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Covid Protection Protocol 2021

Zero Cases in 2020

Last year Forte Village was the first resort in the world to implement a Covid Protection Protocol with unique instant testing on arrival which allowed guests to put aside all the stress and strains and enjoy their holiday in complete freedom. A detailed protocol, validated by a medical-scientific committee from Italy’s leading Universities which made it possible to record zero cases throughout the whole summer season and was met with praise from clients and agents alike, creating a worldwide best practice.


Using the most advanced medical protocols applicable for Covid 19 (TAntigen I test + possible RT-PCR-based molecular test) the aim is to create a sterile and free environment minimizing the threat of contagion (both for guests and staff) and allow guests to enjoy their holiday without excessive limitations which would disturb its spirit and enjoyment.

Guests will therefore be able to freely experience nature and the innumerable activities and services of the resort which are largely accessible in the open air with an evident positive reduction of risk of circulation of pathogens. The project could become a best practice for all Italian resorts with similar characteristics in terms of morphology and accessibility


THE LUXURY OF SPACE With its 50 hectares of flourishing park, Forte Village can be considered a destination in its own right with only one entrance from outside. All services and infrastructure are accessible only to resort guests.

BEACH Appropriate distancing will be guaranteed on the beach and the swimming pools as well as the sanitization of sunbeds, walkways and other materials, using eco-friendly products with low environmental impact

SARDINIA Sardinia is the Region which had one of the absolute lowest transmission rates of the infection, even almost non-existent in the area where Forte Village is located.

POOLS In the swimming pools, as usual, a daily check of the water parameters and the chlorine level will be carried out to ensure continuous disinfection

BUNGALOWS Spacious Bungalows with a private garden. Perfect for families in search of privacy and wide spaces so close to all the resort services. The perfect solution to be surrounded by the light and nature of Sardinia

ROOMS Elegance and exclusive service for couples and families, with spacious balconies and magnificent terraces, some of the rooms offer spectacular views over the sea, gardens and the mountains surrounding Forte Village Resort.

ACCO MMODATION The elegant hotels of Forte Village offer a choice of exclusive and extremely comfortable solutions for your holiday in Sardinia. In our resort, some hotels have sea views, others open out onto luxuriant tropical gardens. Some have a terrace or balcony, others feature a garden patio. Some are near the beach, others are near the spa. More than one will meet your exact needs.

SUITES Masterpieces of elegance, luxury and seclusion, the suites offer spectacular, sweeping views over the sea or the lush gardens of the resort. The epitome of exclusive hospitality and fully personalised service, for an unforgettable holiday.

VILLAS A member of Leading Hotels of the World, our exclusive 13 luxury villas inside the resort provide the utmost privacy, each having a secluded private location, a spacious private garden and its own private pool. Our luxury Villas represent the pinnacle of space, style and service.

ACQUA F OR T E T HA LASS O & S PA Neslted in the the heart of a tropical garden is the Forte Village Spa and the extraordinary thalassotherapy circuit. Its six salt-rich seawater pools maintained at different temperatures help restore balance. You can also enjoy the benefits of the Immune System Boosting programme, for a special strengthening of the immune system.

THALASSOTHERAPY Our thalassotherapy, which has always been one of the flagship treatments of Forte Village, is based on a protocol of the use of brine, or magnesium chloride, that has notorious antiviral properties.

OPEN-AIR POOLS A thalassotherapy course of 3000 m2 with 6 pools immersed in the vegetation of the resort. All the pools are outdoors, nestled in a tropical garden.

PRIVATE SPA Located within the Acquaforte Spa, is a new 300m² private area which guests can reserve for exclusive use for their family and friends. Experience the world’s first spa within a spa with 4 thalassotherapy pools, sauna, hammam, emotional showers, private treatment cabin and solarium.

IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTING A special strengthening of the immune system, thanks to the extraordinary treatment developed for us by the renowned Doctor Ursula Jacob.

R E STAURA N TS Almost all the restaurants are open-air, wrapped by gardens or by the sea will be rearranged, maintaining the atmosphere that makes them unique. Forte Village offers a choice of restaurants where you can enjoy fine Italian and world cuisine prepared by our Resort Chefs. During our Celebrity Chef Evenings the stars of haute cuisine demonstrate their skills beneath the stunning star studded night sky of the Forte Bay Terrace.



A large variety of restaurants in different locations ofering Italian and international cuisine


The buffet restaurant served by the staff

Tables are only reserved once per service, to enjoy the evening in complete serenity




Wide spaces that allow social distancing

Staff trained and equipped with masks

With Italian and international haute cuisine under the stars of spectacular Forte Bay terrace

SP OR TS AC A DE MI E S Learn from the legends of sport, discover their secrets and absorb their sense of fair play: lessons in life and dedication which light up Forte Village’s outstanding Sports Academies. There’s an array of sports on offer, from soccer with coaches from Chelsea Football Club to tennis, boxing etc.

OPEN-AIR FACILITIES Facilities that allow you to practice most sports outdoors

INDIVIDUAL ACADEMIES Possibility of single lessons with one of the legends or a dedicated trainer

GYM AND FITZONE Open-air gym and fitzone

CH I LDREN ’S ACTIVITIES An oasis of fun where every child can play many interactive and sporting activities or relax in company while playing in our fantastic acquapark. An entire area dedicated to children, where you can learn to socialize and grow together.

CHILDREN’S WONDERLAND An open-air corner of happiness, imagination and safety

WORKSHOPS Educational workshops for children outdoors including visits to the vegetable garden

STAFF All our staff are trained and certified by Worldwide Kids, the global leader in hotel childcare management.

ACCESS TO FORTE VILLAGE The Resort benefits from a single point of entrance which allows the ease of monitoring unauthorised entry. A protected oasis which can only be accessed after strict medical supervision.

STAFF All the staff will undertake specific training, furthermore, the medical center on site will ensure all staff and clients are tested. Doctors will be constantly on site to monitor the wellbeing of all resort residents and the fulfillment of the strict medical procedures

SUPPLIER CYCLE The supply of goods is managed with a completely independent flow that eliminates any interaction with the residents of the resort. Goods arriving at the resort will be strictly sanitized before entry

MEDICAL CENTER ON-SITE The establishment of a Covid protection medical facility guarantees both customers and staff to be tested in order to verify if infection is present. Monitoring activities are in place and in compliance with rigorous procedures for medical health. The presence of a team of doctors and health experts from the „Covid Management Team - CMT” sector, is able to manage processes in full compliance with the highest standards of hygiene and safety

SECURITY PROTOCOLS AND SANITIZING MEASURES The adoption of all the necessary actions to guarantee a „sterile” resort through a stable activity of certified sanitation of all public and private areas.



Forte Village is an open air Resort, nestled in an oasis of rich vegetation with a level plane, ensuring easy access to all its services and facilities. Fringing a glorious sandy beach and benefiting from the fresh Mediterranean breeze, the resort is also protected from the picturesque hills on the North side. An ideal collection of natural morphological characteristics, which will facilitate the wellbeing of its guests and help all “feel free again”


ARRIVAL AT THE AIRPORT The airport control personnel will carry out a customer screening as per applicable Regional and National rules: body temperature control, delivery of self-declaration form to certify their state of health (declaration of not having had symptoms attributable to COVID-19 in the days before boarding and further information on recent contacts with possible infected people)

TRANSFER FROM THE AIRPORT TO THE RESORT IN “A COVID PROTECTED” CAR Upon arrival at the airport, the resort will provide a sanitized vehicle with personnel previously checked by the medical team.

TEST All checks will be carried out, in full compliance with all the measures provided by the security protocol, in a dedicated area of the resort surrounded by lush vegetation equipped with all comforts.

COVID-PROTECTED LOUNGE The medical facility includes a team of specialists who will use cutting-edge equipment, able to guarantee very high sensitivity / sensibility of the tests delivering results in a very short time.

ARRIVAL TO THE ROOM AND LUGGAGE In case of negative antibody test, guests are accompanied to their accommodation and can start their holiday.

PR OCEDURE The rigorous protocol studied by experts in the field provides for the execution of an antigenic test to detect the presence of the virus antigen. Based on the result of the above test, there would be the following scenarios:

SCENARIO 1 - Negative antigenic test, the guests are escorted to the room to start their stay. Tampon is nasopharyngeal with sensitivity 96% specificity 99%. Response times 15 min

SCENARIO 2 If the antigenic test is positive, the confirmation test will be carried out using the ‚Gold Standard’ test, i.e. the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)-based molecular test. A - Negative molecular (RT-PCR) test, the guests will be accompanied to their accommodation to start their holiday B – Positive molecular (RT-PCR) test, in any case a special protocol is applied: In accordance and cooperation with the ATS (local sanitary authority), the Action plan Covid 19 will be implemented: Depending on the clinical situation of a guest testing positive, it will be decided whether to accommodate the guest in a dedicated area of the resort equipped with all the comforts and within the utmost compliance of the appropriate safety protocols, or to transfer the guest to accommodation designated by the regional authorities.


By booking and however staying in the resort, each guest undertakes to fully comply with all regulatory provisions time by time applicable and to the Covid Protection Protocol mentioned above, in order to fight and contain risks of Covid-19 contagion and accepts the treatment of his/her personal data, including health related data, which will occur in compliance with the applicable law

The Covid Protection Protocol mentioned above and its implementation aim at adopting the best precautions on the basis of the currently available scientific knowledge, according to the applicable regulations and the practises of the sector, in order to fight and contain risks of Covid-19 contagion

Refusal by a guest to proceed, at the moment of check-in or at the dedicated Forte Village airport Lab, to medical exams and checks indicated in the Covid Protection Protocol mentioned above and/or to respect at any time all the procedures thereby indicated will stop the guest’s stay in the resort, with no right whatsoever to refund, including any advance payment already made, and with the obligation to pay any sum however related to the stay so far occurred

It is hereby intended and each guest, by booking and however staying in the resort, acknowledges and accepts that any neutralization of such risks cannot be promised or guaranteed and Forte Village and its manager Progetto Esmeralda s.r.l. shall not be held responsible for any reason whatsoever in connection with such risks

It is hereby intended that any change may be made to the Covid Protection Protocol, if necessary and/or appropriate in connection with technical needs and/or the evolution of the epidemiological situation, provided that we remain committed to the goals of the highest attention paid to Forte Village guests’ and employees’ health and serenity

Health care personnel in charge of implementing the procedures described above may adapt the same as deemed appropriate or implement a specific procedure for a certain customer by way of derogation to the protocol on the basis of the customer’s anamnesis.”

This information material, any information hereby contained, the related know-how and its development, its implementation in any form whatsoever, as well as the narrative and graphic representation are the exclusive ownership of Progetto Esmeralda s.r.l. and any use, reproduction, communication, transmission and delivery thereof, in whole or in part, for any purpose and in any form whatsoever is prohibited without Progetto Esmeralda s.r.l.’s prior written consent

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Covid Protection Protocol Eng  

Covid Protection Protocol Eng  

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