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Winter 2013

The Cardinal The Big Picture is Taking Shape

Our Focus and Purpose Mission Statement


t’s hard to believe that we are already to the halfway point of this school year. This year has been marked with tragedy and sadness, but it has brought an amazing unity and focus to our FWC family. Students and staff alike continue to lean on the promises of Christ and He is our strength. Part of my summer reading this year was the book Character First by Dr. Nathan Mellor. It really hit home with me and my role at FWC. It stated that any organization can have a good season, but great organizations create successful programs year after year. Consistency in education is fostered by two things: competence and character. We are blessed at FWC to have competent men and women who work with our children everyday. They are also people of outstanding Christian character. This is what sets us apart from public schools and many private schools. The opportunity to have your children in an environment where this Christian culture is taught each day by word and deed is immeasurable. To keep you all informed of all the wonderful things happening at FWC, we expanded this publication. Our master plan to improve and grow our facilities is coming together and the “Big Picture is Taking Shape.” In the center spread you will see information about the financial state of our school, upgrades we’ve made in security and upcoming additions and improvements planned for our campus. Anybody can have a great season, but it takes an outstanding organization with focus and purpose to have an excellent program year after year. It all goes back to who we lean on, who we get our strength from – Christ. He is the reason we strive to be the best we can be, and He is the reason we succeed at what we do. For the kids,

Fort Worth Christian School is a Christ-centered community where every child is loved and valued, taught excellence in and out of the classroom, and empowered by a biblical worldview for a lifetime of faith and service.

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On the Cover: The Big Picture is Taking Shape

Fort Worth Christian School

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Kelly Moore President Fort Worth Christian School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin. 2 The Cardinal | Winter 2013


by Clint Rhodes, he 2012-2013 Director of school year Spiritual Life spiritual theme is “Reflect”. It was taken from 2 Corinthians 3:18 “So all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord. And the Lord, who is the Spirit, makes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image.” If we are in Christ, we have a responsibility to reflect Christ in our lives. Maybe the most important job and mission of Fort Worth Christian School, is to instill this reflectiveness into our kids. We must give our students instruction on what being a Christfollower is about, so that when they follow they understand the steps that they should take. One of the biggest failings of many wellmeaning believers is in training kids to believe that Christians are people that “don’t.” After all, there is a long list of the things that Christians don’t do. No doubt it is true, that a part of Christian discipline and responsibility in the world is to abstain from certain things, and to strive by the power of the Holy Spirit for purity from sin. A core to our Christian belief is that Jesus remained sinless. In order to do that, there were many things that he did not do. But there is a key to understanding who Jesus is and what he did on earth that we cannot miss. Jesus could have come to earth and quietly remained sinless, and nothing much would be different in the world. However, He had a mission. He was about the business of his Father’s kingdom while teaching, loving, and sacrificing himself, including the ultimate sacrifice in his death on the cross. How can we say we are Christ followers if our faith is wrapped up in the things we don’t do when there are so many life, community, and world changing things that we who wear the name of Christ must do? We want it to be true of our school, that our students consistently accept the challenge of this mission.

We have recently released a Graduate Profile, describing the goal we as a school have in mind as we shape young lives. Ideally this is the end result of a student’s years at FWC. Core to this profile is the spiritual life we pray will be fostered here. A key goal in this spiritual aspect we hope to achieve is for students to be able to know and share their faith story with others. The sharing of that story has as much to do with what is said as what is done. We want it to be a message that is communicated loud and clear in both ways. While we want well-behaved students who have a strong sense of responsible living that upholds the standards of Christ, we also want them to see that reflecting Christ has world changing effects because of what Spirit empowered people say and do. We believe that our students will go and do great things for the glory of God and His Kingdom. We are a school that is always striving to give them opportunities for this to be a reality now. If you hang around campus this spring you may see lots of hands wearing red bands that say i-Reflect. These will be distributed as reminder of the Christ-followers’ opportunity and responsibility to reflect Christ in the world. These bands will no doubt make their way to the ends of the earth as our students work in foreign missions. They will be worn on tiny hands that are reminded to be reflective of Christ as they help with chores at home; worn by students who strive for excellence in the classroom, on the playing field and on the stage as they use and develop the talent that God has given them. Students doing things for the glory of Christ will wear them, because Christians are people that go and do!

Winter 2013 | The Cardinal


Graduate Profile O

ur Administration and Board of Trustees work together to improve our academic focus as reflected in the Profile of a Fort Worth Christian Graduate. This Profile initiative was introduced last spring to help us become intentional with all aspects of the educational process. We are reviewing all programs from K through grade 12 to ensure our students are ready for the next stages of life. We believe these targets will assist teachers, students and families in achieving our mutual goals for our children. The following is a brief overview of the three distinct pillars of the FWC Graduate Profile.

The Academic Profile is aimed toward ensuring competencies with Problem Solving, Academic Writing, Critical Thinking, Technology Fluency and Organization. At each of our campuses, administration and teachers are working collaboratively to not only ensure we have clear scope and sequence in place from grade to grade and campus to campus, but also to ensure we have the programs and assessment processes in place to ensure each teacher is able to intentionally teach and measure these competencies appropriately for their grade level. The Social Profile is aimed toward ensuring competencies with Communication, Collaboration and Citizenship. The development of social skills is of critical importance for each and every student. We hear more and more in the media about the younger generation struggling with communication skills as modes of communication shift to social media. We want to be intentional in creating an environment in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities where our students have an opportunity to develop their communication skills – both interpersonal skills and group communication skills. The ability to present in front of a group, for example, is a stepping stone skill as our students move on to college and the workplace. The Spiritual Profile is aimed toward ensuring competencies with knowledge of God’s Word, Stewardship, Reverence and Sharing. Fort Worth Christian has a strong tradition and commitment to teaching God’s Word. Our staff are now equipped to drive more intentional integration of these competencies into the classroom through both content presented and experiential learning with the Spiritual Profile fleshed out in more detail. The focus will shift from simply teaching these concepts to living them out by modeling them to our students. Across each of these elements of the graduate profile we are committed to building leaders at Fort Worth Christian School. Our extra-curricular activities like Fine Arts and Athletics will play an instrumental part in teaching and reinforcing the profile competencies like problem solving, communication, stewardship and collaboration. Teaching these skills in and out of the classroom will ensure all of our students have a place to lead and a place to shine. I am excited about the prospects of how the student profile will shape our academic programs at FWC and ultimately how this intentional approach will impact the lives of our students and graduates. Mike Chase Chairman

FWC Board of Trustees

4 The Cardinal | Winter 2013

Spiritual Portraying God’s love in relationships, sacrifices and daily choices Knowledge Our graduates are students of God’s Word, including God’s plan for their lives. From stories of faith to spiritual truths and disciplines, graduates have developed core components of a biblical worldview to approach whatever life brings. Stewardship Servant Leadership is a core component of FWC’s learning outcomes, reflected in obedience through giving of time and treasure and the responsible use of each. Graduates have learned to identify spiritual gifts in themselves and others and will work to use them to God’s glory. Reverence An FWC graduate is developing his or her personal relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer and submission, learning to listen to God and demonstrating respect for His Word and His plan for each follower. Sharing Our graduates are effective in sharing their personal faith story and have developed skills for mentoring and discipleship. Showing the love of Christ through formal and informal mission efforts, FWC graduates are prepared for their respective roles in God’s work.



Showing confidence and fostering engagement with people of all ages

Displaying externally validated competencies in core academic activities

Communication Our graduates effectively communicate to large gatherings, in small groups and one-on-one. FWC promotes relating skills enabling graduates to build bridges in social and professional environments.

Collaboration Effective teamwork is a critical competency, whether serving as a leader or as a team member, and an FWC graduate understands and respects the value of all roles. Our graduates are sought after for their experience working in shared-responsibility environments, for their skills in resolving conflicts and working with challenging behaviors.

Citizenship Our graduates display respect for God and country, understanding the rights and responsibilities reflecting good citizenship. Participation in community activities demonstrates understanding of an individual and collective obligation to improve the lives of those around them.

Problem Solving FWC graduates have analytical skills and strategies to recognize logical patterns, dependencies and cause/effect relationships, making them effective in resolving “real life� situations individually and as team members. Academic Writing Research and documentation skills are critical in preparation for collegiate work and for future professional communication. The ability to create and present original organized thought is a critical outcome of an FWC education. Critical Thinking Our graduates can effectively break down issues for comparative analysis, discerning which questions to ask in determining differentiation and relative value. Reflection and documentation skills demonstrate a logical thought process. Technology Fluency Effective and efficient use of technology is emphasized and embedded in curriculum. Many of today’s careers are advanced through exceptional research and publishing skills using the latest web-based productivity tools. Organization FWC graduates have developed strategies for effective time management and project management with an emphasis on task completion.

Winter 2013 | The Cardinal


FWC: A Heart for Families


s recently featured in Living Magazine’s NE Tarrant December edition, Fort Worth Christian School has a heart for families. Several programs promoting the family partnership that takes place on our campus were highlighted, including WatchDOGS and Locker Room Prayer Moms. FWC is so much more than just a private school; it is a community with dedicated parents, grandparents and extended family that through the years build strong bonds with our faculty, staff, student body and one another. Friendships are formed and special memories are made each and every day whether in the classroom, on the field, in the stands, at one of our annual events, or even in the homes of our families for social gatherings. Many families have traveled together for their Spring Break and Summer vacations or have served in missions together. The opportunities for connecting within our community are endless. For a complete listing of organized volunteer or prayer groups see the FWC Prays page under Spiritual on our website.

6 The Cardinal | Winter 2013

Share your story‌ We want to hear from our families. Submit your experience or special FWC memory to our Director of Communications, Jennifer Silvia, via email to You could be featured on the Spotlight page on our website.

2012: By the Numbers

14:1 15 16 22 30.5 35 102 135 165 325 521 3,421

student teacher ratio

average college credit hours earned by FWC graduates varsity football all-stars Duke TIP 7th grade qualifiers years worked at FWC by Brooks Kennedy

dads on campus volunteering in our WatchDOGS program students enrolled in Fort Worth Christian International

toys donated for the KLTY Make a Wish Toy Drive new students to FWC this year auction items donated

grandparents visited FWC on Grandparents’ Day

dollars raised for HELP from spirit wear t-shirts sold

Winter 2013 | The Cardinal


Elementary by Jim Calvin


ne of the many blessings of being a part of Fort Worth Christian School is the connections made all across our campus, from building to building. Our faculty and staff began this year by listening to the words of Michael Stallard as he shared about the importance of a “Connection Culture.” As I listened to him share of the many blessings God bestows upon those who choose connection over isolation, I began to think about the Senior Buddies who connect with our Kindergarten students, our All Campus Praise, Grandparents’ Day, and grade level buddies within our elementary campus. I thought of pep rallies, sporting events, and other special performances and programs that connect us as a campus community.

8 The Cardinal | Winter 2013

This year the elementary campus has benefitted from two new initiatives that have broadened the impact of our connection culture. The first grows from a leadership development class for seniors in our high school. These students now serve as Peer Assistance Leaders (or PALs) for a few of our elementary students. Each Wednesday as I leave the cafeteria during the lunch period I see these senior students visiting with some of our elementary students. It warms my heart to see the connection being made and to know that the investment these older students are making in the lives of these younger students will bless them in positive ways for years to come.   Another way we expanded the reach of our connection culture this year was to establish a WatchDOGS program on our campus. WatchDOGS stands for Dads Of Great Students and invites dads to invest even just one day during the school year to be on their child’s campus. The program originated to promote a strong and visible male presence on elementary campuses, to add another layer of security, and to allow students to see fathers as connected supporters of the learning that takes place each day. A “Pizza Night Kick-off Event” was held in September to provide information about the program and invite dads to volunteer. All of our volunteer dads have completed the FWC background check process and must also complete a one-hour, online training through Ministry Safe. We are still learning and growing through this first year of the program but have already begun to see the positive impact it is having upon our campus.   We trust that the Kingdom work taking place in the lives and hearts of all those involved will yield a bountiful harvest to God’s glory. We pray His abundant blessings be upon us as we continue to build our connection culture!

Middle School by Wes Hamilton


he middle school has an annual, student council sponsored, food drive that benefits local food banks.  This year, they decided to enhance the experience making it a fun and worthwhile event. In addition to the food drive, they sent soldier care packages to four FWC middle school relatives who are deployed overseas and incorporated an overall theme of “The Hunger Games”. The entire effort to collect the donations was student driven. Many used their own money to purchase items or did extra chores around the house to offset the cost.   Let the games begin! Each class earned tickets towards their purchase of throwing, shooting and contact weapons for “The Hunger Games” which was held on the elementary playground on Friday, December 7th during chapel. The 6th grade class brought in the most food and care package items; therefore they received the highest number of tickets. Four students, or “tributes” represented each grade level. 8th grade consisted of Kallan Walters, Allison Crist, Logan Primm and Paige LeTourneau. 7th grade tributes were Blake Herman, Samantha Joray, Maddie Glover and Nikita Loginov. Elliott Neal, Curtis Lyons, Kelsey Campbell and Katie Davidson represented the 6th grade. The teachers participated as well and guarded the cornucopia and fought in the battle. Elliot Neal (6) was the surviving tribute with Kallan Walters (8) taking 2nd place. Over 2,000 items were donated.  The winning 6th grade class was awarded the privilege of completing a special service project.

High School by Brian Miller


or more than fifteen years our National Honor Society students, with assistance from their school sponsors, The Meadows Foundation and The Community Enrichment Center, have been assisting families during the Christmas season. Each year, these students receive a $500 grant from The Meadows Foundation as part of their Charitable Schools Program which has the purpose of encouraging volunteerism in young people. Fort Worth Christian High School students also contribute their own funds. When pooled together with money from the foundation, they are able to provide Christmas for a family of five. Gifts and food are purchased and wrapped by our students. The Community Enrichment Center delivers all that has been collected to the family in need. Our National Honor Society also requests other families in need of assistance from the C.E.C. This year, we requested and received three additional families to purchase gifts for this Christmas. The needs and wishes of the members of these three families were placed on an Angel Tree located within the foyer of the high school. Students and teachers who desired to provide a gift or gifts for these family members selected an angel from the tree. These opportunities have remained a constant in our school, and our students and faculty members have repeatedly, with enthusiasm and care, provided for these families. It is our hope and sincere belief that this practice of good will be a continuous characteristic in the lives of our students long after leaving Fort Worth Christian School.  Winter 2013 | The Cardinal 9


ne of the greatest things about Fort Worth Christian School is that our families truly care about the future outlook of the school and have a desire to be actively involved in it’s success. Some of the fundraising initiatives that have taken place this year include the Boosterthon Fun Run, the annual Cardinal Auction and our Pink Out for Cancer awareness. These fundraisers allow us to benefit the school through: • Special projects and missions • Facility improvements • Program expansion Our middle school and elementary school campuses participated in the Fun Run, which was about much more than just colorful shoes. The Boosterthon staff incorporated character-building lessons throughout the week as they visited classrooms and chapel gatherings. Through the Boosterthon program we were able to raise and collect $45,645.53. This year’s auction proved to be a funfilled night of laughter, karaoke and delicious food! Numerous dedicated volunteers came together to collect unique auction items and donated services. The event was a huge success bringing in $52,480.86 10 The Cardinal | Winter 2013

to be used across our campus for missions and to help build our chapel. The musical entertainment and vintage décor took us back to the 50’s for a night to remember! Our annual Pink Out Pep Rally was both fun and heart-warming as we came together to raise money for our HOPE fund (Helping Other People Endure) to benefit FWC family members fighting cancer. Students were allowed to wear pink shirts with jeans and other pink accessories for a minimum $5 donation, bringing in $2,698.57. Coach Gunn spoke about his sister’s battle and conquering of breast cancer. She along with Ms. Andress and Mrs. Carter were recognized for their bike ride competition to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

Taking Shape – Fort WorthChristian School Capital Campaign


e are proud of our heritage at Fort Worth Christian School. Visionary men from the Church of Christ came together to establish a Christian school for children to learn core values from the Word of God and receive strong academic instruction from a Biblical perspective. While we value our history and the immeasurable work to get us where we are today, we know our landscape has changed remarkably over the last ten years. These charts depict the growth across various churches and cities that make up our FWC community.

History: Churches Represented Then History: Churches Represented in 2003 From Parents and Students

Churches represented on our campus from parents and students

History: Churches Represented Now History: Churches Represented in 2013

History: Cities Represented Then History: Cities Represented in 2003 From Parents and Students

History: Cities Represented Now History: Cities Represented in 2013

Winter 2013 | The Cardinal


Taking Shape – Fort WorthChristian School Capital Campaign

Driving Factors


here are many reasons why we believe the Lord is directing us to break ground on a new Chapel and Fine Arts Center. For the first time we are able to confidently say FWC has reached financial stability. After years of having to borrow against the upcoming year’s tuition just to pay the bills, we can finally report that our Financial Stability tuition covers our expenses. Continued Improvement Year-over-year

Enrollment is Up Since 2003 High School Enrollment is Up 27% 120 Students Since 2003 Middle School Enrollment is Up 17% 35 Students

The Case for an FWC Chapel A Place to Fully Worship

We’ve reached this level of stability because our leaders have been good stewards of the funds we’ve been blessed with. Sound decisions have been made and careful planning has taken place. It’s now time to look at what our next responsibility is and see it through with excellence. One of our values at Fort Worth Christian School is the importance of reaching families in our community and beyond to share Christ’s love. With the enrollment growth we’ve experienced in our high school and middle school alone, we’ve had to look at our current facilities and identify the changes that need to be made.

• Music and Song • Reverence • Identity A Place to Learn • Guest Lecturers • Hosting Events A Place to Develop Leadership • Using Known Gifts • Discovering New Gifts A Place to Build Spiritual Community

The Case for a Performing Arts Center We have made a commitment to grow Fine Arts • Creating a more well-rounded learner (FWC Graduate Profile) • Discovering new talents • Reaching new potential students • Leading the move into new industries • Starting new programs and developing existing ones

12 The Cardinal | Winter 2013

Examples of New Programs

Campus Security

New Academic Disciplines

Another driving factor toward our visionary master plan is campus security. The following is a list of improvements already completed as well as items currently in progress or planned.

• Digital Creative and Video Production, Film Making • Audio Production

New After-School Programs on Campus • Individual Music Lessons on Campus • Piano and Other Instruments • Vocal Development • Dance Lessons

Why is This Today’s Priority? The Chapel/Performing Arts Center facilitates the rest of FWC’s Master Plan • Allows for greater outreach and growth by sharing our story to a wider audience on our campus • Creates new streams of revenue through new FWC programs that can be designated for future development • Provides a revenue-generating venue for use by the broader community

Security Improvements Completed: • Volunteer background checks and training • Implemented Watch D.O.G.S on the elementary campus • Partnered with TipLine • Installed access control devices on outside doors • Installed software to allow campus wide lockdown and completed lockdown procedure training with NRHPD • Installed camera/monitor/PA systems in the three school buildings Security Work in Progress:
 • Updating background checks for employees at FWC longer than two years • Replacing existing doors with access control devices on doors of Little Klubhouse • Installing access control device on interior campus center doors and doors leading to FA classes • Adding signage to exterior doors to direct visitors to front door of school buildings

Winter 2013 | The Cardinal


Taking Shape – Fort WorthChristian School Capital Campaign Fort Worth Christian School’s Multi-Year Master Plan


Long Term Vision

New Elementary School

Classroom Additions

Middle School Classroom Additions

Administration Chapel &

Performingne Arts Chapel/Fi Arts

New Cardinal Gym


Mitchell Building

Campus Center

Media Center

High School

Additional Classrooms

What We Need from FWC Families

The Master Plan

Goal of $5.5M What We Need from FWC Families

Family Contributions To Date


Other Sources


Goal of $5.5M

Remaining Needed


14 The Cardinal | Winter 2013

220 Acre Ranch planned for Ft. Worth Christian College Opening Rally & Buildings


ort Worth Christian School is blessed with a rich, 54 year history. We are now on solid, financial footing where tuition covers the operational costs of the school. In 2008 the “Cardinal Education Foundation” was established to set aside funds for generations to come. Through intentional planning the Board of Trustees and Administration has set a long term vision for the school. This vision is built upon Christ-centered instruction, consistent leadership, and a strategic plan for growth. With the help of professional architects and designers a Master Plan for campus wide expansion and growth was developed. This ten year plan addresses the need for a chapel building, additional classrooms in the high school and middle school as well as a plan for a new elementary building in future years. We have completed the High School renovation and the Administration/Admissions Center

The bar is set high, in keeping with the character and quality of Fort Worth Christian School. Our history of achievement is the basis for this vision. Every gift to the Taking Shape campaign will enrich a child’s life and learning experiences. as the first part of phase 1 of the Taking Shape Capital Campaign. Our next step is to build a Chapel & Performing Arts Center in the heart of our campus. Chapel is what makes FWC a special and unique place where students come together as a community to worship God and grow in His love. We believe what takes place in this new Chapel & Performing Arts Center will play an important role in the spiritual formation and creative education of each child. We also believe this new 700 seat Performing Arts Center will encourage student participation in music and drama and build confidence through performance to cultivate the individual talents of each child.

Your Gift is Important! Here’s how you can help! • Join us in giving to build a Chapel & Performing Arts Center at FWC. • Make a one-time gift or commit to an amount over a two-year period. • Make a secure donation online by going to (under Giving, go to Donate Online, and scroll down to the Taking Shape Campaign). This will enable us to build this Chapel for God’s glory! Individually we contribute, but together we transform lives.

Cardinal Education Foundation The Cardinal Education Foundation was established in 2009 to provide long-term financial strength for the school. Gifts to the foundation provide scholarships for students to attend FWC, capital building projects, and grants for special programs. Giving to endowment is a never ending gift because only the interest is used to support Christian education while the principal continuously grows. Establishing an Endowed Scholarship can provide a permanent and personal way for you to make a difference in the life of a child who needs financial assistance to attend Fort Worth Christian School. To help children now and in the future by establishing or adding to an endowed scholarship contact Suzan Jenkins at 817.520.6514 or

Winter 2013 | The Cardinal




ur Fine Arts Department at Fort Worth Christian School is busting at the seams this year! We have a record number of students involved in all of our programs and their performances are getting better and better. In Orchestra, we have 60 strings students, our largest group ever. This includes 16 beginners, 24 in the Elementary Orchestra, and 20 in the Advanced Orchestra. We are hoping to once again combine high school orchestra and band students for competition. We are excited to have a couple of Korean exchange students as a part of our program. Advanced high school students will be traveling to Winter Park, CO, for the Winter Park Ski/Music Festival. This year’s beginning 5th grade band is at it’s highest enrollment of 40 members. The high school has restarted the Jazz Band and our middle school and high

16 The Cardinal | Winter 2013

school concert bands are working hard toward contest season this spring after a successful football season playing at the Varsity games. The High School Band is also looking forward to performing in the Winter Park Music Festival in Winter Park, CO. Keep up with us on our Facebook page: FWC Cardinal Band!

In the Spring of 2012, the High School Choir received 1st Division Ratings in all events entered. They brought back a 1st place rating from the TAPPS State Music Festival in April and received the Runner Up “Best in Class” Award at the Winter Park Music Festival in Colorado. This year is proving to be even better in terms of over-all performance. Our TAPPS Contest Season will begin in March of 2013 and we will be traveling to Winter Park, once again, in April. The Middle School Show Choir is surpassing all expectations as

well! This class provides a wonderful opportunity to those gifted in singing and dance. It combines all aspects of performing and stage productions. The Elementary Honor Choir continues to grow and reach our community in ways that only children’s voices can do! This group has become the good will ambassadors for Fort Worth Christian School. This year, the children performed at the NRH Veteran’s Day Celebration at Liberty Park in November and delighted audiences at the Northeast Mall in Hurst in December. In the spring of 2013, the choir will travel to Austin, Texas to perform at the State Capital. The Honor Choir is open all FWC students enrolled in the 3rd thru 5th Grades. We will have “new” member auditions in May.

Winter 2013 | The Cardinal 17

2012 FWC Athletics


ommitted, dedicated, trustworthy, faithful, loyal… all words that describe the heart and soul of our Cardinal athletes this fall. We discovered so many things about ourselves this semester. We learned that when a teammate passes away there is tremendous pain and suffering; heartache and sadness that is unimaginable. We also found out that through trials we are so very strong within our Cardinal Family; that when pain occurs, we pull together and love one another, as a family should. We learned about courage and faith through a 10-yearold boy who courageously battled brain cancer and passed away only a couple of weeks ago. Oh, how he fought the fight! Our athletes have also learned lessons on the playing field; that you pull together and step up where needed when teammates are injured

18 The Cardinal | Winter 2013

and cannot participate; that there is something powerful in putting the team first. Both boys and girls have done well this fall in competition: Boys Cross Country finished 3rd at state, Volleyball made the playoffs, and Football earned Area Champ honors. Our Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Track, Baseball, and Softball teams look to be very competitive as well, and we are excited about their future opportunities. And, our Cheer Teams have done a wonderful job supporting our teams during games and at pep rallies! We are blessed!   The recognition our athletes have received in athletics definitely deserves praise, but what sticks out most about

by Coach Smiley

this semester is the character, integrity, and love each has shown to his brother and sister during times of suffering. The servant hearts our student-athletes have for each other and those that are less fortunate is unique. Stepping aside and looking in, I see kids praising God during not only times of prosperity, but also times of despair and heartache. We have awesome student-athletes at Fort Worth Christian; young men and women who understand that they are not perfect, that there are ups and downs in life, but that there is strength within family to take on any challenge, and peace to those that trust that He is in control.   It is good to be a Cardinal!

Winter 2013 | The Cardinal 19


omecoming week is quite possibly, one of the busiest, most-anticipated weeks of the school year. Weeks of planning goes into the theme alone and countless hours are put forth in decorations for the gym with a goal of out-doing the year before. And who could forget the creativity and expense involved with having or giving a homecoming mum or garter? The homecoming court consisted of ten outstanding students, both in personality and character. The girls chosen were Kaitlin Zorich, Bree Lopez, Karaline Walters, Bridgett Ledak, and Britt Blair. The boys chosen were Hunter Huddleston, Reese Herring, Tyler Tarbet, Jared Taylor, and Richard Tharp. The students were recognized during halftime at the Friday night game against Dallas Christian. From crazy costumes, elaborate parade floats, the pep rally and big game – it was a week full of memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

20 The Cardinal | Winter 2013

Grandparents’ Day 2012


ith a theme of Reflect and an emphasis on family, there’s no better occasion to reinforce these values at Fort Worth Christian School than Grandparents’ Day. The annual tradition was every bit as special this year as it has been in years past. Many familiar faces were welcomed back to our campus on November 16th as were several new ones. Our grandparents visited classrooms and were presented with special projects made by the students. A delicious breakfast was provided by the PTO and FWC volunteers in the Campus Center and the Cardinal Gym was filled with love, laughter and even happy tears as the program always warrants. We recognized our grandparents who have the highest number of grandchildren currently attending FWC. These families include Nancy DeLong with seven, Dean and Marilyn Owen with seven, and Eddie and Rena Tarbet with five. Our winning grandparent who traveled the farthest to join us was Delores Mitchell, grandmother of Josh and Jadyn Leaks, who traveled all the way from Jamaica! Grandfather of Cason Freeby, Mike Washburn, spoke about his legacy here at Fort Worth Christian. Both of his daughters are Cardinal graduates and one daughter, Randi, married Eric Freeby, son of Clark and Peggy Freeby, all graduates of FWC. We enjoyed hearing about their experiences and love for the school.


he Lorene Cunningham Service Award is named for an FWC staff member who served the school for many years and exemplified the heart that makes Fort Worth Christian School special.

Lorene served FWC in many roles from 1973 -1998. She passed away in 2008, but her spirit lives on in FWC employees who exhibit loyalty, dedication, and a heart that goes the extra mile in service to FWC and their fellow employees. We give this award annually to a staff member who exemplifies these characteristics.

Dr. Joe Koenig

2012-2013 Lorene Cunningham Service Award Winner

This year’s award goes to a teacher who shows very special attention to every student and fellow employees. His exemplary dedication as a teacher honors God and FWC. He truly loves his students and they love him. He has the ability to turn students who dislike math into students who have a passion for it. That is a special gift! He has been at FWC since 2008, and has been in education serving students for over 40 years. It is not unusual to see him at ball games or other extracurricular activities cheering on his students. He cares about his students and they know it. This year, the 2012-2013 Lorene Cunningham Award was awarded to Middle School Math teacher, Dr. Joe Koenig. Winter 2013 | The Cardinal


Alumni Notes 2004

has served as an intern in Media Relations with the Houston Astros. Christine is an Assistant Account Manager at Elmore Public Relations.

Mark Goodman married Rebekah Cotton on September 22, 2012. Mark is employed with Dannon Co. and Rebekah is a nurse at Cook Children’s Hospital. The Goodmans reside in Fort Worth.

Nicole Crist married Cameron Hendley (Class of 2009) on May 19, 2012. Both Nicole and Cameron are graduates of Dallas Baptist University and live and work in Fort Worth.

2005 Lauren Cantrell married Wes Young on December 16, 2012, at The Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Lauren works at Cook Children’s Medical Center as a Child Life Specialist in the Special Procedures Area. Wes is employed by ACH serving at a respite house for foster teens.

Jeremy Winkler married Megan Haggerton on June 24, 2012. Jeremy graduated from ACU with a Master’s Degree in Accounting and is an accountant with Weaver and Tidwell, LLP in Fort Worth. Megan is employed with Allied Electronics. The Winklers reside in Fort Worth.


2007 Michael Goodman married Rachel Jinkerson on June 3, 2012. Rachel is currently completing a graduate degree in Human Resource Management at ACU. Michael and Rachel live in Abilene and are both employed with Abilene Christian University.

Whitney Pinson married Ben Gibbs on July 7, 2012. Whitney recently completed her last semester at ACU and is now an elementary school teacher. Ben is a 2011 ACU graduate and is currently working in Abilene.


2008 Ryan Cantrell married Christine Painter on August 25, 2012, and they currently live in Houston, TX. Ryan recently graduated with a Master’s Degree in Sport Management from Baylor University. He

22 The Cardinal | Winter 2013

Teddy Stankiewicz was selected by the New York Mets in the second round of the 2012 MLB Draft. He chose to pursue a college education at this time, but remains eligible for the 2013 draft.


Marva Miller Riddle


arva Miller Riddle is a 1962 graduate of Fort Worth Christian School. She was a member of the first class to graduate from FWC. While attending FWC, Marva was a cheerleader, basketball sweetheart and Miss Fort Worth Christian School. Marva is married to David Riddle who is an elder at The Hills Church of Christ. They have two children who attended Fort Worth Christian and two grandchildren. Marva was a legal administrator for 15 years and a small business owner for 14 years. She has served on the Women’s Ministry Team at The Hills. Marva began the first formal organization of The Fort Worth Christian School Alumni Association in 1966. She has stayed connected to FWC since the first day she enrolled as a student in 1958, the first year the school began.

Joshua Krass D.O.

FWC Class of 1998


oshua Krass attended Fort Worth Christian School for 14 years, beginning in the preschool three-year-old program. He graduated with the Class of 1998. Joshua completed his undergraduate degree at Abilene Christian University, graduating in 2002. He then entered medical school at Des Moines University – College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery in Des Moines, Iowa, graduating in 2006.

50th Class Reunion Classes 1962/1963


ort Worth Christian School’s graduating classes of 1962 and 1963 held a 50th year reunion on September 14, 2012. More than 50 people gathered before the homecoming game at the Red Barn restaurant in North Richland Hills. Many of the members of these classes were at FWC in September of 1958.

Following medical school, he planned to pursue a career in neurological surgery and completed a 6-year residency program at St. John Providence Hospital in Southfield, Michigan, through Michigan State University. He completed his residency in 2012.

These special graduates were among those who helped choose the school mascot, the Cardinal, and select our colors of Red and White. Lifelong friendships were developed while attending FWC and many have had children and grandchildren attend FWC as well. The reunion was a wonderful way to reconnect and reminisce about all the fun times on campus.

Currently, he resides with his wife in Anaheim, California, and is completing a fellowship specializing in skull base and cerebrovascular neurosurgery at the University of California – Irvine. Joshua is 33 years old and will conclude his training in June 2013. He is currently interviewing with numerous hospitals and

practices across the country looking for the best opportunity to start his practice. “Joshua received tremendous preparation from Fort Worth Christian School, spiritually and academically. I believe he had an advantage over others by the education he received at FWC. His ability to write well and get up in front of people to make presentations gave him an advantage,” said Dr. William Krass, Josh’s father. “Since leaving FWC I have spent the last 15 years training to become a neurosurgeon. Over the years I have looked back on the tremendous opportunities that I was afforded starting at FWC. The support from the teachers and school from an academic and athletic standpoint helped me achieve my goals by instilling a strong work ethic and academic background not found at most other institutions. The support system from the teachers and lifelong friendships that started at FWC has allowed me to reach my goals. I am forever indebted for what this has allowed me to accomplish.” Joshua Krass D.O.

Memorials and Honorariums In Honor Of: John Anderson Cary and Erica Beard Gene Barrow Lance and Melissa Barrow Jacob Wiant Jerry and Jane Wiant Brooks Kennedy Carolyn Autry Cary and Erica Beard Laura Bynum Steve and Kelly Cantrell John and Shonda Carter Garry and Sharlot Cope James and Nancy Culver Mark and Cari Dennis Coyt and Michele Dunlap Bret and Cindy Graves Dale and Lynette Hart Gary and Beckie Holt Brent and Erika Hughes Jim and Peggy Hunt Alexander and Carolyn Ibe James and Lisa Jennings Saffell Enterprises, Inc. David and Marilyn Webb Memorials Steve Brewer Jim and Peggy Hunt James and Lisa Jennings Bryce Carrigan Bobby and Billye Alexander Wayland Chapman Jim and Peggy Hunt James and Lisa Jennings Della Downs Lance and Melissa Barrow Jim and Peggy Hunt James and Lisa Jennings Craig and Kellye Stone

Grant Feasel A.W.C.E. Jim and Peggy Hunt James and Lisa Jennings Joan Moore John Hand Lance and Melissa Barrow James and Lisa Jennings Dwain Hart Jim and Peggy Hunt Joan Moore Bev Horner Jim and Peggy Hunt James and Lisa Jennings Vernon Jackson Jim and Peggy Hunt James and Lisa Jennings Norman McNeil Lance and Melissa Barrow Jim and Peggy Hunt James and Lisa Jennings Craig Powell Bobby and Billye Alexander Nancy DeLong Jim and Peggy Hunt Curtis Ramey Norman and Diane Bradley Jim and Peggy Hunt Paul Roscoe Brett and Dana Gage Bruce and Laurie Picker Jeanette Van Hoose Jim and Peggy Hunt James and Lisa Jennings Valerie Williams A.W.C.E. Jim and Peggy Hunt James and Lisa Jennings Jerry Wood A.W.C.E. Jim and Peggy Hunt James and Lisa Jennings Connor Gage Bobby and Billye Alexander Gale Ammons

Ohan and Rosemary Armoudian Katina Arnold James and Cheryl Ashley Athenian Club A.W.C.E. Backyard Sanctuary Payte and Sue Baldwin Cheryl Barnard Lance and Melissa Barrow Teresa Bauer-Morrison Norma Bickford Tim and Shelly Boren Mary Bourne-Marth Susan Briggs Brock Eagle Booster Club Lou Borrelli Paul and Ruth Burgess, Jr. Larry and Brenda Burton Chad and Karen Campbell Jack and Janis Castle Carl and Jan Celsor Jimmy and Earlene Chandler Anne Cheevers Thomas and Lauren Comi Julie Corwin Kyle and Tammie Cotton Donny and Angela Cross Beau and Phyllis DeLuca Britton and Shelly Devillier Digitalsmiths Stan and Vicky Dobbs Rex and Claudia Eagan Jay Fehnel Frontier Communications First United Methodist Church, Weatherford, OK Barry Frey Stephanie Fritz Duane and Wilma Fullerton FWC Class of 2002 Blake Garcia Kent Gibbons Floyd and Lori Goatcher Oscar and Corina Gomez Mundy Green

Richard and Jill Greer Kelly and Robin Hancock Josephine Hart Chris and Stacie Hatchett Bernard and Addie Hawkins Don Hawkins Joel and Stacey Hellman Glenna Hertzler Ty and Melissa Hilton Teri Holmstrom Jennifer Holt Bill and Beverly Hunt Jim and Peggy Hunt Bruce and Cherelle Jackson Mark and Susan Jackson James and Lisa Jennings Lars and Cameron Johnson Russell and Lisa Johnson Chris and Sheila Johnston Melody Johnson Jaycee Jones Scott and Shannon Jostes John and Jill Kelleher Crane and Kelly Kenney Lisa Kiefer Grace Killelea Michael And Dina King Wayne Knighton Bill and Anita Krug Patricia Lane Deirdre LaVerdiere Herbert and Novia Leaks Brian and Kim Lochkos Robert and Amy Lyons Wayne and Amy Mann Betty Mayfield Brandy McClure Jere and Dyann McCully David Mercer Brian and Leslie Miller William and Karen Mitchell Mike and Misty Monroe David and Stacie Moore Tray and Connie Nickols Daniel O’Brien

John and Catherine O’Brien Charles and Melva O’Hara Michael and Mary Ortman James and Janine Owens PJ Rentals Sam and Becky Peschell Jeff and Brittany Polk Bill and Donna Kay Porter Jeff and Susan Quinn James and Dana Ratcliffe Richard and Rose Ratcliffe Vivian Roberts Kim Robertson Karen Rogers John and Anita Royse Terry Rutledge Belinda Scholl Michael and Melanie Sheuerman Bill and Sheri Shulenberger Michael and Mikki Sikorski Joe and Carolyn Smith Craig and Kellye Stone The Stotland Family Thomas Symonanis Gary and Kitty Taylor Byrd and Amber Thorp Moushegh and Annig Tourian Tribune Direct David and Patricia Turner Viridian Energy Kevin and Gay Walters Mark and Kathleen Wason Brian and Deborah Watts Paul and Geriann White Lisa Wilson John and Sheryl Winn Women in Cable Telecommunications, Coppell Women in Cable Telecommunications, Virginia Richard and Barbara Yeargin Dwight and Lisa Yokum Jimmy Joe and Senea Young John and Stephanie Zelenka

Winter 2013 | The Cardinal


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