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Music: The Saviour By: Rob Green Helpless and hopeless.

That’s what I was. I wanted to die

after having my heart broken.

There were times during the

summer I had almost acted on those dark, twisted thoughts that plagued my mind day in and day out.

I almost decided to

overdose on sleeping pills or jump off a bridge.

I even thought

of jumping in front of a train so that there would be nothing left of me.

What saved me from committing these horrific acts?

Music. Music saved me that summer.

Whether it was laying on my

bed mid-day and strumming some mindless chords on my acoustic guitar until my fingers were on the brink of bleeding and looking up and starring at my blank ceiling, or putting on a CD and blasting it in my room until the neighbors pounded the wall that separates my room and my neighbor’s room in the next house. In any of those moments, I was free. from pain, free from life.

Free from stress, free

It was a religion for me, something

to believe in and something that gave me strength. I also found a way to escape the dark thoughts that reoccurred in my head by writing lyrics.

I was able to vent out

feelings that I had about my ex, about love, or whatever I was

feeling at the time.

After the endless hours of pained

thoughts, grieving, and pouring my heart and soul out onto paper, I had something to show for it: a collection of poems and songs.

I gave these songs life, watched them dance so

gracefully to the rhythm of the chords I strummed on my beloved six string.

They each had a story, a meaning, and a message.

They became a part of me, a part of my soul. Now when people ask me what I believe in, I simply tell them I believe in music.

It is something that is real,

something that brings comfort and strength, and it is something that will never die.

It was something that truly saved me and

has helped me through the worst of times. saviour.

Music is truly a

Music: The saviour  
Music: The saviour  

A memoir of how music saved my life