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Renowned producer & engineer Will Penn was born William D. Penn III on June 28, 1986 in Chicago, Illinois. His love for music began at the early age of 10 when he joined the school band and began playing the trumpet. He also picked up the piano and learned the basics of playing guitar and bass. Penn’s fascination for the way music was put together continued to grow so it was only natural that he began writing parts for his school band members to play. Will continued to play the trumpet until he was18 and still plays the piano.

After, High school Will stopped working on music to decide if it was really what he wanted to pursue. During, this time he spent a vast amount of time listening to music and the song that solidified his decision was “One in a Million” by the late Aaliyah. “It wasn’t the song itself, but the sheer genius of production by Timbaland” says Penn. Shortly, after the decision was made for him by his sheer passion for music creation. Will began studying album credits from that moment on as research.

After, the decision was made Will attended Columbia College in Chicago where he studied music business, music theory and more of the engineering side of production. This is where he started to pick up some of his engineering chops. Penn says, “I never wanted to be an engineer, but I picked it up along the way by doing the recording and mixing with the artists I was working with because of the lack of engineers. I believe my development in that area has strengthened my work.”

Penn cites his influences as Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Prince, Quincy Jones, The Neptunes, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and the Beatles. Although, he would love to describe his sound he says “Everything I create is inspired by a visual. I imagine myself in a certain place and the sounds I imagine is what comes through on my tracks.”

Will Penn has worked with Willy Clayton, White Boy from Chicago, and Producer Miykal Snoddy (Compound, Dirty Money, Trey Songz) and local Atlanta artists. Penn currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.


“Will Penn has a fresh new sound that’s going to take him very far.”

“His time is NOW!”




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Please contact Will Penn’s publicist for the following inquiries: Interviews/ Photo-shoots Sponsorships Requests Event Appearances (charities, red carpets, etc)

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Will Penn Press Kit  

Electronic Press Kit for Producer Will Penn

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