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Timothy Aaron Jenkins better known as Souljahkeyz was born November 20, 1992 in Sacramento, California. At 7 years old he wasn’t a producer yet, but just a normal kid with amazing industry connections. Renee G. Smith a former Sony BMG Executive and George Smith Former entertainment Manager for Bobby Brown and pebbles, unofficially adopted Aaron "Souljahkeyz" Jenkins. They took him to Los Angeles, California where at the time he was a hype man for their son Brandon "2krayze" Smith and Aaron’s best friend at the time. Keyz assisted 2krayze in various interviews and meeting with A&R Tony Ferguson at Universal Records as well as another at Capitol records. Still, not really enjoying the whole music life Keyz kind of took it for granite and didn't know if he wanted to pursue music any longer. While, still in Los Angeles a few days later the family took Keyz to a meeting with a local rapper and Haiti native Won-G. Won instantly took a liking to the boys and called them his little brothers. To Keyz that was a catalyst in seeing as how his two cousins who he saw as older brothers were forever changed by a brutal car accident. As, Keyz and 2Krayze went to the studio with Won-G and his family Johnny J (former producer for Tupac Shakur) was producing a track for Won-G entitled "We Won't Cry" and after sitting through the session Keyz became inspired. After, moving to Upstate NY Keyz lost touch with the Smith family and began his own journey as a producer. He worked hard and showed much dedication to his music. Now, to this day he has some of music's top names believing in him, such as Jeff "westghost" Jones whose credits include Ray J, Trey Songz, Bubba Sparxx, and many more. Chris “Ruff Diamond” Robinson who has worked with some of music’s biggest names is also in Keyz corner. A big influence in his career is Baby Boi from Nappy Boy. He was the one who linked Keyz with various projects including working with Fonzworth Bentley. “He was my first real mentor and to this day he still guides me through everything life throws at me” Says Keyz. Souljahkeyz who currently resides in Rochester, New York recently released his latest project with BET's Ken Lawson (famous for his role in the 1999 series the Parkers co-starring Mo'Nique) and since then he has been on a non-stop trail of greatness. 2



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Please contact Souljahkeyz’s publicist for the following inquiries: Interviews/ Photo-shoots Sponsorships Requests Event Appearances (charities, red carpets, etc) Krishane Lee Fortitude PR Twitter: @FortitudePR (704) 839-1445 5

Souljahkeyz Press Kit  
Souljahkeyz Press Kit  

Electronic Press Kit for producer Souljahkeyz