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You know what they say—an outfit isn’t complete without accessories. Jada Pinkett Smith was even quoted saying the accessories are the outfit. “If I had it my way, I’d wear jewellery, a great pair of heels and nothing else.” Well whether or not you’re wanting to make a statement or just add to your outfit, we’ve found a local business who has all your quirky and bold accessory desires covered with her handmade earrings. We sit down with creative genius Alisha Taylor from With Love Design to talk all things business, creativity and how we can get our mitts on her designs. Hey Alisha, thanks so much for chatting to Forte. Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself? Well, I am 26 years old and I work full time in finance. I have been with my partner for five years this year and we got engaged in December 2017, due to be married next year! I have a gorgeous little dog named Mishka who is four years old and that’s

about all really! How did you get into making earrings? Well I do love earrings and love a bit of a statement earring. I have sensitive ears so really I was stuck with gold and silver and the odd time I would find some surgical steel earrings, so I thought why not make my own, and it stemmed from there. Where do you draw the inspiration for your designs from? I tend to just see colours or patterns that I like and think about what I could do with that. Sometimes I just have a play around and end up coming up with something I like! What products do you use, and where do you source them from? The main part of the earring is made from Polymer clay. All of my earring posts are surgical steel. I sometimes use some acrylic paint in the patterns too. I source most things online, all the main jewellery supplies for the posts and the jump rings are from Jewellery Supplies Co. Do you find it hard to not keep one of every design for yourself? I certainly do! My partner has to tell me I can’t keep them all. I do love all of the ones I have made so far so it is hard for me to tell myself I can’t keep them! How can people go about purchasing off you, and do you do custom orders? Both my Facebook and Instagram have the link to my Etsy store. All my designs available are listed on there, or alternatively keep an eye on my social media and I will be attending some markets. Custom orders can certainly be discussed, I am open to suggestions and ideas and I would love to see what I can come up with. Is there anything exciting coming up for With Love Design? Always something exciting in my eyes, any new design is so much fun and I find that exciting. I hope to experiment with some elements other than Polymer clay at some stage too so that will be a lot of fun. CHECK HER INSTA OUT @WITHLOVEDESIGN_

that focuses on looking beyond a label and the diagnosis of dementia. Reacquaintance: A Series of Portraits contains 22 portraits (11 paintings and 11 drawings) and accompanying these works, a written history about each person. “Dementia is not the focus of my project though, the emphasis for me is entirely the on person: their uniqueness, their contribution, their history… I hope that everyone who views these paintings and drawings can look beyond the diagnosis and let the faces tell their own story.” she says. See it at Boom Gallery, Rutland St, Newtown until June 16.

down and thought, “if she stops walking because she is about to drop everything or seems to be far from her car, I’ll get out and help her.” I continued to watch her walk with great caution and calculation to her car which ended up being only a few more metres away, carefully place her coffee on the roof, pop her bags down and find her keys. “Nailed it!”, I thought... and I drove off. Now that woman had no idea someone was watching ready to come to her rescue if she needed it. She may have been internally panicking, wondering how she was going to make it. How was she going to navigate getting her keys whilst juggling all the things in her hands? Was what she was attempting even possible? Beating herself up for taking on such a seemly impossible task. Who was she to think she could juggle all this?! Or perhaps there was just an inner monologue of “shit, shit, shit, shit, SHITTTT!!” as she walked as fast as she could towards her car.

THIS HOT MESS Live like there is a creep in the car watching you

Little did she know if she got into trouble, help was right there waiting to step in… Because I had noticed. I was watching and I was there willing to help if it was required. But it got me thinking… How often do we approach life like we don’t perhaps have help available because it’s support or a solution we just can’t quite “see” yet?

Ever felt like you’re trying to do something that’s really hard and you’re just alone in it? It made me want to live like there is perhaps a Like no one sees your struggle and there is no “stranger in the car” watching out for me in my time help to be found? I sure have. This week however of need. The universe has my back in ways I perhaps I instinctively did something that reminded me I have no understanding of. So next time you’re may not be quite as alone as I think in those times. feeling super alone, just remember, you may not be quite alone as you feel, there may be a “stranger I was in my car driving through the car park of in a car” there willing to help if you really need it… a shopping centre when I saw a woman carrying a coffee, a few too many shopping bags, and her SENDING MY LOVE GUYS! handbag. She looked like she might need some help KIM XX getting to her car if she wanted to keep it all upright (it kind of felt like I was watching a metaphor for when you’re going through life and you think ‘If someone doesn’t help me soon, I’m literally going to drop everything I’m currently carrying’), so I slowed

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Some people think about it, Alex Dellaportas goes ahead and does it. At the age of eighteen, and frustrated with the lack of opportunities for young people within the dance industry, Alex founded Spark Youth Dance Company in 2016. The youthrun organisation is currently touring Ariadne, a 90-minute contemporary dance show accompanied by a full orchestra. Ulumbarra Theatre, Bendigo – May 30. Tickets through

JUMP FIRST, ASK LATER For a night of thrills, chills and excitement, look no further than ‘Jump First, Ask Later’, a show heading to GPAC that fuses parkour, acrobatics and dance for a high-octane performance like no other. You’ll be at the edge of your seat wowing amidst the smoke, bright lights and daring tricks. The movement-based team, ‘Dauntless Movement Crew’ are talented young adults who are experts in street dancing, martial arts, and all sorts of daring tricks. Movement is not only a talent for DMC, it is a way of coping with life and finding your way. Grab your tickets via and make Tuesday 28 May at 7pm an exhilarating and inspiring night.


DEAKIN’S COSTA HALL, GEELONG Fri 7 June 2019 • 7.30pm GPAC.ORG.AU OR 03 5225 1200



Sat 15 June 2019 • 2pm & 7.30pm TICKETEK.COM.AU OR 03 9650 1500

If you’re looking for something different, local artist Virginia Hodgkinson has created an exhibition