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NOVEMBER 29 4:30 - 7 PM

SEQUENCE OF EVENTS 4:30 pm: Snow My Yard, Kidz Korner & Food Trucks (R Burger & Kona Ice) open 5:30 pm: Golden Knights Parachute Demonstration 5:31 pm: Opening Remarks 5:34 pm: Holiday Entertainment 5:45 pm: Lighting of the Tree 5:51 pm: Santa & Mrs. Claus Arrive 5:55 pm: Holiday Entertainment



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1 Thanksgiving Getaway Strength and Sacrifice of the Military 3 The Family


15 Holiday Savings Strategies 10 Tips for Buying a Car at the End of 17 Top the Year

By: Lily Marrero

By: Lily Marrero

By: Lily Marrero

By: Lily Marrero

Invest in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) 5 Why and What to Consider Before You Tap Into It

19 Ring in the NewYear By...Shopping! 21 Commercial Sponsorship & Advertising Solicitation Procedures on 23 Commercial Fort Bragg By: Lily Marrero

By: ACS Staff

7 Aqua Spin at Tolson Indoor Pool 9 Child Safety While in Public 13 Sports USA

By: Angel Brown

By: Wendy Iacobello

By: ACS Staff

By: Lynn Olavarria

Calendar of Events on pages 11 & 12

By: Heather Ybarra

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G E T A W A Y By: Lily Marrero


hen you think of November, most likely you think of Thanksgiving. One of the most enjoyable parts of this holiday is spending time with your family near and far. Being in the military can be difficult to head home for the holidays. The traffic can be insane, whether you drive or fly, due to the mass amount of people traveling. You could stay home and have a nice traditional Thanksgiving meal. Cook grandma’s homemade recipe and a savory Turkey and spend the day watching football. Or you could plan a family vacation! Try something new and exciting this year, but still have that quality family time. You know that your kids have been bugging you all year to go do something fun; so what do you say to creating some spectacular memories? This is possible without having to travel too far away from Fort Bragg. Great Wolf Lodge in Concord is only three hours away. It’s near Charlotte and offers both indoor waterpark fun and dry-land adventures for the entire family. They have 11 waterslides, four pools, and so much more. Great Wolf Lodge is a vacation in and of itself! Visit Leisure Travel Services located at the Mini Mall to see what Great Wolf has to offer, but you can bet its non-stop fun!

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Have you ever thought about visiting the North Carolina Mountains? Well, now is the time! Boone is only about four hours away and you can go skiing, snowboarding and stay overnight in a cabin or hotel. You can enjoy lunch or dinner at delicious cafes, restaurants and diners all within minutes. The famous Grandfather Mountain provides a spectacular view. For a completely free and more local approach, visit Raven Rock State Park. The Cape Fear River is a popular hiking destination for visitors entering Raven Rock, whether it’s Lanier Falls, the Fish Traps rapids or the massive Raven Rock, an ageless landmark for river travelers. You can bring the whole family for a scenic walk through nature and enjoy the amazing views. Raven Rock is just past Carolina Lakes on Highway 87. It’s a fun free way to explore the Cape Fear region’s cultural and natural history. Start planning now and you can create a quick weekend get-away sure to make this Thanksgiving memorable. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, no matter what your plans are!





was a military spouse for 20 years and am the daughter and granddaughter of men who served in the U.S. Army. Life in the military is full of sacrifices for the Soldier, but also true for their spouses and children as well. Recurring moves to different locations, uprooting a life with friends and families is one of the first sacrifices you will undergo while being a military family. With moving comes finding a new home either on or off post, ensuring schools and daycares meet the needs of the family and that finances don’t take a hit during the process. During a deployment, the spouse suddenly becomes a single parent, often without nearby family for support. Children and teenagers, who are still forming their coping skills, may react with tantrums, poor schoolwork or even depression. Many families don’t even know where their loved ones are or when they’ll be back. Imagine fearing the worst for your spouse, but not being able to call them for reassurance and comfort. Staying behind while the Soldier is sent overseas, possibly to a war zone is one of the hardest things a military family will ever face. While military units work to prepare both the service member and dependents, this is never really enough. While many military bases have many amenities, the challenge of being alone is tough without your spouse. Typically the area immediately around a military base can be hard to navigate especially if you are new to the area.

help. From a welcome committee which can provide you with maps and tell you where necessities can be found, to support groups which can help you with information, family needs or even a shoulder to cry on during deployments. There are also agencies on post that can provide assistance to families such as Army Community Service (ACS). ACS provides a range of services to individuals as well as commands to support the ever-changing needs in the military community. ACS programs are open to Service Members, Family Members, DA Civilians, Survivors of Fallen Service Members, and Retirees. For further information on ACS assistance, they are located on the 3rd floor Bldg. 4-2843 of the Soldier Support Center on Fort Bragg. Or, you can call, (910) 396-8682. Military installations are self-sufficient similar to small towns, providing services such as a the Commissary and Post Exchange, laundry facilities, libraries, schools, playgrounds, auto skills centers, swimming pools, education centers, fitness facilities, gas stations, and so much more. These facilities help to allow some semblance of normal life. Please visit bragg.armymwr. com to find services listed above. Military Families are so resilient. They have to worry about their loved ones while trying to maintain a normal life. We recognize you, and appreciate what you do.

Ways to manage this vary from family to family, but every unit has Family Readiness Groups that can provide

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We Know Military. We Teach Military. We Are Military. Approximately 40% of Columbia Southern University’s students are military-affiliated. Named as one of the top Military Friendly® schools, CSU’s dedicated military support staff is comprised of current and former military members who understand the unique needs of these students and their families. They provide support with GI Bill, military training credits, Tuition Assistance and more.

We’re Here to Support You » Dedicated Military Support Staff

» Military Training Credits

» Flexible Learning Options

» Scholarships for Spouses and Children

» GI Bill

» Tuition Assistance » 877.347.6050 Orange Beach, Ala. | Gainful employment information available at

WHY INVEST IN THE THRIFT SAVINGS PLAN (TSP) And What To Consider Before You Tap Into It By: ACS Staff


he Thrift Savings Plan is available to all eligible Government Employees as part of their retirement plan. Think of your retirement in terms of a sturdy three legged stool. Each leg represents a tier of income for your retirement. The first leg symbolizes your Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) retirement pay, the second leg would be your Social Security Benefit and the third leg, your TSP. This provides a nice vision of a sound retirement. Folks who have a military retirement and work for the Government, can add another leg in support and they would then have a four legged chair, Amazing! If you are missing one of the legs from your stool, it would be difficult to sit on and unable to hold you up. So why not take advantage of every leg offered and let your money work for you, resulting in a comfortable retirement. So we fast forward now and you’ve accumulated a handsome sum in your Thrift Savings Plan account and are close to being eligible to retire under the FERS. Congratulations! Have you considered how you will draw down the balance of your retirement savings? Because you will soon have more options, due to the enactment of the TSP Modernization Act.

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The TSP recently published a fact sheet outlining some of the frequently asked questions about the new law. TSP officials are clearly aware of the excitement among participants about greater flexibility in drawing on their savings, but they’re also asking for some patience while they revamp their systems to roll out the new options. Here are a few things to think about before making a post-separation withdrawal election: You may want to delay your withdrawal if you don’t need the money. If you plan to go back to work after you retire, you probably won’t need to begin using your retirement savings. Many employees who retire under FERS (as well as the Civil Service Retirement System, CRSC) may not be financially ready to fully retire. Others may simply want to work in another capacity for a few more years. If your plan is to go back to work, then you may benefit from allowing your retirement savings to continue to grow. After you leave the civil service, remember that while you are not able to add money to your TSP account (other than transferring other retirement funds into the TSP), your investment will continue to be allocated among the various funds in the plan that you have designated. The

principle of the Rule of 72 can help you estimate how quickly your money will double based on the anticipated rate of return. To apply it, simply divide the rate of return into 72. For example, if your investment earns a 6 percent rate of return, your money will double in 12 years. No one knows exactly what the future rate of return will be, but even at a fairly conservative 4 percent rate, you money will double every 18 years. You must pay income tax on traditional TSP withdrawals. Some employees may decide to take advantage of the ability to withdraw a large lump sum to reduce outstanding debt. Remember, that even if you’re not subject to a tax penalty, you still have to pay federal and, in most cases, state income taxes on your TSP withdrawal. A large lump-sum withdrawal will require you to pay the highest marginal tax rate that year.

Earning a 6 percent average return will make a healthy TSP balance last many years longer than a 4 percent return. Considering all this information, ensure that you set yourself up for success. Plan accordingly, and do your research. To learn more about the income that your TSP can provide for your retirement, check out the TSP’s retirement income calculator or call to make an appointment with a financial counselor through the Fort Bragg, Army Community Service, Financial Readiness Program, 910-396-2507/7289. We can help you understand the TSP so you can make an informed decision. You’ll be glad you did!

It’s possible to run out of money if you withdraw too much too soon. It’s hard to predict exactly how long your funds will last. It’s all about life expectancy, and rates of return can make a big difference over the long haul.

Wedding Expo February 9th•11am 4pm Free & Open to the Public

2658 Reilly Road, Fort Bragg



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By: Wendy Iacobello


id you know that Aqua Spin also known as Aquatic Cycling originated in Italy? It slowly made its way through Europe before arriving in the United States in 2013. Aquatic Cycling brought with it an array of health benefits and luckily this amazing group fitness class is offered here at Fort Bragg. Esther Gauthier is responsible for bringing aquatic cycling to the United States. Lisa Fogarty (2017) explains in her article for Shape Magazine that Gauthier “founded AQUA in New York City.” Gauthier, took an Aqua Cycling class in Paris that inspired her to become an entrepreneur and introduce the workout to Americans. She is betting on Aqua Cycling becoming the next big fitness-trendturned-everyday-workout in the U.S. Between the water, low impact of the workout, the challenge, and the fun, aquatic cycling will surely be an easy group fitness class to stay committed to for many. Aqua Spinning has many wonderful benefits for your health and wellness. Any activity performed in the water is better on your joints. It also adds in resistance for an added challenge to your body. An extra bonus for Aqua Spin is you don’t experience the same soreness from the seat that you can in a regular spin class. I started attending Aqua Spin classes after running and high impact exercise was starting to negatively affect my

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body. After running the Mike to Mike Half Marathon this year, which was my first half marathon ever, I developed an ache in my left knee. My knee injury caused me to slow down and start researching other forms of exercise that might be more kind to my joints. Then, I discovered Aqua Spin classes at Tolson Indoor Pool and have been hooked since. It has been a wonderful addition to my workout routine each week and has helped my knee and joints heal. Tolson Indoor Pool is located behind Tolson Youth Activities Center off Normandy Drive. The water temperature is perfect and the employees are always super helpful, motivating, and friendly. I encourage you to give Aqua Spin a try for a multitude of reasons. First, it will give your whole body a low impact workout. Next, you will notice results if you attend classes regularly and give it your all. Lastly, it is the perfect investment for your health, wellness, and a great unconventional way to exercise. Fort Bragg Family & MWR offers a large number of aquatic classes and programs throughout the year. For more information on what we have to offer visit: bragg.

Aqua Cycling is the fitness trend you need to try. Retrieved from: fitness/trends/aquacycling-fitness-trend-you-need-try

Fayetteville Technical Community College




By: ACS Staff


he holidays are quickly approaching and along with the holidays come numerous opportunities to get out of the house for festive occasions and holiday shopping! Before we all run out the door and jump into the wonder of the holiday season, take a minute to consider child safety when away from the home. It is well worth your time to discuss some safety precautions and emergency preparedness type scenarios, before there is ever an opportunity where your child might wish they already knew what to do! According to radKIDS, an international safety, empowerment and self-defense program for children 5-12 years old, the Sight-Sound-Distance rule is key to keeping your child safe when out and about! While out in public, your children should remain in your line of sight at all times. Remind your children that they should always be close enough to hear the sound of your normal speaking voice. And ensure they are never more than a three seconds distance from you. If, for example, while shopping your child meanders into the next aisle to peruse the toys. Knowing that you now can no longer see him, contemplate the remaining two safety guidelines. Could your child hear your voice if you were to call to him? Could you hear what he is saying or doing – especially important if someone else has started talking to him. Would you be able to run to him in three seconds or less if something were to happen? If not, you might consider making some adjustments to ensure his safety! Creating some ground rules for being in large public areas is another great way to prevent dangerous situations before they ever happen. When you arrive at

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any destination, take a few moments to show your child what the staff and/or security uniforms look like and where these employees can be found if needed. Also, remember to identify a location, such as a front desk or another easily identifiable permanent fixture, where you both know to meet if you become separated. It is important to understand that when children (and adults) get scared, their heart rate increases leading to decreased memory recall and fine motor skills. This can make simple tasks like remembering a phone number or dialing a phone nearly impossible, so consider placing your phone number in your child’s pocket or writing it in his shoe so he will have it handy if he were to get lost! Repetition and continual practicing of these set emergency procedures also helps with recall, if they were ever to be needed. Discuss in advance what your child should do if he becomes lost. Tell him not to panic; show him how to take slow deep breaths to calm down; and teach him to look for one of the following: • a cash register with an employee at it, to ask for help • the meet-up location you selected as you entered the destination • a uniformed police officer to seek help • or a phone to dial 911 Empower your children by covering these few basic rules and expectations before going out in public gives them a plan of action if you lose track of one another – it could mean the difference between a devastating situation or just a few scary moments before reuniting!






23 N OV E M B E R

Kickoff the holiday season with the lighting of the garrison Christmas Tree at the Main Post Parade Field. This event includes the lighting of the Christmas Tree, Santa, Golden Knights, holiday entertainment, Kidz Corner and light refreshments (while supplies last).

Stryker Tough Turkey Shoot has a shotgun start at 9 a.m. This 18 hole two-person scramble golf tournament includes a FREE turkey with registration. Open to everyone!

Airborne and Dragon Lanes has Black Friday Bowling! 2 hours of unlimited bowling and shoe rental for 4 people for $40. Each additional person is $7.50. Coupons and discounts do not apply. Open to everyone.

28 N OV E M B E R



Come unwind from a day at the office at Sports USA for After Work Wednesday. Enjoy .75 ¢ wings, free pool, $1 drafts, and Singing in the Shower Karaoke. Open to everyone.



The Iron Mike Conference Center invites everyone to a Thanksgiving Feast! Prepaid reservations are required. Ages 12 and up are $20.95, children age 6-11 $10.95, and children age 5 and below are FREE. Open to the public, call 907-2582 for more details.

Tree For Troops returns to Fort Bragg! Free Christmas Trees for active duty personnel E-6 and below only! 400 vouchers will be available on a first come first serve basis at Leisure Travel Services starting November 26. Call 907-3617 for more details.




Ski Trip to Beech Mountain


Chess Club at the Library



Family and MWR Auction


Combat Cross Country


Visit for a complete list of all our events and programs.




Come out and dance to the rhythm of salsa, bachata, merengue, reggaeton, and more! Noche Latina at Sports USA is the 1st Thursday of every month. FREE and open to the public.

Crafts, jewelry, gifts, specialty items, art and more will be available at the Holiday Market at Sports USA! Get your holiday shopping done in one place. Food and beverage will be on sale throughout the event. Free and open to everyone from 11 am to 4 pm.



Dance, Dance Into The Holidays

SKIESUnlimited School of Arts presents their Annual Dance Recital: Dance, Dance Into the Holidays at Pope Theater. The first dancers begin at 10 am. Free and open to Everyone!

DECEMBER 8 AT THE POPE THEATER 2-5 years at 10 am • 3.5 - 17 years at 1 pm Free and open to the public

For more information, visit or call 643-6039


Santa Clause is comin’ to...the Library! He s bringing treats and Christmas cheer to all the boys and girls. There will also be an exclusive book reading of “The Soldier’s Night Before Christmas” by a surprise guest! Free and open to everyone.


Join Outdoor Excursions on a Ski Trip to Sugar Mountain. Open to DoD ID card holders and up to 2 guests. Ages 12 and older are welcome. Any participant under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


A not so long time in the future, in a Library not that far, far away, Star Wars will be paying a visit to planet Earth! Jedi Training Camp where you can learn awesome Jedi lightsaber techniques. Free and open to everyone.



Wedding Expo at IMCC


Right Arm Night at Sports USA


Thursday Fight Night



Death of a Gangster Dinner


USA By: Heather Ybarra


ull out your calendar and get ready to fill it up with a variety of programs and special events coming up at Sports USA – a fun and unique facility. The large space allows for a diversity of events to take place. Whether you have a need for a small group gathering or want to watch UFC with a couple hundred new friends, Sports USA has it all. A few big events are coming your way in the next couple months. You certainly will not want to miss out on these! ARMY NAVY GAME GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY! The annual gridiron showdown will take place on December 8 in Philadelphia. Pull out your best fan gear and head over to Sports USA to see who will walk away this year’s Commander’s Cup. The game kicks off at 3 p.m. Enjoy a free all-you-can-eat buffet during half-time while supplies last. Will the Army take home the trophy again this year? Join us to find out! UFC December features two UFC pay-per-view events – neither of which you will want to miss. Stick around after the Army Navy game on December 8 for UFC 231. The main event features a Featherweight title match-up with current champion Max Holloway defending his title again the number one contender, Brian Ortega. The co-main

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event is a battle for the Women’s Flyweight belt between Valentina Shevchenko and Joanna Jedrzejczyk. December 29 marks the much anticipated return of Jon Jones at UFC 232. Jones will face Alexander Gustafsson for the Light Heavyweight belt. This stacked card also features a Women’s Featherweight title fight between Amanda Nunes and Cris Cyborg. BJ Penn makes his Octagon return in a match-up with Ryan Hall. The prelims for both events begin at 8 p.m. with the main card starting at 10 p.m. UFCs at Sports USA are always free and open to everyone. HOLIDAY MARKET Shop local this holiday season! On Saturday, December 15, Sports USA will turn into a shopper’s dream. A one stop shop for many of those on your gift list this year from crafts to specialty items and much more. The doors open at 11 a.m. to everyone with no cover charge. Interested in being a vendor? Visit the website for details on how you can sign up. COMEDY SHOW Start 2019 off with some laughs. The Mama We Made It!! Comedy Tour comes to Sports USA on Saturday, January 19. This night of comedy is hosted by comedian Capone

with opening act JoJo. Burpie, from Wild N Out takes the stage next and keeps the laughs coming. The headline for the show, Fig, will certainly bring down the house. Show times are 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. Tickets are $25 in advance and $35 at the door. NFL Every Game. Every Sunday. The regular season is just over half-way through. The contenders are starting to make their names known. Who will lock in a spot in the Wild Card Rounds? Who will ultimately earn the Division titles and claim their spot in the Super Bowl? Never miss a down with every game, every Sunday at Sports USA. THURSDAY NIGHT FIGHTS Come out for a night of fun and live amateur boxing on the third Thursday of every month. Anyone can step in the ring and participate – no experience is required. Just looking for an evening of match-ups? Doors open at 6 p.m. with bouts beginning at 7:30 p.m. There is a $10 cover charge and this event is open to everyone.

NOCHE LATINA Grab your dancing shoes and come out to Sports USA on the first Thursday for an evening a Salsa music, dancing and fun. Noche Latina is free and open to everyone. AFTER WORK WEDNESDAY Come unwind after a crazy day at the office. Every Wednesday from 5 to 7 p.m. you can enjoy free pool, 75 cent wings, $1 drafts and Singing in the Shower Karaoke. After Work Wednesday is open to everyone with no cover charge. Whether you are looking for a place to watch football or an amazing fight or simply a place to unwind with some friends, Sports USA has it all. For more information on any of these events or anything Sports USA has to offer, please visit


Find us on social media @fortbraggmwr

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ith the holidays around the corner, creating a holiday spending budget can help avoid putting yourself into debt. You will thank yourself after the holidays for setting a budget and sticking to it. The best way to stay out of trouble during the holiday season is to sit down and figure out how much you can spend without going into debt. Many people find themselves seeking credit counseling assistance in January due to the lack of planning and overspending, but there are many ways to save during the holidays. MAKE IT YOURSELF Meaningful gifts can mean more to who you give it to than giving them something you buy. BUY IN BULK Bulk buys will save a considerable amount of money. For example, buying wine by the case will save over 20 percent! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE INTERNET One of the things I like to do is visit my local major retail stores and write down the model numbers to the things I like. If I see a digital camera selling at my local electronics chain in town for $299, I test the item out in the store and make sure it’s the one I want. Then I go home and search the internet for the best prices. Within minutes I can find a reputable online retailer that is selling the same model from anywhere between 20 to 30 percent less than my

page 15

local store is selling it. Remember, purchasing online can eliminates sales tax if the online retailer is not located in your state and include free shipping. CUT SPENDING ON NON-NECESSITY ITEMS Cut spending for the holidays with simple things like not eating out all the time. By cutting down on the number of times you eat out in a week, you will have more money for holiday shopping during the month. Also, make a cup of coffee at home instead of picking one up on your way to work just for a couple of weeks. Imagine the money you will save if you pass up that Mocha Latte or Vanilla Cappuccino on your way to work every morning. PLAN AHEAD Buy presents throughout the year instead of just before the holidays. I save by bargain shopping throughout the year and tend to find personalized gifts that remind me of the people I love anytime during the year. By the time November rolls around, my Christmas closet is almost full and I don’t have much holiday shopping left.

There are many ways to save money during the holidays. These simple steps will stretch your dollar and offer less stress after the holidays are gone. With the extra money, you can buy yourself a gift this holiday, I splurge on myself every holiday and so should you, you deserve it! | Member FDIC

Harold Bost Project Management

“We wouldn’t be

here if it wasn’t for you.” Forever First. ®

At First Citizens, we know banking is all about people. Helping them manage their money today and growing it for tomorrow. Your trust is a responsibility we’ll always take seriously. Because money isn’t everything, but so much depends on what you do with your money.

Top 10 Tips For Buying a Car at the End of the Year By: Lily Marrero


re you thinking about buying a car before the year is up? You have probably been told that you should wait to buy until the end of the model year before making your purchase right? The advice you heard is true. You really do find better deals on a car by buying at the end of the year. Dealers are trying to make room for next year’s models so they will offer larger discounts at the end of the year. You can always find offers from car manufacturers that are trying to entice you with incentives, cash back offers, end of the year deals, you name it. You can always find a great deal going on because the end of the year is the time dealers are trying to clear their lots for the newest models to arrive. One thing for sure that I would advise you of before you select what type of car you want is to make sure the body style is new, or hasn’t changed from the year before, otherwise you will drive off the lot in December and by January your body style is old. You don’t want the design on your car to be instantly outdated. If you’re like me and you buy a new car every 2 or 3 years, I would suggest you wait for the new model year. Why? Because you’ll get all the latest gadgets and when

page 17

it’s time for a trade, it will be worth a little more. I’m a haggler so I will invent a discount right on the dealership showroom floor and ask them to honor it. I will ask for the Single Mom Discount, Wednesday Discount if it’s a Wednesday, Rainy Day Discount. You name it, I can conjure up a discount on the spot depending on what I want to buy that day. Most often they laugh and try to work out some kind of discount so that I drive away happy. So here are my top 10 tips for buying a car at the end of the year: KNOW THE DEALERSHIP Salespeople have quotas to reach. If you can help them reach their quota they will be motivated to get you in the car you want. For this reason, end of the year deals are the best time of the year to buy. SEARCH FOR THE CAR YOU WANT EARLY During the holidays things can get pretty hectic. Everyone is out shopping! Dealers are busier than normal during the holidays because people are off and spend time shopping for their next car.

BE FLEXIBLE We all want our dream car, but most often than not, our dream car isn’t going to be on sale. Why is that? Because it’s probably a lot of peoples dream car too, and whatever is in high demand will be too popular to be discounted. If you are willing to be flexible, there are so many choices at the end of the year to choose from that are sure to offer some great incentives.

EXTENDED WARRANTIES Once you decide on the car you are going to buy, you are going to be offered an extended warranty. These warranties can be very expensive. Shop around for the best one. You definitely want to comparison shop for the right one. Many banks offer them when you finance too.

SHOP ONLINE Before you walk into that dealership, do your research. Learn about the different options, trims, models and styles to choose from. Most dealers will have a listing of the vehicles they are selling online and you can view photos and offers that are available even before you walk into the actual dealership.

GET PRE-APPROVED Check with different banks and credit unions for financing deals, and having a pre-approved auto loan will let the dealer know you’re a serious buyer. If they want for you to finance with them, they might offer you a better deal than the interest rate your bank is offering. You can also check online for auto loans, they provide you with offers that you can compare and choose the best one for you.

SHOP AROUND Once you’ve decided on the car you want to buy check out all of the dealerships that carry it. Get some quotes from different dealers and see what kind of end of the year discounts they might be offering. Many dealers will even offer you a loyalty discount if you are buying the same brand of car you are currently driving.

Be smart and be ready! Take advantage of the great deals you can get during the last few days of the year, but don’t forget to do your homework. Happy Shopping!

CHECK VEHICLE HISTORY While the five tips above apply to buying either a new or a used car, used cars could have been in accidents and may have hidden problems like flood damage. That’s why you should have any used car you are looking to buy inspected by an independent certified mechanic and run a history report on any vehicle you are considering buying.


MAKE THE DEALERS FIGHT FOR YOUR BUSINESS Get quotes from everyone! Some dealerships may be willing to give you 0% interest, or offer rebates or specials that the next dealer cannot, and some might give you the deal of a lifetime just to get your business especially if it helps them hit those year-end quotas. DON’T FORGET TO TEST DRIVE BEFORE YOU BUY I’m short and have found that some cars that I have fallen in love with just aren’t for me. Always, always drive the car you are interested in before you buy. A car is not something you can just return because you decide you don’t like it, so make sure you test drive everything you like. This could save you tons of money.

For more information on Fort Bragg Family and MWR advertising opportunities please email: │

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Ring in the New Year By...

SHOPPING! By: Lily Marrero


ou finished your last drop of champagne, you are all partied out and you promised yourself that you will keep your New Year’s resolutions – so what’s next? It’s time to find the best deals to celebrate the new-year! Pre-Christmas shopping isn’t the only time you can pick up on some great deals. Post-holiday deals are better than ever. Don’t worry if you missed Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you can still find some great deals after the holidays. After New Year’s, retailers start clearing their shelves and getting rid of overstocked items. Stores try to offload left over holiday inventory to make room for spring items. People are returning or exchanging gifts and stores tend to have a large quantity of items that have been returned after Christmas. Of course, holiday items like decorations and ornaments are discounted anywhere from 50-75% off retail prices, so take advantage of that because it’s a great time to purchase items for next year’s holiday season. So many of us want to lose weight after the holidays one of the biggest New Year’s resolutions - which is why so many fitness products will be on sale. Look for all the discounts off of home gym equipment, exercise gear, clothes, and products. The month of January is also the

page 19

month where you will find bedding and towels for half the normal cost. Furniture stores begin to put out the new models in furniture and the really smart shoppers will take advantage of this time before holidays like Valentines to shop for jewelry. Early purchases can save you a lot of dough if you plan ahead. Did you know that January is the time of year when boats and motorcycles are at their greatest discounts of the year? That’s because it’s off season. It’s definitely not wise to buy a bathing suit in the summertime or winter boots during a snow storm. You certainly want to write a list, you do not want to impulse buy since you’ve already likely spent so much money during the holidays on gifts and traveling. Hit all the clearance sections in the department stores. As long as big crowds don’t scare you, your local department and retail stores near your home will be offering incredible bargains. If you prefer to shop online many retailers like will have major sales going on after the holiday. Get your gift cards together, throw on a comfy pair of shoes and take advantage of all of the postholiday savings that’s out there!

US Army photo by Staff Sgt. Mary Katzenberger C.S. 18-244

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hat is Commercial Sponsorship Advertising and how does it affect me?

Do you and your family enjoy attending events at your local MWR facilities? Aren’t the prices too good to be true? How are there so many great “FREE” events and programs offered on Post? This is thanks to sponsors and advertisers. Commercial Sponsors are businesses that agree to attend or enhance events on Fort Bragg. In exchange, they offer cash or trades of goods for the footprint. These are the folks you see lining the sidelines of the 5K’s or offering you a sweat towel or hydration during these races. Their support allows managers the option to stretch their budgets and possibly offer a better program price to attendees and the option to better enhance the event for your enjoyment. Advertisers are business that use our MWR advertising mediums to reach our market segment. Our particular market demographic is very diverse, mobile and salaried. These facts make Fort Bragg very fertile ground for many companies to target is with their advertising dollars. Our web page,, is visited

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by over 200,000 a month which means a well-placed advertisement on our site garners a lot of attention. Our social media pages are followed by more than 42,000 followers. This means it’s a great source of information for you and a great tool for advertisers desiring to reach you! Those well positioned LCD’s in you waiting areas or at your food counters do more than give you something to view, they provide vital information about upcoming events and classes to you and allow our advertisers another avenue to reach you. The next time you are in an MWR facility take the time to locate the LCD screens, read those counter wraps and take the time explore the new touch screen kiosks! Our advertisers use these to reach you, many have great offers, coupons and military specific deals just for you. While you are enjoying our numerous events and having a great time, take a moment to stop by the vendors with the tables along the perimeter to say “hello” and to thank them for their support of your military community because without their support many of our events

could not happen on that scale or at the price offered. Many have wonderful swag item for free! Sponsors are never permitted to sell anything to you or to contact you without your written permission so feel free to ask them any questions you may have about their products or services. This is your chance for live demonstrations and to establish direct line communications with a company that you may never have that kind of access to previously. Not everyone is allowed access to our military personnel and we take great care to bring you positively vetted vendors. These companies are reevaluated on an annual basis or earlier if deemed necessary. Myself and Laura Walsh are the only appointed figures on this installation that can directly solicit on behalf of the installation. So be sure to steer away anyone coming to your company without a notification from us as this is strictly prohibited. If you work for a company that you think can benefit from our services, please send them our way. We

have an easy process and can work with anyone to plan a campaign that can fit within your prescribed budget! We are embedded in the MWR Marketing office directly behind MWR Headquarters on Reilly Road and are available 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Interested in Advertising or Sponsorship on Fort Bragg? Contact Family and MWR Marketing: Angel Brown 910.908.2586 Laura Walsh 910.643.6134

For more information on Fort Bragg Family and MWR advertising opportunities please email: │

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id you know that NO ONE is authorized to sell any products or services to our military on the installation unless they have obtained a Commercial Solicitation Permit? Did you know that Fort Bragg has a Commercial Solicitation Office where those individuals must apply to obtain those permits? That’s correct! The Army Community Service Financial Readiness Program (FRP) also manages Commercial Solicitation on the installation. It is our mission to protect our service members and their families from unwanted solicitation from businesses who desire to freely advertise or solicit our military community. What should I do if I live in a Fort Bragg housing area or work in one of the offices or unit areas on post and someone is soliciting door to door? You should contact the military police immediately to ensure the solicitor is escorted off the installation. Also contact the FRP Commercial Solicitation Office at your earliest convenience during duty hours and provide the information to us as well. Army Regulation 210-7 and Fort Bragg Policy Letter #35, both provide guidance on the “do’s and don’ts” concerning solicitation.

door to door during their annual sales drives. Anyone else wanting to sell a product/service or put out a flyer/ display board about an event or product must contact our office for guidance and approval. Extensive documentation is required should you fall in an authorized category to solicit. Once a completed packet is submitted, it must be reviewed by the Staff Judge Advocate and if approved, an appointment is made to ensure our policies are reviewed/understood by the potential solicitor. Once a permit is issued, it will be valid for a period of one year and the solicitor must reapply for renewal 60 days prior to the expiration date. The issued permit must be carried by the solicitor at all times when conducting business on the installation. For more information, please call the Fort Bragg Army Community Service (ACS), Commercial Solicitation office at 396-2507 or 643-6699 to report any illegal solicitation practices. Our office is located on the 3rd floor of the Soldier Support Center, ACS, Financial Readiness Program.

Are there any organizations that are authorized to sell door to door on post? Yes – on post Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops are allowed to sell cookies and popcorn

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