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Working From Home A Survival Guide

Working, from home: Personal discipline and integrity are vital to business continuity, when working from home. Fortude encourages work from home owing to the #flattenthecurve measures, in order to minimize physical interactions and ensure the health & safety of all employees.

Here are some guidelines to make Working From Home (WFH) successful.


Define the schedule


Define a clear starting point and ending point to the day. If not, there will be a tendency to procrastinate and try to do it later.

Log in

Log in to all your collaboration tools as you start off the day. (e.g. MS Teams, Skype, Zoom Meetings)


If you are stepping away from your device or taking a break, let the team know.


Dress Up

• If not in full office attire, at least dress up partially (and put on your shoes!) • It may feel silly at first; however, the act of changing out of your clothes at the end of the day will help you switch modes.



Interact, Interact...

• Collaboration is best achieved when there is human interaction.

• Trust must be maintained among human beings, particularly in uncertain environmental contexts. • Switch on the camera (remember to follow hint 2 before you do) especially if you’re leading a meeting with your team or customer.


How to run a virtual meeting

Connect people •

Do a check-in at the beginning of each meeting: team members take one minute and go around to talk about what’s going on – you go first to model the approach. Remind everyone to respect each other by not interrupting and to only say what they’re comfortable sharing with the group

Give everyone time •

In advance of the session, have team members write up an issue they’ve been struggling with and bring it up, one at a time.

Kill mute. •

You don’t get up and walk around the room, not paying attention., in face-to-face meetings.

Virtual meetings are no different: You don’t go on mute and leave the room to get something.

If you must go on mute, let it be because of circumstances beyond your control – for example, noise that causes an interruption.

Each team member then gets 3 to 5 minutes on the agenda to discuss his or her issue.

Use video •

Especially if you are the meeting leader, it can essentially eliminate multitasking, because your colleagues can see you.


Virtual Meeting Hints

Use the chat feature •

This can be helpful if someone on the meeting may be unwell, or if there are lags in connectivity.

Ideally, the chat transcription can be assigned to someone, at the start of the meeting.

Roll-call on people to share their thoughts.

Assign a Yoda. •

Honesty is a gauge of team productivity.

To keep people engaged during virtual meetings, appoint a 'Yoda', who keeps team members in line and makes sure everyone stays active and on topic.

The Yoda should be courageous and call out any inappropriate behaviors.

Punctuality •

Join customer calls 2 to 3 minutes early to ensure connectivity and equipment are in order


Mark Your Territory



Have a separate work area, roughly emulating the way you sit at office.

Keep bright lighting on while you work, even if it's in the night. (The closest emulation of your office's lighting would be ideal for work.)

No Potato zone Don’t work on the couch or the bed if that’s not how you work at office.

Sit If it’s a table you sit at while at office, sit at a table

(e.g. the dining table)


Reduce Distractions (Try!)


• If you have a TV, unplug it. • Reduce distractions to the best of your abilities . • We have a few suggestions on how to do this with children, too. • Try the following links out: CNBC

We Are Teachers

WFH with kids

Business Insider

Things to do during COVID Bonus Links >


5 Tips on WFH with kids CreatoKits


Pick up the phone

• Make some time to pick up the phone and have a real conversation, rather than relying on email and instant messaging.

• If you are running a team, get on a call with them for 30 to 45 mins – once at the start of the day and once at the end of the day - to plan out and track daily tasks. • When you spend the day working on your own, actually calling people and having a conversation can be much more inspiring and indeed productive than a chain of emails.

8 Efficiency + Integrity = Results • Check emails and messages – and respond!

• Update your timesheet entries and task management tools daily (don’t postpone!) and remember to be ethical in reporting time. • Inform the team before you log off for the day. • Don't try to do home chores during work hours. Start them before or start them after you wrap up your day’s tasks / schedule. Try not to let office time and personal time merge.


Take regular breaks

• It’s important to take regular screen breaks and get up from your desk and move around just as you would in an office.

• Research has also found that short breaks throughout the day are more beneficial than less frequent, longer breaks. • Many home workers recommend the Pomodoro Technique, a method of time management.


Be Human

Exercise: We are generally unaware of how much walking you do in the office. Your body will suddenly start missing it. At the end or beginning of the day, dedicate 30 minutes to exercise.

If you generally work with a large team, humor goes a long way and while you might not be together, it's still your job to keep morale up. Make the occasional joke on a WhatsApp group.

While staying away from unverified information, it’s important to be aware of the situation. Don’t panic; only trust information from reputed international or national institutions. WHO


Bing COVID Tracker

Health Promotion Bureau Dept. of Gov. Information


Learn Something New

• Ivy League colleges have released wonderful, free-ofcharge courses in the wake of the global pandemic. Learn More

• If you’re looking for more online courses and degrees from leading universities or organizations, check out: Learn More

Stay Safe We hope to see you all again very soon. May we emerge healthier and wiser from this time in history.

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A Survival Guide to Working From Home  

Here are a few steps and resources we've put together to help you navigate your Work From Home period. The 11 steps will help keep yourself...

A Survival Guide to Working From Home  

Here are a few steps and resources we've put together to help you navigate your Work From Home period. The 11 steps will help keep yourself...

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