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Employee Guide New Campus - Stirling

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Stirlin g

Campus Details

Our Mission

Address: Drip Road, Stirling, FK8 1SE

• Excellence in Learning

Tel: 0845 634 4444 Fax: 01324 403222

Access: The campus is accessed via Drip Road.


Our Vision

• Offering the best to learners, employers and partners • Leading the way in professional practice and service delivery • Shaping future success with our communities

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Finding your way around Opening hours Building access Room access Welcome Desk ID Badges Visitors to the campus Ventilation Heating Lighting Smoking on campus Quiet room Computers Moodle Telephones Printing Mail Deliveries Moving heavy items Corporate stationery College publications Cleaning Lost property Internal bookings Catering for meetings External bookings Gallery Restaurant and Refectory Catering Fitness Suite Teaching spaces Workshop and specialist facilities Smartboard training Accident and emergencies Fire safety procedures Evacuation Assembly points All staff emails E.focus College website SharePoint Plasma screens Business continuity Fusion Media relations College brand House style Dress code Impact assessment Hate incident monitoring Sustainability

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to Forth Valley College - STIRLING CAMPUS. This guide has been prepared to equip you with all the essential information you need to settle into our fantastic new campus. It covers everything you need to know and will be a useful tool for you over the first few days and weeks following the move.

Unpacking On your first day, you’ll be keen to get settled into your new working environment. A key part of this will be unpacking your personal belongings and ensuring your work station is organised. Some storage will be available with a pedestal under each desk in both the

Where further information is available, the document may also refer you to the wide range of college guides and policies which can be accessed via SharePoint.

Your computer and telephone should be in place when you arrive and will be unpacked and connected for you. Whilst every effort is being made to ensure that this works as planned, we would ask that you bear with us in the event of any teething problems. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Please log on and test the phone and computer. If you encounter any problems please report to the IT helpdesk.

teaching and support staff workrooms. Each room will have a storage wall and you will be able to use the space allocated to you. Files that were labelled prior to your departure will be packed and unpacked by the Removals Contractor into these cabinets. However we encourage staff to store files electronically if possible. You will also be asked to work within your team to organise departmental files and to prepare your office, workrooms, classrooms and workshops for normal daily operations. This will require a good team effort but will be well worth it.

Waste If, while you are unpacking, you discover items that you do not wish to keep, please place these items in the waste bins provided. If you have a large item for disposal please contact a member of the facilities team. Please also recycle any waste appropriately (refer to the sustainability section on page 21 for further guidance).

For areas that are very busy, for example the academic staff workroom, unpacking will be a scheduled activity with empty crates being removed by the Removal Contactor.


Remember that any waste that contains student/staff information should be shredded. If in doubt always shred.

Getting here Our new campus benefits from an excellent location with

travelling to and from work.

easy access from the M9 motorway, good public transport

The College also has a Green Travel Plan, which is available

links and a wide range of walking and cycle routes nearby.

on SharePoint and we would encourage staff to travel by the

Staff and learners therefore have a number of options when

most environmentally friendly method they can.

Cycling or Walking to Work Walking or cycling to work has both health and

For individuals who wish to cycle to the campus there will be

environmental benefits.

sheltered stands for 40 bicycles. There will also be changing facilities and showers available in the

Our new campus has an attractive riverside setting with a

Fitness Suite on the Ground Floor.

wide range of walking and cycle routes nearby making it easy to commute by foot or bicycle.

Please see the map on page 22 for locations of parking spaces and cycle lockers.

Information on these routes, can be accessed by visiting

Staff may also benefit from the College’s Cycle to Work Scheme - visit SharePoint for more Information.

Public Transport The new campus benefits from close links to a number of public transport services. Travelling by public transport can be a great way to remove the stress of the daily morning commute and can also be an environmentally friendly option. For travel routes and times to the new campus by public transport - please visit

Car Parking Our new Stirling Campus has 142 car parking spaces, 12

A map with details on available parking in the area and also

accessible spaces and 7 motorcycle spaces. Please only park

prohibited car parking areas is included in the back of this

in designated car parking bays and adhere to the car park


management rules which can be found on the College website. Please refer to SharePoint for the latest mileage guidance. As there is a limited number of parking bays, please try to avoid large numbers of staff travelling between campuses when arranging meetings. The College has also recently launched a Car Share Scheme and priority car parking spaces will be made available to successful applicants. For more information on the scheme and how to apply, please visit SharePoint.


Campus life From the main entrance, the welcome desk is a one-stop shop of information for staff, students and visitors. The welcome desk is staffed at the following times: Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 08:45am - 16:45pm Tuesday & Thursday: 08:45am - 21:00pm

Finding Your Way Around

Kildean Suite

The new Stirling campus is on two levels which can all be

The Depute Principal is based within the Executive Suite

accessed via lifts/stairs:

on Level 1. The Kildean Suite is also located on Level 1 and can be used as either a large classroom or for events and

Level 0 - Ground Floor


Level 1 - First Floor Campus maps are available at the back of this guide and

Visitors to the Campus

electronic copies are available on SharePoint. All visitors are required to report to the Welcome Desk where

Building Access

they will sign in and receive their visitor pass (which must be worn at all times). Visitors must be met at the welcome desk and escorted to wherever they are going in the building.

Staff and learners will be able to access the campus via the Main Entrance off Drip Road.

They should also be escorted back to the Welcome Desk to

The service yard is located at the back of the building.

ensure they have signed out and have returned their passes.

Please note that fire exit doors must only be used in an emergency.

Room Access

ID Badges We ask that you help to maintain security in the building by wearing your staff ID badge at all times whilst on campus.

Keys for staff workrooms and classrooms will be provided by

This will also help our learners and visitors to identify you as

our facilities team and will be issued to staff by their Head of

a member of staff should they need any assistance.



Lighting The new campus benefits from a lighting control system

Toilets will be available on every level of the new campus. A baby changing area is also located at S0116.


which activates when areas are occupied.

Ventilation The majority of the windows within the new campus have both high and low level opening sections. You will be able to open the windows via switches, and you may also be able to open some of the lower sections via a standard window handle where available. During warmer weather, they should be opened to provide fresh air and cooling. In winter, only the upper sections need to be opened to freshen up the room. Generally rooms should not exceed 24C for comfort however occupants can open the windows at any time to suit individual needs. The workshops have mechanically operated ventilated roof fans; and the sky lights can be opened via a wall switch when required. If you have opened any windows, please ensure you close them at the end of the day to ensure the security of the building.

Heating The main heating system within the building is radiators. Heaters are installed within areas of full height glazing. The heating is automatically controlled by space temperature sensors to ensure comfort although there will be some degree of local user control.

Smoking on Campus Please help us to ensure the campus is a pleasant place to work and learn by only smoking in the designated area. Smoking is permitted in a designated shelter in the landscaped courtyard (outside the refectory) and we ask that you ensure all students are aware of this shelter during break times.

Quiet Room A dedicated space is available on the first floor for people of all faiths and none to spend time in prayer, quiet reflection and meditation. Please contact the Campus Welcome Desk for full details.


Working environment One of the recognised strengths of Forth Valley College is the quality of our team work. The new accommodation has been designed to support and promote team working.

Please remember to respect your colleagues within the workplace by considering the following:

Noise We would ask you to be considerate of your colleagues

Each department will have allocated desk space within staff

when working in an open office.

workrooms. Please see the map at the back of this guide for

Clean and Tidy

the location of all staff workrooms. Some storage will be available however files should be stored electronically wherever possible. There will be a pedestal under each desk in both the teaching and support staff workrooms. Each room will also have a storage wall, made up of a number of tall units. You will be able to use

In a shared workspace it is more important than ever to work in a safe and tidy manner. Desks should be kept free of clutter and all paperwork/files stored away at the end of each day.

Confidentiality You should always be aware of the confidential or

the space allocated to you. There will be hot desks available

commercially sensitive nature of your work and ensure

in all staff workrooms.

that all work is tidied away appropriately if you are leaving your desk for any reason. Also bear in mind

Each staff workroom will also have a small kitchen area

that confidential conversations should take place in an

equipped with the following:

appropriate private meeting or interview room.

• Fridge

Eating and Drinking

• Microwave

It is acceptable to drink a hot or cold drink at your desk

• Facilities for hot and cold water

while working in an administrative setting. Cold meals or snacks such as sandwiches can also be consumed at

Please note that additional electrical equipment such as

your desk if so desired. However, you are encouraged to

toasters etc. are not permitted.

take regular breaks from your desk and if possible take meal breaks in the Refectory. Hot meals should always be eaten away from your desk. In order to maintain high levels of customer service, front facing staff (such as those based at the welcome desk) must not eat at their desks and should take all breaks in designated areas.


IT systems For help and advice with any IT queries, please call ext 3039

materials, which complement course studies in a flexible and

or email

blended learning approach, can be accessed outside the college network any time day or night through clicking the

Computers Your computer will be in place and connected when you

icon on the homepage of the College website and providing your login credentials.

arrive at our new Stirling Campus.


The majority of computers in the new campus are new

Existing phone numbers from the Kerse Road Campus will

and utilise thin client technology and come with standard

be transferred to the new Stirling campus. Where possible,

desktop setup, software, applications and Office 2010.

we have endeavoured to keep your existing extension

Departments that require particular software will have


this pre-installed and available on their desktop. All new computers will have notebook software installed to work

Telephones are also available in bookable meetings rooms

with Smartboards. In the classroom a networked PC will be

but will be for outgoing calls only. There are also telephones

connected to the Smartboard in the room. All computers

in classrooms which are for emergency use only. These have

run on Windows 7 and Office 2010. An induction session

some pre-programmed numbers such as the welcome

has been arranged for the start of session to highlight any

desk, emergency and helpdesk numbers. Note that these

key changes for the end user.

telephones will not receive incoming calls.



The new Stirling Campus is wireless enabled and you are

Multi-Functional Devices (MFD) are available in various

able to use both your college laptop and your own laptop,

locations throughout the buildings. These manage various

PDA etc. to connect to the Internet while on campus.

tasks like printing, copying and scanning. If you wish to print something you should send the job to the printer where it

Logging on to the College Network

will be stored until you enter your PIN. Only you can activate your own print job and you will already know your PIN.

There is no change in the process for logging on to the

If your print request exceeds 50 copies, this will be sent

college network.

directly to the print unit, Falkirk Campus and will be delivered back to your desk once printed.


The computer you are using will be set with a default printer to the MFD that is closest to the computer. There are also

There is no change to Moodle as a result of the move and

teaching rooms with computers and printing devices in

you should continue to use this in the normal way.

them which will function in the same way as the current standard classroom printers.

Moodle plays a very important role in hosting and allowing the creation of a range of interactive objects and materials for the support of everyday teaching and learning. These


Facilities management Fix IT are here to help you in relation to building maintenance, cleaning, college vehicles, ground maintenance, mail delivery and collection, publications request, parking, moving heavy items, security, waste management and the general building environment. The team is contactable on ext 3301 or by e-mail using the following e-mail address:


Corporate Stationery


Royal Mail will continue to provide

Corporate stationery (including

The new campus will be cleaned daily

our mail service for the new Stirling

letterheads, envelopes and

and has a member of staff on campus

Campus. Facilities staff will sort all

compliment slips) can be ordered by

throughout the day. In case of any

Stirling mail on campus and seek to

contacting AG Office Supplies.

urgent requirements - please contact

deliver/collect outgoing mail to staff before noon. Outgoing mail must reach the mailroom by no later than 3pm in order to be collected by Royal Mail. Any information on changes to our mail delivery/ collection on Bank Holidays etc will be issued via Focus Mail. A cross campus mail service is also provided each morning - please contact Fix It to arrange. If you require an external courier please contact the mailroom.

Deliveries All deliveries for the bulk store should be taken to the service yard at the back of the building. There is a buzzer from the bulk store entrance to the welcome desk. Please ensure that you inform staff at the welcome desk/facilities team of your expected deliveries in order for the appropriate arrangements and staffing support to be put in place.

Moving Heavy Items Requests should be made to the facilities team through Fix It. Please do not attempt to move or lift heavy items around the building - let the facilities team help.

10 or call ext 3301.

College Publications Should you require a stock of

Lost Property

marketing publications such as the

All items found should be handed in to

prospectus, please request them by

the Welcome Desk.


Room bookings Internal Bookings

Catering for Meetings

All rooms in Stirling will be numbered and pre-fixed by the

Catering can be arranged by emailing

letter S. Please note that any request must contain the following information:

Room bookings are made through Celcat. Budget code and cost centre In the event of cancellations or changes to bookings,

Number of people

please update Celcat as soon as possible in order to ensure


availability is kept up-to-date for your colleagues.

Date and time Description of requirements

Process for Booking an External Event

Special access IT requirements Room layout

External room bookings must be done in conjunction

Any special dietary requirements

with our Estates Department. Please contact for more information.

Please note that catering should only be arranged for meetings with external visitors/guests. If you use a meeting room or an interview room, please ensure that all cups and litter are removed when you are finished.


Leisure facilities Refectory The Refectory is located on Level 0 in the Link Block. Opening Times Mon, Wed & Friday - 08:00am - 16:00pm Tuesday & Thursday - 08:00am - 19:30pm As part of the relocation we have been able to provide improved catering facilities for our staff and students. The service will offer a wide range of food and refreshments throughout the day. A limited service will be available from April with a full service being available from August.

The Gallery Restaurant This new training restaurant is open to staff, students and the general public and will offer a fine dining experience for exceptional value for money. The open plan dining area is located on Level 1 on the Link Block with stunning views of the riverside and the Wallace Monument. Menu information and booking is available via SharePoint.

The Fitness Suite

Hair Salon

The Fitness Suite is a fully functional gym to encourage

Staff and learners are encouraged to make use of the hair

health and wellbeing for all staff and students and is located

salon at our nearby Raploch Campus. It offers a wide variety

on Level 0.

of services at highly competitive rates.

It contains 12 state-of-the- art cardiovascular machines

Our latest price list and booking information is available via

and 3 multi-use resistance machines to tone up and build

the college website.

strength. It also has a small area for body conditioning i.e. working with dumbbell weights, sit ups, etc.


Term Time Opening Monday - Friday 09:00am - 16:00pm

Membership is free for employees and staff and learners are

Hair and Beauty Salons are also available at our Alloa and

eligible to use any campus fitness suite once fully inducted.

Falkirk Campuses.

Info & resources

Learning Resources The Learner Centre is located on level 1 and is a multipurpose area that provides support and resources for learners and staff within the Stirling Campus. Services on offer include: • A wide range of resources such as books, e-books, journals, online database, thin client terminals. • Printing and photocopying facilities • Silent Study area • Quick Access PCs

Support and Advice

• E-assessment room Term Time Opening Hours:

Members of the Student Services Team will be available at

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday-08.45am – 16.45pm

the campus on a rota basis.

Thursday – 08:45 – 21.00pm

A Welcome and Enquiries desk is located on the ground floor. There are private interview rooms available for one to one meetings with Student Services Staff. Full details are available from the Welcome Desk.

Staff and students are reminded to keep noise to a minimum and respect other people’s right to work without disruption. Users of this area are advised to keep mobiles off/on silent and to refrain from bringing food or drink into this area.


Facilities Teaching Spaces

Creative Industries Facilities:

• Flexible Classroom Spaces (x 12)

• Recording Studio (x4)

• Computer Lab Rooms (x 4)

• Control Room (x 4)

• Mac Computer Lab

• Radio Studio (x 2)

• General Science lab

• Radio Control Room

• Simulated Business Office

• CI Mac Lab (x 2)

• Simulated Nursery

• Communication and Media Studio

• Clinical Skills Suite

• General Creative Industries Studio (x3)

• Enterprise Suite

• Textiles Studio

• Home Economics Suite

• Drawing and Print Studio • Print Studio • Sculpture Studio

Standard Classroom Specification

Each department is responsible for the setting up and

• Capacity for 16 students

preparation of specialist teaching areas. Staff should liaise

• Six Thin Client Terminals

with their Head of Department for information on induction

• PC for Lecturer Use

into using these specialist areas.

• Electronic Whiteboard

Smartboard Training

It is important to note that classrooms are shared between departments. Some departments however will have

By now, most teaching staff should have received basic user

specialist rooms.

training for a Smartboard.

Workshops and Specialist Areas

If you have not yet been able to access a training session,

Construction Workshops:

teaching resource in your classroom. Please visit Enquirer to

you must do so as a matter of priority as this will be the main book onto training sessions.

• General Building Workshop • Carpentry and Joinery Workshop (x2)

For staff who have already attended a training session,

• Joinery Machine Shop

practice opportunities will also be available throughout the Campus Induction Programme period.

The campus will also host two specialist workshops for traditional stonemasonry skills training for Historic Scotland.



Health & Safety This section of the guide contains essential health and safety information that you need to be aware of as an employee of

Fire safety procedures

Forth Valley College. This does not replace College Health or

Discovering a Fire

Safety Procedures, which are available through SharePoint.

• Activate the nearest “break glass point” by pushing the

Staff can also contact the Head of Facilities Management

glass. The system will automatically proceed to a full scale

and Health and Safety on 3274.

evacuation. • Evacuate the area/room; safety of staff and learners is

Risk Assessments Please familiarise yourself with the information on the relevant Risk Assessments prior to undertaking activities. Please ensure your relevant Risk Assessment is in place

priority • Only attempt to extinguish fire if it is safe to do so and you are trained in the use of fire extinguishers • Evacuate the building and make your way to the Evacuation Assembly Point (EAP)

and feedback any issues to your Head of Department or the College Facilities and Health and Safety Department. Please note that the campus environment will need to be considered in line with the activities and tasks. All risk assessments should be reviewed prior to undertaking the tasks for the first time. Particular consideration should be given to noise/ dust within the workshops to ensure controls are suitable.

On Hearing the Evacuation Alarm • The evacuation alarm is given via a continuous alarm/siren. On hearing it you must exit the building using the nearest exit to you. Please familiarise yourself with these exists at your earliest opportunity • Do not delay your departure by collecting coats or other personal belongings

Accidents and Emergencies

• Switch off any equipment that, if left unattended, may itself constitute a hazard, if it doesn’t unnecessarily delay your

Forth Valley College has a number of staff who are trained in

escape, e.g. saws/machinery

First Aid. The first aid room is located on the ground floor

• Always look through doors before opening if possible

in room 008 near the main entrance.

• Check corridor to ensure your escape route is clear

Please contact a member of staff at the welcome desk for a

• Close all doors which you pass through - however do not

list of appointed first aiders at each campus.

lock them • Proceed directly to the EAP

If an ambulance or first aider is required, please call Ext.

• Once at the assembly point report to the fire warden in

3502 from the Stirling Campus.

charge that the area is clear • Do not attempt to re-enter the building

First Aiders have their own first aid supplies and in addition,

• Stay away from the road or keep any access routes clear for

basic supplies are available in key areas. If these are used,

the approach of any fire service vehicles

please record their use on the sheet beside the supplies.

• Do not attempt to move your car for safety reasons • All staff, students and visitors to remain at the assembly

All accidents and near misses must be reported using the

point until the fire officer/person in charge has given the

on-line reporting system from the home of SharePoint.

all clear and the horn has sounded.

There will also be hard copies of the form FVC 014 in the first aid rooms.

All staff must attend an Evacuation Procedures Briefing during the Campus Induction Programme. Testing of the Fire Alarm is on a Wednesday at 4:00pm. If an Alarm is heard at any other time, or the alarm on Wed at 4pm continues to sound, please treat as an emergency.


Evacuation for those with Additional Support Needs

Evacuation Assembly Points There are various evacuation routes, sign-posted by the

Staff or students with additional support needs (mobility,

green and white fire exit directional signs. These escape

hearing, visual or learning disabilities) should follow the

routes lead to the fire exits.

guidance on their Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP). Individuals should request a PEEP at enrolment/

There is one evacuation assembly point located at the

induction and the agreed plan will be recorded in Enquirer.

campus and this is signposted and identified on the campus site map.

There are PEEP trained staff in every campus who will assist individuals in the case of an emergency. Staff in the Stirling campus will be updated on the PEEP procedures for the new site at induction. Temporary waiting areas are indicated on the campus floor plans. Please note the main feature staircase located at the main entrance is not an escape stair, and should not be used during an evacuation

Fire Assembly Points


Bus Stops


5 3

College Car Parking


Accessible Parking 2



Car Share Parking Motorcycles


Parking not permitted


to M9

1 Teaching Block 2 Link Block 3 Workshop Block 4 Creative Industries Block





5 Service Yard 6 Main Access Road 7 Main Entrance 8 Cycle Stands 9 Smoking Shelter


Internal communication Within large organisations, with multiple sites and a variety of working patterns - it is really important to make full use


of all internal communication tools available to staff within

E.focus is Forth Valley College’s monthly electronic

the College. These information channels are used to cascade

newsletter which is packed with news and features on all

strategic and operational messages from the Principal and

aspects of college life.

SMT and also to inform, celebrate success and share news.

It is distributed on the first Thursday of every month – with

Forth Valley College has a wide range of communication

the deadline for entries and suggestions normally one week

platforms available and the Communications and Marketing

before issue.

Department will advise on the most suitable platform(s) for your needs. If you have something to share, please email your message or information to

College Website The Forth Valley College website is managed by the Communications and Marketing Team. Some members of

The Communications and Marketing Team will then

staff will have the ability to upload information to the

disseminate your message as appropriate or follow up for

website, however if you don’t - and would like content

additional information.

uploaded - please get in touch.

We have a full range of communication channels available:

Staff Section All Staff Emails (Focus Mail)

The College is launching a new staff area on the college

The all staff email facility is used for strategic and high level

website. This will include information on internal vacancies

announcements. It is essential that you take the time to

and other sector jobs. This area can also be used for access

read these emails as they will contain important college

to key college announcements when staff do not have


access to internal systems.

College Social Media Sites

SharePoint The College’s intranet site is SharePoint. This is a key

The Communications and Marketing Team are responsible

electronic system which staff should use to store:

for updating the College’s various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

• Policies and Procedures

• Staff Contacts

• Minutes

• News and Events

• Department Specific Information • Forms

Staff should contact the Communications and Marketing team to find out how to use social media for work purposes.

General college announcements will be posted on the SharePoint homepage and staff should ensure they refer to this page frequently.

Forth Valley College App The College has a digital app for staff and learners who have

Staff have the ability to post their own announcements

smart phones. Users of the app can request notifications

although these will be subject to approval from the

which are specific to their campus and department and

Communications and Marketing Department.

this is therefore an ideal platform for sending tailored

The site also has a social announcements section which can


be used for non-college related messages.


Plasma Screens Plasma screens are available across all campuses in key locations. Please email

Fusion Fusion is our student magazine. We normally produce around five editions each year at key points in the academic session. We have a number of student feature writers and publishing an article in the magazine can be an effective way to reach our student audience

Business Continuity In emergency situations, staff, students and the general public will be informed of any news and updates through the following channels of communication: • Email • College Website • SharePoint • College Facebook Page/Twitter • SMS • Local Radio

Media Relations The Communications and Marketing Team are responsible for liaising with the media. If you have a potential lead for a story, please get in touch as soon as possible. Any media enquiries should also be directed to the team - please refer to the Media Guide on SharePoint for more information. Contact the Team To contact the Communications and Marketing Team please call Ext 3125 or email


Customer service Forth Valley College is committed to delivering excellence in customer service. As we move into our new campus, we want to use this unique opportunity to not only improve our physical environment but the overall college experience. Customer service delivery affects all departments and individuals regardless of whether they are teaching or support staff or what level of responsibility they have within the organisational structure.

Brand & reputation Housestyle

College Brand

All emails should be sent in a minimum of 11 point Arial.

The college has brand guidelines for the use of our logo.

Text should be on a white background and MUST not

These guidelines can be accessed via the Communications

contain any additional graphics or images unless linked

and Marketing section of SharePoint. To obtain a copy

to an event, sustainability or a topic pre-agreed by the

please email

Communications & Marketing Team. An electronic email signature template is also available. Guidelines are available on SharePoint to help you create your own personalised Vcard.

Staff should adopt standard business dress unless leading or

Always ensure you include detailed information in the

taking part in an activity which requires specialist clothing.

subject area when sending emails.

As an additional staff benefit, Front Facing Services staff will

Letters should be produced from the document templates that are located within SharePoint. Letters should be typed in minimum 11 point Arial font. Further guidance on house style and templates can be found on SharePoint.


Dress Code

be supplied appropriate corporate clothing by the College.

Respect equality f = r all The College is committed to providing equal opportunities in all aspects of College life. We have a range of policies, which ensure that staff, learners and visitors are treated equally regardless of colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, disability, gender or gender identify, age and sexual orientation.

individual/company being asked to leave our premises. All first time visitors should also be referred to our respect and equalities guidance on the college website.

Impact Assessment

We value diversity and aim to advance equality of

All College policies and procedures must go through a

opportunity, eliminate discrimination and foster good

process of Equalities Impact Assessment. This determines

relations in all our activities. Our single equality scheme and

how we can promote equality and eliminate discrimination.

corresponding action plan outline how we develop and

A detailed report on Impact Assessment is available on the

implement policies and procedures to ensure that equalities

college website.

issues are considered in all strategic, departmental and service area plans.

Hate Incident Monitoring

All staff, students, visitors and contractors must adhere to

The College is a partner in the Forth Valley area MAHRS

our Equalities Policy to ensure everyone is treated equally.

group (multi-agency hate response group) who aim to take

Any conduct which is deemed unacceptable under the

all steps within its power to identify and eliminate hate

new Equalities Act 2010 or other policies, could result

incidents. The College has a procedure in place to monitor

in disciplinary action; breach of contract or result in an

and resolve hate incidents.

Sustainability The College is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and has a dedicated sustainability policy in place. To support this policy our new Stirling campus has recycling bins around the campus for disposal of waste paper, cans, bottles and plastic materials. All confidential waste should be shredded and disposable units are provided in work areas for this purpose. Please help us to become more energy efficient and switch of all appliances/equipment at the end of each working day.


Staff benefits

Forth Valley College employees have access to a range of staff benefits: These include: • Pension Scheme • Holiday Fund • Computer Loan Scheme • Cycle to Work Scheme • Confidential Counselling Service • Discounts with a range of retailers and organisations throughout the Forth Valley area For further information on any of these benefits, please refer to SharePoint.


Campus maps STIRLING CAMPUS Offering excellence in learning which will maintain and enhance the brand strength of one of Scotland’s leading colleges


5 3 9

8 2





to M9





1 Teaching Block

Fire Assembly Points

Site Plan

2 Link Block

Bus Stops

You can access the Stirling Campus maps via the college website

5 Service Yard

3 Workshop Block 4 Creative Industries Block

College Car Parking Accessible Parking

6 Main Access Road

Car Share Parking

7 Main Entrance


8 Cycle Stands

Parking not permitted


Campus maps Exit

S0093 C1 General Studio

S0082 Scuplture Studio

S0094 Textiles Studio

S0081 C1 Mac Lab

S0095 C1 General Studio

Outdoor Pursuits Store

S0039 Historic Scotland


S0041 Historic Scotland


S0044 Joinery Machine Shop

S0046 Carpentry & Joinery



S0047 Carpentry & Joinery


S0059 General Building

Recording Studio 2


Control Room 1





S0097 C1 Mac Lab (sound)


Control Room 2

Radio Control Room

Bulk Store


S0096 Comms & Media


Radio Studio 1


Recording Studio 1

S0086 General Studio


Fitness Suite

Radio Studio 2 Control Room 3

Recording Studio 3


Control Room 4

External Terrace


S0090 Drawing & Print Studio

S0087 Print Studio

Recording Studio 4

Exits Exit


Exit Emergency Escape Stairs


Welcome Desk Teaching Areas Workshop Areas

Production Kitchen

Learner Areas Refectory



Fitness Suite Staff Areas Storage Areas

Emergency Escape Stairs


First Aid Staff

Toilets Changing Areas Utilities



S0002 Support Staff Workroom

Stairs and Lifts









Flexible Learning Space


A&P Home Economics


A&P Enterprise Suite


Welcome Desk


Academic Staff Workroom


Emergency Exits

Clinical Skills

S0138 S0137 S0136 S0135 S0134



Flexible Learning Space

Simulated Nursery

Staff Mail Room

Interview Rooms

SU Office

Exits Emergency Escape Stairs


S1025 ICT Support

Production Kitchen

Emergency Escape Stairs/ Temporary Waiting Area





Teaching Restaurant

The Gallery Restaurant


Kildean Suite

Teaching Areas Learner Resource Centre Bistro Staff Areas Storage Areas Toilets



Learner Resource Centre











Flexible Computer Lab Learning Space


Computer Lab


Computer Lab


Computer Lab

Flexible Learning Space

Stairs and Lifts

S1010 Group Work

S1009 Staff Workroom

S1008 Silent Study


S1005 Exec Office

S1004 S1003 Exec Meeting Office Room

Simulated Office


CI Mac Lab

S1058 Academic Staff Workroom


General Science Lab

Emergency Escape Stairs/ Temporary Waiting Area


Useful contacts

Welcome Desk

Ext 6000

Fix It

Ext 3301

IT Helpdesk

Ext 3039


Head of Facilities and Health & Safety Ext 3274 Ambulance or First Aid

Ext 3501

Communications and Marketing

Ext 3125

AG Office Supplies

01324 871857

Forth Valley College - Stirling Campus Drip Road, Stirling, FK8 1SE Tel: 0845 634 4444 Fax: 01324 403222



Forth Valley College - Stirling Campus Drip Road, Stirling, FK8 1SE Tel: 0845 634 4444 Fax: 01324 403222

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Employee Guide - Stirling 2012  

Forth Valley College Employee Guide for new Stirling Campus

Employee Guide - Stirling 2012  

Forth Valley College Employee Guide for new Stirling Campus