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Serving Indigenous Peoples and Our Friends Since 1981 Volume XXIX Number 5 Friday, April 6, 2012

Miss Hozhoni, 2012-2013

Sunshine Perry Gets the Crown

Dancers enjoy an “intertribal” just during the 48th Hozhoni Powwow on Saturday night. Hundreds of dancers participated in this year’s event, completely filling the floor for Grand Entry.

Hozhoni Days Powwow Reunites the People By Tina Billie The atmosphere was one of excitement pertaining to the Hozhoni Days Pow-wow occurred in the FLC gymnasium last Saturday, on March 31st. Not surprisingly, many people anticipated the premiere final event as was indicated by the large turnout. Spectators were attentive to the dancers performing intricate and elaborate moves, responded instinctively by moving in time to the beat of the drum, and finding humor in the remarks made by the MC. “A good number of our students come from a powwow tradition back home, and this is food for the soul for them.” This statement from Yvonne Bilinski, director of the Native American Center, was included in the Farmington Times article, “Durango college to celebrate Hozhoni Days.” The quote describes the enthusiasm motivating the popular, annual inter-tribal celebration put on by a student-led organization. The Wanbli Ota Club, for many years has managed developments regarding the long-standing tradition, Hozhoni Days festival. Committee members were helped by FLC staff and students, as well as volunteers, to facilitate with various activities that transpired Saturday night. Many attendees, several included visiting parents, were anxious to learn which candidate would be selected this year’s Miss Hozhoni. Fellow student, Tash Ignacio, shared her picks to win were either Deanna Diaz or Sunshine Perry. She elaborated that Perry, whom she considered, “was well-versed in her responses to questions and exhibited confidence in her performance,” during the traditional and modern talent portion of the pageant on Wednesday. Sunshine Perry was crowned this year’s Miss Hozhoni. I noticed her walking about distributing bottled water to the various drum groups, and again this

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later extending appreciation to them for their participation in the pow-wow. I congratulated Perry while she had paused for a break during the event. In that moment she had presented her beaded crown to two young girls whom she jokingly referred to them as mini “fans and watched while they eagerly took turns trying it on. It is obvious in her demeanor, that Perry is well suited to her new role, as she appeared relaxed throughout the final event. There was not a moment when she was without a smile and interacting with people. A significant moment near the end of the powwow was when two FLC faculty members were recognized with a song in honor of their contributions to various undertakings they engaged in, alongside the official capacity they presently occupy at the college. Students were called out to the floor to express their gratitude to both, Elaine Silversmith, Librarian/Associate Professor for the Delaney SW Research Library, and Myra Britton, Administrative Assistant III for the NAC. Both will soon depart from FLC to pursue other ventures. Britton has been employed at the college for 25 years and is fondly regarded by many students as “mom.” She urges students, “stand up, be proud of who you are and where you come from. You are rich in heritage and strength, make good choices and always learn from the bad ones and move on.” Her message emphasize with the objective of Hozhoni Days; to value both culture and tradition by celebrating it. To obtain more details about Hozhoni Days, aside from this brief overview of the Saturday night pow-wow, click on the link below.

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By Noel Altaha “I just felt butterflies! I was excited and nervous! But nonetheless, completely honored!” These are the thoughts that ran through Sunshine Perry’s head as she was titled FLC’s Miss Hozhoni on Saturday night. Intertribal News interviewed one of our own reporters, Sunshine Perry, who won the title FLC’s Miss Hozhoni, in a competitive pageant during FLC’s annual Hozhoni Days Pow Wow. Perry shared her experience in running and her hopes for the upcoming reign for the 2012-2013 academic year. Perry is from Fort Hall, Idaho and is ShoshoneBannock and Navajo. She is currently a sophomore, majoring in Native American Indigenous Studies (NAIS) with a minor in pre-law. According to Perry she is not aware of anyone from her Shoshone-Bannock tribe to hold this title and she proudly says, “I am honored to represent my tribes, FLC, Native American student populations and Wanbli Ota.” The decision to run for Miss Hozhoni was based on her intentions of being a representative for the FLC Native American population. “I wanted to help recruit youth and be a role model for them. I want to be able to be a voice for the Native American students,” said Perry with enthusiasm. According to the Miss Hozhoni requirements the representative will act as a student ambassador of FLC and be active in events throughout her reign. Perry stated that this is one of the major interests for her, “to represent the students the best I can by attending as many powwows and events/conferences as I possibly can.” Perry believes the upcoming year will be rewarding and doesn’t anticipate any major challenges because of her familial support. She also stated, I know things will be less challenging if I just manage my time well and stay true to my culture and the things I believe.” According to Dawn Murphy, a student from the Hozhoni Days committee and someone with firsthand experience of running in this pageant (2011-2012), Perry was knowledgeable of her culture and her “humble personality made her stand out.” Aside from this title, Perry is involved in extra circular activities such as the National Society for Leadership and Success (NSLS). Her induction is expected to be in the fall semester. One of her talents include beading, Perry excitedly stated, “would absolutely love to share this talent with students anywhere on campus.” As far as this summer is concern, Perry is already filling up her calendar with upcoming Pow Wows and work. “This summer I plan to travel around and represent FLC at as many powwows as I can! But I also

Please See “Miss Hozhoni,” p. 8

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