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By: Wendy Iacobello


id you know that Aqua Spin also known as Aquatic Cycling originated in Italy? It slowly made its way through Europe before arriving in the United States in 2013. Aquatic Cycling brought with it an array of health benefits and luckily this amazing group fitness class is offered here at Fort Bragg. Esther Gauthier is responsible for bringing aquatic cycling to the United States. Lisa Fogarty (2017) explains in her article for Shape Magazine that Gauthier “founded AQUA in New York City.” Gauthier, took an Aqua Cycling class in Paris that inspired her to become an entrepreneur and introduce the workout to Americans. She is betting on Aqua Cycling becoming the next big fitness-trendturned-everyday-workout in the U.S. Between the water, low impact of the workout, the challenge, and the fun, aquatic cycling will surely be an easy group fitness class to stay committed to for many. Aqua Spinning has many wonderful benefits for your health and wellness. Any activity performed in the water is better on your joints. It also adds in resistance for an added challenge to your body. An extra bonus for Aqua Spin is you don’t experience the same soreness from the seat that you can in a regular spin class. I started attending Aqua Spin classes after running and high impact exercise was starting to negatively affect my

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body. After running the Mike to Mike Half Marathon this year, which was my first half marathon ever, I developed an ache in my left knee. My knee injury caused me to slow down and start researching other forms of exercise that might be more kind to my joints. Then, I discovered Aqua Spin classes at Tolson Indoor Pool and have been hooked since. It has been a wonderful addition to my workout routine each week and has helped my knee and joints heal. Tolson Indoor Pool is located behind Tolson Youth Activities Center off Normandy Drive. The water temperature is perfect and the employees are always super helpful, motivating, and friendly. I encourage you to give Aqua Spin a try for a multitude of reasons. First, it will give your whole body a low impact workout. Next, you will notice results if you attend classes regularly and give it your all. Lastly, it is the perfect investment for your health, wellness, and a great unconventional way to exercise. Fort Bragg Family & MWR offers a large number of aquatic classes and programs throughout the year. For more information on what we have to offer visit: bragg. armymwr.com

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November/December 2018 In Motion Magazine  

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November/December 2018 In Motion Magazine  

Fort Bragg Family & MWR's Official Magazine