategies for managing return flows l Cost-effective reverse logistics: making it work for the customer and the business



12.10 – 13.00 Global retail sourcing and its impact on extended supply chain operations

12.00 – 13.00 Stakeholder engagement and fostering a ‘one-team’ culture

l Overview of global markets: where can returns be maximised from a supply chain perspective l Product development and working in collaboration with manufacturers to ensure consistency of supply l Emerging growth of the Indian sub-continent l Managing supplier relationships in an uncertain climate Tim Crowfoot, Supply Chain Manager, Fat Face Nick Fox, Logistics & Operations Director, WDT

For details see session at 10.45 Facilitated by: Jason Keegan Head of GM & International Logistics,


13.00 Lunch, networking & hosted roundtables: choose from 2 sessions 14.00 – 14.20 Satisfying the customer of the future

14.00 – 14.20 People and partnerships

A leading expert in customer trends and shopping behaviours will share an insight into the profile of the evolving consumer lS  hopping behaviours in the ‘new reality’ lC  ustomer satisfaction: what does it take to achieve serviceexcellence? l E xploring the impact of mobile as a new shopping channel

Speed-networking: new partnerships This session will facilitate partnerships between parties with spare capacity on backhaul routes. Delegates will be invited to confidentially submit information where they see potential for collaboration in their network.

14.20 – 15.00 Multichannel briefings

14.20 – 15.00 Confidential discussion group international development

Transforming the business model to serve a multichannel consumer lD  riving loyalty through your seamless customer journey lM  anaging availability and demand across multiple channels l F ulfilling the last and, arguably most crucial element of the customer experience lM  aking sense of the hierarchy of value options and selecting the best for your business lS  triking the optimum cost-to-serve balance Neil Ashworth, Supply Chain Director

exe Think cut ive locall leve region y, glob rage ally, ally

Sharing the secrets of success: this session is a ‘bring and share’ forum to exchange experiences and information on setting up in new geographies and the associated challenges and opportunities. Key contributors will be announced in due course, and there will be the option to sign up for the session prior to the Summit.

15.00 Afternoon break, networking & refreshments 15.15 Driving a lean and sustainable supply chain l Transforming the supply chain into a business tool that can help control costs, manage risks and make profit in a fully responsible manner l Promoting green behaviour across physical logistics channels l Changing management: integrating sustainability principles into your business l Responding to the environmentally savvy customer in a price-driven market place Roger Burnley, Retail & Logistics Director

15.50 Customer centric supply chain: putting the customer at the heart of everything you do A leading retailer shares their perspective on putting the customer at the heart of the business through organisational design and communication. l Operating an agile supply chain that drives and enhances the end-customer experience l Building a distribution network that is sensitised to the customer’s needs l Delivering online excellence in your fulfilment

16.25 Defining the blueprint for the future In this concluding session, the Chair will broker an open discussion on the major narratives that have emerged throughout the two days, drawing together their significance for insight-building and the resourcing of supply chain strategy in the times ahead. Key topics will include people talent, sustainability and multichannel retailing.

16.45 Close of Summit

+44 (0) 20 7728 5258 /

supply chain

SUMMIT Driving strategies for business-wide success

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18 – 19 May 2011 – Radisson Blu, London

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Supply Chain Summit  
Supply Chain Summit  

Supply Chain Summit