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JUNE 2012

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CURRICULUM/OPERATION MANAGER TRAINING PROGRAMME BACKGROUND Due to the introduction of your new post of Curriculum/Operation Manager, the College recognises the need to support you in this key role, and as such have developed a training plan.

AIM This training programme has been developed to provide particular outcomes including: • • • • • • •

Achieve a greater understanding of change in organisations and how people deal with it Be more aware of key models for successful change and how to deploy these to create sustainable change Understand the principles of effective influencing and how to apply them in leading teams Develop and deliver influencing approaches that enhance leadership behaviour Be better equipped to set and manage priorities for yourself and others Have and use an improved knowledge of the importance of feedback in leading performance improvement Be more focused and systematic in setting and managing the workload of the team and its individual members • Clear understanding of key HR policies and procedures

CONTENT The programme will consist of 7 days of training and 1 day of reflection on learning outcomes. This will include 3 days of training from an external provider (Eglinton) with a focus on: • Working Through Change • Time and Priority Management • Influencing for Positive Impact There will also be 4 days of HR led micro sessions to outline key policies and procedures that will provide a balance of management development and practical sessions. The key policies covered will be: • • • • • • •

Attendance Management Recruitment and Selection Performance Management Grievance Discipline and Dismissal Family Friendly Harassment and Bullying

Reflection sessions will be delivered by Eglinton and HR to recap and determine future training needs.

TIMELINE/VENUE It is anticipated to commence week beginning 20 August 2012 with completion expected by the end of November 2012. Each session will be delivered on two separate days of the proposed weeks to allow for support / cover within each department. Sessions will take place in our Alloa Campus.

NEXT STEPS HR will write to you in due course with your individual timetable.

EGLINTON For more information on Eglinton please visit: ­­


Date (wc)/Provider


Working Through Change

20 AUGUST 2012 Eglinton

Understanding the components of change, learning from previous examples, implementing successful change, change workouts using models and tools.

Managing and Supporting Performance


CPD, PTS&R, objective setting, managing poor performance - support planning, etc + Online PTS&R Session.

Time and Priority Management

17 SEPTEMBER 2012 Eglinton

Getting organised & taking control, applying focus to others & ourselves, seeking and using efficiencies and productivity measures, coaching for development & delegation, fewer and better meetings and working more flexible.

Absence Management


Reporting, RTW procedures, triggers, welfare mtgs, FSARs, managing long and short term absence, capability, special leave etc + Online Reporting System Session.

Influencing for Positive Impact

15 OCTOBER 2012 Eglinton

Achieving results through others, knowing your own style and flexing your behaviour, the importance of feedback in leadership development, core techniques of influencing and how to understand and motivate others.

Disciplinary and Dismissal/Grievance/ Harassment and Bullying (AM)

29 OCTOBER 2012 FVC - HR

Dealing with initial complaint/issue, investigation, hearing. Flexi, Flexible Working, Maternity, Parental Leave, Annual Leave, etc.

Family Friendly (PM) Recruitment and Selection


RAF/ACF Forms, shortlisting, competency interviewing, selection, pre employment checks, induction planning, exit interviews, termination process, etc.

Reflection (AM Session)

26 NOVEMBER 2012 Eglinton

1/2 day Clinic Session by Eglinton, to reflect on learning and feedback.

Reflection (PM Session)


Holistic approach to ensuring all topics have been covered, will use a lifecycle of an employee eg. from initial application stage, appointed to role, PTS&R, career development, absent from work, poorly performing, complaints received, termination. Determine what, if any future training needs are required.

Curriculum Managers Training Programme  

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