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Pre-configured. Faster. Affordable. The retail industry’s emphasis on omni-channel systems, time to market and supply chain efficiency poses multiple challenges for fashion businesses. Fashion Retail-in-a-Box is an enterprise solution that empowers small and medium sized fashion retailers with the ability to have greater control and visibility over the supply chain whilst delivering scalability for growth.

Built for Your Fashion Business.



A Fully Functioning, User-oriented, Enhanced Solution Pre-configured with end-to-end fashion industry specific business processes



Fashion Retail-in-a-Box operates as an omni-channel solution by streamlining e-commerce, retail, franchise, wholesale etc.


Pre-built Programs Pre-built programs to assist complex business scenarios across multiple channels, categories, seasonality, etc.


Pre-built Integrations Pre-built retail-specific integrations and extensions configured to support business processes.

Analytics Dashboards that cover Sales Summary, Global Inventory View, Black Friday, Store Performance and more.


Fashion PLM Collaborative Product Life Cycle Management targeted for fashion retailers.

Customizable Dashboards Equipped with a host of retail-specific extensions, Fashion-Retail-in-a-Box enables users to experience convenience across a host of customizable dashboards such as Sales Summary, Global Inventory View, Black Friday, Store Performance, etc.

Leveraging Fashion Retail-in-a-Box New Implementations

Upgrades to the Cloud

Enhancing Existing Solution

For small and medium sized retailers who need an ERP

Cloud upgrades of existing on-premise solution

• Omni-channel Capability • Integrations (EDI, CRM, PLM) • Productivity Extensions • Analytical Packs

The Solution Unboxed Enhanced Implementation Accelerators - added pre-configured content for faster rollout


Enhanced screens for easier data entry and data viewing


Incremental Changes

Fortude IA

Gaps Additional workflows, automations for ease of use and better user collaboration Retail specific dashboards for better visibility of key of data and metrics

Implementation Accelerator (IA)

CloudSuite Fashion

Role-based home pages with contextual dashboards Ready to use EDI connectors for faster integration with customers and partners

Prescriptive implementation methodology – up and running in minimal time at a minimal cost

Ready to use Point of Sale integration for store data

Reimagine ERP. Flexible, Faster, Focused and Scalable - get your fashion business up and running quickly. Fashion Retail-in-a-Box is a pre-configured, fully functional, user-oriented system that is an adaptation of the CloudSuite Fashion Implementation Accelerator (IA).

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