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India’s first ever Comprehensive National Disaster Relief Initiative

The aftermath of natural disaster brings along with it several adverse impacts surrounding the people, place and the environment as a whole. Moreover, there is an imbalance in the country’s economic & societal progress leading to the enormous developmental setbacks.Owing to such issues and to secure the region and to make the people more resilient, the Government of India has formulated the first ever disaster management plans on a holistic level. Prioritizing “Sendai Framework” – To get a better grip of the disaster risk, the “Sendai Framework” strengthens governance in order of managing disaster risk reduction for resilience and improving disaster preparedness. The Sendai Framework 2015-30 falls under the purview of UN and is a non-binding agreement.

Features: Awareness – There will be knowledge based repository making awareness a priority and educating the masses on a global scale. Understanding disaster risk is a crucial task in itself, so effective drive and awareness programmes will be facilitated in tandem with the Government policies that will cover all the local bodies and district bodies.

Prevention – Conducting risk assessment, identifying the vulnerable zones, preparing comprehensive strategies in order to alleviate the problem will be under these schemes. The underlying purpose is eventually to make a safer environment along with critical management care.

Medical Care – Prioritizing medical care on the basis of disaster management will be equipped with systematic intervention, diagnosis and timely access to various aid. With the vision of providing advanced health care, the plan ensures taking appropriate action in a pre and post disaster format.

Rescue Relief – Rescue operations after the occurrence of disaster calls for an immediate arrangement of disaster preparedness methods. Seeking to facilitate well equipped rescue and recovery steps, the operational planning will be set up over the course of stipulated time period.

Evacuation – Evacuation norms is all about protecting lives, assets, the society and dealing with post disaster preparedness on emergency basis. The aim is to reduce the loss of lives and providing adequate reconstruction until and unless the situation is stabilized. Furthermore, valuable contribution and effective implementation will be envisaged by the NDMA.

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India’s first ever Comprehensive National Disaster Relief Initiative  

India being vulnerable to several natural hazards, the Government has carried out effective policies and measures revolving around national...

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