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Intelligent Risk Management Solutions

ID Enterprise Risk Ltd utilises select disciplines, highly experienced consultants, and specialist knowledge enabling them to deliver bespoke Risk solutions.

In addition, we provide ongoing support and efficiency through specially designed, powerful online tools, that enable you to manage your Risk portfolio from anywhere in the world.

A boutique approach – Giving you bespoke solutions Every business is unique so we think carefully about the discipline, tools and expertise required to ensure that we deliver the best solution for each scenario presented. In doing so, we can add real value and identify cost-saving opportunities. Whether it is a one-person training module, or a complete Fire Safety Management System that needs developing, ID Enterprise Risk can provide a tailored solution.

• Fire, Business Continuity Management & IT solutions for Risk, Asset & Training management • In-depth analysis and a corporate health-check of an organisation to ensure that it is robust, efficient and compliant, from top to bottom • An independent overview to enable measurement of policy against best practice • All discipline consulting to deliver bespoke solutions including planning, training, early identification of issues and rapid response to crises • Online support, through our proprietary IT system, Global Tracker • Risk mitigation, effective response and business recovery • Business Continuity Plan testing Our teams work at the highest level of industry and amongst others, have delivered solutions to the BBC, Land Securities, Morrisons, Spenhills,, Westfield, DTZ, 3i, Savills, and Canada Life.

An overview of our specialist solutions

Fire Fire Safety Management Systems Our in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge will help you to: determine your fire mission statement; detail a method for managing your risk responsibly through appropriate working groups; ensure responsibilities are correctly assigned to individuals and teams; establish an appropriate internal review process for your fire management systems, and develop fire safety manuals that are business-unit specific to dovetail into your corporate safety management system.

the tried and tested way of discharging your legal responsibility whilst protecting and increasing this valuable revenue stream and ensuring Insurance coverage. It is important to be clear that this strategy is about managing risk, but most importantly about securing existing revenues and identifying all potential opportunities, at all levels of any type and age of shopping centres. To date, all of our projects have been approved, with the increase in additional potential opportunity ranging between 50-500% on a project-by-project basis.

Fire engineering

Bespoke consultancy

ID Enterprise Risk fire engineering methods minimise project costs whilst delivering a safe and sustainable built-environment. As your fire-engineering partner, we will help deliver maximum floor space and greater long-term yields, with minimal system requirements, whilst meeting the latest architectural demands We strive to provide competitive and commercially beneficial guidance, with practitioners measured on the financial and operational benefits, not simply the complexity of models utilised.

Whatever your fire safety issue; whether it be, the untimely intervention by a fire authority, or in some aspect of fire safety in an occupied building, ID Enterprise Risk can help resolve that issue. We use our understanding of the fire safety legislation to produce a solution that is cost-effective, safe and protects your business continuity. If you are thinking about replacing or upgrading fire safety systems, then let us specify the design criteria for your providers to work to, in order to ensure the optimum system is installed. This solution has saved highly significant amounts of money on each project for our clients on all types of systems, whether integrated or stand-alone. Our team will assess and solve the issue on your behalf and no issue is too small, or too big.

Our skills and expertise are utilised on: • New-build fire strategy development and approval • Fire strategy review • Retrospective fire strategy development and approval • Refurbishment fire strategy development and approval • Shopping centre mall commercialisation assessment and strategy approval • Bespoke engineering consultancy • Life safety systems technical consultancy – specification, procurement & installation oversight

Shopping Centre Mall Commercialisation ‘Commercialisation’ is the use of a shopping mall to generate revenue, through the introduction of retail merchandising units (RMUs), promotional displays (including vehicles and exhibitions), leisure and entertainment activities, advertising and all manner of miscellaneous equipment such as information desks, information light boxes, vending machines, Christmas decorations, litter bins, seating, plants etc. Our commercialisation strategy is a wideranging blueprint and is fundamental to underpinning revenue streams in shopping centres. Without an approved strategy, commercialisation revenues cannot be guaranteed and are at risk without the necessary approvals. Additionally, the strategy can have a material effect on asset values. Our methodology for assessing and mitigating the fire risk associated with existing and proposed mall commercialisation has been repeatedly accepted by the enforcing authorities including London, Tyne & Wear, West Midlands and over 20 additional fire authorities and building control bodies. The assessments are made by our experienced fire engineers, and are

Expert witness The need for expert witnesses is growing as redress through the courts is on the increase. We have a range of experts at our disposal: qualified fire investigators, fire risk assessors, fire engineers and fire scientists. These experts are at the forefront of their respective fire disciplines and their views will be highly valued by the courts, official enquiries and tribunals.

Fire Risk Assessment and Emergency Planning It is a requirement of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (or the fire (Scotland) Act 2005 in Scotland) and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 that a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment should be made for all places of work where at least one person is employed under a work contract. That assessment must be recorded where there are five or more persons employed. The responsibility for discharging this requirement rests with the ‘Responsible Person’ as defined in the legislation. The Responsible Person must ensure that a competent person makes the assessment, and as part of the same legal requirement, they must also ensure that a suitable and sufficient fire emergency plan is in place for all places of work.

Business Continuity Management BS:25999 business continuity management systems This is an internationally recognised standard and the benchmark for BCM certification. It promotes a continuous, robust working environment by providing a framework that allows your organisation to consistently identify and control its BCM issues, aid legislative compliance and improve overall performance. We will help you for example: determine your BCM mission statement, detail a method for managing your risk responsibly through appropriate working groups, ensure responsibilities are correctly assigned to individuals and teams, establish an appropriate internal review process for your BCM management systems and develop BCM manuals that are business-unit specific to dovetail into your corporate safety management system.

Business impact analysis (BIA) Our analysis of business impact identifies the most critical activities in your business and helps build a business case for deciding your business continuity priorities as well as analysing impact. It is important to have a clear understanding of your risk profile. Using the results from conducting our Business Impact Analysis, we will develop effective counter-measures to increase the resilience of your organisation. Armed with a clear understanding of your organisation’s potential impact and risk, we will design a business continuity strategy that offers the right blend of risk mitigation, training and effective response and business recovery for key resources - people, systems, equipment & facilities.

PR / media & reputation management Organisations can go out of business following a crisis, not directly from the crisis, but by the way in which they handled it. The key objective for PR, in a crisis, is to protect reputation. Through effective PR, a crisis can be handled to eliminate negative public

image, to limit any additional damage to your organisation’s reputation and to serve to help rebuild it if required. However, the key to successful media management is forward planning, assessing every eventuality and areas of vulnerability, as well as having a line of communication established at all times. A decisive, controlled response to a crisis will reflect on the business and, vitally, present a responsible, calm business image.

Critical incident command training & business continuity plan testing At ID Enterprise Risk, we assess your organisation in order to develop and implement measures to ensure your business continuity throughout all manner of potential crises. It is also vital that key members of your team can effectively manage an incident, in order to protect your reputation and to ensure rapid business continuity. Our approach is thorough and robust which means that all plans must be tested to make sure they work in every eventuality. Through many years of experience and ability to forecast crises in all types of companies, ID Enterprise Risk will make sure your planning will work should it ever be called upon to do so. We have the most highly-qualified and experienced CIM tutors in the UK, who will train your teams using the Gold, Silver & Bronze command structures used in emergency services.

Training Fire risk management & critical incident management training is the bedrock of best practice and legal compliance. Without competent people, an organisation cannot expect to meet its legal responsibilities, whether in the management of existing buildings, managing an incident or effective business continuity. ID Enterprise Risk provides a wide range of training modules, so please just ask and we will be able to provide a solution to your needs.

IT Services Global Tracker | Managing your portfolio risk, assets & training needs from anywhere in the world A specially designed, in-house web-based management system, Global Tracker allows approved users to track the status and progress of risk, assets & training needs across an organisation’s portfolio of properties. This powerful system is the gateway to day-to-day management of all risk types and standard features include: • Central storage of all legal compliance documents for each property • Legal & non-legal document management • Highly flexible reporting • Dashboards • Multi-level views – local, regional & national • High-level Security • Scalable & extendible • Globally accessible • No installation required • Mobile access

Web based risk, assets & training management system In support of the ‘hands on’ element of managing risk, we have created a powerful, web-based system that allows approved users to monitor the status and progress of risk, assets & training across an organisation’s portfolio of properties, anywhere in the world. This highly secure system is the gateway to day-to-day management of all risks, assets & training within your workplace.

Risk management portals Clients can make specific policy documentation available to their competent persons at each property they own, or manage, through this online tool. Your standard central policies can now be developed on a site-specific basis according to property type and location, and be viewed and monitored centrally, by the relevant stakeholder.

Intelligent Risk Management Solutions

ID Enterprise Risk. 78 York Street, London, W1H 1DP | 11 Mallard Way, Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8GX Tel: 01283-534161,

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