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lways wanted an Escape Room at your own location? Escape Room Designer has the very best design- and construction team to help you realize this project. In many cities of the Netherlands and beyond we build, design, test and exploit Escape Rooms; temporarily or permanently. Escape Rooms can be adjusted to your personal wishes and with range of capacity between 6 to 600 players. Escape Room Designer builds your Escape Rooms fully customized and to your wishes. The room will be original, creative, challenging and completely safe. You may also choose to exploit the Escape Room yourself. After we finish, the room is completely yours. Please note that you will be responsible for your own staff. You may also choose for a specific room where Escape Room Designer will exploit a room theirselves. If you select this option it means no worries and no pre-financing, but you will get more visitors.

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Research has shown that Escape Rooms are usually being designed for higher educated people, between 20 and 45 years old. They are willing to play multiple Escape Rooms.

Virtual Reality VR is currently a right-out hype and and increasing amount of people wants to experience the excitement and sensation that this entails. We are sure you can make 360° videos, but have you ever thought about presenting these videos in a unique way to the audience? Our VR-truck is very suitable for this; a plug and play system that is able to be set up at any possible location. The VR experience is suited for 14 participants at the time and every session last a maximum of 20 minutes. Museums Museums are striving for educational experiences and also higher visitor numbers. Escape Rooms located at a museum have already proven that it leads to an increase in visitors and is a new creative way to expand knowledge. You can also choose for the Escape-box, build your own Escape Room or providing a room that can be exploited by Escape Room Designer. Advertising campaigns Do you want to attract more attention for your products? An Escape Room is a flexible and versatile way of launching your campaign. The words ‘Escape Room’ are magical at this moment and causes lots of exposure and attention on multiple mediaplatforms. Events From 6 to 600 people. Our mobile Escape Rooms are flexible, temporarily and can be part of any event. Costs are lower and there is no investment needed. At this moment we have 10 mobile escape sets in stock.

Cyber Security A brand new way of training in the field of cybercrime? With the Cyber Security Mobile Escape Room it is possible. In 45 minutes you will learn the dangers of cybercrime. You play the escape game for 30 minutes and afterwards there will be the opportunity to talk with a cyber security expert. You can hire one of our experts or decide to provide your own expert. It is also possible to play the game without and expert, the Escape Room will then only function as a fun activity instead of training. Cyber Security awareness After playing the Escape Room your employees will have greater awareness on this subject. There are a number of different games that will be played where participants are confronted with the dangers of cybercrime that can occur on a daily basis. We hope that the growth of the awareness eventually will lead to a certain amount of behavioral change so people can protect themselves and prevent cybercrime from happening. Expert When the players are finished they will receive information from a cyber security expert (possibility, not obligated). The players will talk with the expert about what went right and wrong and how it could have been prevented. This way the coach will explain you how to protect yourself better against cyber attacks. This session will take 15 minutes per group. Mobile The Cyber Security Truck is like the Mobile Escape Room flexible and can be placed temporarily on your own location. This ensures there is no need to arrange transport and training can be done inbetween work hours.

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We offer even more than hosting and exploiting traditional Escape Rooms. For us, everything can be an Escape Room! We always find a creative way to meet your needs and wishes. We have lots of experience in creating the best games for large groups and businesses. Once we even transformed a hospital into and Escape Room! What are you thinking about?

XXL The XXL Escape Experience was once created for a client of ours. Ten army-tents were transformed into Escape Rooms in which we could let 600 people play around per afternoon. The sky is the limit. XL at location Do you own a lasertag? Work at a hospital? Do you have free terrain? Nothing is too crazy, everything can be an Escape Room for us. With our Mobile Escape set we can literally transform everything temporary into and Escape Room for large groups. Pop-up Commissioned by the Department of Defense we have created a popup Escape Room. This temporary Escape Room is located at multiple train-stations in the Netherlands. By doing so, the Department of Defense can spread her message in a creative and fun way to their targeted audience. Escape-box The Special thing about this box is that it can be run without personnel. With a maximum of four players you can get to know the fun concept of an Escape Room in just 15 minutes. We can build the Escape-box at almost any location and pick it up at any desired time. Also this box can be fully personalized to your wishes!

Mobile Escape Room Escape Room Designer is in possession of a mobile Escape Room. The Escape Room is flexible and can be placed for a certain amount of time at your own location. The former commando trailer has been fully transformed to an educative and exciting game where working as a team is essential in order to solve riddles, puzzles and cracking codes. The maximum capacity of the game is 8 persons and, depending on your purpose, can take up to 15-30 minutes. The mobile Escape Room can be fully personalized to your product(s) and service(s). Did you know that personnel activities organized on the company site don’t count as a company outing? This way it will not affect the WFD scheme, which offers tax opportunities! Trailer size: 36ft (11 meters) long, 12ft (3,7 meters) wide and 11ft (3,8 meters) high. Weight semi-trailer: 23. 150 lbs (10.500kg) Power supply: 220V / 16 ampÄ?re


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